All about IPconfig Android

We have a considerable amount of experience using Windows IPconfig. Even while it appears to be quite recognizable on Windows. But for Android, it does not, true? We might discover everything about IPconfig for Android in this article. Many of you must have not heard of this phrase, right? And also, many of you do not even know the importance of this phrase, right? Do you understand how this process works? And what else do you know about all of this? Thus, Prior to becoming pretty well versed in ipconfig. We shall first discover what an IP address is because this phrase will appear numerous times in this article. And before I go any further than that, I want the reader to grasp it fully. Following that, we will get deep into this article.

What does the term IP Address mean?

Meanwhile, A gadget on the web or private networking can be also identified by its IP address, which is a special address. “Internet Protocol” is another name for the rules defining how content is sent across the internet or a local network or IP. IP addresses, convey location data and enable connections between devices. They are essentially the identification that permits data to be also exchanged among systems on the network. Mostly on the internet, there needs to be a way to identify computers, routers, and websites. The IP address system, therefore, offers a way to do this. All those are essential for the internet to function.

A series of integers followed by a period make up an IP address. Four digits are used to represent IP addresses; for instance, might be one such address. The span of each number in the set is 0 to 255. Therefore, the complete Addressing domain is to No two IP addresses are the same. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) includes the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). They are created and distributed quantitatively by it (ICANN). ICANN was also established in the US in 1998 with the goal of assisting in preserving the internet’s privacy and ensuring that it is available to anyone and everyone. More or less every moment someone establishes a domain on the web. And people do this through a domain name registrar, who then provides ICANN a nominal charge to do just that.

All about IPconfig Android

How do IP addresses function?

Furthermore, Understanding how IP addresses function is helpful. Only if you want to troubleshoot why a specific device is not networking in the manner you would like it. So, to do it, or if you just want to figure out why your network might not be functioning. Just like every other vocabulary, Internet Protocol communicates by following predefined rules to transmit messages. This method is used by all connected objects to locate, send, and communicate resources with one another. Each system, wherever, might communicate with some other computer by knowing the language.

Almost all of the time, IP addresses are used invisibly. Beneath protocols will show this:

  • While connecting to a network that is connected to the internet, first. Your computer gains a connection to the web unintentionally.
  • This connection would likely serve as your Internet service provider because you are at the house (ISP). This will be your workplace internet where you operate.
  • Your ISP assigns your gadget a unique IP address.
  • Your electronic communications are referenced to you by the ISP using your IP address after passing via the ISP. They are responsible to provide your device to you. They are giving you access to the internet, so they can only identify you by your IP address.
  • Your IP address can shift, though. For instance, switching inside or outside your switch or router may alter it. Or, your might get in touch with your ISP, who can make the switch for you.
  • When you should be traveling, your home IP address does not follow you. Or otherwise outside and about that with the computer. This is due to the fact that you would be accessing the site via a remote channel. Like Wi-Fi at a hotel, airport, coffee shop, etc. And a separate (and momentary) IP address that was allocated to you from the ISP. This concludes the IP of any hotel, coffee shop, or airline.
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Moreover, there seem to be various IP address types. As even the procedure suggests, we examine further.

Numerous kinds of IP addresses.

IP addresses fall into separate classes, and within each category, there seem to be various varieties.

The Consumer IP addresses 

Any individual or organization with an internet service plan has two different types of IP addresses: their private IP addresses and their public IP addresses. A public IP address is used outside of a network, whereas a private one is used within it. These phrases refer to the area of the system.

The public IP addresses

The main location for your existing network is a public IP address. Even though each network node seems to have its own Internet address. These are all part of one network’s overall primary IP address. Your ISP gives your router access to your public IP address as previously said. ISPs frequently have a sizable range of Ip addresses that are typically assigned to their clients. All of the gadgets from outside your internet network will identify your connection using its public IP address.

The Private IP addresses

For each device that connects to your internet network, a private IP address is given. This covers all Bluetooth-capable electronics, such as speakers, printers, smart TVs, computers, smartphones, and tablets. You have probably more private IP addresses at home as the internet of things develops. Your router needs to be able to distinguish these items on its own. In addition, many of them must be able to identify one another. Your router produces private IP addresses as a result. Every connected device on the network has one of these serving as its unique identity. 

What does the term IPconfig mean?

Internet Protocol CONFIGuration) A controller tool is used only to view and control the machine’s allocated IP address. The actual IP, subnet mask, and default gateway addresses of the system are shown in Windows or android when you type IPconfig with no other options. The Mac’s IPconfig getifaddr en0 and en1 commands reveal the IP addresses for Ethernet and Wi-Fi, respectively (getifaddr stands for getting Interface Address). Also, Includes NSLOOKUP, netstat, and ifconfig. This first pressure the client computer’s DHCP Internet address in Windows and ReactOS before requesting a replacement IP address. The control tool of macOS uses IPCONFIG to manage the DHCP client and bootstrap protocol.

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  • The IPv4 IP layer for TCP/IP parameters is provided by IPCONFIG.
  • IPCONFIG is used to specify the maximum length for the connection waiting queue on android or other devices.
  • IPCONFIG is used for all IP layer updates in TCP/IP.
  • The checksum processing for IPv4 packets is done using IPCONFIG.


  • The platform’s complete setup is shown.
  • It can be used to obtain a brand-new IP address, renew DNS names, and update DHCP contracts.
  • It is also able to cleanse these while ability to organize from the DNS resolver buffer.
  • This could show every permitted class id.


  • As it utilizes a Netlink connection to transport data between kernels and the client, it is less effective.
  • Because it is implemented on a terminal, installation is challenging.
  • Instruction memorizing is necessary, which can be a difficult effort.
  • Due to its dependence on the command prompt, newbies can discover it difficult to perform.

IPconfig for windows

How to use it?

The Windows command prompt can be used to start the terminal program Ipconfig. This utility can be used to determine the IP address of a Windows device. Additionally, it gives you some control over your network devices, IP addresses (particularly those allocated via DHCP), and sometimes even your DNS caches. Ipconfig took over the role of the previous winipcfg tool.

Utilizing ipconfig

Enter IPconfig at the command line to launch the tool only with the settings page. Each physical and digital network device’s IP address, network mask, and gateway are now mentioned in the output of the defaults method.

Many command prompt arguments are supported by the ipconfig tool. the directive “ipconfig/” shows the list of available options.


For every adaptor, this shows consideration of the same IP addressing data also as the preferred option. It also shows every adapter’s DNS and WINS settings in contrast to a vast array of other details.


This setting unlocks the IP addresses associated with any active TCP/IP connections on all network devices in order for other programs may be using them. You can use specific Windows connection names with IPconfig/release. In this instance, just the links that are provided are impacted by the request, not all relationships. Both complete link addresses and optional identifiers are accepted by the function. Examples:

  • IPconfig /release “Local Area Connection 1”
  • IPconfig /release *Local*


Reestablishing TCP/IP connections on all network adapters is possible with this choice. Ipconfig /renew accepts an optional connection name query needs. Also much like the releases command does. Any customers set up for dynamic (DHCP) addressing can use the /renew as well as /release parameters.

IPconfig for android

Finding an Android Network IP

You must locate an open IP address (IP Config) on the system prior to configuring your Android with a static IP. Every device that’s also linked to your home network may be also utilized for that.

A Windows computer:

  • Press the Start button.
  • Select the Command Prompt desktop application and enter cmd.
  • Type the command ipconfig/all into the console window for your android device.

Conclusion of Your Findings

The findings will contain a lot more info, although you only need to pay attention to a select handful of them.

  • Default Gateway: This represents the smallest IP address on the system and is the IP address of your home network. This IP address inside the case of the former is
  • IPv4 Address: This is the device’s IP address where you entered the query. This Internet protocol in the earlier quote is
  • DNS servers: Whenever you access the internet, your internet service provider (ISP) uses these data centers to seek up web addresses.
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Modify Your Android’s IP Address

It is time to change your phone from DHCP to a static IP nowadays that we understand what IP we may configure this to.

  • Go to settings, then choose Wi-Fi under the Network & Internet heading.
  • The Wi-Fi connection is linked, pressing, and holding. You will notice a menu appear. Select Change network.
  • You will have seen the network’s user account page. Scroll down to the box under “IP settings” after selecting Advanced options. Set the setting to Static by tapping DHCP.

Setup Your Android’s Network Settings Manually

When you switch the IP option to permanent, a page allowing you to individually established all of your Android’s network settings, including its IP address, will display. You must individually specify the other network settings in this format because your IP address will be static.

  • IP Address: The IP address that is available today as determined by the Ping command.
  • Gateway: Enter the IP address for the pre-noted Default Gateway.
  • DNS servers: Enter the previously specified IP addresses for DNS servers DNS 1 and DNS 2.

You may keep the configuration settings in all other sections on this page. Click Save once you have finished modifying the IP settings. Including its new IP, the Android can re-join your network connection. The Android can get the configuration to communicate to whatever app you are utilizing using its new, static IP address.

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Over an Android device, changing your IP address is easy. Every Android smartphone has a hidden option. Anyone can switch from a dynamic IP (DHCP) to a static one with this. Additionally, to confirm that the static IP address chosen is one that isn’t already in use on the system. There are several things you need to perform beforehand. On your phone, you might need to set up a static IP. It does not change for a number of significant purposes.

The following are a few of the most typical causes:

  • Operating a portable web server.
  • Transferring files from a mobile device using an FTP server.
  • Are using a Wi-Fi webcam on your smartphone?
  • Utilizing the mobile media server function on your smartphone.

The majority of these applications call for a stable IP address for your smartphone. That you may quickly create via third-party software running on your computer. Or any other device connected to your networks.


What information should one have?

-In the Windows search box, type cmd. Into the Command Prompt window, type ipconfig/all. Windows: cmd + space > terminal. For the IP address, ping.
-With Android: Configuration > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi Select Static under Detailed Settings after selecting Connected Wi-Fi > Modify connection.

How can you configure network settings using the DNS and IP addresses of the gateway?

Set up your network using the Gateway IP, DNS, and IP address that you discovered in the Command Prompt and Ping.

Method 3: Could the same IPconfig run on a MAC?

Yeah. On a Mac, launch the console by hitting cmd + space and typing “terminal” to run this and ping instructions.

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