Android Apps on Windows Phone

Android Apps can work on Windows Phones with the help of APK deployment app. We can also visit to find software that isn’t available in the Windows Store(explained in approach 2). In Modern Times where everything is cybernated and is going in the digital direction, every person is dependent on their mobile phones for every update and information. Mobile phones, the internet, applications, data, and files are unnecessary to everyone. But a mobile phone may not result as successful in every term if it doesn’t have any application. Applications or apps are helpful in many ways like in business, and technical fields, and also become a link between clients and sellers. 

Countless people nowadays spend most of their time on mobile applications rather than any other device like television or computer for any purpose. This means that the uses of apps are very crucial.

The applications that work on an android forum are said to be android applications. There are many functionalities of Android applications that compel the user to use them, the features or functions include the powerful user interface, easy usage, and the data storage facilities that they provide. All these features help the consumer in many ways and that’s why in today’s generation and writing applications are of great use. Android applications are based on the Android system and architecture and use an Android user interface which really can be one of the issues if we want to use it on a Windows phone.

Android Apps on Windows Phone
Android Apps on Windows Phone

We can take the help APK deployment app that can help Android applications to work on Windows Mobile or phones can benefit the people consuming Windows mobile and have the advantage to use Android applications.


What are applications?

Applications or commonly known as apps are a set or a meld of software programs that collaborative work together to perform certain tasks and make users’ life a little easier. Applications are designed in many ways according to the work that they are designed to do. Many apps focus on one task but some other apps work on a collaborative Forum and bring out many functions together. Applications can be fixed by many devices. 

For example, a user can use the apps while sitting in a car on their phone and also can consume applications while sitting in bed on his or her laptop. In your daily life, you come across several types of applications that play a very important and crucial role in the day to day life. From playing games to calculating the math digits to watching several videos and preparing presentations, applications have just been a part of our work, leisure time, and much more.

What is the usage of Applications?


Communication is one of the greatest advantages that applications served us. People can connect in both audio and video mode at any range of distances between them. Emails are also a way to communicate through the usage of applications. Softwares like Skype and zoom are the bases that facilitate modern-day communication through computers with the use of microphones and webcams.


There are many types of applications on the Internet that help in education. Many of the applications impart ebooks and e-learning that are of great use.


Many applications are also away labeled that take care of users’ health. Some applications might impart an appropriate diet to maintain your health and some other might encourage you to drink more water and take toes extra steps in walking. Many applications are also available that help us to directly talk to the doctor and order medicines at home.

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As we have all known that people nowadays spend much more time on applications like Instagram and Facebook rather than television or any other medium so it is very appropriate if we say that applications can play a big role in people’s business. Many brands maximize their profit through their applications or through promoting their brand and product on other social media-related applications like Facebook, Snapchat Instagram, and many more. Applications like Amazon and Flipkart play a very important role in the people business as they are a collective platform where the business can excel and the seller can directly reach the consumer

There are many more utilities that include :

  • Entertainment
  • Trade
  • Science
  • Environment

Types of applications

Web-based mobile applications

Web-based applications are also known as mobile websites. Website-based applications are built using the languages HTML CSS and JavaScript. They run usually inside a browser for example Google Chrome Safari and many more. They are designed beautifully to look good on mobile devices and laptops.

Uses of Web-based mobile applications

There are many uses or utilities if we are consuming web-based applications. Some of them can be the is of usage because web applications are built easily using languages like CSS and HTML. They are really easy to maintain and work on many technology and languages. 

Web applications are preferred over native applications and hybrid applications because there are cheap than any other type of application.

Hybrid mobile applications

Native mobile applications are a very common type of mobile application. Native mobile applications are built using native programming languages and they are usually built for specific platforms

Uses of Hybrid mobile applications

The utilities of native mobile applications are that native applications are very fast to use and they are built to run on a specific platform that is very helpful to the users. Native applications are distributed in app stores and they are said to be very interactive in their way

Native mobile applications

Hybrid mobile applications are considered to be a combination of both native applications and web applications. 

Like web applications, hybrid applications are built using HTML CSS, and JavaScript and run inside of a container or a WebView. 

Uses of Native mobile applications

There are many uses for hybrid applications. Some of the advantages can be that it is very easy to build. As we all have come across the fact that hiber applications are built using very common languages like HTML CSS and JavaScript so it is very easy to run and To be built. They are cheaper if we compare them to a native application and also provide a single application for all the available platforms.

Also, there is no browser needed if you want to access some of the hybrid applications, and their very faster to develop if you compare them to native applications. Hybrid applications usually excessive the device utilities using the API.

Operating system

Computer software for basic operation is a group of programs or operating systems that control the possessions. ‘Operating system’ as the name implies is an arrangement that performs all fittings and software together. It is more in-between the middle from two points the consumer and the program.

The computer software for basic operation is a composite assemblage of program namely being the reason for the interplay of the user accompanying the calculating. The blend or combination of the computer software for basic operation and supercomputer forms a complete arrangement that decides what the computer able and usually willing to change all at once.

Types of operating systems

  • Embedded operating system
  • Network operating system
  • General Purpose operating system
  • Mobile Operating system
  • Real-time operating system

Use of the operating system

Security administration is individual of the ultimate main functions that computer software for basic operation helps in the building. Security administration for one computer software for basic operation helps in acquiring the calculating from the outside and within determinants that can hunt the dossier and files.

There are many tasks exhausted the calculating and it is the task of the computer software for the basic operation to schedule the task that method it is the part of computer software for basic operation that it has to assign bureaucracy possessions to the various tasks that are continuing at another time

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The very main accountability of the operating plans can again be visualized as contributing given it is the task of the computer software for basic operation to appoint all the programs and program bundles to differing consumers active on a calculating plan.

Memory is a very fundamental part of calculating, so it is very critical to resolve the allocation of the thought. The computer software for basic operation again survives the thought that has existed assigned to the tasks that are continuing the calculating, it further has the task of de-assign the thought.

Other functionalities of the Operating System

Other trustworthiness of the computer software for basic operation involve the administration of the main part of the computer. OS assigns various tasks to the seller concurrently with an activity of need. It is very advantageous in the administration of the design in agreements of assigning and de-assigning the schemes in an opportunity of need. The computer software for a basic operation still has all the capacity and expert to maintain a confirm all files. It helps the calculating in insulating the files and bestowing the within analyses and Organisation depository to all the files.


Android is of the mobile operating system. One of the most crucial operating systems with a distinctive design is the mobile operating system. It is used in many different types of communication devices, including phones, tablets, and other types of smartphones. 

The mobile operating systems Google, Android, and macOS are among examples. The most widely used operating system and supply chain in the world is Android. The android app store is the best at offering top-notch apps for smartphones and tablets.

History of Android

Google created the smartphone operating system known as Android. Since HTC’s release of the first Android device in October 2008, the operating system has been used on a variety of additional gadgets, including smartphones and tablets. There were 2 billion active Android users as of September 2016, with more than 1 billion of those users being active every single month.

The versatility of Android

Android is compatible with a wide range of gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, televisions, and automobiles.

It features a range of options, including basic text messaging and full office suites with capabilities for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. It can be challenging to transfer data between your Android phone and Mac due to the flexibility to run on so many various devices kinds.


Microsoft Windows is a type of operating system (OS) built by Microsoft. It is also known as Windows and Windows OS (PCs). The Windows OS quickly took control of the PC market because it offered the first graphical user interface (GUI) for IBM-compatible PCs. Most personal computers use some variant of Windows.

History of Windows

The initial release of Windows, in 1985, was merely an addition to Microsoft’s already-existing MS-DOS disc operating system. Windows was the first operating system to enable DOS users to visually navigate a virtual desktop by opening graphical “windows” that displayed the contents of electronic folders and files with the click of a mouse button, as opposed to typing commands. Windows was based in part on licenced concepts that Apple Inc. had used for its Macintosh System Software.

Android apps?

Applications or apps that work android type of operating system as a platform, are considered to be android applications.

Importance of android apps

One of the biggest benefits of applications is communication. At any range of distances, individuals can connect in both audio and video modes. Emails are another form of application-based communication. The foundation for current computer-based communication with microphones and webcams is software like Skype and Zoom.

There are numerous android programs that are advertised as caring for users’ health. There are many different kinds of educational software available online. Many android applications offer quite helpful in e-learning and education.

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Examples of android apps that work on windows phones?

  1. Piktures
  2. Cram
  3. Lazy Swipe
  4. Unclouded
  5. Livebot and many more.

Steps to have android apps on windows phone

  • Approach 1 
  1. By following the instructions below, you can install a few Android apps on your Windows Phone.
  2. On your computer, select “Start.”
  3. You can download and extract the Control app and Android SDK tool from the latter.
  4. Vcreditst x86.exe and IpOverUsbInstaller.msi are both located in the wconnect subdirectory.
  5. On your Windows Phone, activate it by going to Settings > Update & Security.
  6. Select Developers Mode from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking on For Developers.
  7. By selecting the Device discovery tab below and turning it on, the Device discovery slider can be made active.
  8. Click the Pair button at the bottom of the page to receive a Pair code. Make a note of the code for use with other devices.
  9. Now, a USB connection can be used to link a Windows Phone and a PC.
  10. In the search field on the desktop of your PC, enter Command Prompt.
  11. Then select the option to launch the software in administrator mode.
  12. By entering the following in the Command window, you can change the directory to contain wconnect.exe.
  13. (C:\Users\yourusername\Downloads\Folderinwhichwconnectissaved)
  14. Hit the Enter key.
  15. Enter “wconnect.exe” by typing it into the address bar now.
  16. When prompted, the pairing code must be entered.
  17. Enter “C: Program Files (x86)android-sdkplatform-tools” in the search bar to change the Android SDK tool.
  18. After pasting the apk file into the application’s adb folder directory, it is also feasible to add an app using the adb install command.
  • Approach 2
  1. Visit to find software that isn’t available in the Windows Store.
  2. Use an Android app to download the file.
  3. When the download is finished, open Windows Phone Settings.
  4. Go to Update & Security and choose Developer.
  5. Turn on the Developer option and choose “Checkin” if you want to install programmes from other sources.
  6. The programme you’ve already downloaded may be retrieved using the File Manager on a Windows Phone.
  7. By picking the APPX / XAP file and pressing the Install button, you can install an Android app on a Windows Phone.
  • Approach 3
  1. To do this, you’ll need the APK Deployment app.
  2. Open the app on your Windows 10 computer.
  3. Activate Device Discovery and Developer Mode on your Windows 10 device.
  4. Connect your smartphone to your PC using USB.
  5. The app and your device should sync.
  6. On your Windows Phone, the APK can now be downloaded and installed without the need for any additional applications.


Can windows phones run android apps?

Android applications don’t directly run on windows phones but there are many ways through which android applications can work on windows mobiles.

How do I install Android apps on my Nokia Lumia 650?

Follow the given steps to install Android apps on my Nokia Lumia 650:
Activate Win32DiskImager.
Connect your phone now using the Mass Storage setting.
You must choose a place in Win32DiskImager where you want to save the backup. It is IMEI.img; save it.
Press “Read” after choosing the letter that corresponds to your phone’s MainOS.
The backup of your phone was successful. Close the app now.
Extract after downloading it.
Run uefi2lk.cmd now, and adhere to the prompts that appear. The bootloader has now been installed on your phone.
Use the volume down key to launch Fastboot.
Flash TWRP after downloading it. Download the ROM as well.
Select Advanced, ADB Sideload in TWRP.
Browse to the ROM you previously downloaded using ADB Sideload, then flash it.
Restart your phone.

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