Android Auto Keeps Disconnecting

Many users are faced with the issue that their android auto is constantly disconnected. It’s a nightmare for car owners. This issue can be found with both types of connections by the user both wireless and that of the USB connection. The most annoying thing about this is that the issue can be found in nearly every phone model or vehicle (so don’t assume that your car or smartphone is a shambles). In most cases, restarting an android auto by reconnecting into the USB cable or restarting the car or phone is the best way to solve the issue.

These solutions aren’t unproductive in solving the issue however, what if driving through a lot of traffic? There is no way to utilize one of these solutions. they could cause significant damage in a situation such as this. Therefore, in this article, I’m going to show you the best ways to resolve the issue. Please go through this article carefully.

Android Auto Keeps Disconnecting

Android Auto

Android Auto It is an app which mirrors the functionality of your Android phone to the car’s system. It was developed by Google to aid you while you drive. It can assist you in using the Google Assistance, which is a well-known feature. Google Assistance. It is as simple as saying “Ok Google” to get many tasks accomplished. There are currently more than 400 cars have android auto support. (Don’t be concerned, even if your vehicle does not support it then you can easily integrate android auto into it.) A lot of cars are now equipped with android auto installed features. This feature may be present in your car through the use of a wired or wireless connectivity. With Android Auto you can concentrate on driving while controlling your smartphone simultaneously using voice commands or the touchscreen of your car.Android Auto Keeps Disconnecting

Why does Android auto disconnect?

The issue that disconnecting auto-connecting on android could be due to a number of causes but the cause I’ve listed below may be the most important cause.

  • Battery optimization feature The feature for optimizing battery will not allow certain processes happen (or stop the process) to preserve the battery of the phone. Therefore, this feature could be the cause of this problem. Try turning off the feature that optimizes battery and then reconnect. I have provided the steps to turn off the feature step-by-step in the post below. Just follow the steps.
  • Application that is out of date: By old application, I was referring to your Android auto app or google play services the phone’s OS or the firmware of your device. Android auto could be losing connection because of Android auto, the google play services, your phone’s operating system or firmware having a problem with the firmware. The application that is outdated can lead to issues with other apps. We recommend that you ensure that they are up to date.
  • Unsuspecting configuration or the developer option: For connection to USB, inadvertent USB testing or the control for developer settings may be the primary reason behind app disconnecting. They are the ones that control the settings for phon and, therefore, if any one is in an unconfigured state, it can result in android auto-connection issues.
  • Mock location: Some of you may not be aware that there’s a mock location feature in our phones. If the feature for mock location is active, it could be the reason for the problem of disconnecting. Try disabling the feature and then reconnect. The steps for turning off the feature of mock location are outlined in the following article.
  • The android auto app installation is corrupted, or there’s been a problem with auto application, corrupt cache or corrupted data It is possible that there are issues when installing the Android auto app, or an update to the application has damaged the cache or data in some way. This could be the cause of the disconnect issue.

Things you need to be aware of before implementing solutions

  • Many users have suggested turning off”Auto Rotate,” or “Auto Rotate” feature of your android phone when you are using auto
  • The issue could be with the phone itself, and so numerous people have suggested to replace it.
  • Many people have suggested deinstalling the problematic apps in your smartphone (Example: Spotify)
  • Be sure to verify that the Android auto app is turned on in the entertainment system in your car.
  • Setting”Do Not Disturb” mode “Do not disturb” mode on your smartphone can greatly help according to a lot of users.
  • Make sure to test the capabilities of the Android auto using your vehicle, you are highly advised to be sure (by users)
  • “High-Speed USB 3.1” is the ideal choice for connecting with an USB connector to join to the android auto and car’s head unit
  • Some people suggest to turn on”Data Transfer Mode “Data Transfer Mode” when connecting to the entertainment unit in your car.
  • It is recommended to remove all “Data” and “Settings” from your car’s entertainment device and then establish an entirely new connection in order to fix the issue.
  • The installation of “A Wireless Dongle” is highly recommended by a lot of users, could work, but it is not guaranteed.
  • Choose the “USB tethering” to fix the issue.

Solutions You now know the main reasons for the issue of disconnection, but besides these problems, there could be other causes that could be causing the error of disconnection. Let’s look at the solutions listed below.

Try a different USB cable or cleanse your USB ports

Before we move on to more difficult options, let’s do our best problem. The issue with disconnection could be fixed through cleaning your USB ports, or simply switching the USB cable. The cause may be the accumulation of dirt inside the USB ports of your phone or in the default cable. The dirt could be acting as a barrier to connection. Perhaps the USB cable you have isn’t functioning properly, it’s time to purchase another one (I cannot change my phone at the moment because it’s USB is broken). Follow the below steps to cleanse your USB ports:

  1. Look for a sharp pointed object, such as the toothpick, needle or simply fold a piece of paper similar to it. (I have needles and would highly recommend everyone to utilize it)
  2. Get rid of dirt from the USB contact pins on the phone or cable. (Be gentle when cleaning make sure you don’t damage them.)
  3. Reconnect to confirm Android auto connected perfectly
  4. If the cable did not work you can try using the phone’s standard cable to connect to the phone and determine if the issue is resolved or not.
  5. If none of this work , then you can consider using special cables such as the high-speed data rate USB 3.1 cable. Or a high-speed cable (kind that is similar to Anker cable). Anker cable)
  6. If the issue is resolved and you can only experience it in the event of car bumps or other types of shock, then put the phone in a soft location to absorb the shock (like cushions or anything else)
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Restart your phone

I would do this every time I encountered issues as a child (lol I do this still). The idea of restarting your phone is likely to come into your thoughts after having attempted to change the network mode. It’s a simple procedure and can often fix the minor glitches on your device. Follow these steps to carry out this procedure:

  1. All you need to do is hold and press the power button on your phone until you see the options for Restart or Reboot, and Turn Off the power. Off
  2. Choose the Restart or Reboot option, and wait until your phone is able to restart.
  3. Once the phone’s restarting process has complete, you can open Android auto to check whether the issue is fixed or not.

Delete Optimization of batteries

As I mentioned, our phones come with a built-in feature that, in order to improve the performance of the battery limits certain processes, or sometimes even disables certain applications without notifying us. Disabling the optimization of battery will help with disconnecting issues, so follow these steps to turn off the optimization of your battery:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your phone.
  2. Select the battery option.
  3. Select”In the middle” the “Manage Battery” option and then select”Battery Optimization” from the list “Battery Optimization” option from the options list.
  4. Then, search and then tap”Android Auto.” Now, search and tap on “Android Auto” app in the list of optimization options for battery of the app.
  5. Click on “Don’t Optimize”
  6. Restart your “Android Auto” app and verify if the issue has been resolved or not.

Old Android auto-application

The apps are frequently outdated as developers strive to keep improving them every day to make them more effective and more efficient. The auto-installed android you downloaded may be out of date and the previous version of the application might not work, therefore, updating it could be the best option. The process to update Android is described below, step-by-step:

  1. Start Google Plays. Open the Google Plays tore on your smartphone
  2. Search bar “Android Auto”
  3. Select the Android auto in the list of apps.
  4. There will be an “Update” option if a new version of the app is in the market, tap it
  5. Once the app is done updating, open the app and determine if the issue fixed or not.

Update the Firmware of your phone

Maintaining your smartphone’s operating system up-to-date is the best option for it. This means that every time an update to the OS is released, it will also contain the solutions to bugs found in the earlier version of the OS. There are a variety of issues in applications that can be resolved simply by updating your phone’s operating system. The procedure to update your phone’s OS are listed below:

  1. To begin, go to the device’s “Settings”
  2. Scroll down to”About Phone” and scroll to “About Phone” option and tap it. Your phone might include an “System Update” option in the Settings menu (Just like mine)
  3. Choose”MIUI Version” from the menu “MIUI Version” option from the menu on the about menu of the phone.
  4. Click at the “Check for updates” option and if one is available, install it by clicking to the “Download Now” option and then tapping the “Install Now”
  5. After having successfully updated the OS make sure you’re still experiencing the issue

If there isn’t a updated version for the update, then you are already running the most recent version. OS

Update Google play services

The application mentioned above isn’t found in the Google Play store so, there’s no other option than updating manually. (and what is the reason it isn’t accessible on the Google play store? If you have any information you know, please let me know.) Manually updating an app can be a challenge, therefore follow the instructions below to update Google play services in depth:

  1. Go to Google and type in “Google Play services” or use your phone’s Google search box on your phone’s screen for desktops.
  2. Click on “Google play services” from the results of your search.
  3. The app for the play store will launch automatically, select from the Google Play Services
  4. When the option to update is displayed, then click it to download the latest update to your phone.

Remove cache from the auto app for android

To speed up your time, your phone will store a temporary amount of data that you can instantly access it when you launch an app. It reduces the time needed to retrieve the required information to load an application faster. The area where your phone holds this information is called cache files. The removal of these cache files could aid in solving the issue therefore, follow the steps below to erase the cache on your device:

  1. Go to your mobile’s “Setting”
  2. Click on “More Settings” from the settings menu, or search for “Manage apps” options (the procedure can differ based on the particular phone.
  3. Select”Applications” and then click on the “Applications” option
  4. Select”Installed. “Installed” option
  5. Search for the “Android Auto” and tap on it
  6. Then tap on the “Storage”
  7. There will be an “Clear cache” option there Tap it to clear the cache and you can check to see if the issue has been resolved or not.

Enable USB debugging

If you are able to connect the head unit in the car using the USB cable, be sure to enable USB debugging function on your device. By enabling the USB debugging feature will help you solve the issue if you’re using an USB connector to join the car to the Android auto app. The steps for enabling USB debugging feature are:

  1. To begin, go to”Settings” or “Settings” of your smartphone
  2. Move towards”About Phone” and tap on the “About Phone” option and tap it.
  3. You must select”All Specifics,” then “All Specs” options from the menu for about phones.
  4. Select”MIUI version “MIUI version” option multiple times until you get an announcement that reads “You are now a developer” (This is how you access the developer feature on your phone.)
  5. Return to the settings menu, and then select “Additional Settings” from the menu.
  6. Select the “Developer Options” in the Additional Settings’ panel. You’ll find the developer option in the lower right of the screen.
  7. Scroll down, and switch to the USB debugging option, even though your device remains linked to USB
  8. Verify if you’re having issues with the disconnecting issue, or not.
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Turn on to turn on the USB Configuration by default USB Configuration

It is necessary to change the network option to the default USB debugging. The steps for enabling the default USB configuration are:

  1. Then, go to your phone’s “Settings” and go to the “Additional settings” or “More settings” option in the menu of settings.
  2. Scroll down, and then tap”Developer options” from the menu “Developer options” from the menu.
  3. After that, toggle off and off the “Default USB configuration” option A new menu will be displayed.
  4. The menu will pop up and you can click on”File Transfer” “File Transfer” option, (if your Android auto isn’t working normally, then change the USB setting on to “Charging Only”
  5. The only thing you have to do is determine if the issue is resolved or not.

Double check Bluetooth connectivity

It could be that there is a problem there is a problem with there’s something wrong with the Bluetooth connectivity between the smartphone with the entertainment system. Reestablishing your Bluetooth connectivity between the two could resolve the issue. Follow the steps below to complete this task:

  1. Go to your phone’s settings, and then select”Bluetooth. “Bluetooth” option or open the “Bluetooth” option from your phone’s control centre
  2. All devices that are paired will be visible to you. Tap on the Bluetooth device’s name for the entertainment unit in your car.
  3. “Unpair,” or the “Unpair” option will appear before you. Click on it.
  4. The entertainment unit in your car Now, you can click on”Available Devices” and then click on the “Available Devices” option
  5. The name of the car’s entertainment unit will be listed on the list of available devices Tap it, then choose the “Pair” option. (Do make sure to switch on your car’s head unit’s Bluetooth while you are doing these steps.)
  6. Examine if the issue solved or it is not.

Remove mock locations

To turn off the fake location feature, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Go to your mobile’s “Settings” option
  2. After that, you can go to your “More settings” or “Additional Settings” option.
  3. Scroll down until the bottom, and you’ll find the “Developer Options” there, click it. (can’t get access to the Developer options? I’ve shown you how to get it “Enable USB debugging”, but there are a few solutions above.)
  4. Click to select”Select Mock Location “Select mock location” option from the menu.
  5. Click to select”No app” and then click on the “No app” option.
  6. Check if you’re experiencing the issue of disconnecting or if the issue has been resolved.

The date, time and location of the match between car’s head unit and the phone

If the time and date of your car and phone are different, this could be the cause for the disconnecting issue that you are having. Synchronizing both’s times could aid in fixing the problem. Follow these steps to match the date and time of your phone with that of your car. and time.

Methods to create a date and time on your phone are:

  1. Access your mobile’s “Settings” option
  2. Select the “Date & Time” option from the menu of settings
  3. Then, switch off your Automatic Date & Time and Automatic Time Zone by toggling them off (switch them to either side)
  4. You can then manually set the actual Date and Time on your phone.

steps to set an exact date and time for the vehicle are:

  1. Then, you must open the unit’s settings in the car.
  2. Click on the clock adjustment button
  3. Then , set the car’s date and time.

Make sure the issue is eventually fixed or not.

Changes to GPS settings

Use the instructions below to complete this step:

  1. To begin, go to the “Settings” option
  2. Choose”Location.” Select the “Location” option from the menu.
  3. Find”Location Services” and tap it “Location Services” option in the menu and then tap it.
  4. Select”Google Place Accuracy. “Google Location Accuracy” option
  5. Turn off”Improve Location Accuracy” and then on the “Improve Location Accuracy” option
  6. See if the issue is gone or it isn’t.

Disable the Wi-Fi switching feature.

Perhaps you’ve encountered your phone’s switch to the fastest available Wi-Fi connection, or changes to mobile data option if the WiFi signal is not strong enough. This is referred to in the field of Wi-Fi Switching. Certain phones are set up in that they switch to the most reliable network. The Android auto app could be unable to download the information from the server due to the switch to Wi-Fi that is causing the disconnect issue. You can therefore test whether turning off the Wi-Fi switch feature will solve the issue. The instructions to disable Wi-Fi switching is:

  1. Like usual, go to your phone’s “Settings” of your phone
  2. Select the “Wi-Fi” option and then click on Wi-Fi settings.
  3. Turn on your “Intelligently Select the Best Wi-FI”
  4. Verify if the issue has been solved or not.
  5. If you’re still experiencing the issue, then you need to you can disable “Switch to Mobile Data When Wi-Fi internet Connection is Slow” or “Switch to mobile data automatically” in the Wi-Fi settings.
  6. Make sure you’ve solved the issue or not.

Disable this feature. Auto Rotate feature

Deleting the auto-rotate feature on your phone could help and you’re interested in knowing what to do? According to its name, the auto-rotate function rotates the screen of your phone when the phone’s orientation altered (when your phone’s tilt adjusts at an degree, vertically or horizontally) This sudden change might not be a good idea for android auto. By that, android auto might not be able handle the abrupt change in orientation of the phone. The reason for the changing of the orientation of the phone could be caused by a collision with a vehicle or an accident. The steps to disable the auto-rotate feature include:

  1. Access the “Control middle” as well as the “Quick Settings” menu on your phone (swipe either downwards or up for it)
  2. Click on the Auto-rotate option to turn it on (it appears blue when turned on).
  3. If you are unable to find the auto-rotate function within “Control center”/”Quick Settings” then go to the “Settings” option
  4. Select the “Display and Brightness” option
  5. Turn to “Rotation Lock “Rotation lock” feature, (swipe the switch to the left to turn the right)
  6. Launch your Android auto app and verify whether the issue is resolved or not.

Application Overlay Allowance

App overlay is a Google feature that permits an app to show its content on the phone’s screen in conjunction with an app. Certain apps need the permission to overlay their app It is mandatory for them, and if they aren’t able to get the permission, then they act in a strange manner. The reason for this may be due to the fact that an android auto application doesn’t have the permissions for app allowance. Follow these steps to grant overlay permission for android auto:

  1. Start your phone’s “Settings” option of your phone’s settings.
  2. Enter “Display over other apps” in the search bar.
  3. Click on “Display over other apps” when it displays as the result of the search bar.
  4. Look for”Android Auto” and select the “Android Auto” app from the list, then tap it.
  5. Switch it on by tggling it to the right side.
  6. Check if the issue currently fixed or not.
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Delete the projection via wireless of the android auto

This problem will occur when you connect your vehicle and mobile via an USB. This feature, which is wireless going to cause issues or to simply say it will be out of android auto’s capacity to utilize its USB connection. It is advised to disable this feature whenever you connect to an USB connection. Follow the below instructions to turn off the wireless projection feature:

  1. Start Android Auto on your phone. Android Auto app on your smartphone
  2. You can go to the settings of the Android auto app.
  3. Switch off the projection feature by switching onto the left
  4. Re-launch the auto app on Android and see if there’s still an issue connecting.

Update the software of your car entertainment unit to the most current version

Just as I demonstrated how to update your handset’s OS to the latest version below I’ll demonstrate how to upgrade your car’s head unit’s software to the most current version. I have already explained the drawbacks of outdated software in the update to the phone’s Firmware area. Follow the next steps to update your vehicle entertainment system’s software.

  1. Download the firmware for the most recent version from the vehicle manufacturer’s website
  2. Create a backup of the downloaded files onto the form of a USB drive (use an empty USB drive)
  3. Attach the USB device that includes the most recent firmware build to the entertainment unit in the car’s entertainment system.
  4. Turn to the entertainment unit in your vehicle
  5. A message will appear instantaneously on your car’s entertainment system. The message will contain information about the process of updating. It will prompt you to confirm the process of updating. Click”Start,” and then click on the “Start” option to start the process of updating.
  6. Then wait for it to be installed and, once the installation is completed, you can restart the unit to enjoy the music.
  7. Verify if the issue is being addressed or it has not.

Set your phone to Do not disturb mode while using the Android auto

The reason why the auto-disconnecting of Android may be the continuous notification and calls. These factors could cause an interruption to the process. Try putting your phone in the do not disturb feature while using Android auto. The steps to activate Do not disturb function are as below:

  1. Start the “Control middle” as well as the “Quick Settings” menu on the phone (swipe from the bottom or the top of the phone’s screen to the other side to open it)
  2. Choose”do not disturb” and then click on the “do Not Disturb” option there, (it will be blue after it has been activated)
  3. If you are unable to locate the feature “do not disturb” within “Control center”/”Quick setting” then you can open the phone’s “Settings” option
  4. Select”Do not disturb” and then click on the “Do not disturb” option
  5. Switch onto”Turn off manually,” or the “Turn on manually” option
  6. Test whether the method did work or it did not. (If it did, attempt to identify what application caused these interruptions in notifications and work using the app)

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Modify the settings of the car’s entertainment unit.

A few minor glitches could result in a disconnect. These issues can be easily corrected by rebooting the entertainment system in your vehicle. Follow the instructions to complete this procedure:

  1. Make sure that the car’s entertainment unit is enabled.
  2. Click on the “Settings” from the menu choices
  3. Select”Smartphone Connections” or the “Smartphone Connections” option from the menu of settings
  4. Now, configure the connection for the Android auto app to your smartphone.
  5. Make sure the issue is repaired or not.

Switch on the option to remain awake

This option could work when the reason for the disconnect is because your phone’s screen remains asleep. Follow the instructions below to activate the option to stay awake:

  1. Then, go to your mobile’s “Settings”
  2. Click the button “More settings”, and scroll down to open Options for Developers. (If you’re unable to access the developer options, take a look at this article for the Enable USB debugging instructions I’ve explained how to open the options for developers in it.)
  3. Switch to your phone’s “Stay awake” feature by switching it to the left (now the phone’s screen will not go to sleep when charging)
  4. Check if the issue is fixed or the issue is still there.

Install the Android auto application

There may be a glitch with the download program that is fixable by updating the android auto , or installing it again. Reinstallation fixes the issues with the application. (if there are any issues) Follow the instructions to install android auto again:

  1. Go to “Google play store” on your smartphone
  2. In Google’s search bar type in for auto android.
  3. Click on the Android auto option from the menu
  4. Two options will be presented to you (1st uninstall, and the second update)
  5. Click on”Uninstall,” then click on “Uninstall” option and wait for it to complete.
  6. Once the uninstall is completed then the only option is to install the program, then tap it
  7. After installation, check If you’re still having trouble with the issue, then you should know if it is

Last words

Android auto disconnects is a regular issue there is no need to be worried about it. The problem can be fixed without much effort, however if once you have tried this fix, if you’re still having the issue, then I recommend you call the android auto’s official support team They will assist you. If the app you are using isn’t functioning properly for you, it is possible to use other apps such as “Samsung MirrorLink”, they work the same way and have the same capabilities. Make sure you are aware of the essentials you need to know prior to figuring out solving the problem, and be sure to follow the steps to resolve the issue easily.

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