Black Screen of Death in Android Phones

Are you an android phone user? you might be here from your laptop or PC or someone else’s phone because you are not responding. Are you facing a black screen on your phone while it is on and having trouble accessing anything? Or, do you have full charge and yet your phone screen is frozen? If so, don’t worry we are here for your help! The problem you are encountering is called Black Screen of Death. It is a very common problem that occurs in devices running Android and Windows. Here at Gossipfunda, today we will look at some causes of the black screen of death. Not only that, but we will also provide you with some proven solutions to fix the same.

As days are passing by, the world is becoming more dependent on technology. Owning mobile phones and laptops is becoming a complete necessity to keep up the pace with the world. Most smartphone users are using android smartphones. There are about 2.5 million active users of android worldwide. Despite having such a humongous fan base, there are a lot of frustrating problems that android users face. One of them is the black screen of death.

The black screen of death is a common problem in laptops and desktops running Windows as well. It is generally caused due to a fatal system error. A similar occurring problem is the blue screen of death. You may have encountered this while playing heavy graphics-demanding games on your device. These fatal errors generally cause the system to shut down. Let us look at how to identify the ‘black screen of death,’ its causes, and how to fix the same.

Black Screen of Death in Android Phones
Black Screen of Death in Android Phones

How to identify if you are facing the ‘black screen of death?’

The process of identifying this fatal and frustrating error is simple. If you are facing any of the following mentioned problems, you may be facing a black screen of death.

When your screen turns completely black

You can notice that your phone screen is on. However, it is completely black and frozen. It is not responding to your touch or swipe. Neither is pressing the volume up or volume down button doing anything. Also, pressing the power button is not turning your screen off and lets you out of the situation. In short, you are stuck.

Insensitivity of the screen

The light on your phone screen is working correctly, but the screen is insensitive to touch.

When you are unable to see the ongoing activity on your screen

The screen is accepting touch responses, you can feel it working. For example, you touched and the Spotify app opened, and a song started playing. However, you cannot see that on the screen. That is, the phone is functioning correctly but it is not being shown on the screen.

When your screen appears frozen black (or blue)

 You can hear notification sounds or when the phone rings. However, nothing pops up on the screen. The screen is simply frozen black (or blue).

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Now that we have seen some of the common symptoms of the black screen of death error, let us look at the causes. We will then be focusing on how to fix the black screen of death.


What causes the ‘black screen of death in android devices?

There may be multiple reasons why you are facing the black screen of death. Some of them are mentioned below.

Hardware-related reason

 The first reason is very obvious, but there is not much you can do about it. The LCD      connector wires underneath the screen may be lost or burnt. Hence, this is a hardware-related reason. The only possible way to fix the error if this is the reason is to take your device to a repair shop. If need be, you might have to change the LCD screen of your device and bear the necessary costs.

Critical system error 

Installing incompatible applications on your android device is another popular cause of the black screen of death. Hence, it is always advised to check the app’s compatibility before installing it on your phone. The app compatibility can be checked in a particular section on the application page in Google Play Store.

Incompatible applications

 Installing incompatible applications on your android device is another popular cause of the black screen of death. Hence, it is always advised to check the app’s compatibility before installing it on your phone. The app compatibility can be checked in a particular section on the application page in Google Play Store.

Virus attack 

A malware or virus attack. Try to remember if you have clicked on an unknown link from email or WhatsApp. Or, if you had downloaded an application with an unverified publisher from the internet in apk format. These are very common methods of virus attack. Some viruses can trigger the black screen of death on your device, while they do their malicious jobs. They ultimately destroy your device and the only way out would be a hard factory reset. Hence, a piece of very common yet powerful advice – do not click on unknown links or download apps from unknown publishers.

Overcharging of your phone 

The phone is overcharging for a long amount of time. You might have read in online blogs that it is not recommended to charge your phone completely up to 100%. Overcharging can cause serious damage to your phone battery. It may also heat your device, causing other problems. Overcharging is also a common problem on the black screen of death.

Not clearing cache data periodically 

Certain app caches need to be cleared. If you are someone who does not clear app caches regularly, you probably face storage issues frequently. Not clearing the app cache takes up huge storage space on your device and makes it slow. Consequently, your device hangs a lot. The ultimate result that this leads to is the black screen of death.

Exposure to extreme heat

 If your phone is exposed to extreme heat, that might be a cause of the black screen of death. If you leave it under direct exposure to sunlight, or in places like a hot car seat; you are likely to face this error. Your device cannot function properly when it is heated up. Hence, it needs to be cooled down. If this is the reason why you are facing the black screen error, you might try cooling it down. Keep it in a place that is not facing the wrath of the sun directly.


How to fix the ‘Black screen of death’ error in android?

This is probably the section that you are waiting for – how to fix the black screen of death. Don’t worry, Gossipfunda has got you covered. It might be very difficult to figure out the actual reason for facing the black screen of death. Regardless of what is causing it, here are a few things that you might try out. Some of these methods are well proven to fix the black screen of death on android devices.

Method 1: For when the ‘Black screen of death’ is caused due to hardware issues

The first fix would be due to the first mentioned reason. If the black screen is due to loosely connected LCD cables, here’s what you can do to try to fix it.

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Remove the back cover of your phone, if any, before attempting this. Press your phone from both sides firmly, but gently, hence squeezing it. This may help reset the improper connection of LCD cables. Make sure to press it gently enough to not break your screen. If this does not help, take your device to the nearest service center. The LCD connectors may be reset or the LCD screen may be replaced entirely to fix this problem.

Method 2: Restarting the phone

Try to force restart the phone. Pressing the power button once may not seem to work. Your phone screen is black and frozen, and pressing the power button is not turning off the backlight. The method of force restarting varies with different phone models. If you have a home button, try long-pressing the Home button and the power button together. Or, try pressing the volume down/up + Power + Home button together and hold it until the screen goes off. Or, just long press and hold the power button and see if your device restarts. Generally, this is the most effective fix for the black screen of death.

Method 3: Check the charging port

Check if the charging port of your device is free from dust and debris. Inspect and clean it if required. Then, plug in the charger and wait for some time. If nothing happens, press and hold the Volume Down + Volume Up + Power button together while your device is charging.

Method 4: Try removing the SIM card

Remove the SIM card and SD card from your device. Many times, SD cards cause compatibility issues with your android device. Try removing the SD card and then long press the power button to do a force restart. If nothing happens still, remove the SIM card as well, and then try restarting your phone.

Method 5: Try removing the battery

Open the back case of the phone, and try removing the battery. Be very cautious if you are attempting this. Removing batteries of newer phone models is comparatively difficult. Hence, it is advised to carry your phone to the nearest service center and seek the help of a professional. Wait for about 30 seconds to a minute after removing the battery. Then, re-insert the battery and check if your device is functioning properly now.

Method 6: Wait for the battery to drain out

The easiest option is to wait until your phone battery is completely exhausted. This will cause the screen backlight to go off. Now, plug in the charger in your device and charge it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Try switching on the phone. If it switches on, go to Settings > Storage > Cache > Clear cache. This will clear the cache of your device and make it function smoother and faster. Note that the way of clearing the cache is different for different phone models.

Method 7: Try using a Samsung Smart Switch (specific to Samsung device users)

If you use a Samsung device, you may try using Samsung Smart Switch. It allows you to connect your phone to your laptop or desktop computer. From here, you can take a backup of your important data (just to be on the safe side) and try rebooting your device.

Method 8: Reboot your device

Reboot your android device into Safe Mode. Safe mode allows you to investigate if a faulty app is causing the error. It disables all third-party applications and allows you to use the core system apps only. After you find it out, try uninstalling it or clearing its cache. Then reboot back from the safe mode to check if this has fixed the black screen of death.

To boot up your device into safe mode, press and hold the power button of your device. When the prompt to power off or restart your device appears, press and hold on to the “Power off” option. A prompt appears that asks you whether you want to boot your device up in safe mode. Click yes, and you are good to go.

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The method of getting your device into safe mode may be different based on the model of your device. However, this is the standard procedure, so there is no harm in trying it out.

Method 9: Hardware factory reset

This is the ultimate method of fixing the black screen of death error in your android device. If no method mentioned above works, this is the only thing left for you to do. Please note that performing a hardware factory reset will erase all data from your phone. Hence, be prepared to lose your important files if you have not already backed them up. So, it is advised to take a backup before trying this fix.

Here’s how you can do it.

Press and hold the Volume Up + Home + Power button of your device. In case you don’t have a Home button, try pressing the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button altogether. This will open up the recovery mode.

Once in, hop on to the ‘wipe data/factory reset option using the Volume buttons (since your phone screen wouldn’t respond to touch). Then, press the power button to start the process. Once the process of factory reset is complete, restart your phone. This ultimate fix works all the time to fix the black screen of death but at the cost of all your data.

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We discussed some common causes and fixes of the black screen of death error in android. Make sure to not download apps from untrusted sources and keep an antivirus service on. Also, keep cleaning your device cache regularly and don’t overcharge to avoid this frustrating error.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1: Does Black Screen of Death occur only in android or iOS mobile phones specifically?

No, the black screen of death can occur in any device such as a mobile phone, a laptop, a television, a tablet, etc. with any operating system like android, Apple iOS, Windows, macOS, etc. Some examples are: a black screen of death appears in windows 10 when it fails to boot, a black screen of death appears in an apple iPhone due to hardware problems, and a black screen of death in android phones might occur due to continuous charging of android phones even when they are fully charged. Hence, different devices with different operating systems show the Black screen of death due to different reasons and it is not just limited to android/iPhone mobile phones.

Q.2: What should be the steps to fix the problem of the Black screen of death in Windows 10 before logging in?

If you are having the Windows 10 operating system on your laptop/PC, and you are experiencing a black screen of death then you can simply prevent it by following a few steps. Go to Recovery Environment and enable Safe Mode. First, enable the Safe mode Utility through the ‘Recovery Environment. By continuously pressing the F8 key on your laptop or PC. Then, try and reinstall the graphic driver again. This should fix the problem of black screen of death in Windows 10 before logging in

Q.3: How can a user fix the black screen of death in Windows 10 by using a cursor?

To fix the black screen of death in Windows 10 by using a cursor, one can follow some simple steps. First, you need to uninstall your graphic card driver under ‘Task Manager. Then, you can launch the ‘Device Manager’ using: devmgmt.msc. as the code. You can also go to Safe mode and access ‘Task manager’ from there. By following these simple steps, you can easily fix the black screen of death in Windows 10 by using a cursor.

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