Siri for Android – is There a way to get it?

Siri was launched into the market as Apple’s voice assistant for iPhone 4S. Since then, iPhone users enjoy the privilege of getting information, news, directions, and playing music, by just speaking out a few words.  Unfortunately, there is no Siri for Android devices. Android users can’t enjoy this revolutionary discovery of interacting with phones. Although, there is a possibility. You can have Siri for Android as an APK. Don’t hesitate at all and download the command files from the Google Play Store for free. Then do whatever you want. Ask it questions, read horoscopes, and perform tasks according to your wish just as it does on iPhones.

Why does Siri run only on Apple Devices?

iOS, iPadOS, and macOS perfectly support Siri. Apple is the sole owner of Siri and it would never want its probable competitors’ to catch up. Most of Apple’s money is generated through hardware sales. If Android provides its users a similar thing, Apple’s bottom line could get affected in that way. Therefore, Apple won’t allow something like that. 

Despite this, Android has developed its own voice-activated inbuilt artificial intelligent assistants. There are so many alternatives you can opt for.

Does Siri have an Android version?

Let’s consider you don’t have an iPhone but you are an admirer of Siri. Yeah, Siri helps a lot in everyday life including doing web searches, placing calls, and sending messages. The most fascinating thing about Siri is it sounds quite like a human. It responds quickly to short phrases like “Hello”, and “Thank You”. It can read aloud the messages you have received, which makes communication really easy.

Check the Android market to see whether Apple is working on Android or not, but that’s quite unlikely. Siri-like functionality can be implemented by Android users as well by installing them from the Google Play Store. Don’t forget to perform a quick background check before downloading such APKs. There are many fake Siri applications on Android. Some apps even claim themselves to be Siri for Android. Be careful enough, as they might have malicious intent.

Siri for Android - is There a way to get it
Siri for Android – is there a way to get it

Can I use Siri on Android?

No, you can’t directly use Siri for Android. What you can do is just enjoy other Siri-like alternatives that Android has kept in store for you. Yes, you might have to look up third-party interventions for this, but at least you needn’t buy an iPhone. You must be aware of the fact that Siri has some of its own special commands. You can try these commands on your Android phone as well. 

Siri can indeed make many things easy for you. Artificial Intelligence working in the background makes it more convenient to use. If you are a music lover, Siri apps can provide the best music for you. Or, if you are a roadster, these apps can help you a lot regarding traffic. 

Alternatives to Siri for Android

You can’t totally bring on a Siri-like environment on your Android device. But you can explore several voice assistants that have proved efficient in the past few years. This device works perfectly for Android. The most popular and explored example is the “Google Assistant” itself. Microsoft also has its AI-supported voice assistant known as “Cortana”. The iPhone can have an edge in this aspect, but both iOS and Android users can enjoy a sufficient portion of Siri’s functionality. The right voice-activated apps, if chosen correctly, can do wonders like Siri.

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There are so many legit and proven Siri-like voice assistants. Let’s talk about them:-


Alexa comes with Amazon’s Fire Tablets and is the voice of its “Echo” series of products in 2013. It is based on a Polish speech synthesizer named “Ivona”. 

Alexa can do many things ranging from voice conversations, setting alarms, playing music, providing weather forecasts, navigation, real-time infotainment, etc. It is advanced to such an extent that it can be considered “Home automation itself”. This is because it is capable of controlling all other smart devices in your house.

You can also download and run it on your Android device from the Google Play Store.


Microsoft released this virtual assistant for the first time in 2014 for its Windows Phone operating System. It is developed to perform all the day-to-day tasks from setting reminders to answering questions by using the “Binge search engine”. 

To start with, just start with short phrases like- “What can you do?”. It is now available on iOS and Android platforms as well. Just look for it in the Google Play Store. 

Google Assistant:-

This was released by Google in 2016 and is available on all Android and iOS devices. Google developed this voice-activated software application that can help you navigate in Google Map, reply to texts, play music and podcasts, and act as a “Home automation system” as well. It tries to learn the user’s habits and try to adapt to them. It efficiently provides details of traffic details or subway schedules much before you go out to work.


This was developed as a counter to Apple’s Siri in 2012. Like Siri, this intelligent voice assistant can respond to queries in natural language. Just like Siri, Robin can accurately provide directions while driving, find restaurants and movie slots, and send texts.


One of the best among all the voice-activated assistants. You can ask it any complex questions and also multi-part questions. It recognizes speech very quickly without losing context. Hound can handle all these with ease and this is what makes it so powerful. It performs tasks at a fast rate and is available on all Android devices. 


Available in the Google Play Store for all Android devices, Jarvis is the best digital companion. The special voice recognition can assist you anywhere, anytime with its unique and cool features. 

Although there is a drawback that held Jarvis back. And that is, it can only work with voice recognition. You can’t readily use the “Home” button, navigate to other web pages directly, or set smart reminders.


Bixby is Samsung’s own artificial assistant developed to challenge Android’s “Google Assistant”. It was introduced for the first time on Galaxy S8 and S8+ models. It can precisely carry out tasks on your phone. You can just command anything using your voice, text, or tabs. 

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Bixby is already built-in to most Samsung devices. On the rest, it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. 

Comparison between Bixby and Siri

Samsung uses Bixby in automating its smart refrigerators or televisions. The major difference between Bixby and Siri is their communication mechanism. There is one button in Bixby which works at par with the “Power” button. But this button lacks a way to pick up the voice assistant when needed. Although, this button can be turned off from the “Settings”. Bixby can compose any desired mail, send and edit messages, and also send files to the printer for printing.

On the other hand, Siri by Apple can perform multiple tasks besides reading out personal information. It can set alarms, browse basic information on the internet, use podcasts, and interact with other iOS-integrated apps. The biggest advantage that Siri came with is that it seamlessly carries out transactions, and shares rides, messages, and calls on the internet. Apple also added a Siri voice and language translation in 2016. From iOS 11 onwards, Siri started making phone calls via third-party apps. 

But the biggest fact which breaks the deadlock between Bixby and Siri is their response mechanism to the voice commands. The point to be noted is that Bixby can accurately cope with different dialects but Siri can’t. Also, Siri is a bit slower than Bixby in these terms. 

In the end, Siri’s user rating is a bit higher than Bixby’s because of its wide range of features and convenience. Siri’s user interface is amazing.

Is Bixby the same as Siri for Android?

Bixby was Samsung’s attempt to give its users the best ever voice assistant. It might not be exactly like Siri, but it comes with many suitable features. Besides reading out texts, and emails, and managing phone calls, it can also make notes and to-do lists for you. Just like Siri for Android, Bixby can perform simple tasks on different apps. 

Bixby is not built-in like Siri. But it can successfully take commands for applications in Google Maps. Bixby can be considered as a close substitute for Siri or Android’s Google Assistant. Although the dedicated Bixby button can be troublesome in some cases. 

Which is a better alternative for Siri? Alexa Android or Google Assistant?

This is a tough contest to decide. Although, each of them has its own pros and cons. Both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are well compatible with Android devices. 

Yeah, Google Assistant is a bit more phone-integrated in the case of Android. Apple’s Google Assistant has a drawback as it is more limited to Apple’s environment only. While Amazon Alexa can control TV and lights besides other Alexa-supported smart devices. 

The major difference between them is again the voice recognition ability. The default voice assistant for Android and iOS is not Alexa. Hence, the APK needs to be installed to make it work. Although Alexa comes with Amazon’s official app as well. Amazon’s own mobile app used to have a microphone too with Alexa. The users can easily look at products, order things, and track them easily by commanding via this microphone. Later, Apple developed Amazon Echo Dot for iPhones and iPads for iOS users. 

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To be clear, Alexa has never been entirely compatible to work with some iOS apps. The Amazon app has a clear edge over iOS in this aspect. These days, Alexa automatically opens the assistant and readily processes the request. Users can enjoy all the services with their voice only. You can download Alexa for both Android and iOS as an alternative to Siri yourself.

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A Comparative Study on Siri for Android, Google, Bixby, and Alexa

Siri for Android as well as Bixby by Samsung is a very good artificial intelligent assistant. Both of them have their own kind of strengths and weaknesses. Be it in the aspect of voice commands or complex tasks, both Bixby and Siri are experts in these things. It is completely on you which assistant is suitable for you. Apple and Samsung constantly evolve their voice-activated assistants for users’ comfort. Why are they so popular? That’s just because of their never-ending urge to devote a lot of time and energy to customer satisfaction. 

But to be honest, Siri is a bit more efficient in carrying out detail-oriented tasks than Bixby. No wonder iPhones are in so much demand. The commands and dialect matter a lot in handling these artificial intelligent voice assistants. Bixby can certainly be considered a well-to-do alternative to Siri for Android.

If we come to the context of Siri and Google, these two are very different, to be honest. Google Assistant is more phone-oriented as discussed earlier. But to be specific, Google Assistant is the default voice assistant for Android devices. But the task potential of Siri is huge.

On the other side, Alexa by Amazon hasn’t reached the popularity of Google to be sure. But Alexa can be a more good-to-do alternative to Siri for Android than Google Assistant. Both of them are extremely efficient in automating other smart devices and carrying out tasks. The average rating of both AI assistants is more or less the same. These don’t compulsorily require a huge database at all. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is the best Siri app for Android?

Answer:- Google Assistant is the most used and default personal voice-activated assistant for Android devices. It does work as Siri and users enjoy it a lot as well. You can launch it easily by holding the “Home” button or, on some devices, squeezing your phone by its sides. And instead of “Hey Siri” you can launch it by just saying “Hey Google”.

Who is behind the voice of Siri?

Answer:-  A person named Susan Bennett is behind the voice of Siri. The lines are known to be recorded back in 2005, two years before the first iPhone was launched. 

What happens if you tell 14 to Siri?

Answer:- Saying out the numbers 14 and 03 to Siri on iPhone 12 while running iOS 14.5, prompts an automatically-dialed emergency call. Siri has a mechanism of displaying a message explaining the number used in some locations to contact the local emergency services.

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