Cellular network not available for voice calls Error

A Wi-Fi network or the cellular data network provided by your carrier are the two options available to you while using a smartphone to browse the Internet. For wireless Internet transmission to your devices, Wi-Fi uses radio frequencies. When you use a mobile tower to make a phone call, cellular data also use that tower’s network. In contrast to cellular data, which is accessible whenever you are in your carrier’s service, Wi-Fi has a restricted range. A network connection between a client and a Database server that is temporarily broken while a transaction is in progress is known as a network glitch.  Cellular network glitches are common and mostly quite frustrating. In this article, we are particularly going to cover all the issues of the cellular network not available for voice calls. We will dig deeper into this problem, including causes and methods to fix the problem.

Cellular network not available for voice calls error: occurrence

Software or hardware problems may be to blame for the notice “Mobile network not accessible.” But frequently, these are minor problems with fast fixes that can quickly bring you back into a working network. Everything you can do has been covered here. Once you understand the issue’s root cause and how to resolve it, you can quickly prevent a recurrence. These simple workarounds are effective when an Android or iPhone cellular network is unavailable for voice calls. It applies to all mobile phone manufacturers and models, not only those made by Samsung or Apple.

Cellular network not available for voice calls Error
Cellular network not available for voice calls Error

Causes of the cellular network not being available for voice calls

There may be a variety of reasons why a cellular network is not available for voice calls. Some of the major sources of causes are as follows:

 A poor cellphone network

Poor cell phone reception is a relatively prevalent issue; the majority of our clients come to Waveform seeking a solution to their unique, much specialized cellular network issues. Home or workplace settings with few or no signal bars and frequent call drops are typical. Depending on the root of the issue—which you, the customer, can typically identify quite easily—a repeater may or may not be able to assist in this circumstance.

Unreliable mobile OS

When prompted, update your smartphone’s operating system to resolve all the security gaps and improve the performance of your device. To protect your device or other private items that may be on it, you can take certain steps in preparation. If you are unable to make voice calls due to the unavailability of the cellular network then your operating system might be outdated. until a fix is released, a new OS could occasionally be incompatible with one or more of your current apps. For any apps that aren’t working properly, check for updates. To share your thoughts about app compatibility, you might also want to get in touch with the maker of your device or your service provider. Look for contact details online, on your device, or on your bill.

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Broken or faulty SIM card

If your SIM card is faulty, it would definitely be impossible for your smartphone to connect to a mobile network. It is necessary to insert the SIM card into another phone in order to determine whether you are having problematic SIM card symptoms or your smartphone is broken. According to Boost Mobile, a dirty SIM card may hinder your phone from reading the encoded data and establishing a network connection. Rub a soft eraser or the tip of a Gold Guard pen over the integrated chip on a SIM card to clean it. Clean the card, then re-insert it into your smartphone to see if your device can now access the contents of the chip.

Your phone is having problems

Another potential source of the issue is a broken smartphone. You’ll need access to another smartphone that you know is functioning properly to determine whether your smartphone is the cause of your connectivity problems. Bring the SIM card to your carrier’s shop, so they can use one of their test SIM cards if you can’t find another phone to test it on. Your smartphone should be turned off and then the SIM card should be removed from your device. Use a different smartphone to insert the card. Your SIM card is the fault for your problems if the second phone is also unable to read the card, either because it is unclean or damaged.

Location issues

The SIM card enables voice conversations and cellular data access, however, problems with the cellular network may only be tied to your current geographic location. For instance, your carrier network might not be available where you go, so you’ll need to choose a different network provider to keep your phone calls and cellular data active. Others, on the other hand, opt to disable automatic updates, in which case the device does not alert them to a change in the carrier network’s accessibility. Therefore, you can see the error message “cellular network not available for voice calls” and will need to choose a different operator to place voice calls.

Cellular network not available for voice calls error: quick fixes

Take out the SIM card

A wireless network is not the same as a mobile network. One way to think of a mobile network is as a communications system that is wirelessly connected and dispersed throughout a large region, much like a cell site. Mobile carrier transmissions and mobile networks can be sent by cellular carriers because they have cell sites all over the world. Herein lies the first solution: if your phone is connected to a mobile network using a SIM card, it can send and receive texts and phone calls.

If you notice the error message “cellular network not available for voice calls,” that is the right time to start looking into whether you were able to properly insert and put your SIM card into your device slot. In order to remove the SIM tray from modern cellphones, a small hole must first be pierced with a pin. Make sure the SIM card is properly placed within the tray before replacing it.

Set automatic for network selection

 Your phone’s network selection may occasionally be incorrect owing to bugs or strange occurrences. This indicates that even though you, for instance, have an AT&T sim, your selection is Verizon. Your carrier’s services can once again be accessed by switching your network option to automatic. This is the best fix.

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Android network settings

  1. Launch the Settings application, then choose Connections.
  2. Select Network Operators from Mobile Networks after tapping on it.
  3. Verify that the switch for “Select Automatically” is turned on.

iPhone network settings

  1. Go to Settings and select Mobile.
  2. Make a choice for the network.
  3. Verify that the Automatic switch is turned on (in color green). If not, feel free to tap it.

OS Update on Your Device

Keep in mind that bugs can seriously interfere with the functionality of your device. The error message “cellular network not accessible for voice calls” may occasionally be brought on by bugs. Fortunately, when people report problems like this, iOS and Android developers don’t ignore them. As a result, programmers release updates right away to fix this and other serious problems.

Select General from the menu in the Settings app on your iPhone. Then select Software Update. If an update is accessible, click Download and Install it on your device.

To accomplish the same, launch the Settings app on your Samsung or Android device. Choose Software Update after navigating to the very bottom of the window. Click “Download and Install.” Any updates that are available are checked for by the device.

Inspect the condition of the mobile network

Carriers may occasionally, but not always, execute maintenance that causes a temporary interruption in service. This could very well be the cause of the “cellular network not available for voice calls” error message that you are currently experiencing and the inability to place or receive calls. Thankfully, it is simple to determine whether your provider is undertaking system maintenance. Simply visit their social media profiles it is better to do so on their Twitter or Facebook pages—and see whether there has been any activity there. Usually, they do this so that they can readily reach their customers and divert angry ones.

Restart your smartphone

After you have reinserted your SIM card, restart your computer briefly to make sure we have removed any problematic background processes that might prevent you from placing or receiving calls and texts.

For an iPhone, simply hold down the lock button for a long period of time, and when the power slider displays, slide it to the right.

On Samsung smartphones, hold the lock button on the right side of your device, then tap the Restart option on the screen.

Choose a network provider

As was stated at the beginning, it’s possible that your cellular data flow is impaired because you’re in an area that isn’t serviced by your cellular network. If you have the Network Operator automatic update turned off, this is typical. As a result, you might need to access Settings and choose an operator by hand. You can modify Network Operator settings to have them update automatically whenever you move to avoid this issue from happening again. You can execute the process by:

  • go to the Home page, and tap on the Settings from the main menu shown.
  • Select Network and Wireless
  • Choose Mobile Network as your focus
  • Choose or enter the preferred network type or network operator
  • Choose 5G or 4G if they are both available.
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As you move, this automatically refreshes your network operator, preventing the issue “cellular network not accessible for voice calls” from happening again.

Replace your batteries

This is entirely true, even though this could seem quite unconvincing. Your inability to make voice calls via your cellular network may be caused by battery problems, which you must resolve in order to avoid such mistakes. For instance, an outdated battery may cause frequent automatic phone shutoffs, which would interrupt cellular data transmission.

Factory reset your smartphone

You might choose to factory reset you’re Samsung, Motorola, or any other Android phone if none of the previously mentioned solutions work to fix the cellular network not accessible for voice calls problem. The main reason this is the absolute last option you choose is that it completely cleans all the data on your phone; therefore, you only use it when all other options have failed. Continue as follows;

  • From the main menu, select Settings and then About Phone.
  • For a factory reset after backing up your Android data, look for the “Backup and Reset” option.
  • If you’re ready, select “delete all data.”

To avoid losing the data on your device, make sure you back up all of your data before performing this step.

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When you are unable to place voice calls owing to compromised cellular network availability, an error message that reads “Cellular network not available for voice calls” may show. It usually happens as a result of little defects and background glitches, but an operating system issue can also be to blame. If it continues for a while and prevents you from making calls, you can resolve it by using the above-written error fixation method. With the help of the advice in this article, you can now put an end to the error message problem.


Q1. What is VoLTE?

Ans. Voice over LTE, as the name implies, is the practice of making phone calls using your LTE connection as opposed to one of the more antiquated legacy voice networks. VoLTE makes it possible for smartphones, wearables, smart speakers, other devices, and enterprise end-points to access upgraded and cutting-edge voice and communication services over LTE, Wi-Fi, and 5G networks. It offers a platform for enhancing corporate and enterprise collaboration services together with premium mobile voice services. Cloud-based solutions are used to implement VoLTE, which offers telecom-grade services to consumers, businesses, corporations, and industries.

Q2. Do I need to upgrade my phone to keep making voice calls?

Ans. The majority of users will upgrade freely before any network forces them to do so, even those who are still using older phones that do not support VoLTE. If you currently own an older phone without VoLTE support and are only seeking for a stronger and more reliable output, especially while traveling in different locations, switching to one of the best Android phones with support for VoLTE is a wise choice.

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