ChocoEUkor: What is this software and what does it do?

Just like any other Android user you might have come across this app package known as ChocoEUkor and might have wondered what it could be and what is this software doing on your mobile device. With the help of this article let us know what is this app, what it does, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this app, and what you can do if you wish to remove this ChocoEUkor app.

The ChocoEUkor app is bloatware pre-installed into your device by your manufacturer, generally observed in Samsung phones, since these are preinstalled normal users might not be able to remove them easily if they do not find them necessary. Most Android phones have bloatware, including the MI and Samsung phones. The ChocoEUkor was initially identified in the Samsung Note series, but it is now extended to the likes of MI.

To know more about what is its purpose in the system software and whether it is harmful or not, let’s get into the details to know more about it.

What is the ChocoEukor app?

ChocoEUkor is an example of a bloatware app introduced into the Android by Samsung and is later incorporated into the MI devices. You can also find similar types of software in other Android devices with the names like coolEUkor, and roseEUkor, and all of these do the same thing. All of these are meant to do one thing that helps the people type characters in the Korean language, this is where the Samsung connection comes into the picture, as it is a Korean Company it aims to make the user experience more flexible for its people, so it incorporated such software into its system.

This inbuilt application has different fonts for the Korean languages, which most Koreans would appreciate, but is of no use for the people of other native languages. Though we expect Samsung to prioritize its native language, even while the growing popularity of the Korean language due to the KPOP and all, if someone is not interested in Korean this app would be a waste of space and RAM to you, and you might want to disable or uninstall this bloatware.

ChocoEUkor What is this software and what does it do
ChocoEUkor What is this software and what does it do

What is bloatware and why is it installed into the devices?

Bloatware is the pre-installed application on your new devices. Whenever you buy a new electronic device, some part of its memory is already occupied by some pre-installed app with a considerable amount of memory, and RAM is already taken. As we have spoken earlier, many of these bloatware apps are of no use to most users, and people want to remove such apps and packages to improve their phone’s performance. Deleting the preinstalled applications is not an easy thing and many users do not even know how to delete these apps.

Why is bloatware installed on your device?

Some bloatware is installed to improve the features in the phones and enhance their usage to give maximum outputs, some act as background support, and some applications which might seem as not useful to many many prove to be of utmost importance to others. Some companies even want to personalize the features on the phone, so they install the bloatware. You would find most of this bloatware on Android since 95% of the people who use smartphones are android users. These apps are predominantly found in mobile phones developed by Samsung and are adopted by noted companies like MI, including the latest Note series of Samsung.

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Anyhow, many of the apps like chocoEUkor, roseEUkor, and many more apps have more disadvantages rather than advantages like consuming a lot of memory space, slowing down the phone speed, and overall performance. These apps do not contain any important files related to the apps, so it is perfectly safe even if you wish to uninstall these apps, and won’t hamper the phone’s performance in the long run. 

Effects of deleting the bloatware apps?

Many people often wonder how deleting the bloatware apps will affect the phone’s performance and all. Some apps are preinstalled to enhance the performance of some of the features of the phone to their full potential, and some apps are particularly focused on one thing. Not only do these apps are internal to the software but sometimes they cause errors in the smartphone, halting your user experience. 

So if you are deleting any app which is responsible for the functioning of any features on the phone, it will have drastic effects on the phone, and on the other hand, they won’t interfere with your operating system again. You should also keep this thing in mind that deleting a package or app means all the files associated with it are also deleted which you might require in the future.

Drawbacks of having bloatware like ChocoEUkor?

Now that you have known that there is no harm in having these bloatware apps and it is a complex process to delete these applications. If you wish to keep it, some disadvantages come with it, they may not affect you suddenly but will impact the phone’s performance in the overall run. Let us now look at how these apps affect the RAM and Memory usage of smartphones.

The preinstalled bloatware apps like chocoEUkor keep running in the background, while you are using your phone. Since any operation running on your phone requires some RAM usage, this action also takes up RAM to run the files in the app package. The performance of a phone directly depends on the RAM performance, such apps make other apps and features running on your phone slow down. This is a cause of concern for many users and affects the overall RAM usage of the phone. To make the RAM performance more optimized, you might consider removing such apps.

Memory is another section of concern when you have bloatware like these installed on your phones. First of all, these apps are inbuilt into the system software, so they already consume some space in the internal memory, and if you are running out of memory these apps can irritate you a lot, so if your storage is low, consider removing the apps.

Delete or Uninstall apps like ChocoEUkor?

As the app is preinstalled into the system software, you cannot directly delete the app and there is no way a normal user can think of deleting this app. The only way to remove the system applications on your phone is to root the phone, and then proceed to uninstall these applications. Rooting sounds like a common word, it is a complex procedure and your warranty will be taken off if you are rooting your phone. I recommend you to take the help of someone who has previously done this process if you are opting for the rooting method. There are even ways, using which you can remove these apps without having to root your phone. Let us look at two methods using which you can remove such useless system apps on your phone.

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Method-1: System App Remover

This software is available on Play Store and is specially made to delete the system apps.

Steps to remove the apps using the System App Remover:

  • Go to the “System App Remover” website.
  • Tap on the “Download” button to get the app software.
  • Install the software and launch the application.
  • Search for the bloatware apps and select them.
  • Click on “Uninstall” to remove the bloatware.

Remember one thing while you are using this software, this thing will automatically root your phone to continue this process.

Method-2: Android Debug Guide

This method is long and completed in two brief steps and the advantage with these is that you can remove the system applications without having to root your phone.

Step-1: Turn on the USB debugging feature on your phone

  • Go to the settings app on your phone.
  • Navigate to the system menu.
  • Navigate to the “About Phone” section to access the phone specs.
  • Navigate to the section to find the device’s build number.
  • Click on it to enable the Developer options. This will add the Developer options to your settings.
  • Now return to the settings menu.
  • Search for the “Developer Settings” in the app dialog and open it to access the developer settings.
  • Turn on the toggle beside the “USB debugging” to activate the USB debugging feature.

Step-2: Removing the Bloatware apps using Android Debug

  • Search for the Android Debug Website on your browser.
  • Click on the “download” button and get the software on your computer or mobile phone.
  • A Zip file with the software of the app will be downloaded on your device, Extract and open the file.
  • Now to install the software, open the file, where the Zip file is located.
  • Right-click on the blank space, while simultaneously holding the Shift button to access the download options.
  • Tap on your device to open the PowerShell window screen.
  • In the PowerShell Window screen, enter and execute the following command- ADB Devices.
  • Connect both the mobile phone and computer using the USB cable.
  • Turn on the USB debugging feature on mobile phones and computers.
  • Again, enter the execute the same command in the PowerShell window screen- ADB Devices.
  • Select and delete the bloatware app from your device.

This process will remove the app package and all the files associated with it, so you may never be able to get them back on your phone again.

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The chocoEUkor is a bloatware app pre-installed into the system application, and its purpose is to help people type in different Korean fonts, it was developed and installed into Samsung to attract the native users of Korea. But over time such bloatware apps are causing errors in the phone, taking up the RAM to constantly run in the background and using up the memory space, so it is better to uninstall such apps and they will have less to no effect on your phone since they are not useful for yours.


What do apps like ChocoEUkor and roseEUkor do?

These are the bloatware apps installed on your phone by the manufacturers to include certain features into the system software to personalize the user experience for their customers. Since 95% of mobile users have Android on their phones, we can see such bloatware apps on many operating systems. These app packages are exclusively designed by the Samsung company to attract native Korean customers. The main purpose of these apps is to let Koreans write in different fonts in the language and it is a personal choice for many of them. The rest of the people who are not native speakers of Korean find these apps to be useless, so they may opt for disabling or uninstalling these applications on their phones.

Does deleting these applications affect the performance of the phone?

The effect of deleting these applications depends on what sort of bloatware you are removing from your phone. For example, ChocoEUkor is bloatware designed to help people write in different fonts in the Korean language, and it has nothing to do with any other files, so deleting such app packages won’t affect the phone’s performance. On the other hand, we have bloatware like which help in the background for apps to achieve their full potential, and such bloatware contains many files which are interrelated and works based on the app code to provide the best user experience. So if you are deleting such apps they might have a drastic impact on the apps and features associated with them. The effects solely depend on what bloatware you want to delete.

How do you resolve bloatware errors on Android phones?

There are many fixes available on the internet that will help you resolve the bloatware errors, generally, many bloatware shows abnormal behavior sometimes and are due to some minor glitches in the system software. We can try normal fixes to solace them. But if any of the bloatware is repeatedly causing errors on your phone, you should consider either deleting them or disabling the software if possible to rectify serious problems. Though these app names sound like spyware, they are not harmful and do not need any care, but sometimes they will hamper the phone’s performance either by consuming the memory space or by taking up the RAM if you feel like they are not necessary and want to improve your phone’s performance, know about the after-effects of deleting them and remove them from your device.

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