CIDManager, a core Android program that manages your smartphone’s transporter number, is an example of a basic Android program. This application may be installed on your device occasionally. You might wonder “What’s this program for?”

CID Manager is another framework program that recently began to send a new service provider notification on Samsung phones. CID Manager alerts you that the phone must be reset in accordance with the service provider. Resetting the phone is recommended to erase any settings or options that were set by the previous provider.

Although many clients prefer to ignore the advice and have their settings reset, the CID Manager will continue issuing New Service Provider Notices until they are followed. We may be able to silence the warning by using a workaround. This article will discuss CIDManager and the specific reasons for it.

What is CIDManager

What is CIDManager exactly?

CIDManager, a Samsung foundation program, is not required for the standard ROM. However, it is communicated to certain customers with specific models and situations via updates. This software assists the client in transferring the correct software to their country via OTA. It checks the network of transporters on the phone, then helps in the design of the correct firmware.

It also monitors and reports on the phone the specialist organization, including margin time and adjustments. Additionally, it informs the customer that it is using alternate options to assist with legal work of applications and administrations with this specialist organization. CID Manager, for example, instructs the user how to reset the device and re-design it if the specialist service provider has been changed.

CIDManager Notifications: How can you fix them?

CIDManager highlighted the notification it sends to clients when a new service provider is identified by phone. It may continue to issue warnings in certain cases, if authorized instructions are closely followed and the specialist organization is changed.

All things considered, it appears that the warning is significant. Clients should follow the instructions to avoid it permanently. There are several ways to get rid of the notice if you need it reset.

Notification to CIDManager:

CIDManager New Service Provider Alert cannot be ignored as it is a framework program. It is impossible to modify anything in the warning control. Everything is greyed out. To make the announcement less distressing, we can muffle it. The announcement about the new specialist organization will be muffled. This is how you can silence the CID Manager’s warning.

  • To quickly access settings, click and linger on “New Service Provider”.
  • You can change the option to “Alert” from ” Silent”.
  • Simply click on Done.
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This will stop the CID Manager message from being sent, so you won’t be annoyed by it a few times per day.

Remove the CIDManager App Cache

CID Manager develops its data, just like other applications. The store it uses may be the reason CID Manager is giving you a bothersome notice about the specialized provider alteration. Now is the best time to clear its store data after changing service providers. This has been proven to work for others so it’s worth trying.

  • Click on the Settings button.
  • Navigate to the Apps Tab. Search the tool to find CID Manager.
  • Click on it when you locate it.
  • To stop its cycles, first press the Force Stop button.
  • Then select Clear Cache.
  • From that point, restart the device.

If none of the above solutions work for you, there are still options that may be available to address your new specialized organization warning problem. These are complex arrangements so be cautious.

CIDManager app should be disabled:

CIDManager, a core framework app that can be disabled, may cause additional internal problems on your Android. It is also not a good idea to disable it. If the problem is too severe, you may be able to incapacitate it safely.

Package Disabler Cloud allows you to disable Samsung framework programs. This is how Package Disabler Cloud can deactivate CID Manager.

  • Accept that you have proactively installed Package Cloud Disabler
  • Give it the authorizations that it asks.
  • Locate CID Manager within the list of bundles.
  • Click on it
  • Next, press the Disable button.
  • To confirm, click OK.
  • Done.

To confirm that everything is working properly, you should restart your device. CID incompetent A manager must respond immediately to a notification from a new service provider.

Uninstall CIDManager App Securely:

System application remover is another method to safely uninstall the CIDManager software. It’s well-known for uninstalling framework applications. This application can also be used for nothing, but it requires root access. This is the best way to uninstall CID Manager.

  • Install the System Application Remover.
  • Use the app launcher to launch the application.
  • Root access is granted when asked.
  • Look for the CID Manager package ( manager).
  • Once you have found it, click it.
  • Choose the Uninstall option. To confirm, click Yes.
  • Done.

This will remove the CID Manager from your phone. You can always uninstall the CID Manager program from your phone and restore it from within the Recycle Bin if it goes wrong. System application remover’s most important feature is its ability to uninstall framework programs in a single click.

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Remove CIDManager App Updates:

CIDManager’s new warning about specialty organizations is only available after an update to the latest version. This warning was only available on certain devices after programming was updated. There’s a good chance that we will want to fix the notice from the specialized organization by uninstalling CID Manager update. This is how to remove CID Manager app refreshes.

  • Select “Settings” from the app launcher.
  • Choose Applications from the settings menu.
  • Use the search tool to find CID Manager.
  • Once you have found it, click it.
  • Click the three dots in the upper-right corner.
  • Clicking Uninstall refreshes that page.
  • To confirm, click OK

This will allow the CID Manager be replaced and all data can easily be erased or deleted. If the CID Manager has triggered a bug in the latest version, this setup will handle the notification from CID Manager.

What Permissions Does CIDManager Work?

CIDManager is much simpler than other programs that need multiple permissions in order to function. To function, it only needs the Phone permission. Access to the phone by the Cid manager.

Is this causing any issues on the device?

CIDManager is a vital software program that is essential for firmware and device upgrades. It is not necessary for every device, but it has many drawbacks. Most common is the message titled “New Service Provider”.

This warning will inform you about new provider settings. We will investigate further. It grants factory reset which, after being completed, keeps the user in the same loop. This could be annoying, especially if you are unable to use the gadget.

What rights must CIDManager require?

CIDManager needs “Phone” authorization. This is too restrictive by the Android architecture to allow us to modify. We verify the authorization for the factory’s version. Additional permissions may be required for an updated version. CIDManager can verify which authorizations your Samsung phone has without the need to involve anyone else. Applications and administrations from the past that are not relevant to the current service provider may still be valid.

  • Navigate to Settings>Apps.
  • Search for CIDManager.
  • Click on the link to get your application data.
  • Select Permissions to view.

What is CIDManager Notification?

CIDManager is well-known as a tool that notifies new specialty organizations. CIDManager will notify you when the specialty co-op has been adjusted. To remove any programs or administrations that were associated with the prior specialist, it recommends you reset your phone.

Does the CIDManager Android app offer security?

We appreciate specialized enhancements that make it easier for us to understand our points. It allows us to continue conversations with our friends and family. Everybody is concerned about the misuse of their personal data.

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Many people are cautious about new applications, and skeptical of certain framework programs, such as CIDManager. Some users have confirmed that the app is spyware and monitors their phone activity. The program can access your phone number and business supplier. It doesn’t block your movements.

Others argue that the program knows that the device doesn’t require it and wastes the device’s resources. The CIDManager eats up RAM and space on Samsung phones. CID Manager programming is crucial to the operation of the phone as it allows it access country-specific firmware upgrades, which would otherwise not be possible.

Furthermore, the Cid boss does not contain viruses. It is protected under Play Protect standards. You can therefore be sure that your device will not lag due to the fact that it is protected by Play Protect standards. It is also secure so it won’t corrupt any information.


CIDManager, a framework program that is built into Samsung Android smartphones, acts as a bridge between transporter providers and CSC codes. By changing the CSC code, manual OTA updates can be performed on Samsung. When running in the background, the application can be identified by a bundle name.

This application is one of your key apps on your Samsung phone. Users may see a constant warning called ” New Transporter Administration” appear on their device. The gadget’s security. CIDManager is a Samsung product and is completely secure for data and security software. It is easy to uninstall or remove CIDManager. This will not impact the normal operation of your Samsung Android smartphone.


Is CIDManager malicious software or a virus?

CIDManager is not a virus, malware, or a Trojan horse. It’s a framework program many Samsung devices have received via OTA upgrades. It helps the customer obtain the required firmware updates by identifying the transporter organization. It monitors network modifications and gives out time.

Is Uninstalling CIDManager App Safe?

CIDManager is a framework application that isn’t required by the stock ROM. The majority of clients received it via an OTA upgrade. Because it is a framework program, it is not recommended to uninstall it from your phone. It may cause problems and make your device unstable. CIDManager-dependent administrations and programs will cease to work in any case. This can also cause inner problems.
You can still use the safe uninstalling process described above. Consider how your Samsung phone responds. Each phone is unique so uninstalling or crippling CIDManager will not cause any additional problems.

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