The title is well known for developers of android applications as it suggests that it is a package name of the Gmail application. But, a normal person or a student should get the idea of what is is a package name of the Gmail service app that is pre-installed on all the android mobile or tablets that you buy. A package name is nothing but almost like a folder that contains the classes and interfaces of java or Kotlin language required for the application to run. In simple words, we can say that an application consists of many classes and interfaces that are organized into a package by developers. Every aspect and actions such as sending emails, managing labels, messages, conversation threads, and Security problems are all the components of packages that reside within it for efficient functionalities of the application. 

Most of us use the Gmail application for sending important messages digitally and connecting via messages. The main purpose of Gmail is to send and receive emails, block spammers, manage address book, block spam emails with its security features, use the google chat option, can make a video call through Google meet, and perform another basic email is one of the systems apps, named as Gmail app which is pre-installed in all your android mobile. Once it is installed by the manufacturer of the phone then this Gmail app will become your primary email service which you can change later. Even though, there are many web-based email providers Gmail is one popular app with its unique features and functionalities.

Gmail is one of the most popular email apps and it is well known for its high percentage of people using it compared to other email services. More than 1.5 billion users are using Gmail on daily basis. This service is provided by google for free and integrates well with other Google services and also provides the best security features and protects your emails from hackers and spammers. Hope you would have got an idea of what is, Gmail Application!

 Features of offers an easy-to-use Free Email service app with unique features used in our daily life .all you need to do is to create a google account and become a registered user. During the sign-up process, you have to create a Gmail Address which can be used to access other google services such as Google docs, Youtube, and many more. Using your name and email address helps you to sign in that syncs all your data and keeps your messages updated. All the messages that we use in the Gmail application get stored in the Google cloud server.


A web-based email service that offers you gigabytes of data storage whereas it is an advancement for existing yahoo And Microsoft outlook email providers as they provide only four or two megabytes for storing the message. If people want to have additional storage they have to pay additional charges for the extra service. Earlier, when people were complaining about the need to delete emails to stay within storage limit Google Gmail came up with the best solution for Gigabyte storage.

Search capability:

Inclusion of searching specific messages had become an added advantage to its capability of unique features. the user can search for any messages using a specific keyword that was sent months ago.

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Security features

com.Google, ensures that the user data is kept confidential and secured using additional security procedures that they follow. Login of suspicious and unauthorized accounts is constantly monitored and your data is always safe in Google. None of this data is being shared with any of the third-party applications. The data is transmitted over a secure connection. It gets some phone access permission which is required for all the system apps to run in the background. The basic information collected from a Gmail user is to create and manage their Google account. some of the details are

 Location of the user

Personal information such as User Name, Phone Number, Email ID

  • Files and docs
  • Contacts
  • App activity
  • App info and performance status
  • Device details

 How to set up gm service on your Android phone?

The setup of the Gmail application involves a few steps to be done and it’s easy for users as there is no need to install the app. By default, your phone will have the application. Follow these steps for easy usage of the Gmail app.

  • Step 1: Open your Gmail app from your phone
  • Step 2: Go to the top left corner and click on the menu, tap on settings
  • Step 3: Click on add account which allows users to add a new email address
  • Step 4: To add the account Click on the other option. You can choose any email service mentioned there as per your choice
  • Step 5: Type your email address and select Next
  • Step 6: You will be asked what type of account is this. select IMAP as it allows you to access your messages from any location and on any number of devices.
  • Step 7: Enter your password and click on Next
  • Step 8: Enter as the incoming server name and click on next
  • Step 9: Enter for the outgoing server name and click on next
  • Step 10: Choose account options and the time limit of how often your app should sync the messages from the server to your device and the notifications that you get. Disable or Enable options as per your choice.
  • Step 11: Setup your account name and it is ready to use.

Gmail New Features

Most of the time we would not explore much into applications which makes us handicapped in using the options effectively. It is a considerable fact that if you put in some little effort you can use those options and you can manage your emails easier. The Gmail settings menu consists of lot more options with the ability to provide a good user experience and also allows you to adjust the density, inbox type, and reading pane, and organize and prioritize email threading options that group emails of the same topic to be together. Let us have a look at some of the features which are constantly getting updated.

Dynamic Email:

Dynamic email allows users to take action or reply to the message in the form of leaving a comment or browsing a catalog without leaving a web browser. you need to enable this option in the email set to receive a dynamic email from a fellow email user.

Quick access controls:

When you right-click on an email there will be a list of options such as Reply, Forward, Label as, Move To, Mark as Read, Find emails from, etc All these options are appearing for you to take some action. some of the main options such as email archive, delete, mark as read and snooze are available when you hover the cursor over an email.

Collapsible Side Panel:

On the bottom right corner of the screen, you will be able to see an arrow that consists of a list of icons when you click on it. the icons are Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Google tasks, and the Plus icon indicates the Google workspace Marketplace to install more add-ons that add more functionality to these icons.

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Email Snooze:

A snooze function is used to remind you to do work later if not you are willing to do it now. so, when you receive an email and you find it a difficult time to reply you can click on the snooze option and set the timing to remind you later to reply to that email.

Display Density:

This feature is used to view the email messages in three layouts you wish named as default, comfortable, and compact. if you want to view and download the attachments directly you should go for default density which is a time saver. the comfortable display provides more space between emails whereas the compact display reduces the space between emails.

Quick Settings:

Some of the features are included in quick settings to enable you to access the settings options easier and faster.

Search Chips:

Search chips are available in the corner of the search box that filters search messages and narrow them down to a specific message such as From, To, has attachment, subject, Has the words, from date, etc. with these keywords you can search and filter the emails and find the mail easily.

Google Meet:

At present, a massive number of audiences are using Google meet for video conferencing and chatting. People who have a google account can conference a video call with 100 people at a time without any time restrictions by clicking on the meet option present at the left side of the Gmail mail page. It is one of the best features of Gmail.

Reasons for Gmail not working on Android?

A working person uses the Gmail app a lot on daily basis. since a lot of working people communicate with Gmail and send, and receive emails regarding their work Gmail has been a part of their lives. Have you been u ever stunned at seeing the message Gmail app is not responding, syncing Gmail, Gmail won’t load or error? Mostly the error is due to the problem that occurs at your end and in very rare case error happen at Google maintaining its service. Let me list out the most common rs here.

  • Gmail apps keep crashing,
  • Gmail stops syncing messages,
  • Gmail not loading error,
  • Can’t send or receive messages or emails,
  • Account not The synced
  • The Gmail app running slow

Wondering how to fix these errors. Try to do the following steps that provide a solution to fix these errors.

How to fix the Gmail error page?

 These are the methods that resolve the errors that appear while you are accessing the Gmail application. 

  1. Clear cache
  2. Restart the device
  3. Factory Reset
  4. Check phone storaglimitit
  5. Check Gmail sync settings
  6. Make sure to use Gmail supported web browser.
  7. Clear the cache of the web browser 
  8. Check extension tension or add ons
  9. Check for the updates in Gmail
  10. Verify internet connection
  11. Remove your account and add an ain
  12. Try another email address
  13. Check network connectivity 
  14. Check if your account has been blocked 
  15. Look for missing messages in all mail, trash, and spam folders that have a loose k in the google workspace status dashboard to find out the status of the service. 

How to manage contacts in gm service?

Once you create your google account all contacts that you added will be saved to your android device. Many are not aware of how to add and delete contacts in the Gmail app. Though you can manage and access all contact details with the dedicated contact app or visit 

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  • Go to the link contacts. Google. Com 
  • On the bottom right side of the page click on the plus symbol 
  • Click on a Create new contact 
  • Enter basic details such as first name, last name, email, phone number, birthday, notes, etc. 
  • Clicking on the show more allows you to add more details such as an address, webchat link, relationship, etc

Limitations of Google messages

The limitation is all about the sending limit of emails per account is 500 emails. You can send only 500 emails and when you try to send more than that google restricts you to send emails. Once your account reaches this limit you cannot get incoming emails too. This limit is imposed to protect your account from spam attacks and excess automated emails dropping into your inbox. If you want to send more than 500 emails in a day then you can opt for GSuite accounts which allows you to send 86,400 emails per day. The next limitation is the Gmail attachment size limit. The limit to send the file size of the attachment is 25 MB. If you exceed the limit you will be given the Google Drive link to send attachment Files.

How to set Gmail as your default mail service on iPhone

Gmail is your default mail service on all your android devices, your iPhone you will have the default mail app. Many of you will have multiple addresses but most of us prefer to use Gmail as our primary email address for most of our communication. These are the steps a to add Gmail account as your default email app on your iPhone or iPad. 

  • Go to the settings of your iPhone or iPad 
  • Scroll down and click on the Gmail app 
  • It asks for permission to allow Gmail to access. Click on the default mail app 
  • Tick on Gmail and enable it as your default mail app 


You would have decided that using Gmail only uplifts your communication related to business or work and it is a standalone app for sending emails. It filters most of the spam, phishing, and malicious hackers sending messages to your account that are filtered and removed from your inbox and kept in your spam folder. It makes it convenient as you have the control to do anything you like on your Gmail account. Hope you would have enjoyed reading about


Are Gmail emails encrypted?

Gmail uses TSL encryption for your messages but if the recipient’s email service provider doesn’t setup then your messages will be Gmail is the safest email provider to a certain extent.

Can Gmail be hacked?

Yes, it can be hacked but once you have any doubt that your account has been hacked you can easily secure it using the following steps to stop the suspicious activity.
1. if you doubt someone else is using or account change the password immediately.
2. Have a look at which devices are using your account and remove unfamiliar devices that are signed in to your account.
3. tighten your security by opting for two set verification methods
4. if you cant sign in to your account use the account recovery page option.

Are multiple Gmail accounts allowed?

Yes, it’s possible to have multiple Gmail accounts on a single google account .it is possible to switch between accounts without the need of signing out from any accounts. all working professionals are having multiple accounts for work and personal as it makes it easy to manage their emails efficiently.

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