com pivotmobile android metrics

If you are an android user and have played games, you may have come across one popular game. And which is Swimmy Turtle, which has been published by Pivot Mobile. Now, you might be wondering what is this Pivot Mobile and what this has to do with anything. Especially your topic of inclusion that is, com pivotmobile android metrics. Well then, hold on as we will discuss that topic specifically. But these are the part and parcels of our topic today.

And if you want to understand what is this, then you must know all these terms. Now, let’s come back to our game. If you have downloaded any game from Pivot Mobile developers then you must have noticed one thing. You must have seen there is some extra carriage in your recent apps which you haven’t even used once. And which is com pivotmobile android metrics.

com pivotmobile android metrics

What is com pivotmobile android metrics?

Now, Pivot Mobile is basically a game developer organization publishing games relating to app. Now let’s come to your question on pivotmobile android metrics. Basically, is a package sideloaded as a third-party agent app on your device. This package gets downloaded on your phone if you have downloaded any game developed by Pivot Mobile. This package generally controls the GUI and styles of your device. And this includes the dark theme too.  

The function of this package on your device is to track your activity on the internet. Also, it is a little bit similar to This includes web browsers, shopping apps, or any other purchasing apps e.g. Amazon, eBay, etc. And serves these collected data to the required ads correctly. 

com pivotmobile android metrics permissions: gets downloaded while any other Pivot Mobile app is downloading. Thus it doesn’t matter if it is allowed any permissions or not. Thus, there is not any specific permission for running com pivotmobile android metrics. Unlike other third-party apps, this app doesn’t require any permissions viz.:

  • Contacts
  • Camera
  • Storage
  • Audio
  • Calls
  • Location, etc.

Is malware or spyware?

Well, speaking separately com pivotmobile android metrics is spyware indeed. Its program does resemble that of a virus. And it can spy on your personal activities if required. Also, it may share your data with a third party. Also, in most cases, the package uses this collected data for malicious purposes eventually. Maybe for collecting your data for future uses or data mining. Or, even in the worst circumstances, these apps mine your data to share it across the dark web or third parties. 

Well, speaking of being malware. The package is not malware and is legit. It does not incorporate any malicious stuff into your device to cause any harm. This is only used to track your data in-app ads or other app ads. Thus, this app does not cast any harm on your device in any shape or form. 

Is com pivotmobile android metrics safe?

Indeed, this package is safe to use as suggested by us. As this is only used as a tracking app by the game developer. And it does not serve a harm intent to the user basically. It does not contain spyware codes or shares any of the data with others as far as we conclude. 

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However, if the user has doubts regarding the safety of his/her PC or software OS, then they can use anti-virus programs. Or, even run a scan with anti-malware programs.

How com pivotmobile android metrics can be a virus?

As we know, pivotmobile android metrics may not be a virus or malware. But, a virus can be incorporated into your device and pose as To know whether these side-load apps are viruses or not, look out for these significances:

  • The device becomes laggy or hangs frequently ever since the package or app got downloaded on your device.
  • The battery of your device drains faster than usual.
  • A lot of ads are shown on your phone ever since then.
  • Other apps do not respond or load very tediously.
  • There are many files and mod apks on your device that you haven’t downloaded.
  • Data usage gets very high. 

How to disable metric?

The app can surely be disabled. There is nothing like the apps on your phone depends on this package. Thus, you can disable this app without hesitation. To disable the app, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Open your phone and go to ‘Settings’.
  • Step 2: Navigate to Application Manager.
  • Step 3: Then select ‘All Apps.’
  • Step 4: Search for the com.pivotmobile android metrics program.
  • Step 5: Long press the option of that app.
  • Step 6: Then an on-screen prompt will appear.
  • Step 7: Now click on Disable to confirm this.

To see the effect clearly, you can restart the phone.

How to uninstall

Yes, the package com pivotmobile android metrics can be uninstalled easily. It can be uninstalled like any other app on your phone. This process may differ slightly from the conventional one. It’s not like you could just go to the app tray. Navigate the app, long press it, and then uninstall it. However, this process differs for this as it is not visible in the app tray. So, you can go to Settings and navigate to the App Manager. Now, search for the package After the app is located, tap on it and you will get a pop-up menu with a lot of options. Those options include clear cache, clear data, and force stop or delete. You can now uninstall or delete the app according to your device. Uninstalling the app will cause a bit of a glitch in your device which is normal. 

You can also try various methods to uninstall pivotmobile android metrics from your device. They are listed below:

Use ADB software:

ADB is a third party software used to bring up a Unix shell. Such that, we can issue commands and operate our Android directly. You need a PC to use ADB optimally. After you have downloaded ADB on your PC, you can follow the steps below to uninstall the package:

  • Step 1: Open your phone and go to ‘Settings’.
  • Step 2: Then navigate to ‘System’ and click on it.
  • Step 3: Click on About phone.
  • Step 4: Now, you need to tap 7 times continuously on the Build Number to activate Developer Options.
  • Step 5: Now go back to the Settings panel.
  • Step 6: Tap on ‘Developer Options’ and open it.
  • Step 7: Now you need to enable the option of USB debugging by tapping on the Developer options.
  • Step 8: Now, as you have ADB already downloaded on your PC, transfer the zip file to your PC.
  • Step 9: Extract the zip file on your PC to a new folder.
  • Step 10: Open the new folder and hold the shift button and right-click on the blank space on the provided screen.
  • Step 11: Click the option of “Open Powershell window”.
  • Step 12: Now you need to enter the command i.e. “adb devices”
  • Step 13: Connect your Android device to your PC via USB cable. 
  • Step 14: Now, set the USB mode as File Transfer.
  • Step 15: A notification appears on your phone regarding USB debugging. Tap on OK to allow debugging access.
  • Step 16: Enter the previous command of “adb devices” again.
  • Step 17: The Serial number of your device might now be visible on the Powershell window of the PC.
  • Step 18: Now, type the command “adb shell pm uninstall -user 0” and run it.
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Just wait for a minute and the app will get uninstalled from the device.

Use System App Remover software:

This method is a bit risky as it involves you rooting your Android device. And rooting your device makes the device prone to malware. Thus, you need to be careful while performing this process. However, you can allow the administrator access from your Android Settings and gain root access. Now follow the steps below to complete the Uninstall procedure:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to download and install the System App Remover app on your phone.

Step 2: After the app is downloaded, open it. Then search for and select the app. You can select it by clicking on the checkbox beside the app option.

Step 3: Now select ‘Uninstall’ to remove the app from your device.

Fixing com pivotmobile android metrics not working?

Well, till this point we have discussed what is this package or app. How it works and whether it is safe or not. How to recognize if it is a virus and even if it is one, then how to get rid of it. But, let’s assume you are a user who wants to use the PivotMobile app efficiently and thus need a side-loaded app to track the data usage properly. In that case, it is better if you do not meddle with the app. But in case the app doesn’t work or has stopped working, then you can follow the below-mentioned ways to get yourself out of this situation:

By Force Restarting the app:

If any app or program is not working properly according to you or is experiencing a bit of lag. Then you can try force-restarting the phone. The phone’s system would be cleared of cache and other temporary files causing the issue. To restart your phone, you can easily follow the steps. 

Hold the Volume Down and Power button simultaneously and when you release it, a pop-up appears. The menu asks you for different options like “Power off”, “Restart”/”Reboot” (according to your device), and “Airplane mode”. Click on “Restart” and click on “OK”. Or, you can also scroll down the notification panel and click on the power icon. Now the same pop-up appears, you need to select “Restart”.

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Now, let’s discuss the next step.

By Force Stopping the app:

If the app is not working properly, then you can try clearing its data or cache or temporary files to get it working. To do the same, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Open your phone and go to “Settings” from your menu.
  • Step 2: Navigate to your App Manager.
  • Step 3: Now search for com pivotmobile android metrics in the search panel.
  • Step 4: An on-screen prompt occurs and then click on “Force Stop” from the drop-down.

You are suggested to restart the phone to see the desired results.


So, com pivotmobile android metrics is a sideloaded app or package which gets downloaded alongside other games or apps from Pivot Mobile Community. You might not remember downloading it. Its purpose is to track ads and your data usage. And then serve those collected data to provide you ads and the developer community the device’s feedback. This app is necessary for your pivot mobile games or app to function properly.

You might think of it as a spyware program because of its back-end coded program. It may send some selected data to the company, but it is surely not malware. It does not pose any threat or harm to your device. Rather it is very safe to use on your phone especially if you are a pivot mobile gamer. But keeping the program or not is simply your choice. Thus, you can remove it if you want to.

Disabling the app may be very easy by only navigating through all the apps in Settings. But uninstalling the app might be a bit difficult. But all of it is possible with the help of third-party apps like ADB and System App Remover. Thus, we may conclude the article here. Hope we delivered to the reader all the useful information that they might be seeking.


What is this com pivotmobile android metrics that I see on my phone? is a sideloaded app or package that gets downloaded automatically if you have downloaded any app or gamer from the Pivot Mobile gamer community.

Is it safe to keep com pivotmobile android metrics on my phone?

Ans: Yes, surely it is. com pivotmobile android metrics may seem like a spyware program but it is nothing of that kind. And you can keep it on your device without hesitating and being under the fear of getting data-mined.

Where can I find the app

Ans: You can go to your Settings and then to App Manager. Now search for and you will get the app if it is present on your device.

How can I know if com pivotmobile android metrics is safe?

Ans: The app gets side-downloaded with pivot mobile apps and they are clearly available in Google Play Store. And any unsafe or malware app cannot be present in the App Store without going through the Play Protect Policy.

Can I uninstall com pivotmobile android metrics?

Ans: Yes, it’s totally up to you to keep the app ‘’ or not. You can do it by navigating through the app section in Settings or via third-party apps.

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