com samsung android app telephonyui

If you are a Samsung user, this article is for you. To understand your device from within. Each of us makes and receives plenty of calls day-to-day. The application for accepting and rejecting calls, using a dialler pad, getting a list of received, missed, and Dialled calls. There are a lot of system applications running in the background, even when you are not using your device. Sometimes, due to some technical errors, you can get messages from the system. In such scenarios, you must have heard about com samsung android app telephonyui message and you just can’t figure out what to do.

Well, the is a system package for the dialler application in your Samsung devices. Let us know about it in more depth, also I’ll let you know that would it harm your device? Or would you carry your data to servers? Also, other such questions arise in your mind.

com samsung android app telephonyui

What is com samsung android app telephonyui?

As stated previously, it is the system package User interface best to leave alone. Let me explain each term means the package comes under the Samsung devices, means the system application you can find on your device. In some devices, it also appears with other names like com samsung android app incallui. So don’t get confused in names the function is similar

Although if you are using a device other than Samsung the name might appear different but the functionality would be the same. It is a default, pre-installed application in Samsung phones that is run by android, helping the custom UI to display incoming/ outgoing calls on the screen.

It is a system application and you cannot uninstall or disable it as it allows you to make calls, without this package you cannot do so.

What is TelephonyUI(User Interface)?

UI(User Interface) in simple terms is the middleman between the screen and the actions performed on the device. TelephonyUI means the Phone app on your Samsung devices. The app apart from making calls also offers different features. Features like

  • Displaying Caller name
  • Block anonymous callers
  • Can send messages through the UI
  • Record the ongoing phone calls
  • Can mute, hold calls
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Is this app safe?

More than being safe, this application is important as such without this application you won’t be able to do calls. As this is a system app it is safe as the privacy and safety concerns are under the operating system.

No need to worry regarding sharing your contacts, call records, or malicious activity. Everything is safe.

Facing com samsung android app telephonyui has stopped error?

Being an important application, still some users want to disable it or find an alternate solution over it. Due to their bad experience with the application.

As such many users have a query or complaint of multiple times crashing of the application and a notification appears like: “Unfortunately, has stopped working ”.

How to get rid of com samsung android app telephonyui?

Well, you just cannot get rid of this application unless you don’t want to make calls. Also, the system wouldn’t let you do so. Still, you can disable this application for a short time as it would start functioning automatically.

The application won’t harm your device in any terms. It requires minimum storage and also doesn’t occupy much RAM of your device. So it is better if you don’t make any changes to the system applications.

How to Fix com samsung android app telephonyui error?

There are some easy methods to fix these issues without uninstalling or disabling the application:

Restart Your Galaxy Device

If you just started facing the issue and looking for what to do immediately you can simply restart your device. A restart can simply resolve small errors and would take a few minutes to do so.

You can restart your Samsung device by simply following the steps below:

  • Long press the power button until the power off options are displayed
  • Click on the “Restart” Option
  • Press on the restart icon and your device will start restarting
  • Wait until your device is ready to use
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Check for Application Updates

There might be a possibility of the phone app getting outdated and so the error appears. You can update the application from the app settings

To do so; Follow the steps given

  • Click on the Phone icon
  • At the top right click on the three-dot icon
  • Select settings option
  • Scroll down and search for about phone
  • If there is any update you can click on the update option.

Update your android system

Keeping your android system updated, is one best option to avoid such errors. Most of us do not update our phones thinking that would cause battery drain issues or heating issues. But it is not true all the time. Also, look for monthly security patches as they are very important. These patches keep an eye on the device’s security and resolve such errors.

Factory Reset

This can be considered the last option for all the problems with your device. If you have tried all the above methods and are still facing the issues and able to make calls. Factory reset your device simply.

Always remember factory reset apart from solving your issue can delete all the present files and data from your device. So it is better to backup your data before you factory reset. To do so you can follow the steps mentioned below

  • Click on the Settings app
  • Search for google
  • Tap on backup
  • Click on backup and wait until the process is complete

Also, You can use google drive to backup

  • Open the Google Drive application 
  • Click on the plus icon in the bottom right and click on upload 
  • Select all the files and folder you want to upload 
  • Once done wait until the process is completed

You can also access the backup data from your computer and other phones and can restore back once the factory reset is completed

Note: Google offers 15 GB of free storage space if you want more backup you can move it to the hard drives of your computer or can upgrade Google storage to 100 GB

now, how to factory reset Android phones

Once you have successfully backed up all your data you can factory reset to solve the error and function the device properly.

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In a Samsung device, you can factory reset by following these simple steps

  • Open Settings app
  • Click on the general management option
  • Tap on the Reset option
  • Choose Factory reset
  • Press confirm and enter your password
  • Your device will start the process and might take a few minutes

Once done wait till the greet-up message as you received when you started your device for the first time.

Log in again with your google account and restore all the essential files and documents on your device

Contact Samsung Customer Service

If factory reset was also not able to solve your problem, kindly contact your customer care. This is the last option left in front. Give me a call, and get your query solved. If you are not satisfied with the solution try to visit the nearest Samsung Service Centre. They would surely come up with a good solution.

These were some of the methods you can use to fix the com Samsung android app telephonyui error. I hope one of the methods would surely help you to fix this error and you can simply get rid of it.

Difference Between Com Samsung Android InCallUI and TelephonyUI?

Android InCallUITelephonyUI
Android application is liable for the in-call user interface that emerges on the screen while on a phone callTelephonyUI handles everything that reaches after your phone calls but before even picking up or denying the call on the Android OS.
InCallUI can place a call on the speaker of your phone, mute it, terminate it, enter in the dialer app, and do many more specialties.This works as an interface between InCallUI and phone hardware responsible for making call


I hope this article helps you know what is com Samsung android app telephonyui, which app it belongs to what is the importance of this system package if it doesn’t work properly you won’t be able to accept or reject calls send a quick text message, put calls on hold or mute the calls. Also, the application helps us know the caller’s name. Also, we get to know that it is a system application and cannot be uninstalled or disabled and it is safe to use.

Though due to some technical issues there might be some errors and you must be facing the “Unfortunately, com samsung android app telephonyui has stopped” message keeps popping. You can use one of the above methods to resolve the error and can run the app smoothly.

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