Com.Samsung.Android.Dialer – What is it and How Does It Work?

If you owned a Samsung phone, the application is almost probably one of the most often used. If you need to make a phone decision, manage contacts, access call settings, redirect calls, reject or answer incoming calls, the Samsung android dialer comes in handy.

In any event, some people believe the application is a malicious tool like the map that listens in on your activities and works with providing personal data to third parties, while others see it as bloatware that wastes the phone’s resources. As a result, you could check the dialer’s legitimacy and consider deleting it. This article is all about the com samsung android dialer and whether you should use it or not and whether it is safe to use.


What is the Com Samsung Android Dialer App’s purpose?

So, to first start from it we should have all the essential knowledge of it. It’s essentially the pre-installed Samsung Dialer program, which allows a user to make judgments by dialing numbers or browsing contacts.

You can use the dialer application to make and receive calls, browse contacts, choose Bluetooth settings, access, and view Call Settings, which allows you to change Call Forwarding or Call Forwarding Hold or record incoming calls, reject or acknowledge incoming calls, and conduct a call gathering, wait for options, swap calls, blend calls, and perform a call gathering, hold or record incoming calls.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most basic applications of the telephone, and without it, you cannot make a call. The app works hand-in-hand with the app to display options such as hold, speaker, call, and so on.

Is the APK safe or spyware?

Even though innovation has developed and made things easier to understand and more data accessible, the rate at which people’s personal information is shared is alarming. Individuals are currently concerned that even pre-introduced framework apps are dangerous and can result in the illicit sharing of their data, putting them at risk.

Recently, some have claimed that the Samsung dialer application is spyware. Fortunately, Samsung assures its customers that the app is secure and does not monitor their personal information. It does not send this info to outsiders, even though it approaches reaches.

The dialer and incallUI apk bundles are protected by Samsung and PlayProtect methods. Inferring that you don’t have anything to be concerned about when using the app to make judgments.

Is the App necessary for the phone, or is it just bloatware?

Another argument stated against the Samsung dialer program is that it is bloatware, implying that it serves no purpose in the phone even though it consumes resources such as memory. However, reality may surprise you because the dialer program is necessary for you to make judgments, and you may never be able to do so without it unless you find a custom dialer application like Contacts+.

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The application consumes memory and storage space that could otherwise be used by another app on your phone. In fact, except for what is required, the Samsung dialer application takes up no more space or memory. Some have claimed that the application is infected and taints the framework; however, this isn’t true because Samsung’s security measures protect the application and it assures that no such things can happen to a person, like sharing their personal information or utilizing the memory space or requiring extra cellular data except for the one which is being used.

Facing Difficulties while using

Any pre-installed framework program, for example, KLMS expert and BBC specialist, has its issues, regardless of how great the administration it offers the client. Similarly, you’ll run into a few issues when using the Samsung dialer app, including excess space and memory usage, albeit this is a minor issue given that the rest of the apps take up similar amounts of space.

Nonetheless, if you add a few dialer applications other than the default one, you may reconsider the phone’s use, and the device may begin dialing back and eventually shut down. The other concern is battery usage, which may necessitate frequent phone charging due to the application’s power consumption.

Does app hangs too much?

The com Samsung android dialer program bundle can stop working while you’re trying to make a decision or look through your contacts, and you’ll get a ‘ has ceased’ error message. This is common in Samsung devices and is caused by several factors, including Debased or overburdened store records; occurs when reserve documents have not been cleared in a long time, resulting in their overburdening or defilement.

  • The application has become obsolete; if you have used the Samsung dialer application for a long period and it becomes obsolete, you may receive an error message.
  • Inner application difficulties can occur if you install an external dialer application or if the Samsung dialer program has internal issues.

Is it possible to uninstall the app?

Even though the dialer application is essential for the phone, you can uninstall it. The blunder notice may keep appearing, which you find irritating.

In any event, uninstalling the application isn’t recommended because you won’t be able to reinstall it or make decisions. You can use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) course or the System Application Remover device to uninstall the software.

  • To uninstall the application, use the System App Remover.
  • Root access is required for this option, which you must get. If you don’t know from where to start, to first start by installing the System App Remover.
  • Send it out and give it a thorough examination.
  • Look for the program bundle com Samsung android dialer.
  • When you’ve found it. By selecting ‘uninstall,’ the dialer application will be permanently removed from the device.
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Using USB Debugging to uninstall the application

For the ADB course, you’ll need a Windows PC to download the ADB and perform the order. This can be done by going to the main menu and selecting ‘Settings.’ ‘Framework’ and ‘About telephone’ follow. When the ‘Form Number’ option appears, tap it many times until the ‘Engineer Options’ appear.

Return to the main menu and click Settings once more, this time choosing the Developer Option. Then, after removing its compressed envelope, access the unique documents. Double-tap on a clear space while holding down the SHIFT key.

After that, click ‘open PowerShell window here’ and type ‘ADB administrations’ in the command prompt. For connecting the phone to the personal computer use the USB cord. On the phone, type ADB shell pm uninstall –, and the dialer program and associated data will be permanently removed from the phone. The interaction is now complete, and you may download Google Phone or Contacts Plus, a dialer app, from the Play Store.

Quick fixes any problem regarding

Restart the Device:

Restarting your Android phone is one of the quickest cures for small troubles.

  • Turn on your device’s screen.
  • Hold the power button for a while and then the Dialogue box will appear which will read that do you want to continue.
  • Click Yes for further process.
  • Choose “Restart.”

This is considered to be the easiest method of all the remaining other methods. This method does not guarantee you that it will surely fix up your issue but in most of the cases just by rebooting or restarting your device most of the android related problems disappears.

Force The App to Close:

Android will also shut down in case any third party is causing any problems in your device, which will automatically correct the error. Force stop is not a particularly long-lasting solution; you may see a similar problem if the application is restarted. These are the focal points for resolving the problem;

  1. Go to the Android Settings app.
  2. Select Apps or Apps Manager from the menu bar.
  3. From the eclipsis menu, choose “Show situation apps” (three specks in the upper right corner).
  4. From the rundown, locate and touch the bundle.
  5. Finally, press the Force Stop button.

Apps should be updated:

On Android, outdated apps may cause the device to display the “Tragically,” error. To correct the issue, make sure you’re running the most recent version of all installed apps on your device. As a result, you should upgrade your apps to the most recent version by going to Google Play Store and selecting Update.

  1. Search for it in the Google Play Store.
  2. Go to the upper menu’s refreshes section.
  3. From the drop-down option, choose Update All.
  4. Restart the device.

Install a Third-Party Dialer App: is primarily connected with Android’s default or stock dialer apps. If the error occurs every time you attempt to access the dialer or stock informing programs, try using a different dialer application as the default.

There are a few additional dialer apps available on the Play Store. You can look for them anywhere and can find one app for you that you think suits you the best according to their terms and conditions.

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Factory defaults should be restored:

Some issues are more difficult to handle than others, and how to some issues regarding the sometimes needs a more forceful approach. Consider switching to “factory resetting” mode on your phone (Reset your telephone to production line settings)

If the preceding procedures have failed to resolve the Android says no assistance problem, the user may choose to factory reset their device. Consider doing a thorough inspection of your Android isn’t responding or your SIM card isn’t being recognized. Please remember that this is a last-ditch attempt if all other options have failed.

Note: Because this interaction will erase all of your Android’s programs and data, you must back up your device.

Follow the steps outlined below to reset the device.

  • Using the Recovery mode is a good way to go.
  • Turn off your Android phone or tablet.
  • Use the volume (+, -) buttons to open the Recovery Mode menu.
  • Feature Look at the menu with the Volume buttons to wipe information/reset.
  • To select, press the Power button.
  • To confirm the reset, use the feature and select Yes.
  • You’ll be directed to a similar recovery mode menu after the reset is complete. Press the Power button to pick the Reboot framework.

In terms of physical settings,

  • First and foremost, go to settings, scroll down, and select the option for records and sync. Your Google account will be visible; click it, then the more symbol to remove your Google account.
  • Go to settings, then to the phone, then to the reinforcement and reset symbol, on the other hand.
  • From that moment onward, the symbol name will delete all data (factory information reset) Simply click it and type whatever secret phrase you like (assuming you have one). Following that, your Android phone will be reset to factory default settings.


The default Samsung dialer application bundle is the application bundle, which allows you to make phone calls, look for contacts, and conduct other dialer functions. Nonetheless, some people believe it is harmful and keep a close eye on personal information. Also, some people think that it acquires more of the device’s storage and memory than the actual needs but it is not true. Also, some think that it uses more cellular data, So sometimes it may use it but not every time and this may be because of some issues in the app which can be corrected by the different ways given in this article Samsung assures the application’s security to its customers.

A blunder notice may appear from time to time due to a variety of circumstances, and the article has discussed how to correct the error. Use the ADB course or the framework application remover approach if you need to uninstall the application.

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