The name of “” may sound confusing but we are here to save the day. We will see the name step by step, and the first word “com” suggests that the app is an internal app. Internal/system apps are the ones that are developed by Android or brand (Samsung).

The second and third words “android.setting” suggest that the app is a setting app that controls some type of critical function. And finally, the last two words “” suggest that the app is used to manage camera functions on your device. These functions include enabling and executing setting commands on your smartphone.

NOTE: System apps are responsible for critical functions such as camera configurations, notification handling, volume control, and more.

Now, we are going to dive into more detail about the app. So if you don’t want to get into deeper details, we would suggest you skip to the next section.

The help with different critical functions such as contacting frameworks that allow developers to access data in their application. Developers use this framework to get data, for example getting contacts in your phone app. There are different frameworks and developers can get access to different types of data. All this data is accessible to system apps such as cameras, phones, contact, gallery app, and more.

Now, provide an API (Application programming interface) for accessing all the raw data (example., contacts).

The developers who make the system apps use these package names to get all the important data they need. And thus, these apps run in the background and you will see them in the apps section as well. These classes (programming terms) are essential to creating system apps and thus the “”.

Now you know the answer to what is “”, and now you can show off your knowledge in front of your Android using friends.

Why is it named:

Now when apps are developed, they are given a unique name so they can be identified later. This is the same as people having different names, which makes it easy to identify.

This unique name is called “package name”, and we have already seen what each word means in the app name. You should be relaxed since this is a system app and not any type of virus or malware. In the later sections, we are going to see what it is used for and whether can you delete it!

We will be seeing little more in-depth details about the name of the app. So if you are not interested then feel free to skip to the next section.

The word “sec” here stands for “Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd” and it tells us that the app is developed by Samsung. The app is separate from the Android system and you can disable it without any issue.

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However, if you disable it, then you will not be able to use the camera on your phone. Since the app allows us to capture images and videos, along with screenshots, and more.

If any other app needs to use the camera like Whstapp, then it will have to ask for permission from the app. It also manages the metadata of the image or video which you captured. Along with it, these apps also prevent unauthorized access to the device which as hackers trying to use your camera.


If you took a peak in settings or apps currently occupying ram, then you might have come across “”. This app run whenever you use the camera or the camera is required by any other app like Whatsapp.

The app is used to capture images, and videos and store them in the gallery. Also, this gives your camera smart features which make your life a lot easier. So, it’s safe to conclude that the app is completely safe and required by your phone to work normally. It does not occupy much space at all on the RAM or the internal storage.

What is SEC Phone on My Android?

We already discussed that “sec” stands for “Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd” and it manages the camera settings on your Samsung device. You can not disable the Secphone mobile since it prevents eavesdropping on your smartphone. This is a tool that developers use to prevent industrial espionage.

So you don’t have to worry about it not being safe or being used to eavesdrop on its users. If you want to learn more about it then keep reading or else skip to the next section.

Sec phone helps you protect against snooping, eavesdropping, cloning, tapping, and more. We would not recommend disabling it, but you can disable it if you wanted to. But it will require programming and disabling it will disable calling. This is why it’s critical and you should not temper it in any way. APK? app is used to control your camera as we have seen in the previous section. It runs whenever you use the camera and stays in the background. It comes pre-installed on all Android devices but you can download and update it separately if you want. Sometimes there can be bugs or corruption and this can help a lot. Download the apk from here (Samsung devices).

If you have any questions, then we are going to answer them in the next section so stick around.

How to Tell If an App is Using Your Camera on Android

This can be very easy or hard, depending upon your Android OS version. If you are using Android 10 and later, then you will be able to see a notification if your camera is in use by any app. The name of the app will be visible such as “Whatsapp is using your camera”.

But if you are using an older version of Android, then you will have to check which apps have permission to use the camera in Settings. From there you can disable or enable the camera permission. Permission settings allow you to change what permission an app has and can use.

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Follow these steps to open the permission settings of any app:

  1. Wake up your device and head to “Settings”.
  2. Now look for “Apps & notifications” and tap on it.
Apps and notifications
  1. Now “App permissions” should be visible, tap on it, and a list of all permissions should come.
app permissions
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  1. From here you can remove camera and microphone permission from any app you don’t want it to have.
Permission Manager

How Do I Find Hidden Apps on Android?

This will vary for different Android flavors like Oxygen OS and more. But you should be able to open the secret app drawer which will have all the hidden apps in it. To open it, simply open the app drawer and swipe right.

But if you are not able to find the secret app drawer then you can see the hidden apps in the apps list. All the apps will be visible in the list, no matter if they are hidden or system apps.

Follow these steps to open the app list:

  • Wake up your device and head to “Settings”.
  • Now look for “Apps & notifications” and tap on it.
  • Now “See all apps” should be visible, tap on it, and a list of all apps should open.
  • Tap on the three vertical dots and select “Show system”.
  • And you are all done, now you can see the apps which are installed on the phone.

How Do I Find Hidden Settings on Android?

Many hidden settings are available on your smartphone. These include the UI turner and developer options. Most people will not realize that these settings even exist on their smartphones. We are going to see how we can access the developer settings.
Follow these steps to access the developer’s hidden settings:

  • Wake up your device and head to “Settings”.
  • Now look for “About phone” and tap on it.
  • You should be able to see “Build number”, click on it 8-10 times until you get the message “You are a developer now” or “No need, you are already a developer”.
  • Now go back and tap on “System” and there you should be able to find the new option “Developer Options”.
  • You are all done now, browse through the settings to find what suits your needs.

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In the article, we saw what is and why we need it on our android devices. Along with it, we also saw what the name means and why it sounds so confusing. But if you are still confused then check out the FAQ section since we have mentioned the most asked questions.

To summarise, you should not be alarmed or worried if you find this app on your device since it’s a camera app. And many system apps have confusing names. We have covered those apps as well on our page, please check other articles as well.


What does used mean?

We have already discussed it, but to recap. “” means that the app is a system app (pre-installed). And “” means that it is the native camera app that you use to capture and save images/videos.

Why is running?

The app runs whenever you use the camera and it stays in the background so it’s ready to be used as soon as possible. You should not worry since the app is completely safe and does not occupy much RAM or an internal story.

What is a Samsung KMS Agent?

Your Android OS provides a service called SKMS, which is installed as a system app and it’s responsible for critical functions. Samsung KMS or SKMS is an app that manages all the SKMS protocols. Now we know it sounds very confusing but sticks with us. The SKMS app is used to support the NFC (Near field communication) which should be on the back of your device or in settings with this icon.
eSE stands for “Embedded Secure Element” and it’s a tamper-proof chip on all Samsung devices. Now the eSE check that the device is stored safely and your device is tamper-proof. This is why you should keep your OS updated with software updates. But if you want to remove it for some reason, you can do it. If you don’t want to get into more details then skip to the next question.
You can download it from the official Samsung website since it’s used for forwarding commas from the eSE to the client app. You can remove this app if you want with the help of Malwarebytes.

What Is a Silent Logger?

You may have seen this app running and got scared. But you should not worry since the app is a part of your phone and it’s responsible for recording everything happening on your phone. It uses all the collected data so your phone can work normally.
You can see it as your phone trying to understand what’s happening on your device so if anything goes wrong, it will know why. This is a built-in app and you will find it on every Android device. This app does not steal any of your data or spy on you. So you can be relaxed and not alarmed to see the app running.
Now if you want, you can disable the app for short time but it can cause serious problems on your phone. This is why we suggest that you don’t temper with the app if not necessary. But if you want to restore the app, then you can do it with the help of system restore. You can check the first section of the article to find out why we need system apps on our phones. But for summary, system apps are developed by Google or your phone’s manufacturer.

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