ConfigAPK App- Everything that you need to know!

One of the thousands of specialized system applications that make up the Android ecosystem and perform various services is ConfigAPK. Some applications provide services, while others assist you in carrying out activities on your Android device more effectively. The respective phone manufacturers load these applications onto Android devices during production to ensure that the finished products include all of the essential functions, features, and services.

Users are often perplexed when they suddenly discover that ConfigAPK is included in the list of system applications since it is not the most frequently used system software. ConfigAPK, like most other system programs, has been included for a reason. That reason is to assist Android in enhancing its capacity to install applications automatically. In this post, we will not only explain what ConfigAPK is but also provide further information if you consider removing it and whether or not doing so is risk-free. So, let’s begin.

ConfigAPK App- Everything that you need to know!
ConfigAPK App- Everything that you need to know!

What is ConfigAPK App on Android?

ConfigAPK is now operational on various Android smartphones, including those manufactured by Samsung, HTC, Huawei, and Google. The acronym APK refers to mobile devices and stands for Android application package or installs.config. The latter is a file responsible for all the automatic uninstallation and installation procedures pre-configured on the device when purchased. It takes up 20 kilobytes of space.

However, several users have recently voiced concerns that the application suffers from several issues, such as excessively draining the phone’s battery and causing a general slowdown in the phone’s operations. It is recommended that you do not uninstall the configask app from your smartphone if it is functioning correctly with your phone, but if the app is the source of several issues, you may be required to delete it from your device.

Before putting their products on the market for purchase by the general public, most tablet and phone makers preinstall unnecessary software known as bloatware. It implies that users having problems with the program can only remove it, even though the installation might sometimes be problematic owing to the interrelationships between applications.

Importance of ConfigAPK on your Device

On an Android smartphone, ConfigAPK is responsible for performing critical activities. The following are some of the characteristics that give it its high level of significance:

The structure of an Android library is the same as that of an Android app module. The local library incorporates all components necessary for the construction of an application, such as resource files, source code, and an Android manifest file. On the other hand, Android libraries are not compiled into an APK but rather into an Android Archive (AAR) file. Installing system programs during the device’s initial setup is impossible without obtaining access to the local libraries.

Is it possible to uninstall the ConfigApk App?

It depends on the executables that the phone will be subjected to after the config APK app is deleted from the phone as to whether or not it is a good idea to remove the app from the phone.

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Some customers have complained about the rapid depletion of their battery power; however, this issue may not be caused by a configAPK but rather by an inversion caused by malware. Eliminating the virus should be sufficient to fix the problem with the battery if the malware is to blame for it.

It is essential to do a complete system check on your smartphone using anti-malware software such as SpyHunter 5 to identify any viruses that may be hiding out as APKs. You might utilize different scan options to find probable concealing infections not detected by one software.

Keep in mind that even if you detect no viruses after the scan, other potential explanations might be responsible for the rapid draining of your battery and poor performance.

Android’s ConfigAPK Permissions and Their Implications

Because it is a pre-installed system program that serves a particular purpose, Android does not need any permissions. You may determine what permissions are granted or refused by navigating to settings > applications > system apps > ConfigureAPK > Permissions. It is the situation if you wish to verify what permissions are granted or denied for it.

You can also choose which rights you want to grant and which ones you want to revoke. Despite this, it wouldn’t make a difference since it would have already completed its primary function when you were setting up your gadget for the first time.

If configAPK is not malicious, what could be causing your device to act weird?

Malware infection might be the cause of strange behavior shown by a gadget. One of the issues that might arise from malware concealed inside a dubious program is the appearance of advertising on your smartphone, even when the phone is set to a lock screen.

The default security mechanisms of a mobile device are often fooled by malware that is hidden inside games or other types of applications. If you’ve noticed that your phone is sluggish, takes you to unfamiliar websites often, and even hinders the performance of some applications, you may have a problem. You need to check whether your device is running malicious software like OMACP.

The applications on your phone should be ones that you have installed and use regularly; as a result, delete all of the apps that you do not use as well as the ones that you did not install; if it is not feasible to delete the app in question, put it into safe mode.

To enter safe mode, press the power button while simultaneously pushing the volume up and down keys until an animation shows. Safe mode may then be accessed. Maintain pressure on the button until the gadget powers down. After the boot process is complete, the system will enter safe mode. You can now remove or deactivate applications you could not uninstall or disable.

ConfigAPK Causing Battery Drainage Issue?

ConfigAPK is one program with the least power out of all Android system apps. It also does not use significant android resources compared to other apps with similar functions. The whole thing is under around 20 KB in size. Therefore, it is less probable that ConfigAPK is the cause of the battery depletion difficulties you are experiencing on your Android device.

If it is, and you can see it in the power use report as one of the applications that consume the most power, then you could need to look into some simple alternatives. Uninstalling its most recent updates and reverting to the version sent with the device is one of the most secure options we have discovered.

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ConfigAPK Removal ConfigAPK Installation ConfigAPK Upgrades

You will find ConfigAPK if you go to your device’s Settings > Apps > System Apps. Once you have navigated to the ConfigAPK app details area, choose to Uninstall updates from the ellipsis menu after clicking on the ellipsis. Aside from that, you may also attempt to force the program to halt, erase the cache, or anything similar.

How To Disable ConfigAPK App on Android?

The configAPK Android app is risk-free, as was previously said. It is safe to let it operate in the background without worrying about how much your battery will deplete or how secure your data will be. In any case, to deactivate the package, you may do so by following the procedures that are provided below.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu on your Android smartphone, then choose Apps from the menu that appears.
  • You may access the system applications by first selecting the three lines that appear in the top-right corner of the menu.
  • To access the configAPK file, please scroll down the list until you find it and click on it.
  • Tap the toggle to the off position, and then restart your device.

How to resolve the problem with the ConfigAPK battery drain

Some users may assert that this software has a high CPU consumption rate, which causes the device to run more slowly. There is a possibility that some people would declare that this program uses up or drains the battery too quickly. Because this application uses only around 20 KB of storage and isn’t very demanding on either the battery or the device’s processing power, we believe that users should not have any problems of this kind.

But if that’s what you’re saying, then there’s a chance that the app is infected with malware or a virus, and there are a few different solutions to try if you want to remedy the problem. One of the efficient methods to repair and scan your smartphone for any Virus attack is by checking your smartphone for viruses using either a virus scan app that was pre-installed on your smartphone or an app that was downloaded from the app store.

If, after having your phone scanned, you still cannot get rid of this problem and cure it, then we suggest you try emptying all of your app’s cache at least once. You may try another thing to repair the problem: restart or reset your mobile device.

Config APK keeps crashing

After some time has passed, many applications, like configAPK packages, tend to fail due to the installation of a corrupt file and the buildup of cache conflict. If the message configAPK has crashed continues to appear on your device;

  • Navigate Settings
  • App
  • ConfigAPK
  • To fix the issue, go into Storage and pick clean android cache from the menu.

Methods for preventing Android malware from infecting your device

Because phones can connect to the internet, they are susceptible to the same issues that desktops and personal computers face. Even though androids use various operating systems, virus developers have found ways to exploit these mobile computers for harmful purposes.

People in today’s world carry essential information with them all the time, including bank credentials, logins, account passwords, and personal files. Malicious software may readily access and steal this information. Installing anti-virus software is essential for preventing one’s data from falling into the wrong hands and is, for this reason, a need. You should only download software from reliable sites like Google Play Store or Amazon.

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ConfigAPK is one of the critical system-based programs that lets users set up Android on initial boot-up after purchase. It will automatically install the app in the background according to the user’s preferences and assist the user in setting up their new Android phone. After that, it will spend most of its time inactive and will only serve as a conduit for automatically installing applications on the phone.

ConfigAPK is neither a virus nor a spy application; presently, all Android phones come equipped with it. It was first introduced with Android Lollipop, and since then, it has evolved into one of the fundamental system applications. Also, one should not remove it since your Android depends on it for program installation reasons.

So, that’s all. I hope that you now have a better understanding of what ConfigAPK is and whether or not it is safe to remove. If you do not fully understand it after reading this, please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have in the section below.


Q.1 Should I uninstall the configAPK application from my device?

Ans- Because the Configapk program on your Android is not malicious software and is secure, much like the imslogger app, there is no need to delete it from the device. It is a component of the device’s operating system and is in charge of the mobile installer once it is booted up for the first time.
The presence of executables almost certainly indicates the presence of malware, which, as we have covered before, may be eradicated using a combination of different scanning applications or safe mode operations.

Q.2 What permissions are associated with the config APK App?

Ans- For the application to operate as intended, it is not necessary to get a license. You have the opportunity to confirm the consent by clicking here;
The configuration software
System applications

Q.3 Is configAPK a form of spyware or malicious software?

Ans- Since the Android configAPK app is identical to the KLMS agent and is included in the device’s operating system, it is not susceptible to infection by malicious software such as spyware or malware.
Suppose you notice that your mobile device is running more slowly than usual and that the battery drains quicker than expected. In that case, you should check for malware and viruses and repair the hacked android phone to remove any questionable software.

Q.4 Does the configuration of the APK app use up the device’s battery?

Ans- The space the Config APK app takes up in the device’s internal memory is just 20 KB. Unless malware is compromised, it should not use much of the battery’s power. Because it is often set to operate in the background, its impact on the amount of battery it uses is insignificant.
You might fix the issue with the battery by doing a check for malicious software. Stopping the program by forcible means and resetting the device to its factory settings are options.

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