Download Pending – steps to fix this issue

We all use and trust the google play store to download apps on our android phones, I meant it is the only trustworthy and secure platform to download apps on android. Can’t imagine your frustration when you cannot download apps on your phone from the play store, and you can’t go to any other platform to download the app (the frustration you get because you can’t even think of one secure platform other than google play store.) The issue I am talking about is download pending, the issue is so common (many people have complained about it) that we all may have faced it at least one time.

When this problem occurs it does not let you install any app on your phone, you might have blamed your internet connection for this (just like me) but it’s not the case most of the time. While facing the problem google play store states that the download is pending but honestly that pending process goes on forever if you don’t fix it. I am going to show you some solutions which may help you overcome this situation so, make sure to read this article thoroughly.  

Look over the internet connection 

The reason could be this simple. Before downloading anything on your device one should always ensure that he is connected to an internet connection or not. Switching between a mobile data and wife can work if the one you are using is not working or is just too slow. Follow these instructions to know how to switch between data modes:

If you are connected to wifi and want to switch to mobile data. There are two ways to stick to mobile data. First by accessing the control center:

  1. You need to swipe in a particular way to access the control panel. Either you need to swipe up from the mobile screen or you need to swipe down from the upper section of the screen.  The procedure differs for different mobiles. 
  2. Once you have accessed the control panel tap on the wifi button to switch off the wifi
  3. Then tap the data network button to turn on the mobile data. 
Annoyed with downlod pending on you phone Follow our solution
Annoyed with download pending on your phone Follow our solution

The second method by going through settings:

  1. Open the Settings option on your device
  2. Click on the Wifi option and then toggle it off
  3. Then return to the Settings menu and click on the Dual SIMs and Mobile Networks
  4. Toggle on the Data network option by sliding it to the right side and your mobile data will be active.  

Use the same method to switch on the wifi option but instead of switching it off, turn it on. If you don’t have access to a wifi network and only use mobile data on your phone. This method may fix your mobile data’s speed (only if it has not expired already), the method I am talking about is the airplane mode feature on our phone. Turning on and off the airplane mode surely helps in boosting your mobile data’s speed (it’s literally a hack for boosting the net speed) even just for a little amount of time (like some seconds, or minutes.) there are also two ways of to toggle on or off the airplane mode. 

First turn on or off the airplane mode from the control center: 

  1. Open the Control center on your phone. Either swipe from bottom to up or top to bottom (depends on the phone, in my phone it opens by swiping to top from bottom)
  2. Look for the Airplane mode from the list of options. The Airplane mode icon is literally a plan.
  3. Once you find it, click on it and then wait until your phone shows no network on the status bar
  4. After there are no networks available on the phone, turn off the Airplane mode.    

Turn on or off the airplane mode from the phone’s settings

Follow these instructions:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings option 
  2. On the Settings menu look for the Airplane mode
  3. Toggle it on and wait until it shows there are no available networks on your status bar  
  4. Then after that toggle off the Airplane mode and check if you are still facing the pending issue.

Make sure to keep the mobile data turned on when you toggle on or off the Airplane mode. 

Clear the way

Now, to explain this, think of a situation. A situation where you have to travel to a destination but you are stuck in a bad traffic jam. So, unless the traffic after you clears you can’t go to your destination. Now get it? I meant to say that you may have put many apps or games on installation so the app you want to install currently is stuck in the queue and that is why the download is pending. Hence to overcome this situation place your desired app in the front of the queue. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open the google play store app on your android device
  2. Click on the Menu option (it is just left to the search bar or to explain it in simple words left to the Google Play words.) the menu option looks like three horizontal lines placed on each other. 
  3. Then tap on the My apps & games option. 
  4. On the updates section, you will see every app you have put on install. 
  5. Click on the cross “x” option next to each app’s name to stop its installation or you can also tap on the Stop button. Hitting on the Stop button will stop the downloading of every app. 
  6. Then download your desired app and verify if it helped or not.    
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Delete the cache files of the google play store

In order to load an app fast or load a piece of information fast some part of that particular data is stored on your phone. This process decreases the loading time, saves some internet, and also the user does not have to wait for long. But when this cache is completely filled it results in many apps misbehaving, this might be happening to the google play store too. It is recommended to clear cache files on your device from time to time. To remove the cache of the google play store, follow these instructions:

For all those folks who use the android phone which is a little too old (just like me fr), follow these steps:

  1. Open the Setting option on your phone, the icon looks like a gearbox
  2. Scroll down a little then tap on the More Settings option from the settings menu.
  3. Then click on the third option which is Applications. You may need to scroll down a little, depends on the phone tbh.
  4. Then click on the All option
  5. Then from the list, look for the  Google Play Store and tap on it. You may need to scroll down a little, be careful sometimes the list is massive
  6. Then click on the Storage option
  7. You will see the Clear cache button there, with just one click cache will be removed, and then take a look to see if the issue is taken care of or not   

Steps for new android phones:

  1. Go to your phone Settings. (open the settings through the control center instead of going through all apps list.) 
  2. Then click on the App management or Apps & notifications option. (the naming depends on your device)
  3. You may see the google play store app in the recently opened section or you will have to click on the See all number (number of apps on your phone) apps
  4. Look for the google play store in the list, then click on the Google play store
  5. You will see the spaces taken by google play store on your phone on the Storage & cache or Storage usage option. Click on it 
  6. Tap on the Clear cache option to remove the caches of the google play store and the process is complete.  

Switch off/uninstall the VPN application on your phone

We understand that some websites are not accessible to use due to many factors. So, in order to use those sites, we make use of the VPN apps. But here the issue you are facing is of download pending and the VPN app is capable of causing such issues. Let me explain when we use a VPN app, we are fooling our locations and we all know how much google is concerned about security. So, you might have been blocked by google’s AI for not letting you install an app. The AI can be suspicious of your country’s location and it may think that you shouldn’t be according to your device.

Now to overcome this situation you have two choices, either disable the VPN app or uninstall it from your device. Generally, VPN apps are not known to cause this trouble but they sure can influence it. One more thing many VPN apps have an ad block feature which sure can cause this issue so if you have faith in that web or app then turn off this feature (if you can) or the app. If you want to uninstall the VPN app then hold its icon and wait until the “X” sign appears on it and tap that sign or after holding the app you may need to drag it to a certain place (your phone is going to guide you) to uninstall it. 

Clear your device’s storage 

Well, how are you going to install an app on your device if your device does not have the minimum required space for it? It will obviously not let you install an app if this is the case. If this is the case with you then you will get an error message something like “insufficient storage” instead of a notification that your download is stuck. To check if you have enough storage on your side or not, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Settings feature on your device
  • You may see the Storage option on the settings menu, click on it
  • And it will show you the total storage of your phone and the total space remaining
  • and if you do not see the Storage option then scroll down a little and click on the More settings option
  • Then click on the RAM and storage space button
  • And the total space on your phone, total RAM, and the total space left will be in front of you.  

You also should not keep any bloatware apps on your phone because these types of apps can cause unfavorable effects on your phone’s storage. A defective SD card can also be the problem behind the downloading error. Remove the SD card from your phone and then try to download the app if it works then your SD card is malfunctioning. Then either format your SD card (not sure if it will work or not) or go get a new one

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Disconnect your Google account and then connect it again.

Sharing this because some people said that it worked for them. In order to remove our google account from your phone, do the following:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings option
  2. Scroll down until you get to the Account & Sync option, and then tap on it
  3. From the list of accounts on your phone. Click the one you are using for google play services
  4. After accessing that account you will get two options on the bottom that is remove account and sync now. Click on the Remove account option
  5. A pop-up will appear at the bottom of the screen to ensure that you really want to remove the account. Tap on the OK option and the account will be removed. 

Now, to again add the account you can either add it by accessing the phone’s Settings or from the google play store. To add it from the settings, do this:

  1. Open the Settings option of your phone
  2. Scroll down until you see the Account & Sync option, click on the option
  3. Then you will have the Add an account as the last option on the screen, tap on it
  4. Then select the Google option from the list of available options. 
  5. Enter the details of the account (like email or phone number and password) and you will be done.

To add the account from the google play store, open the play store app and if you haven’t signed it from a different account then it will automatically take you to sign into a google account. Or if you signed in from a different account then you will have to add your old account back by- 

  1. Open the google play store
  2. Click on your profile button, there will be a profile image on it (if you put it) or the initial of your ID
  3. Then click on the arrow icon next to your google account  
  4. Then choose the Add another account option
  5. And lastly, fill in the required details (email or phone number and password) and you will be back to your old account.

Now, try installing the app and check if the issue is fixed or not.  

Turn on the download manager 

I bet some of you don’t even have the slightest clue that the play store uses a download manager. It uses a download manager in order to install the app or games on your phone and update all the apps on your phone. If the download manager is disabled then you can not download any app or game from the play store and even worse google also does not inform you that it is off. You need to ensure that it is on or off manually and in order to do that follow my guide. Here: 

  1. First access the Settings of your device
  2. If you got the Apps option in the settings menu then open it from there or scroll down and find the More settings option and tap on it.
  3. If you did not find the Apps option in the setting’s menu > after going through more settings, click on the Applications option and then tap on the All button
  4. Look for the Download Manager app in the list, and tap on it once you find it out
  5. If it is disabled, the ENABLE option will be there and if it is already enabled then the Disable option is available

Enable the Download Manager if it is turned off and then try to install the app.   

Reset your phone’s date and time

Do you all remember setting the date and time on your phone? Because honestly, I don’t remember it at all. Well, the reason behind me not remembering it could be that I never actually did it (if I remember it right then I never did set a date and time on my device) this isn’t the old times when we had to set the date and times on our own. Now, our smartphones do this on their own. It automatically sets the date and time by either using our geo-location or carrier. Chances are almost none (“Almost” not actually none! ) that your phone’s date and time are wrong but let’s just set it to ensure ourselves. 

  1. Open the Settings of your phone
  2. Then click on the More settings and then Date and Time button, you may need to scroll down a little
  3. You will see the Auto option, toggle it on the right side
  4. Also, ensure that the Automattic time zone is correct or not. 

Look some people actually reported that they fixed their issue by setting a date and time so, it was necessary to write this section. Now, that you have ensured your date and time are correct check if it is still pending. 

Update the phone’s OS (operating software) 

The issue might be with your phone’s firmware and updating your phone to the latest build may fix it because each new update comes with solutions to previously faced bugs/errors by users. Also facing an issue or not should always update their phone’s OS if it is available. To check whether a new update for our phone is available or not follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings of your phone
  2. Scroll down you may see the options of System update click on it and it will show you if a new update is available then download and install it. 
  3. If you don’t find the System update option on the settings menu then go to the About phone option(you may have to first click on the More settings option)
  4. Then click on the Updates option
  5. Then hit the Check for updates button. 
  6. Update your phone (if available) then try to download the app from the google play store. .     

Download using other apps

If you have tried everything then there is no other option left besides downloading that app from any other source. I know that this is a less secure way but now you got no option (or you could just forget about that app), you can use the browser to download your wished app too. Our phones already have two browsers installed on them, the first one is your default browser that is of your phone’s brand and the other one known and loved by almost everyone is the google chrome browser.

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You can search the app on these browsers and install it from there or if you want to use any other browser (a faster one) then you can go for Opera Touch, Brave, Firefox Focus, and the DuckDuck Go browser. open the google play store app web on the browser, search for the app, tap on the install button and it should download the app. You can also try other app stores to download and install the app. Some of the app stores I have heard about for android are Amazon Appstore, Humble Bundle, APKMirror, APKPure, Aptoide, and Yalp Store.    

Use another account/create a new account

There might be something wrong with your google account. The chances of it are less (bad luck is also a thing) but what’s wrong with giving it a shot? Use your other existing google account or borrow someone others and if it fixes the issue then there can be some settings or permission issues on your google account. Try to fix settings or permission (if you can) or just create a new account and remove the useless account from your phone (use the new one for your important work.)  

Reset the app preferences

This option is hidden deep inside the settings of your phone. Although this option does not make you lose any of your important data it causes some other thing like, you will have to give every other the permissions (it undo the permissions, will reset all the app’s notification settings, resets the background data restrictions, enables all the disabled app, and lastly resets the default apps. This option is risky and will cause you to do a lot of work after doing it but according to some people, this feature has surely helped them with issues on your phone. Follow these steps if you want to reset app preferences:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings 
  2. Then click on the More settings option. You may need to scroll down a little for it
  3. Then click on the Applications and then tap on the Installed option
  4. On the bottom right side, you get the option of Reset app preferences, tap on it 
  5. Then to confirm your choice tap on the Reset apps option. 

Final words

I really hope this article was a help to you. If it helped you and you like the article you can share it with others. Make sure that the play store is not set on auto-updating apps (it is the most common issue people had) because the app you want to install right now will become part of the queue, I have shown you the way to off auto-updating on the google playstore. If you are desperate and you are still facing the download pending issue and you also do not want to use other resources to download the app then as a last resort you can try factory resetting your phone. Also if you have any other solution for this issue then please let us know about it, it would be a great help to others and it will be appreciated.        

Some frequently asked questions:

Why can’t I update only one app but other apps updated successfully?

 If you were successful in updating another app and only suffering for one app then this may be the case of no storage available on your phone to install the update, try after clearing the space. Or due to updating another app you may have finished your data so, the app is stuck on pending, check your data and then try. Now, if the app which is stuck was on the starting or middle of the update queue (if the internet connection is fine and there is sufficient storage on your phone)  then it’s a serious issue and you should contact the developers to look after it. To contact the developers scroll down on the app screen and click on the Developer contact button and write an email to them regarding the issue.  

How will I find out that an update is available for an app?

Although the google play store sends you a notification regarding all the updates available if you want to check it on your own then go to the google play store, search for the desired app, click on the app from the results list, and if an update is available the update option will be visible and if not then the open option will be visible. 

How can I download large size app from the google play store using mobile data?

Google play store does not let you download large-size apps without using a Wi-Fi connection, to change this you have to go through the settings and change the network preferences. Follow these steps:
-Open the google play store app
-Click on your profile icon (on the top right of the screen)
-Then click on the Settings option
-Then hit on the Network preferences button 
App download preferences will be visible, click on it
-Then choose Over any network and click on done.
-Now, you can download any app using your mobile data.

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