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In June 2014, Apple introduced a new option (named Family Sharing) for the App Store and iTunes. It’s basically a sharing program which allows you to share your information and services with family members. It’s not just Apple. Google has also announced the same feature on July 2nd in 2016, following more than two years in apple. Google called this function Google Family Library. The benefit of this feature in comparison the Apple’s Family sharing is that Google’s version lets you share your content and services on Android phones, iOS devices, and the internet. This is what makes Google’s strategy superior in this regard.

Another benefit is that this service of Google is that it is completely free unlike apple’s family sharing, which costs 15 dollars for a month (for the amount of six family members) Google also refers to the feature Families, Google Family, and family Group. (Man choose the best name, do not confuse us.) In this post I’ll go over everything you need learn about the Google Play family library. So, be sure to read the article carefully and discover this amazing method of sharing data with your loved ones. In the end, sharing is taking care.

Google Family Library
Google Family Library
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What’s it? Google play library for families?

Google Play Family Library is an service that lets you give away multiple things such as the book, app or a TV show or even a movie among your loved ones. The plan lets up to six members of your family in a set (including the you). A fantastic method to connect digital content. I’ve mentioned it as a program, however it’s completely available for free. Many of us have tried or still use the basic Google play Library in which we create our own accounts and buy an app, a book or show on TV, or even a movie we can watch our own satisfaction.

As I mentioned, that this plan is only able to accommodate up to six members . However, there’s a further requirement in this plan. The condition that must be met is that within this six members of the family must have the family manager. The family manager should be 18 years old or the age or more. The job of the Family Manager is to approve or refuse any purchases made by family members less than 17 years old. Another thing to note is that you can switch your group at most once every year. Therefore, you should think about it before adding a few of your family members to your group. (you must choose the five top/favorite members within the group)

If you’re parents and your children are part of your household Be aware this option lets family members download every file to every device on their own. However, you might not wish to share all or all of these content your kids. (like R-rated films and everything else). …) To keep this from happening it is possible to turn off the automatic downloading to all devices feature. You can then enjoy your preferred videos without worrying that your children will be watching something they should not.

The automatic addition feature is great when everyone who is in the group older than 18 years old or has the same interests and it will also aid in keeping in check your children’s activities on the internet and monitor their Google accounts.

What is it that you can do and what you should not share?

A majority of the apps, films books, calendars television shows and games can be shared via the library for the entire family. However, if the item isn’t allowed to be shared, you will not be able to see the icon of the family library on the detail page of that item. (The family icon appears on each item’s details page that is accessible for sharing.) You are also not able to divulge any purchase that you made prior to July 2nd the 2nd of July, 2016. This feature does not apply to music plans.

If you’d like to enjoy the music you love with your family, you can buy Google Play Music Plan. It’s $14.99 per month. It allows you and your family members play thousands of tracks. (Yes! Google Play Music family plan and Google Play Family Library are distinct things.) The feature does not allow you to share apps that are free or in-app purchases. Oh! The word “family” doesn’t necessarily refer to your actual family members, you can add friends and any other person you wish (it is a Google-like family.) You can also offer audiobooks to others, YouTube TV, google play pass, the google one plan as well as the YouTube Music plans.

What are the functions of members of the family library?

The person who set up the family group on Google is known as”the family manager. The manager may take on the role of a parent or assign it to another person in addition. A family can only possess one supervisor. All rights and responsibilities of the group lie in the management by the manager of family. who is able to approve or disapprove of other’s decisions. He is able to add or remove any member from the group, or remove the family group from existence, and remove services for the family (for instance YouTube Premium) plans, and even manage children’s accounts. While other members of the group are referred to as family members. They are simply members of the group.

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While the members are able to take part in any purchases made by their group members but they do not have any influence over the group, just like the manager. The family member must accept the invitation given via the administrator, or else they will have only a limited access to the group.

What is there to observe about another member of the family?

However, no one is able to access the exact data you have on your Google One account.It is similar to an WhatsApp group. If you join an WhatsApp group, members of the group can only be able to see your name, picture of your profile, the content you post, and the number that is always there. The family library group works similar, but in lieu of having a contact number your email address will be visible there.

Do not worry any of your personal data is not shared and is not visible to family members (you will not find the personal data on too.) The basic information is available! Your phone’s files Google services files, your phone’s files (for instance, files stored on Google drive) Contacts, all downloaded content downloaded from chrome or YouTube or any other similar app, your notes and your browsing history using any application.

(Don’t get confused, fine! Parents still have the ability to manage their apps, look up the location and view the time of activity on their children’s accounts.) If your family members have an account with Google One, you and they will be able to see the exactly the shared storage utilized by the group.

Which countries’ the family library feature is offered?

This feature of Google is accessible in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom as well as in the United States. The people from these countries are able to benefit from the feature for families. We hope that it will be soon accessible to more countries. The source for these details is Android Police.

A few essential rules to be aware of the library for families

Here are some of the tips to know prior to making an account:

  1. There is only one group at any one time.
  2. You are able to change families after 12 months.
  3. The rule is that everyone should have a Google account in order to be a member of the family group.
  4. The paid apps you download is allowed to be part of the group. ( If you bought it prior to 2016 also)
  5. You cannot sell any app purchases within the group.
  6. The minimum age for someone to be part of the family group is 13 years old. (it differs between countries, so be sure to find out the minimum required age within your nation.)
  7. The people you want to include should originate from the same nation that you are from. (It is not permitted to add someone from a different country.)
  8. A family group doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s restricted to family members only. Anyone can join the group. If you want to be a part of the group or share only certain items.
  9. You are not able to join a library with family members by using Google accounts at the workplace, an organization or a school. you must have your own Google account.

How do I join the library for the family

Learn how to join this feature step-by-step. The purchase will be for any item and your entire family can use it without spending any amount. You may choose to use one card to cover all purchases or each family member could use their own credit card to purchase the item. (I would suggest that you choose one card as the default for all purchases.) You can use the already existing Google account to sign up for the plan, or create an account on Google and then use it. So, here are the steps for signing to join the Google family group:

  1. Start the Google Play apps store for your smartphone.
  2. Select your Profile (it is located in the top right-hand corner)
  3. Choose the Settings option.
  4. There is a fourth choice, Family in the menu that has been updated Select it.
  5. The sign-up button, tap it, and follow the on-screen instructions on how to set up your library of the family. You then have to choose an option to pay for the entire group. (the account you select will be used to make all transactions made in your group.)
  6. Choose whether you would like to include all purchases within the group or not.
  7. Now invite others to join the group.

You can also make an google family group using other Google services such as the Family Link application, as well as website.

Some games and apps may cannot be downloaded due the fact that certain developers don’t allow them.

Do you include family members in this group?

Are you done with your family’s group? Now, let’s add some of your favourite people to the group. (before making a request to join the group, be sure to go through the few guidelines you need to know about the library section for your family.) however, you could have included members to the group before you started the group. It’s not a problem if you did not include them at the time. (One requires time to reflect in the end.)

The steps to add family members via Play Store app. Play Store app to the group are as the following:

  1. Start the Google Play Store and then go to Settings.
  2. Click on the option for families.
  3. Click to open then the Manage family members option.
  4. Before Google allows you to add users to your group. The group will need to confirm the payment details/methods prior to adding them. This involves input of your CVC code. (which is located on the reverse of your card.)
  5. Click on Invite family members choice.
  6. You’ll see your contact list in the menu. You can either to add them from there or add their email addresses in the Add recipients.
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Note that members will be sent an invitation to join the group. They must accept the invitation to be able to access the group in full. They also have to complete a setup procedure. (This is also a way of sharing their purchased item with their family group.)

Instructions for adding individuals to an existing family group using the internet browser:

  1. Open this link on your browser
  2. Select”Invite Family Member” and then click on “Invite family members” option.
  3. Enter the email address of the person you wish to add, and then select it from the results of your search.
  4. Select “Send” to open the “Send” button.

Another thing to bear in your mind is that the app for family links is not available in your area. I’ve already provided the countries where the app for family links is accessible (follow my list under the which countries the feature of the family library is available? section.) Now, here’s the steps to follow:

  1. Start Family Link on your phone or tablet. Family Link app on your tablet or phone.
  2. Select the menu option located on the left corner on the left. (Just below the word “Family”)
  3. Click on”Family Group” or the “Family groups” option.
  4. Select”Invite Family Members” and then click on the “Invite relatives members” option.
  5. Invite anyone you would like to include and you’re done.

Instructions for adding people to the family via The Google One app:

  1. Start your Google One app. Google One app on your tablet or phone.
  2. Select the “Settings” option.
  3. Click to the “Manage family groups” option.
  4. Click on the “Manage family groups” option.
  5. Select”Invite Family Members” and then click on the “Invite relatives” option and send invitations.

Instructions for adding people to the family via an app called Google Assistant app:

You can tell the Google assistant on your tablet or phone and it will complete the work for you. To open Google Assistant, you must simply say “Hey/hello google and open the assistant settings.” Are you not interested in doing it this way? Want to do it by hand? You can access the settings for the assistant.

  1. Choose the Settings option in the Google assistant menu
  2. Select the “You” option.
  3. Click on the “Your People” option.
  4. Click on the “Add Person” option.
  5. Select the person you would like to add to the list. You can also look them up using the search bar.
  6. Switch on”Family group” option “Family group” option.
  7. You must then confirm the email address of the new member. address.
  8. Select”Use This Email” option “Use this Email” option.
  9. Simply click on”Save” to save your work “Save” option, and you’re done.

How do you be a part of join the Google family group?

Make sure that the manager of your group has sent you an invitation. The invitation is sent to google family members via an email. Make sure that you don’t have the invitation in the “Spam” section. Here is the procedure about how you can accept an invitation Google families:

  1. Start either the Gmail or email Gmail app on the device you are using.
  2. Select the email invitation email and then tap”Accept Invitation” to confirm “ACCEPT INVITATION” option.
  3. If you select that option and click it, you will be taken to Chrome or your default web browser of your phone
  4. After that, tap the “Get Start” option.
  5. You must login to your Google account.
  6. Once you’ve logged to your account, Google Play Store will direct you to the Google Play store app.
  7. Click”Use Account” and click the “Use the account” button to make sure that it is the account that you’d like to be a part of the family group
  8. Click onto the “Join” option, after that, click the “Continue” option.
  9. You can add eligible purchases right now or add them in the future each one at a time. Click on”Continue” “Continue” option once more.
  10. The final tap is to tap the “got it” option, and the process is complete. Congratulations! Now you are part of a group of family members.

Note: If you’re already in an existing family group, you cannot join an entirely new group.

How do you get rid of relatives from the family?

If you wish to remove one of your family members Follow these steps:

  1. You can access the Google Play Store application on your smartphone or tablet
  2. Then, go to your family settings. You have two options you can do it. One is to click on the Menu button, or by pressing on the icon of your profile. Are you using any of these?
  3. If you have clicked on the Menu button , now, you need to click to open the account option. If you have clicked on the icon for your profile, you need to click on the Settings option and then on the Account option.
  4. Select the family option.
  5. After that, tap on the Manage family members option.
  6. Select the member of your family that you wish to remove from your group.
  7. Select the option More
  8. After that, tap on Remove Member and select the Remove button. The member will be removed.

How can I remove the Google Family Group?

Therefore, removing a user from the Google Family Group isn’t enough. Are you looking to eliminate the whole group? Follow the steps below to remove the Google family group:

  1. The first step is to access the Settings of the family member. (Read the previous section to find out how to get it.)
  2. Choose the “More” option
  3. Tap on”Delete” to select the Delete option to eliminate all the members in the group.

What type or account do you require to join the library of your family?

You are able to make use of your current Google account as long as it’s your own account and is not associated with any company, organization, or school, to be a part of the group. All family members can join using their existing accounts and the accounts should be part of the account they are joining.

How do you communicate content to the family?

After we’ve learned how to create the family group, let’s look at how to invite family members to it, and also how to accept the invitation to an existing family group. So, let’s see how we can be able to share “Apps as well as games” and “Movies and TV shows” with the family Here are the steps to share apps and games in the library of the family:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your tablet or phone
  2. If you click on”Menu” to open the “Menu” option. It is located in the upper left corner.
  3. Click on the “My games and apps” option.
  4. After you click on Installed link, it’s going to show all installed games and applications on your device.
  5. Click on the game or application you would like to pass along from this list. A page of details will open for the specific app or game.
  6. There will be an option called Famil Library option, toggle it on.
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If at any time you are not able to delete some content, simply turn off the “Family Library” feature.

Here are the steps to follow to share movies and TV shows with your families library

  1. Launch Google TV. Open the Google TV app on your smartphones or tablets. The Google TV app was
  2. the term was previously used to mean Movies and TV
  3. Click on the “library” located at the bottom.
  4. Find the item you purchased and would like to be able to share.
  5. Go to the ‘”Family Library” to view

The process of getting rid of some things is similar to how it was with Apps and games that are available in the library for families.

How do I share pictures and videos with your Google family members?

It is possible to share your photos as well as videos to your Google family and friends and even make comments about the photos and videos (By using the internet or application.) To share videos and photos with your Google family, there must be at minimum three people within the group (including you.) Follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the Google Photos app on your smartphone and tablet.
  2. Select the images and videos that you would like to share with Google family.
  3. Click the Share button and tap your family’s group from the displayed list.
  4. You can also include an email if you wish or simply click the Send button to transmit them in the format you want.

How do you get access to content from the Google Play family group?

So far, I’ve shown you how to set up an online Family Group, inviting your members, accept the invitation to join the group, and then share information within the family group as well. Now it’s the right time to explain how to gain access to the shared content in your Google play family. Follow these steps to learn:

  1. Start the Google Play Store app on your smartphone or tablet
  2. Navigate to the menu. It’s located in upper left corner.
  3. Within the listing, you’ll find a variety of things like movies and TV My games and apps, Newsstand, and Books. Select the one you wish to open.
  4. Once you have entered the category you want to be in. Select the “Family Library” button.
  5. The content that is available and is available to the entire Google family will be displayed there.

How can you determine if an item was bought before?

How do you expect to learn that the item you’re planning to purchase has been bought by someone in the family? I’m here to say that there is no reason to fret. In the event that members of a group have already purchased the item (for instance, let’s say, the game or app.) check if the person who purchased the item has enabled the sharing feature active. If so, other members will be able to see a message on the page with the details of the application. The message they will see is “Added to the Family Library.” and when one attempts to purchase a premium service the user will be informed if they have the subscription or not.

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What happens if one leaves the family?

You are trying to figure out what are the consequences if you decide to leave this family unit. Let me explain to you what the consequences for leaving a family include:

  1. As with other groups like any other group, you’ll be denied access to the Google play library.
  2. It is not possible to install paid products at no cost. Then, you can purchase the item for yourself (Just like in the past)
  3. Others in the family will be liable to suffer as well. (you aren’t just one of them) they’ll lose access to all items you bought for the family group.
  4. It is evident that you are not able to use family payment methods.
  5. You’ll be losing all your family subscription plans, too.
  6. The most beneficial thing you can do is. The purchase you made using your family’s payment option will remain with you on your account.

You can’t take part in any new group until a period of 12 months. Consider carefully before you leave any family-related group.

How old are the items you bought that you are able to share with your library of your family?

Purchases made following June 2, 2016 are able to be shared with your family group. It doesn’t matter if you made the purchase prior to the creation of a family or joining one, or prior to joining or forming the family group. If the purchased item is shared and you are able to offer it to your family members.

Discussing purchases made prior to July 2, 2016. The item you purchased is suitable to be part of being part of the Family Library in order to be shared. (Yes! Certain games and apps purchased prior to July 2 in 2016 may be shared.) You must confirm whether the app is compatible or not. Visit the detail page of the app on the Google Play store to confirm it.

Last words

In this post, I’ve provided everything you need to learn about Google Family Library. I actually wrote a complete introduction to it. If you want to learn more about this feature, contact me and I’ll try to explain the subject. Another thing to note is that in addition to the capability to share paid apps, it also allows the ability to share photographs, calendars, notes and so on. In my opinion, the google family sharing is superior to Apple Family Sharing. You can access the google family group across multiple devices, and does not make it impossible to use any specific brand of device. (you are only able to utilize Apple’s family sharing features if you own the apple product.) Google’s feature is completely free to use. You just require a fee for in-app purchases, whereas apple’s family sharing cost the equivalent of $15 per month.

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