How can I Control Android Phone from PC?

You may have occasionally wished that your Android tablet or smartphone could be operated from your Personal computer. Imagine you’re in class and need to send a discreet message to a friend but your smartphone is somewhere deep inside your backpack lost in your things. It is also possible that you need to input a lot of text or view anything on a larger screen. even if you wish to enjoy mobile games on a large screen. Thankfully, using a computer to access your Android device is possible. With a little software assistance, the procedure is simple in any case.

A few web apps and some mobile apps are available for you to try. However, the majority of these programs are slow and not as effective as the manufacturers would have you believe. We have hand selected a few high-rated tools that anyone may use without having to follow a complicated procedure in order to assist you. Moreover, entrepreneurs and lecturers who wish to project emails and presentations on a large screen may find this to be of great use. There are numerous advantages to managing your Android device from a PC.

How can an Android device be controlled from a PC?
How can I Control Android Phone from a PC?

Options for using a PC to access and operate a phone will be covered in this article. The best one can be chosen, and you can control your smartphone by doing as instructed.

The top methods for managing Android from a pc are listed below:


One of the most capable ways to operate Android devices from a PC is AirDroid, which combines a number of capabilities from the other programs on the list below. You may control your messages and notifications, or you can get more involved and reflect your screen and pointer. Although some of the mirroring abilities are not as seamless as some other solutions, they will work in a pinch. But it offers more than just that. Utilize AirDROID Mirror to transmit your screen to a PC instead of using an emulator if you don’t want to. It connects quickly and easily through USB or WiFi, like the majority of items on our list.

You may get more settings and support for various OS systems using their Chrome extension. To begin, simply open AirMirror on your AirDROID 3 and follow the program’s simple instructions. We adore Google Chrome’s ability to remotely or at home operate your Android smartphone. Another benefit of using AirDroid over other services is that it has a lower monthly cost of as little as $2.50. To add yet more capabilities, you can download associated apps.

Principal Characteristics

  • Manage and control your Android devices remotely without rooting
  • connects Android and Personal computer without the need for a USB cable in a reliable and easy manner.
  • File sharing between Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android-based devices.
  • is a screen recorder, enables you to record what shows up on the screen of your Android phone.
  • enables the use of a remote camera function to view anything around the object.
  • Utilize your PC to handle your Texts, calls, and other phone notifications.

Positive aspects 

  • Available on all Android smartphones and tablets
  • supports devices without root
  • Very simple to set up and utilize

By using a PC and wifi, this programme provides two straightforward methods for controlling Android phones. A text manual for each of them is provided below.

Method 1:

Manage Android using the web without an application. You can utilize AirDroid online with browsers such as Chrome and Firefox if your devices have a strong Wi-Fi connection and you want to use Android from a computer without the app. Furthermore, a safe and seamless connection is provided.

  • Step 1: Make sure your PC and Android smartphone are both linked to the exact same Wi-Fi connection 
  • Step 2: Go to the AirDroid Website and open the app on your mobile device. Scan the QR code there.
  • Step 3: Your gadgets will be connected by the application in a matter of seconds. Now use your PC to experience the Android display. Additionally, you can use this interface to remotely access Android data, music, videos, etc.
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Method 2:

Wireless Remote Control for Android from Personal computer Since it enables remote access to the unattended Android smartphone and more effective use of the computer screen, this technique is the default choice for most users.

  • Step 1: Install AirDroid Personal on your PC and Android device first. This is step one. Open it and log in using the same AirDroid credentials. Create one if you don’t actually already possess one.
  • Step 2: Proceed as directed to authorize the phone programme by following the on-screen prompts.
  • Step 3: After that, select the telescope symbol in the left menu. Program displays mobile devices linked to the same account. Click “Remote Control” to connect, then choose the Android smartphone you would like to control from this page.
  • Step 4: The programme will show the Android screen on your computer, which you can navigate and interact with using the keyboard and mouse.


Similar to how AirDroid operates, Vysor operates. It is accessible for Chrome, OS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Versions for both money and free are offered. The free version seems sufficient to give you a flavor of what is available, but it is constrained—it has adverts and only supports wired connections. Vysor’s lack of a setup or configuration process, however, is what makes it so excellent. Simply enabling USB Debugging is all that is required. Simply download Vysor and attach your smartphone to the Personal computer. Automatic events occur in every situation. Along the process, a push of an app is delivered to your Android device. By heading to Settings go to Apps and notifications on your Android phone, you can uninstall this whenever you wish. The main focus of Vysor, as opposed to AirDroid, is screen mirroring, making it a little less complicated.

It’s a fantastic alternative if you’re a developer seeking to check your app while it is being developed or if you wish to fiddle with the ideal home screen configuration. You have the choice between performance and speed based on your demands if Vysor is how you choose to operate your Smartphone from a PC. You’ll need to shell out money if you require all of the features, as there are premium and free versions as usual. Wireless networking and full-screen mirroring are features that are included in a premium Vysor membership. The usage of a keyboard and mouse by users allows them to play games and control their gadget. Users can also mirror their Android devices wirelessly to desktop computers for excellent vision.

 Android Vysor PC control:

  • Installing the app and configuring ADB on Android devices requires a Google search for “Vysor.”
  • Download the programme via Google Play Store on your Android device as well, then turn on USB debugging. Select your Android smartphone by clicking the Find Device option on the Vysor main menu. The screen will soon begin mirroring in a short while.
  • Now, you may operate it by navigating your phone normally with a mouse and keyboard.
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The Vysor Characteristics

You’ll notice a window on your desktop that is mirrored with the screen of your phone once the installation is complete. The controls for screen recording, volume control, and taking screenshots are all quite useful. The simulated touchscreen can be used for everything else by using your mouse. App compatibility is not an issue with Vysor because it is a screen-mirroring service. It will be possible to use anything that functions on your phone on a desktop. This also applies to gaming, albeit lag will be a problem in games that require quick responses.

Samsung flow 

Samsung Flow lets customers manage their Android devices from a PC, as the name suggests. Users of Samsung devices will find this app very helpful for establishing a prompt, reliable, and smooth connection. Users may control notifications, settings, as well as other aspects of their Android devices once they are linked. It also gives you a suitable way to transfer papers among your pc and Android devices. Flow is your best option if you wish to operate a Samsung phone, an Android phone, from a PC.

It enables you to conveniently share notifications as well as settings across all of your Samsung items. You can quickly transfer your SMS from your phone to your Galaxy Tab. The same is true with your pc or Galaxy Chromebook’s alerts. You don’t need a Samsung pc to use Flow, so don’t worry about that. You can also utilize Samsung DeX for a cable mirroring experience if you have a more recent smartphone.


  • Your mobile phone or tablet or Personal computer should be connected quickly and securely.
  • Documents are moved.
  • On a large screen, receive notifications.


  • usually produces unexpected bugs
  • Uncomfortable for users

Your Samsung laptop and phone can interconnect in an effortless, extremely safe manner thanks to Samsung Smart Flow. You can transfer documents, receive phone notifications, and view Samsung phone material on a wide screen while using a computer. It could be utilized to mirror and operate a phone from a computer as well. So to accomplish this, follow the instructions.

  • On your computer and phone, launch the Samsung Flow app.
  • Click your smartphone from the list on your PC, confirm the code on both devices, and then select your phone again. Samsung Smart Flow would then finish up, and you can carry out your tasks.
  • The Samsung View logo can be selected by launching the app on the Samsung device. You may quickly mirror and operate the phone from your computer.


Scrcpy goes far beyond Vysor if you desire to operate your Android fully from a PC. But since it’s an open-source tool, you’ll have to put in a little more effort to get where you want to go. Scrcpy supports screen mirroring as well as notification management, and you can couple your phone through Wi-Fi or a USB connection. However, you will need to create your interface too from scratch if you wish to use Scrcpy on Linux. Because of its user-friendly interface, the open-source and free screen mirroring programme Scrcpy is a great option for novices. Both USB and Wi-Fi can be used by users to interconnect their devices enabling screen mirroring and notification control. Furthermore, it doesn’t need root access.


  • Manage all of your Android’s tasks conveniently from a desktop Cross-platform compatibility.
  • provides a convenient means of sharing files.


  • Due to the slow speed and efficiency, professional users should not use this.

The QuickSupport programme

The QuickSupport program from TeamViewer is a necessary tool for almost any company, even though it only makes up a small portion of the much bigger ecosystem. So long as you have the application and the desktop program downloaded, you may give tech assistance directly from your pc to an Android smartphone. Similar to a lot of the other options, QuickSupport enables remote document and message control on practically all Android devices.

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With its quick and dependable service, TeamViewer makes it simple for users to connect to and remotely control an Android device from a PC. In addition, it is quite simple to transfer files between devices. For beginning customers, it is extremely pricey at $50.90 a month.


  • Remote connections that happen quickly.
  • Between-device file transfer.
  • Including Mobile Phone Management as well as other apps in the integrations.


  • Very pricey
  • For new users, the interface is really challenging.

Final Remarks

The majority of individuals depend on smartphones, however, occasionally we wish to utilize PCs because of the bigger screen. For this, a range of techniques and programs, such as Samsung Flow, the quick support program, are available to control Android from a PC. Choose a method from this list based on your requirements and take pleasure in computerized mobile displays.


How can my Android phone be remotely controlled by my computer?

You’ll need a strong third-party application, such as AirDroid Personal, to wirelessly control your Android phone from your PC. The greatest remote control tool for Android, AirDroid enables users to manage Android from a PC using wifi and remote connection mode.

How can I control an Android phone from a computer’s broken screen on a USB?

Select a USB cord and join your phone to your PC. Just go AirDroid Cast on your PC, select the USB option, then choose your device from the available list to begin casting. You can view your cracked Android screen on a PC after a successful connection.

How can Windows 10 and Windows 11 be used to control your Android phone?

A simple method of accessing your smartphone from your pc already exists if you use Windows. This is accomplished with the Your Phone replaced Phone Link application in Windows 10 and 11. With the built-in programme Phone Link, you can do a number of things, such as view your latest detailed images, send and get text messages, handle meetings on your Laptop, and more. A screen-mirroring option is also available from Microsoft, although it only works with a few different types of gadgets.
Phone Link installation:
On your Android handset, download the Link to Windows companion app and update the Phone Link software on Windows.
Use your Microsoft account to sign up on both devices.
Follow the on-screen instructions to link the app on your computer and phone after opening it on both devices.
Although the setup procedure can occasionally be finicky, it generally functions well once it is up and running. It’s worth a shot if all you need is a simple way to reply to texts on your laptop.

How can an Android phone be controlled remotely from some other phone without being given permission?

Install and activate the AirDroid Personal Web Client if you’d prefer to directly control and regulate your devices from a browser instead of from a controller or client device. Install and run the AirMirror Android remote connection application if you want to be able to operate your devices from some other Android device.

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