How to Change CSC on Samsung Devices

The largest Android manufacturer globally at the moment is probably Samsung. Samsung offers an incredible amount of devices and versions every single year, ranging from midrange to flagship models, from smartphones to tablets. What is Samsung CSC Code?, How to Change CSC on Samsung Devices will be the subject of this post. The majority of Android OEMs provide only one version of their software update for their devices globally. Samsung is an exception to this. The most popular Samsung Electronics produces the Samsung Galaxy line of Android smartphones and tablets. The most recognizable tablet in the series, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, made a debue in 2010, a year following the debut of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Since then, more than 60 different Samsung Galaxy models have come in the maret, one of which has an Android camera.

Samsung makes available different versions of the same device’s stock firmware for different regions. BL or the Bootloader, AP or the PDA, CP or the Phone, and CSC are among the four to five binaries or components that make up typical Samsung firmware. In certain situations, the PIT file—also known as the partition information table file—might be necessary.

How to Change CSC on Samsung Devices

What exactly is Samsung CSC?

Consumer Software Customization, also known as CSC, is a feature within the Samsung stock firmware file. CSC refers to Country Specific Product Code. You get all the AP, BL, CP, CSC, & Home CSC files once you install the firmware.  The CSC file contains details about your network operator, geolocation, gadget language settings, network services, and firmware update servers in the main. ATT (AT&T), TMB (T-Mobile), ATL (Vodafone), IND, INA, and INS (unbranded) are a few examples of CSC in different countries.  

Samsung servers look for the CSC code on your Smartphone and cross-reference it with the place where it is being utilized. Before OTA updates are sent to your device, see if both of these match. The original software updates by Samsung might not be available to you if your Samsung device’s CSC code is INS (India) but you use it in the United Kingdom or Germany.

The code name of the nation or region for which the Samsung Galaxy phone is built appears once more in the firmware. If your device genuinely comes from another country or region, you can change it to let Samsung servers know so you can get official updates. Similar to the last example, if you install improper firmware on your device and then flash firmware intended for a different country, you won’t receive any updates going forward.

Which One Should you upgrade Between the Samsung CSC and Samsung Home CSC?

In order to answer the question of which CSC one must flash using Odin, I have seen it asked in a great number of web forums. To put it as simply as possible, if you wanted to perform a factory reset before flashing the stock firmware, you would have to download the CSC file in Odin. The Home CSC file, on the contrary hand, is the best option if you want to keep all of your info while upgrading the factory firmware. before knowing How to Change CSC on Samsung Devices it is really important to know.

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How Come I Should Change CSC?

You may need to modify the CSC code on your Samsung device for various reasons. For instance, it would include the linguistic as well as device settings in that other country if you had acquired an opened (carrier unlocked, bootloader not unlocked) handset from any other country. The APN settings as well as the also before-installed apps also will be specific to that location. You could quickly flash the firmware for your native nation and this is How to Change CSC on Samsung Devices to solve this problem.

How to Locate or Check the CSC on a Samsung Device?

There are two ways to locate the CSC / product code on your Samsung Galaxy tablet or smartphone if you don’t know it.

METHOD 1 ( by dialing)

You can use the device’s dialer to dial a code to examine the CSC of your Samsung Galaxy device. You must enter the secret code *#1234#.

Check the CSC on a Samsung Device by dialing

So immediately after you type “#,” a screen similar to the one shown in the pic will appear. The CSC code that your device is made up of the first three alphabets following your device model. like in the given picture.

How to Locate or Check the CSC on a Samsung Device?

METHOD 2 (by device settings)

You can also check the CSC status of your Samsung Galaxy handset in yet another, even simpler approach. Open Settings, select About Phone from the menu, then select Software Information. Slide to the Service Provider Software Version tab. Immediately behind the phone model number in the very first line is the CSC for your particular device. The fact that I flashed the OXM (Multi-CSC) firmware and then switched to the INS (India) CSC causes it to display both CSCs for me. In the second line, the CSC or INS is visible (or the third line depending on your device.). I will continue to receive official OTA updates, which is all this implies.

Software information

The second line in the screenshot above is what we’ll discuss next: INS(a)/INS, INS(b)/INS(c).

  • In my case, the very first CSC value, which is INS, displays the active CSC. This determines whether services and updates are accessible.This channel will provide you with updates. If you want to participate in one, Samsung’s beta programs are also run in this nation.
  • My galaxy M02s has a dual-SIM configuration, as shown by the second value “INS, INS”. The second value is an exact reproduction of the first one if the 2nd SIM slot is not used. The experience is unaffected by this value, which solely displays the type of SIM you are using.
  • The third CSC value, which is once more INS, displays the country code that the Samsung gadget that was made and set up. This cannot be edited, nor is it necessary. This number will contain the encrypted CSC code if you purchase the smartphone from a carrier. The warranty is handle by the carrier if you’re on a contract, so if the other values don’t add up, your carrier might decline to offer warranty help.
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METHOD 3 (By Third-Party Approach)

  • From the Google Playstore, you may download and set up the Phone Info app.
  • Go to the CSC Code tab after that.
  • The Active CSC area is worth a look.

How to Change CSC on Samsung Devices

How to Change CSC on Samsung Device? well, there are several approaches. The first method, which is quite simple, requires only one code to be input on the dial pad. Users claim that this method isn’t functioning for a number of those since the Android 11 release. If so, you should attempt a different approach if it applies to you as well.

It is clear that this method works, although it does require carrier networks and open bootloaders. Therefore, if the first method doesn’t work, it is advisable that you attempt a different one. In light of the foregoing, whichever technique you decide to use, I strongly advise you to make a backup of every piece of data on your device.

METHOD 1. To dial the Samsung CSC code to alter it.

  • Start the dialing pad on your gadget.
  • No. is *#06* It should display the IMEI number. Copy that.
  • Now enter *#272*IMEI# instead of IMEI.
  • It ought to open the Preconfig page, which contains a list of all the CSC codes that are currently in use.
  • You may have more than 70 CSC alternatives to pick from if you’re using an OXM Multi-CSC Firmware.
  • Having stated so, choose the suitable option from the menu and tap Install.
  • When the CSC is installed, your device must reboot with it as the active CSC.

If you are unable to update the CSC code on your Galaxy phone running Android 11, however, please proceed to the next option described below.

METHOD 2. How to Change CSC on Samsung Devices Using the Odin Tool

In addition to erasing all of the data on your smartphone, voiding its warranty, and starting the Knox Counter, this operation, as was previously said, requires an open bootloader. Firstly unlock the bootloader.

 Whenever finished, carry out further actions.

  • The Multi CSC (OXM) firmware to your Samsung smartphone should first be downloaded via Frija.
  • Then extract its information and place it anywhere that is convenient on your PC.
  • Download Odin on your gadget to use that.
  • Use a USB cable to link your gadget to your PC right after placing it in installing mode.
  • Your PC should download and run Odin.
  • Now enter Download Mode on your device and attach a USB cord to the computer.
  • Open Odin, then use the appropriate portions of the Tool to import all BL, AP, CP, & CSC files (the regular one, not at all the Home CSC) into the program.
  • Then, if Auto Reboot & F. Reset Time are not already enabled, navigate to the Options area of Odin & ensure they are turned on.
  • Click Start when everything is ready, then wait for the process to get done. Once you’re done, you’ll get the Pass message.
  • There you go. You can now unplug your smartphone from the PC because the tool is closed.

METHOD 3. (If you have a rooted device)

If you have a root Galaxy smartphone or tablet, you can edit the CSC by following this approach.

  • From the Play Store, download the X-plore File Manager app or another root browser.
  • Switch R/O to R/W in the Root Explorer option after launching the app.
  • Go to the/efs/imei/ folder, open themps code.dat, and edit the CSC code there. Then save your changes.
  • Once there, modify your CSC in the sales code.dat file by going to system/csc/.
  • After that, reboot your device and preserve the modifications.
  • Put the customized flash counter to zero and download the Triangle Away app.
  • Download the most recently available version of the firmware, then use Odin to install it on your phone.
  • Activate stock recovery mode to resume after flashing of firmware file and check to see if the most recent CSC are there or not.
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You can find flashable ZIPs to replace the CSC on your Samsung Galaxy phone in numerous forums if it is root device and running the TWRP recovery.

Final Remarks

This post is for you if you also own a Samsung device, such as a tablet or phone, and want to learn How to Change CSC on Samsung Devices. Additionally, here are the answers to some additional significant questions about the Samsung CSC.


Why does Samsung have a CSC code?

In the Android market, CSC is associated with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and stands for “Country Specific Code.” Once more, in the event that we ever decide to individually acquire the firmware pictures for our smartphone, we must be aware of which firmware the manufacturer is producing for our country.

The CSC certificate is what?

It was the International Agreement for Safe Containers (CSC), which had the following two main objectives: to uphold a high standard of human life safety throughout container handling and transportation. through establishing standardized global safety standards, to make international container transit easier.

On my Galaxy watch, how can I modify the CSC?

How to Modify the CSC on the Samsung Galaxy Watch. 
Your watch’s dialer needs to be programmed with the following instructions: *#272*719434266344#
On your watch, a warning will now appear; touch OK.
After choosing the one you want from the list of CSCs, click Install.
A confirmation will now appear; select OK.

What does CP mean in Samsung firmware?

The task of upgrading the system partition on your Galaxy phone falls to the Android Processors (AP) program, whose official title is “Android Processor.” The term “PDA” was formerly used to refer to the “Core Processor,” or CP. This binary contains the modem image, so after you download it with Odin, the modem is automatically installed on your device.

What is Samsung region lock?

As soon as possible, Samsung made it clear that such a region lock was put in place to stop gray market importation and that it would be removed if the user used a SIM card from the region in which they had originally purchased the device. Then, it should all proceed according to plan when you install a SIM card from a different region.

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