How to get iPhone emojis on android

In today’s world where texting is way more in fashion than physically meeting someone, emojis play a great role to enhance texts. Be it, someone who lives miles apart from you or someone who you cannot meet due to some reason, you can communicate with them through text. People are worried that the other person with whom they are communicating could misread the tone of their message as they are not standing in front of them and talking face to face but the increasing usage of emojis has vanished this issue. Emojis have proved to be a boon for everyone out there in every situation.

What are emojis?

Emojis are various types of facial expressions and images that are used by people whole texting. Emojis are meant to express the expressions of the user to the person with whom they are texting. They are a mini version of various kinds of human expressions used to enhance the meaning of plain text and add more authenticity to it. We can add great value to our texts while we talk to our friends, family or closed ones by adding emotions and feelings to it.

We either use android smartphones or apple’s Iphones and in both these devices, emojis are already in built in the keyboard for messaging. Although, the emojis in Android and Apple are nearly the same but still there are quite a lot of differences between the emojis in both the devices. In iOS, the emojis are a bit different and one can say more preferable. Whereas, in Android, the emojis are good and expressive but there is a constant need of android users to be able to use iPhone emojis.

How to get iPhone emojis on android
How to get iPhone emojis on android

Android users are not satisfied with the collection of their in-built emojis and want iPhone emojis on their own devices to either to flaunt it or make their wish come true. Some possible reasons behind this demand by android users are that they end up expressing their texts better using those emojis as we discussed that iPhone emojis are more expressive as compared to the ones in android and hence their demand is naturally more.

One more reason for the increasing demand of Android users to use iPhone emojis are that they wish to have a new collection of emojis as they tend to think that their current android emojis are outdated or boring. It is quite impressive to be honest when you have iPhone emojis on your texting app.

In this article, we will be discussing all about how you can use iOS emojis on your android smartphone, tablet or any other device. We will be discussing various methods that can be used by you in order to use iPhone emojis on android. You can choose any method according to the suitability and compatibility with your device in order to get iPhone emojis on android. The biggest positive aspect of using the emoji apps on android is that you do not require rooting of your device at all.

Before starting, you should keep in mind that for all the method that would be discussed in this article, you would only be able to get emojis that are similar to the iPhone emojis to a great extent and not exactly the same. This should be understood that your android operation system is completely different from that of an iPhone so naturally the in-built emojis would be different too but the maximum that we can do is get nearly similar emojis in our respective android device.

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 In case, you wish to get exactly the same type of emojis on your android device as are present on iPhone, then you need to root your android device and set up the iOS emojis. We will be discussing both methods in this article i.e. via the app and also by rooting your device. You can use any of the methods according to your choice with ease. 

What is meant by Rooting?

Before diving into the exact method you should first know what is rooting. Rooting is a process that is meant to allow any android user like you to change or replace the system applications of their choice with some other type of interface. It is also used to change any type of settings that currently exist on their device to some other type. Rooting is used to run some specialized apps that make use of the permissions that are administrator-level or the ones that perform some other operations which are not really accessible with ease to a usual android user. 

It is just like the Android version of what we call ‘jailbreaking’ an iOS device. You should know that even though both of these are totally different concepts, they are still similar in some ways. You can carry out the process of rooting by using your android device itself with the help of some specific apps that are designed in a way to allow you to carry out the process of rooting. Some of these apps are SuperSU Pro Root App and Superuser Root App. Some computers or PCs are also designed in a super useful way so as to help you root your device. The apps that are designed for this purpose are -dr.fone-root, kingo, SRSRoot, etc.

You should be well aware that rooting comes with quite a number of risks and in order to keep your device completely safe, you need to take care of each and every risk which can possibly occur. Let us list some of those risks; the warranty that you get when you make a purchase of your device would no longer be applicable which means that it will not be valid anymore, the process of rooting your device holds a high chance of completely damaging your device if not done correctly and carefully.

How to get iPhone emojis on android without rooting your device?

You should know that the steps to set up iPhone emojis on Android smartphones without carrying out the rooting process varies according to the phone model used by the user and the manufacturer’s brand. Below are the methods that can be used to switch to iOS emojis when you own an android device. You can choose any of these methods depending on the suitability and compatibility of the method with your device.

Installing an Emoji Keyboard on your Android device

There are plenty of emoji keyboard apps that are available on the Google play store so you could install and use those apps if they match your requirement. You should know that these applications should not be mistaken for being exactly similar to the ones on iOS but yes you can surely expect at least 90% similarities between the two. You can try downloading multiple apps and then use the one that suits your device and demand the most.

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In case, you do not seem to have enough time to test a lot of emoji keyboard apps and then select the most suitable one among them, then you can definitely some of the most popular apps in the market to as to lessen your efforts. You can directly jump to some of the most popular emoji keyboard apps, which would automatically boil down your search to some apps, and then you can easily choose the most suitable one. We will be mentioning some of the most popular emoji keyboard apps in this article. When you type “Apple emoji keyboard” on the google play store search bar then you would get a list of apps assumably in the order: Kika Keyboard 2021-Emoji Keyboard, Emoji Keyboard, and Emoji Keyboard-Cute Emoticons, GIF, Stickers. 

Below are the steps to download and set up the emoji keyboard on your android device. Please follow them step by step in order to make the process a success with ease. 

  1. Open Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  2. Search for “apple emoji keyboard” in the google play store search bar. 
  3. Now, there would appear a list of all the emoji keyboard apps such as Kika Keyboard 2021-Emoji Keyboard, Emoji Keyboard, and Emoji Keyboard-Cute Emoticons, GIF, and Stickers.
  4. You can select any of the apps in the list by judging through the reviews on your own. 
  5. Click on install and the app would start installing on your device. 
  6. After the app is installed, open the app and click on ‘Enable Kika keyboard’ (assuming that you downloaded the Kika Keyboard 2021-Emoji Keyboard app).
  7. Click on the toggle button to enable it and then read the message that would pop up and if you agree with the displayed message then click on the ‘activate’ option.
  8. Now, go to the settings on you device and then click on ‘additional settings’. Please note that in some devices it is present as ‘languages and input’. After that, click on ‘keyboard & input method’.
  9. Click on the ‘Current keyboard’ option.
  10. Now, click on the emoji keyboard that you had installed and then enable the radio button which is present next to it in order to set it as the default keyboard for your device. 
  11. After following these steps properly, you are good to go and you can experience using the iOS emojis on your android device. 

Installing an Emoji Font App

The second method that you can use in order to get your desired iOS emojis on your current android phone is by installing an Emoji Font App. There are many such apps available on the google play store. Please note that the third-party emoji font app would only work if your android phone allows changing its default font type. There are a number of different types of apps available and you can choose any of them depending on the availability and suitability of your device. 

Some of the most popular emoji font apps are Emoji Fonts for FlipFont 10 and Gboard-the Google Keyboard. These apps are designed in such a way that they provide you with emojis that are present on iPhones. 


This app can also be used to use iPhone emojis on your android phones but please note that this app is not meant to change your android emojis completely it lets you input a string of text and emoji and it would show you what kind of options and features an iOS user would see on their device. It can be concluded that this app is basically used as a reference app.

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Emojily is a perfect app for you in case you do not want to change the emoji keyboard that you originally have but yet you want to have a similar experience that an iOS user has.

You are good to go now. In order to use emojis on the Gboard keyboard, you need to click on any messaging field and the Gboard would appear on its own. Then, you need to click on the emoji option and then choose any emoji of your choice and move forward with it.

How to get iPhone emojis on your Android phone by rooting your device

Under this method, your device should allow rooting access. In case, it does not the installation would show that your device is incompatible. In this method we would be using the app names iOS emoji Magisk Module and this app would need the root capability to work in order. Please follow the steps below in order to carry out this process properly:-

  1. Firstly, you need to download the latest version of Magisk Manager.
  2. Now, download the iOS Emoji Magisk Module on your device.
  3. You now need to enable the app installation which is from an unidentified source on your rooted device. Please follow the steps below in order to do so:-

1. Settings>Click on security>click to enable the toggle button or the check box.

  1. Now, you need to root your android smartphone.
  2. Now, you need to find your Magisk Manager from the app drawer to install, and once it gets installed then just open the app.
  3. Now, click on the + sign at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Open the file manager and locate the downloaded and then click on it to install it.
  5. Now, you just need to reboot it and then make the required changes.
  6. You now get to use iPhone emojis on your Android device that you can use on your texting apps.


In this article, we read about various ways how one can get similar emojis as present on iOS devices, and on android devices. We discussed what is rooting and the methods to get iPhone emojis on android, both with and without rooting. You can go through this article in depth in order to choose the best method for your device and then enjoy using the iOS emojis on your android device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any method by which I could get the exact same iOS emojis on my android phone?

In this article, we have described and discussed a lot of methods for getting similar emojis of iOS on android devices but you need to note that these methods only get you the most similar emojis and not the exact same ones as on iOS.

Is rooting harmful to my device?

Rooting your device could be extremely harmful and risky if you do not do it properly and stepwise. You should definitely take all the backups of your device and take care of every possible risk.

How to choose the best emoji app?

We have discussed a lot of emoji apps in this article and the features of each one of them. You can choose the most compatible and suitable one for your device and the one that you like. Any app would work depending upon your device and needs.

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