IMS Logger: A preloaded application

A wide range of pre-installed apps is common on Android devices. These are the apps that the device’s maker pre-installs and which you cannot remove from your device so easily. Although a lot of these apps are helpful as well, but not everyone wants them to be operating in the background and affecting the phone’s performance and consuming battery life. Pre-installed applications aren’t necessarily a drawback. On Android, there are ways to disable or delete pre-installed apps, but it’s recommended to stick with your default OS. You can either uninstall the apps temporarily or totally uninstall them, depending on the maker of your smartphone. We have provided a detailed overview of one such app, IMS logger, in this article.

What is an IMS logger plus application?

The Android software IMS Logger is a pre-installed application on the majority of Samsung smartphones. You may locate it on your phone in the com.sec. IMS logger app bundle. It collaborates with the IMS service and Settings in terms of how it logs data. But even if it disappeared, you wouldn’t really miss it. All it does is keep track of calls and multimedia messages. IMS logger, unfortunately, has a reputation for draining batteries quickly and generating error messages.

Significance of IMS logger application

The IMS Logger application is a message sync tool that is offered by and designed for Samsung phones. There’s no possibility of discovering this app on other android devices. This makes it simple for the device to operate as intended. It successfully connects to communication apps offered by suppliers. IMS logger Plus is connected to the Samsung Android messaging platform and was created for messaging that can be sent over the IP network of the provider. Multimedia messages can be sent and received more easily thanks to their adaptability in use. Additionally, it has the ability to deliver messages for various platforms including databases, diagnostic T mobile, and VoLTE Wi-Fi calling systems. The IMS service is significant because it improves phone performance. When you utilize it, there are no issues. The IMS logger’s job is to communicate with equipment installed by communication sector third-party suppliers.

IMS Logger A preloaded application
IMS Logger A preloaded application

What permissions does IMS logger require?

As was previously mentioned, the ims logger Plus App for Android is quite significant and as a result, it has many permissions. To increase its effectiveness, it has a lot of permits. Before you may access the critical rights on your system, you must first have these permissions. This app needs access to contact, call, messages, and phone storage.

User can verify its rights on his own by following these steps:

  •  Launch the Settings program.·       
  •  Select “Apps”
  •  Choose Permissions.   
  • Search for the IMS logger program.
  •  View the screen’s permissions as you scroll.

Is the IMS logger app safe for your device?

The application’s security may be something you’re concerned about. After all, the name of the software is unusual. Additionally, the fact that it’s hidden can lead some people to doubt it. You might be concerned that the IMS logger service is spying on you because it records all of your calls and messages. Samsung informs us that this is not true. Please be aware that the app may qualify as bloatware before continuing. The performance of your device won’t be impacted if it’s taken out. But it’s not a virus or malware or corrupted software. Only apps that pass Google Play Protects requirements can be pre-installed. This could not have been accomplished if the intent had been malicious. Additionally, they insisted that the Android phone is not in danger. It is essential to the phone and shouldn’t be turned off unless absolutely necessary.

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What are the causes of the “IMS service has stopped” error?

The Android IMS service may have halted for some users, or the IMS logger may be infected with malware. After getting numerous reports from numerous customers, we made the decision to look into the issue and developed a series of fixes that were proven to work for the majority of users. Additionally, we investigated the causes of this error and have listed them below:

Corrupted cache

All applications keep a cache in order to speed up loading. The cache shortens the time it takes for a certain application to load by caching temporary files. This cache, however, may become tainted with time. The messaging app, in particular, may experience problems as a result of this corrupted cache and cease to function properly. Error message “IMS service has halted” is displayed when the program is inoperable.

Default Messaging App

Before offering internet, calling, and messaging services, Network providers apply specific configuration files based on the area in which you reside and the Network provider you use. It’s conceivable that these configuration options are obstructing some of the default applications’ functionality.

Third-Party Messaging Programs

Occasionally, third-party apps may replace the built-in messaging client and interfere with the default messaging service. This message mostly appears if the default messaging service is blocked or has been turned off. As a result, the IMS logger service has stopped errors occurring in your Samsung device.

Outdated Apps

In certain circumstances, out-of-date apps may not function properly with the latest Android. Additionally, it’s possible that there were flaws in the applications that the developers corrected in updates but weren’t fixed in the older versions. This may result in the malfunctioning of the IMS logger application.

Outdated Android software

It’s possible that the manufacturer’s user interface of the operating system or the Android software itself experienced a bug that was fixed in an update. As a result, you can run into this problem if you haven’t upgraded your Android device to the newest version. This could be the most possible cause of the error, as updating your operating system itself will reduce many other issues in your device.

Now that you are well aware of fundamental knowledge of the problem’s nature, let’s move on to the remedies. It is advised that you carry out the procedures precisely and in the order that they are given, in order to prevent any problems.

How do fix errors in the IMS logger application?

Examining software updates

It’s possible that a fault existed in the Android software or the manufacturer’s user interface on top of the operating system, which was later patched in an update. We will thus check for any mobile software updates in this phase. Follow the mentioned procedure;

  • Open the settings and choose the phone option
  • Click on the “About Phone” option when you get to the bottom of the page.
  • Select “Check for Updates” under “Software Updates” from the menu.
  • After the checking procedure is complete, select “Download Now” from the menu that appears if a new software update is available.
  • The phone will ask you to confirm the update’s installation after it has finished downloading. Once “Yes” is chosen, the phone will restart.
  • After the process is done, the phone will restart in normal mode so you can see if the problem is still present.

Examining the application updates

When certain programs are out-of-date, they can occasionally cause problems with the operating system and even other programs. Therefore, we will check the Google Play Store in this phase to see if the applications have received any new updates. Follow these steps to execute the process;

  • Open the Google Play Store app after unlocking the phone.
  •  By selecting the menu button in the upper-left corner of the screen, select “My Apps & Games” from the list.
  • Select the “Refresh” option which is under the “Updates” menu
  •  After selecting “Update All,” wait while the applications are updated and installed.
  • See if the problem is still present.
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Cache removal

The cache could become corrupted with time. With some Android apps, particularly the built-in messaging app, this corrupted cache might lead to problems. We will therefore totally wipe the cache from the partition in this step. All that is required is:

  •  open the Settings application, then select the Apps option.
  •  Till you locate the IMS logger program, scroll down.
  •  Toggle it
  •  Choosing a clear cache will confirm.

Force restart your device

When you encounter Android issues, it is always the best idea to force a restart. In essence, this would immediately end all operating programs and processes. Depending on your phone’s manufacturer, the force restart procedure varies. on Samsung phones, When you view the Android system startup screen, hold down the Volume Down and Power buttons while still holding them down.

Force stop the IMS logger application

If you’re experiencing any sort of glitch in the application, force-stopping will also be a helpful method. All you need to do is:

  •  click on the Settings application, then tap the Apps option.
  •  till you locate the IMS logger program, scroll down.
  • Toggle it
  •  Choosing Force Stop will confirm.

System repair tool

In contrast to the examples above, this tool is not a computer program. You can download the app you’re looking at from the Play Store. This makes it incredibly practical, especially given that it can resolve challenging software issues. This repairing app has been frequently utilized by android users as it is free of cost. Follow these below-mentioned steps;

  •  go to the Google Play Store on your device
  • Search for The System Repair tool.
  • Install it
  • Start it
  •  Wait for your OS to be scanned.
  • When it’s finished, press the Repair button.

Droidkit tool

 The most reliable tool available is without a doubt DroidKit. I always prefer this application whenever I run into a software issue that won’t go away. Here is the procedure to use this tool;

Visit the Droidkit webpage.

  • On the home page, select the Download button.
  •  once it’s installed, you can start it
  •  Link your device to your computer.
  •  Pick Fix System from the menu.
  • Pick “Start” to confirm.
  • To enter Download Mode, adhere to the on-screen prompts.
  •  Install the file that you see on the screen.

How to disable the IMS logger application?

You can attempt to disable the program if you’re still having issues. Since it’s not that important, you shouldn’t be concerned about re-enabling it.

  • Open the Application Manager menu in Android Settings.
  • Locate the IMS logger app by scrolling down.
  • Select “Uninstall Updates”
  • The Settings application should be launched.
  •  Look up the application once more.
  • Toggle it.
  •  To affirm, press Disable.

How to permanently remove an IMS logger?

It is possible to uninstall the IMS logger on Android, however, doing so is not simple. Also, It is difficult to remove it using the system for regular users. It can be removed via a third-party app. Make sure you complete it accurately. Consider whether attempting the above-mentioned suggestions would help you solve the issue. You must verify the functions of any device before disabling or removing it, and you can do this by looking at the internal settings. Search for a solution to the IMS logger’s problems rather than uninstalling it, which could harm your system. If uninstalling the app is the only option you are left with, then you can do this in these ways;

Android debug package software

Although using the ABD software takes some effort, rooting is not necessary. For better understanding, the procedure has been divided into two steps;

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Step 1:

  • Visit the Settings section.
  • Select the System option and tap on the Phone option
  • Find the Build Number for your device and repeatedly click it.
  • Return to the previous settings page
  • Select the Developer Options that are displayed.
  • Set the USB Debugging feature to on.

Step 2:

  •  Visit and get it from the Android Debug website
  • Extract the file that was installed
  • Navigate to the file’s stored directory.
  • Shift while still holding the button, then right-click a white space on the screen.
  • Select the Open PowerShell button.
  • Activate this command: Devices ABD.
  • Connect your device with the USB port on your computer.
  •  Activate the USB Debugging setting.
  •  Type the ABD Devices command once again.
  • Locate and remove the IMS logger program.

System app removal

You can safely remove unwanted system apps with the help of the root-only program System App Remover. It has a database of programs that can be safely uninstalled; these apps have been examined to make sure they won’t interfere with other apps after being uninstalled. Having root access is necessary for this technique. Once your system has been rooted, take the following actions:

  • Get the application by visiting the System Remover website.
  • After installation, set up the app
  • Grant all the access that software requires
  •  Locate the IMS logger program.
  • Tap on the IMS logger
  • To affirm, pick Uninstall.

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So we have covered almost all the topics regarding the IMS logger app. We have discussed in detail the functioning of this application, the causes of malfunctioning, and possible solutions to fix the error. We have also discussed the procedures to disable or completely remove this application from your device. Although, we do not recommend uninstalling this app permanently before being aware of its important functions. But if your device is having a battery drainage issue, uninstalling it is not a bad option. As this application consumes a higher amount of battery on your android mobile. We hope you got the required information from our article.


Q1. What to do if an IMS logger consumes too much battery and data?

Ans. Being a pre-loaded application, it typically cannot use a battery or run in the background. If you’re having problems with battery usage, you can try the following actions and see if it helps:
-Access mobile data
-Look for and select Restrict background data activities.
-Proceed to battery next
In order to prevent data and battery utilization, select Restrict background activity when dealing with data.
 Don’t forget to turn off all notifications.

Q2. What is

Ans. The application on Android phones with the software name is in charge of managing every message you receive or send over the multimedia messaging service. Because it differs from standard text messages, or SMS, a separate MMS program is required. Your MMS messages received through the built-in messaging app on your Android smartphone are handled by application.
Since multimedia communications are considerably distinct from standard text messages, each can be handled by a different software. Data from multimedia messaging services are handled by both inbound and outbound. You can now receive MMS messages with photographs, audio, brief video clips, or even all three. There are specific situations where you might need to send a traditional multimedia message, even though many users choose a third-party messaging service like Whatsapp. The whole process is handled by the MMS messaging app.

Q3. What is IMS registration on android?

Ans. It shows whether VoLTE is turned on or off. In the absence of a registered IMS Registration Status, VoLTE is not enabled. IMS Registration Status is often listed under Sim Status for the Sim card.

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