LG Smartworld – How do i delete this App?

Let’s first discuss what LG Smart World is before going into more detail about how it functions or what it means for your Android phone. A pre-installed app on LG android smartphones is a store called LG Smartworld. This differs frequently from the stock settings that come with Android and offers the phone a distinctive view depending on the user’s preferences. For instance, after fully downloading and installing the LG Smartworld store, you may access a wide range of customization options, games, apps, themes, and much more. Additionally, all LG users get unique access to this store through the LG Smartworld, where they may browse various options to enhance their user-interface experience. It is interesting that only LG customers may access the software, not owners of other Android devices. Therefore, in order to make use of the LG Smartworld mobile app and all of its features, you must own an LG device. The good news is that the company has now broadened its offerings, and smart TVs may now access LG Smart World. The app has all integrated material and several features that guarantee a positive consumer experience.

What connections exist between LG Smartworld and com.lge.launcher3?

Customers have asked us a lot of questions about LG products, and some of them have to do with the connections between LG Smartworld and com.lge.launcher3. The default Android launcher for LG Smartworld, an app that resembles a store, is com.lge.launcher3.You can access a variety of personalization options, gaming, plus backgrounds, keywords themes, fonts, and exclusive programs for someone’s LG smartphone using this launcher.

LG Smartworld - How do i delete this App
LG Smartworld – How do i delete this App

What distinguishes LG Smartworld’s main features?

Together, LG Smart Life and com.lge.launcher3 works well. The LG Smartworld Mobile App comes pre-installed on your smart LG phone, as was previously indicated. The following are a few of the key features you can anticipate seeing:

  • You can customize the keypad and create it as colorful as you like with the KEYBOARD THEME.
  • You can edit your homepage using the HOME THEME, add icons, and make your own custom commands for the Editing, Home, and Major Menu features.
  • The FONT feature is ideal for an Android phone because it lets you explore the numerous font types and styles that are available on your LG device.
  • You can proceed to personalize the LG device’s textual keypad, Messenger, and other writing platforms with PLUS THEMES.

Perks of LG Smartworld

  • In Smartworld, there are a number of applications that cost money. Users have the option of paying using their credit card or personal PayPal account. For people who don’t have or don’t want to use a credit card, there is a simple alternative.
  • For LG Smart TVs and other android devices, the LG store offers apps and simple customization. All of LG’s content and apps for LG devices can be divided up into The Smart World, a special space.
  • According to the user’s age, device model, group, gender, or the most recent device model, it offers them intriguing recommendations. This makes it possible for users to access apps based on their preferences or previous usage. Additionally, it suggests to them apps that are current yet unfamiliar to them.
  • The installation of this application is simple. given that it is readily accessible through the Google Play Store. As a result, installation is simple, and you may do it from the store.
  • Numerous developer and content services are offered by LG Smartworld to assist in releasing applications on mobile app stores. The content manager system contains a wealth of advice on how to create mobile apps.
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Drawbacks of LG Smartworld

  • The app’s primary drawback is that, when downloaded, the Korean version is installed. This indicates that the language will be Korean, and you must change it. You can accomplish this by changing the language settings to that of another nation.
  • It becomes really challenging to install LG Smartworld on a non-LG handset. By unofficially side-loading the application as a webpage, this is possible. You can obtain the installation file from there.
  • Occasionally, when you download an application to your device, it may contain junk that will degrade the device without causing internet problems.
  • The application is pricey, and some of the functions require cash outlay.

Models of LG Smart World applications

Despite the fact that the LG Smartworld program gives its users access to a wide range of appealing possibilities, it is noted that it is not compatible with all LG devices. Instead, there are particular makes and screen sizes that an LG phone must have in order for LG smartworld program to function properly.

The details are as follows:

Resolution for phones: 

The LG device must support Video and audio, XVGA, WXGA, WUVGA, QHD, and FHD and Produce high quality and HVGA resolutions. Only certain LG model resolutions are compatible with LG SmartWorld, therefore extremely old LG mobile phones whose resolutions do not match the ones listed are incompatible.

Android OS:

 Unless an LG smartphone has one of the following versions of Android OS, LG Smartworld will not function on that device: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.4, as well as 5.1. In the future, we hope LG will make more operating systems compatible with its distinctive app store, but for the time being, only the ones already mentioned are deemed valuable for such LG Smartworld programs.

Does using the LG Smart Global app cost money?

Good things are frequently expensive, and LG Smartworld’s excellent features are no exception. This implies that even though the business may occasionally charge you, you can be sure that the value of your purchase justifies the cost. You’ll be happy to learn that there are many special features in the LG digital environment, however, you may fully explore without spending a dime. Additionally, the basic features are just as fantastic and in no way limited. As a result, you may expect to enjoy a variety of additional themes, font styles, and keyboard functions without paying anything, and they get greater as you do. However, it’s still fine if you feel at ease using the download and want to explore them without purchasing premium features.

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Disclaimers for LG Smart World

In order to provide customers a general understanding of what they’re agreeing to, the majority of trustworthy companies always will spell out their fundamental operational principles in the shape of disclaimers. Similar LG smart world disclaimers exist, and becoming familiar with them will help you understand how the app store functions. Several of its disclaimers are as follows:

  • Lg Smartworld provides broad information to help customers become more aware
  • Access to the data provided by the business is free and simple for all of its clients.
  • There are variations in the products that Lg Smartworld offers, and not all of its features are available in every one of them.
  • Not all LG Smart Global items are offered in every market.
  • Client data loss is at risk for the company should it occur.
  • LG will be held accountable for any losses, including those that involve data as well as direct and indirect damages.
  • When using LG devices, LG SmartWorld provides an instructional video with simple fixes and troubleshooting tips.
  • It is the user’s obligation to verify his model because the instructional films differ based on the LG model.

How can I download the LG Smartworld software?

One must launch LG Smartworld, a special LG app store that gives customers unique access to themed features. It usually comes pre-installed on LG devices, however, occasionally you could find that your phone doesn’t have it. To start the process in this case, you must install the LG Smart World app. The installation and download procedures are described in the next part so that you can begin the delightful, limitless experience.

How can I download and set up the LG Smartworld app?

As long as you have internet connectivity, downloading or installing LG Smartworld is indeed a straightforward process that goes smoothly.

  • Visit the Google Play Store
  • LG Smartworld type
  • Press install.

The program will fully launch once you click install to confirm installation when it has finished downloading completely. Click the 3 vertical dots in the top-right corner of the application when the downloading and installation are finished, then choose LG special applications or LG apps to get started. You can alter your desktop, fonts, themes, and keywords using the specialized features and instructions offered by the LG apps. You may also decide which games and apps to display on your main screen. While the premium specifications are only accessed in the subscription version, all of these are accessible in the free mode.

What happens after the update?

  • The upgrade will eliminate the five themes that makeup LG Smartworld, which currently only has five themes.
  • The different backdrop designs and photographs from the settings are removed when you upgrade. Black or backgrounds with dark text-only versions are offered.
  • The options for text bubbles won’t allow all Android users to adjust them. Because recipients are intended to be grey and their color green according to the default settings, this is the case.
  • All of the app’s icons have changed as a result of the upgrade in Smartworld.
  • Following the change, the majority of font selections are removed. There aren’t many of them left.
  • Users of LG devices can use the app comfortably. Due to the fact that they can exchange software, music files, typefaces, and themes. No use of a third-party program is made. For LG devices, all functions and work procedures are available.
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The LG Smartworld application may be deleted, but how?

Although certain LG phones may already have LG Smart World loaded, this does not imply that they are dependent on the app to work. As a result, you are free to remove the app whenever you like. The settings will be restored, so be ready to lose any customized feature you had added to your phone. Follow these steps to remove LG Smartworld:

  • Setup can be accessed from the main menu.
  • After selecting General, go to Apps.
  • LG Smart World can be chosen from the list.
  • ‘Uninstall’ should be clicked to confirm the deletion.

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The LG Smart World app gives LG Android users access to a special application store where they may personalize their themes, fonts, and overall appearance. Additionally, it grants users access to games, applications, and additional themes that are just available to LG users. Access LG Smartworld from Settings and verify the deletion if you wish to remove it.


Q1. Why are LG phones so unpopular?

Ans. The typical consumer wants a smartphone that works effectively and simplifies their lives. Due to this realization, Apple and Samsung took the best inventions from their respective companies and improved them. Speaking of those two, another reason for LG’s failure is that people did not find it to be distinctive enough.

Q2. How can I modify the country on my LG Smart TV?

Ans. Altering the LG TV’s LG Service Country and Region;
-To access the All Settings page, press the settings button on the remote.
-Select Location under General by clicking.
-Select LG Service Country next.
-Deselect the checkbox Set Automatically, then choose the nation to which you want to shift the region.

Q3. How does LG Smart World Service work?

Ans. A variety of apps, including games, amusements, educational materials, and lifestyle information, are available on Smart TVs through LG Smart World, an app store. The large Smart TV screen can be used to install and use apps. You must sign in to your LG TV account in order to access LG Smart World.

Q4. Is it possible to hack an LG TV?

Ans. Leaving No Room For Possibilities. Smart TVs are internet-connected devices, therefore it goes without saying that they may ever be compromised. When it comes to their smart devices being hacked, many people have learned their lesson the hard way.

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