My phone history-A complete guide

Nowadays everyone uses the internet either to get some important information or for office work or school homework or for studying and all these people use different types of browsers. But has it ever happened to you that you have closed some important tab and then found it difficult to find it again? You can easily find your recently visited websites and videos through Google history. Fortunately, Google keeps a track of your history which you can use to find history in case you wonder “where is my phone history”.

Google is known as the safest browser of all. Sometimes you search for a lot of things that you do not want others to see and want to keep private. At such a time you might want to delete history instead of coming out in public. Similarly, every person has a different reaction to deleting history.

Whatever you search in your Google, that will show you in the future either in the form of advertisements or content. It also gives you suggestions in the search bar. This does not mean that Google is tracking your data. Google gives you suggestions according to the keyword you search, it helps advertisers in such a way to pull more audiences toward them.

My phone history-A complete guide
My phone history-A complete guide

If you are troubled by some sites and do not want the sites to extract your data, then you can delete your Google history without any worries. And by deleting the old history, there will be less disk space on your phone. Even if we talk about other browsers other than Google, such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer, if you use any of these browsers, then you can also delete their history. But, the method for deleting every browser is slightly different.

Apart from just web history, you can also delete Google Map, Location History, and YouTube History too. We will also see How to delete a call log history and How we can view notification history. Now, here is A complete guide to my phone history. Let’s jump in.

How can you view and delete your phone history?

Keeping a track of recent and past visited websites, articles, videos, and images is the best thing. However, you never know when you need to see them again. But, if you have visited some website and don’t want anyone else to look into it then you can delete your phone history and can keep it secretive. Now, you can look into your phone history through two methods-

From the web browser.

History can be viewed and deleted from the web browser itself. Clearing this will remove the searched keywords as well. The download files, videos, etc. will remain safe. But, you have to again give access to the sites which you have already visited. By this, you can keep your privacy safe and secure.

Web browser account history.

The web browser history can also be viewed and can be deleted if you have logged in to your Gmail in the browser. Then, the history of YouTube watched videos, images searched on the browser, installed games, and music, downloaded apps, etc. can be easily tracked and deleted. It is better to link Gmail to the browser for better tracking of history.

How to view and delete your phone’s web history from the web browser

As I told you earlier, different web browsers have different steps for deleting the history. The step for deleting history is different for Google and Firefox and with others also. Nowadays Microsoft Edge is replacing Internet Explorer in new Windows. Let’s look into all including Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a browsing platform developed by Google in 2008. It is recommended as one of the best-known browsers.

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To view history in Google Chrome

my phone history on Google Chrome browser
Google Chrome browser
  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Click on “History” and view your past and recent histories.

To delete history in Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome and click on “History”.
  • From the top, click on “Clear browsing data”.
  • From Basic, select the options which you think are suitable.
  • Set the time range as per your choice.
  • Tap on “Clear”.

If you want that all the passwords you have saved on the sites should also be deleted, then go to the advanced setting and clear the data.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox browser

Mozilla Firefox or Firefox is developed by the Mozilla foundation. It is best known for its customizable features and privacy protections.

To view history in Mozilla Firefox

  • From the upper right side of your device, click on the three dots given.
  • Click on “History”.

To delete history in Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox.
  • Go to the “Settings”.
  • Click on the “Delete browsing data”.
  • Choose a suitable option.
  • Now, click on “Delete”.


my phone history - Opera browser

Opera gives some advantages which are not available on other browsers such as Mozilla and Microsoft. Many different types of operating systems are available in it. It is much faster and a stable browser.

To view history in Opera

  • Open Opera.
  • From the bottom of the screen, click on the “Profile icon”.
  • Tap on “History”.
  • And, view recent and past visited sites.

To delete history in Opera

  • Open Opera and go to the “Profile icon”.
  • Go to “History”.
  • On the top right of your device, look for the “bin icon”.
  • Click on it and all your browsing history will get cleared.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge
  • It is now coming as a default browser in Windows 10.
  • Microsoft Edge is replacing Internet Explorer at a faster rate.
  • It now comes as the default browser.

To view history in Microsoft Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge.
  • Tap on the three horizontal dots located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on “History”, and the places you have visited will display here.

To delete history in Microsoft Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge and go to “History”.
  • Click on the “Bin icon”.
  • Select the time range in which range you want to delete your history.
  • Choose the suitable boxes.
  • Tap on the “Clear data”.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer was developed by Microsoft. It 11 was the last version of this. But in a few years, Microsoft Edge is replacing Internet Explorer. Before it was used as a default browser in many Windows but now it is no longer can be seen.

To view history in Internet Explorer

To delete history in Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer, go to “Clock icon”.
  • Select one by one the history which you want to delete.
  • And, click on the “Bin icon”, on the top right of the device.

How to clear Google History from the Samsung

Steps for clearing the Google history from the Samsung smartphone –

  • Open the application of Samsung Internet
  • Click on the three horizontal lines.
  • Click on “settings”.
  • Click on “Personal browsing data”.
  • Then, go to “Delete browsing data”.
  • Choose a suitable option.
  • Now, click on “Delete data”.
  • At last, tap on “Delete”. It will remove all your saved history.

How to signup a Gmail account to Google

For signing up your Gmail account to Google. Open Google chrome. Watch on the top right of your device, you will see signup written in blue color. Click on it. Now, log in to your Gmail account by inputting your Email and password. The process ends here. Your Gmail is now attached to Google and you can easily view your history and delete it any time you want.

If you want to confirm that your Gmail is finally linked to Google or not, look at the top right of your screen. In such a case, if you have put a profile photo in your Gmail account, then it will be shown and if you have not put any photo then it will show the first letter (in Capital alphabet) of your respected name.

How to view and delete Google history from a Google account

For viewing your history from a google account you must have to turn on the syncing option, your history will be paused if you turn off this option. Open Google chrome. Watch on the top right of the page and click on your profile icon. Tap on “Manage google account”. On the top click on the “Microscope icon” to search for “Web and App activity” from the search bar. Scroll down and click on “Manage web and app activity”. Now from here, you can delete your search history of google chrome, google play store, google assistant, and many more easily. 

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If you want to delete history then click on “Delete” and can also set a time range from which month to which month you want to delete the history. 

Set up auto-delete history on Google

Set up auto-delete
Set up auto-delete

Users can also set auto deletion of history till some specific month. You can also find “Web and App Activity” instead of searching from going to “Data and privacy”. In data and privacy click on “My activity”. Now your history will be cleared automatically.

How to view and delete Location history from a Google account

Location history can be viewed from a Google account. Go to Google Chrome. Click on “Signup” from the right side. Click on “Manage Google account”. Tap on “Data and privacy”. Scroll down to the “History settings”. Under history settings look for “Location history”. It will only be viewed if you have turned off the location. When you pause this option, it cannot be viewed. If you wish to delete your location history then tap on “Manage location history” and click on “Delete”.

You can easily keep track wherever you go. If you go to a restaurant and wish to go again someday else then you can straightforwardly track the location and visit there again. Else, it helps parents in locating their children better. It’s a good way to keep your family safe. You can also set up auto delete history in this.

How to view and delete YouTube history from a Google account

Viewing a YouTube history is as simple as viewing a location history. Open Google Chrome. Click on the top right side on “Signup”. Tap on “Manage Google account”. Click on “Data and privacy”. Same as location history, scroll down to the “History settings”. Under it find “YouTube history”. Make sure it must be on, if it is paused you will not be able to view your YouTube history. Now, click on “Manage YouTube history”. Tap on “Delete”. This is how your YouTube history can be viewed and deleted.

Tracking YouTube history is a good idea. Suppose you have ever seen an Adventurous vlog and you have made a plan to go after that. But you have forgotten which place was told in the vlog to visit, so in that case, you can go to YouTube history and find that video again. Similarly, if you have seen any cooking video and feel like making it, then you can open that video again by going to your history. So, it helps in many ways. Auto delete is also available in it.

How to delete Keyboard history from a Google board

Sometimes you want to remove some of the input learned keywords from your keyboard so that no one else can find them while typing them from your board. People do not know how to delete it because every phone has a different way of deleting it. They are different but some steps are the same.

Open the settings of your device. Scroll down, look for “System settings” or “Additional settings”, and click on it. Tap on “Keyboard and input method”. Then, click on “Gboard”. Scroll down a bit and click on “Advanced”. Now, tap on “Delete learned words and data”. It will clear all words which you have saved to improve your typing. Further, it will ask you to enter a given code from the screen and click “Ok”. 

How to delete keyboard history from a Samsung smartphone

For deleting keyboard history from a Samsung device. Go to the settings of your device. Click on the “Language and input”. Inside it, click on “Samsung keyboard”. Now, click on the “Delete personal data” or “Reset settings”. It will only save your keyboard data if you have turned on the “Predictive text”. This is how Samsung users can delete their keyboard history from their devices.

How to delete saved and search keywords on Google

If you wish to delete saved search keywords from your Google then kindly open the “Google Issue tracker” on your web browser. From the menus list given on the left side click on the “Saved search”. Here you will find all your searched keywords. Now, tap on the keyword you want to delete and see three vertical dots appearing in front of that keyword. Tap on it and click on “Delete”.

How to stop Google from displaying search history

Every device has a different option for turning off this option. Open your Google application. From the bottom of your screen click on “More”. Click on the “Settings”. Now, tap on “General”. Turn off the option of “Recent pages”. By turning off this option Google will not show you recent searches of yours.

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About Google history of Incognito mode

You will find a secret window on Google which does not save your history. Here, I am talking about the Incognito mode. For turning on the Incognito window just simply click on the three horizontal dots from the top right corner of your device. Click on “New Incognito Window”. You can do whatever here secretly. It neither saves the history nor the searched keywords. All the things you search get removed simply by closing the window. It is good when you don’t want history to be saved. But, it is a bit dangerous when it comes to security purposes. Your IP address will still be visible, only history will not be saved.

How to delete call history

Sometimes people don’t know how to delete call history from their phone. For deleting call history, open the “Phone’s app” of your device. Go to “Recent”. Look for the number you want to delete, long tap on it, and then click on “Delete”. 

How to view notification history

If you want to check all your notification history of recent and past applications then you can go to the settings of your device. Click on “Notifications” or some smartphone’s “Notifications and Status bar”. Then, tap on “More settings”. Now, click on “Notifications history”. For saving the notification history of the applications on your phone so you have to keep on this option always. Saving notification history will get automatically off if you turn off this option from the settings.

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So, this was a complete guide to my phone history. Past histories can be deleted at any time. You can open the web browser’s history page and can select the history which you want to delete one by one. All browsing data can also be cleared at once. Every browser has its quality. The steps for clearing Google’s history for Samsung’s users are different for different versions but the process remains mostly the same.

A web browser’s history becomes easy to view if you signup it with Gmail. Saving Google history is not bad; it only develops our knowledge in our interesting field, as Google keeps an eye on our searched keywords. So, it recommends things of our interest, for example, any cloth, place, advertisement, etc. If we link our Gmail to Google you can easily keep a track of your Browser, Location, and YouTube history all at once. Adding to it, it is now also possible to delete call log history and view notification history. Many users find viewing recent notification history useful.

FAQ(Frequently asked questions)

Q1. Does clearing history permanently delete the history?

No, clearing history just deletes the websites and pages you have visited which means it just clears the history from your phone. But actually, the Google server always keeps storing your data. The history that you delete is kept by Google and they use this data for their other internal uses.

Q2. How can I save my social media passwords on Google?

If you want to save the password of your social media i.e., Instagram or Facebook, or any shopping sites Amazon Flipkart. And do not want to ask you to enter that password next time, then it can be possible only if you link your Google to Gmail. What will happen with this, whenever you log in to any page for the first time, then you will get a pop-up message showing in which it will ask you to save your password. Then you have to click on that option.

Q3. Is removing history on time a good idea?

If seen, if you remove the history time, then it will reduce the space of your phone, somewhere the cache will also be cleared. And with this you can also stop the sites you visit from tracking yourself. Because of what these people do, they show you advertisements so that you like, comment, or buy something. So, what happens with these advertisements, the chances of getting a glitch, bug, or error in your phone increase.

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