OEM Unlocking in Android

Android is a widely used smartphone on the planet. Android has many confidential features that people won’t know anything about. We can even customize our android device by enabling this hidden feature. Obviously, if a group of people knows about this remote feature, then they can misuse it for their benefit. Android is open-source software, but secret features secure it to some extent. Even if we succeed in OEM Unlocking, then our Device will lose its value, and the warranty that is provided by the Manufacturer will be of no use. OEM Unlocking in Android is a secured feature that offers unlimited core functions of your Device. Users will get so many customized experiences in android. This software is full of functionality and immense capability. You can unlock the Bootloader, and Even you can install a custom recovery, custom ROM. OEM also can root your Device. 

Unlocking also refers to a process that helps users to access the secure features of the Device. The process is simple, but it can harm your Device’s performance and lead to malfunction. Apps may need to be fixed after accessing the OEM unlocking. We can use our Device to its full potential after unlocking it. Software is used to unlock OEMs in Android. Now, you are all interested in Customizing your android with the help of OEM Unlocking, and I will cover all the related topics. So, stay awake and learn the process. After enabling this option, it will only be disabled manually or if you reboot your Device. 

OEM Unlocking in Android

Why Should you enable OEM in your Device?

OEM Unlocking helps and provides many hidden and valuable features in the smartphone, but this also has drawbacks and can be dangerous also in some conditions. OEM gives access to Root Permission on the Device, and Rooting the Device helps us to install a custom ROM, kernel version, VIPER4Android, etc. Rooting with the help of OEM gives access to TWRP recovery in most cases. Bootloader gives you access to write a device partition to install custom recovery. So, in order to do this, we have to first enable this, and this is also the starting process of Rooting the Device. 

A bootloader is a software program that runs when you first switch on your android smartphone. The Bootloader helps in providing information to boot the operating system kernel, and OEM gives the necessary permission for it. 

Advantage of OEM Unlocking

  • It helps in Installing Custom Recovery
  • Helps in Installing Custom Rom
  • We can root our Device
  • Can Install kernel
  • Bloatware removal
  • Customize buttons for action
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These all are the advantages of using OEM in our smartphone, and Now we will see some disadvantages of it.

The disadvantage of OEM Unlocking

Before Unlocking OEM, you need to see some disadvantages of it. 

  • One of the most significant disadvantages is that you can lose the warranty of your Device in most cases.
  • An instant after Unlocking OEM, you will no longer receive the update of your software.
  • Hackers and spyware will get a chance to attack your Device.
  • Unsuccessful Unlocking can lead to the malfunction of your Device, or even your Device won’t work.

I hope that you know the disadvantage of OEM unlocking. Keep these points in mind and perform the action. Although you are not ready for it, then do not do Unlocking.

Reason Behind locking of OEM in Android

OEM is for professionals, not for regular users, Because we are not trained enough to use OEM features. Generally, it is for someone who knows how to make changes with your internal Device. Precautions are mandatory while using OEM. This method tends to harm your Device. If you have bought a new device, then I recommend you not to use OEM Unlocking. If you tend to do this, then you will lose the value of the Device. Android and the device manufacturer are strictly instructed to hide this feature at any cost.

OEM Unlocking Limitation

This, too, has some limitations, and we will go through them. OEMs are capable of doing many things, but We need to be very careful in this. We can not process data-related queries after Unlocking OEM. Even the OEM does not give us permission to change internal software. Android has given some limitations regarding this to ensure the safety of Users. If users get all the consent, then they are able to read the source code of android software as well, and this will be too dangerous for android. 

Process of enabling OEM Unlocking

The OEM Unlocking process is easy and straightforward. You have to be careful while doing this because if somehow we do it wrong, then the Device will be dead anytime. Some may be hearing this for the first time, and few may know about it. I Will share exact information about this and the whole process in a simple way. Let’s start it and Unlock the full capability of android

First, we need to back up the Device.

Everyone should back up the Device before OEM Unlocking so that their essential data would be protected. You should take a backup of apps, photos, videos, messages, storage, and contacts. The Bootloader will totally wipe out your data if you don’t take a backup. You can back up the data in an SDcard or in a Pendrive. You can store the data in your cloud too. So, Back up first to use OEM Unlocking in Android.

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Second, Enable the Developer option.

Without enabling the developer option, You are not able to allow the OEM option. Now, first, we will help the developer option. Let us see the process of it

  • Find the setting option and click on it
  • Scroll down till you find about phone option
  • Click on the About Phone option and find device information like kernel version, build version, etc.
  • Click on Build number 
  • Keep pressing repeatedly, and you will automatically enable the developer option.
  • It will appear as You are now a developer
  • Again go to the setting option.

Third, Enable the OEM Unlocking option in android.

We have enabled the Developer option; Now, it is too easy to allow OEM to be in it. It’s an easy process to do. Let me explain this to you.

  • Find the setting option and Click on the system in it
  • The developer option will appear; just click on it
  • A lot of choices in it; just scroll down and find OEM Unlocking
  • Now, Press the ‘On’ option to enable OEM
  • A message will. So, confirm it and proceed ahead. 

I hope that you are able to enable this option. I told you the process is too easy, and it is. 

Different Android phone’s OEM function

Every Device has a different sort of function and a different process. OEM enabling processes may differ in other android devices or brands. However, a common aspect is an OEM functionality. There are many brands in the Android smartphone space, and every brand has a unique function or method. However, If we consider OEM unlocking in Samsung devices, it offers a special mode known as Device unlock mode, which helps users to do anything to their Devices. For this, we have to first open the bootloader mode in a Samsung android device, and the method is the same as I have shown earlier. The Bootloader in Samsung also offers you to unlock all the possibilities in your Device. 

Oneplus OEM Unlocking in Android

In OnePlus devices, we get an edge of warranty even after Unlocking the OEM option. One of the most secure and best machines for those who want to use OEM functions. The process is the same as other devices, but the only difference is that here we have an edge in warranty. OnePlus gives this edge to users to attract toward its product and to compete with other smartphone brands, and really their devices are beating other competitors as well. 


Everything has been explained correctly and in simple language; I hope that you are able to understand each thing and can apply it correctly. OEM is not safe for a long time because it tends to harm the Device. From advantage to process, we have talked about everything about OEM. Android is full of features, but we know little about it, and this would help you in gaining more knowledge about it. Android is one of the leading software used by users if compared to some other software like IOS.

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OEMs in android play a massive role in the security of devices and sustainability. There are many advantages of OEM, but the disadvantages are more powerful enough. The process is simple and easy. Different smartphone brands use various tactics to hide this feature, and it is necessary also to do this. Samsung, Oneplus, Oppo, and Vivo phones also provide OEM functions.

Now, you know everything about it OEM Unlocking in Android. So, I will suggest that you do not use this method unless you know everything about it. A slight mistake can lead to a big problem. OEM is spartan, but its consequences can be unbearable. If your Device is in good condition, then there is no need to use OEM. I hope that you have got everything that you are looking for. 

Does OEM affect the Warranty of the Device?

Yes, OEM affects the warranty because the policy of android and the Manufacturer has written that the contract will automatically be invalid if you enable the OEM option in your Device. OEM will only harm the Device, and when enabled, it opens the core function or developer function of your Device. So, do not try to allow it if you don’t want to lose your Device. Even if you install a custom ROM in the Device, then also you will lose the warranty.

Is it possible to root android without enabling the Bootloader?

Yes, This is possible. You can root your Device without a bootloader. The Bootloader only helps in installing custom ROM; it has no role in Rooting the Device. But if you want to root the Device most easily, then unlocking Bootloader first would be the best option.

The OEM option turned Grey. Why?

Galaxy smartphones sold in the USA and other parts of the world have a processor that does not contain the option of OEM unlocking and Bootloader Unlocking. So, when you try to see it, there is no Unlocking option available in the developer section. 

Is the OEM safe?

I won’t say that OEM is safe because it is not safe at all. The moment when you enable the OEM, there is a guarantee that the Device will perform well. Your Device can malfunction at any time and in any situation. So, be careful before doing anything with the Device. 

Is the Bootloader safe?

The Bootloader is also unsafe because it is used to install Custom ROM in the Device, and if anything goes wrong while doing it, the outcome will be hilarious. The internal system is complicated, and regular users need to learn its function. So, keep your distance from this.

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