Set up my new device: 2023 android devices guide

You have removed the package from your new Android gadget and are overjoyed. Perhaps you can feel the excitement in your hands. Your eyes are inflamed, and your mouth is gritty. OK, maybe you’re not thrilled, but a new phone is undoubtedly an occasion to celebrate. But what happens next? Following are a few activities any Android user must do immediately after getting their phone straight out of the box to set up the device. You will immediately get the most out of your device if you perform these quick exercises.

You recently bought a brand-new Android mobile device or tablet and are eager to start answering the phone and downloading software. Do not worry if somehow the setup procedure appears a little intimidating; we’ll walk you through each procedure and demonstrate what you should do.

Most smartphones and tablets will walk you through the installation procedure step-by-step. Depending on your Smartphone’s maker and the Android platform it runs, the interface may vary a bit. These procedures will still apply when you need to set your Android from the beginning after doing a hard reset.

How to Set Up a New Android device

Examine your gadget

Take time to truly enjoy what you are carrying in your hands before anything else. You now own a portable device that is so futuristic that no writers of science fiction could have imagined it. By browsing through all the packages of the smartphone, make a list of just about everything. Read through any warranty details and make a note of any additional. Whenever you have to replace your SIM card, really shouldn’t toss away the SIM tool that comes with many of these Android smartphones. Most probably, you also got a great headphone set and a charger.

set up my new device 2023 android devices guide
set up my new device 2023 android devices guide

Charge your mobile device

As soon as the handset is connected, the battery automatically begins to charge. Even though several phones arrive half full, they rarely do. You won’t expect your new gadget to die on you during the middle of an important task because you’ll be enjoying it here for the next matter of hours.

Register with Google and let the magic happen

  • Press the start button up initially till the device switches on.
  • The start button is often located at the top of many Android devices on the right-hand side. 
  • You’ll get a welcome screen when the device first starts up. Depending upon that Android device’s maker, you might have to pick your language on the page. Select START once you’re prepared to go forward.
  • As requested, put in your SIM card. Users can leave this step out if they do not yet possess one or only intend to use wifi with this Smartphone.
  • Choosing a network is optional if there is no wifi network available. Ensure that your Android is connected to wifi or mobile data if you want to continue. Providing the broadcaster’s security username or password is required if you choose a protected wifi connection.
  • You can choose to begin over on the following screen, or you may restore files and apps from an older phone. Wouldn’t copy if you intend to start over. The article’s discussion of this section follows.
  • You will immediately be asked to sign in with your Google account. To continue, you must enter the phone number or the email address linked to the Google account. You’ll need yet another phone signed onto your Google account if you’ve enabled two-factor verification on the login.
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Users are welcome to bypass this part, but we strongly discourage it. After connecting to Google, your smartphone can access a number of additional applications and begin the process of being customized. The smartphone will take actions to create your Email, calendar events, and phonebook list after you enable this account, allowing you to unify your identification across all devices. The Appstore also requires it.

If you’ve previously held an Android phone, you will see something magical. Your device will seek to install all your old applications after connecting to the Google Store and signing into your Google account. This essential handset will change right before your eyes into a speedier, more streamlined version of the old phone.

Disable malware

When your phone is operational, navigate to the Apps section in your Settings and look for any pre-installed applications. You may not be capable of removing them, but you can try. You might wish to maintain the pre-installed applications available if you’re using your first Android Smartphone until you are confident you won’t require them.

It can request that you sign up for more antivirus software or even other extra services as you complete the setup process of your phone. Please disregard these pitches; throughout setup, you shouldn’t be required to sign up for anything other than a Google account.

Create your place and acquire some fresh apps

Additionally, remember that you will still be required to enter your Amazon, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other accounts.

After all the apps have been added, you can begin personalizing the phone to your tastes. You can change the background and sound on your phone, and you can add gadgets and app shortcuts to personalize the home page. Don’t miss arranging the rapid switches in the notification bar, changing the phone’s light, enabling touches, and utilizing any other beneficial properties your device could offer.

Protect your device

Mainly if you depend on your device for finance, purchasing, or food delivery, your Smartphone likely includes a significant amount of sensitive data. To safeguard your confidentiality and identity, it’s crucial to put in place reliable safeguards.

Password and security: Protect your device
Password and security: Protect your device

Usually, Android smartphones offer a touch id in addition to a PIN or patterns lock. However, these are the two security solutions that are most commonly used.

You may also see if your gadget supports intelligent locks. When necessary, your phone can skip the lock screen thanks to the innovative Smart Lock feature.

Ensure that everything is updated

There is a reasonable probability that your Smartphone has some modifications ready for you. Occasionally they will be performance upgrades or simple improvements. The latest Android editions might sometimes have been in the process if indeed the new phone has been available for sale for quite a while. You may look for the latest current developments by going to Settings > System > System Updates, though the actual location may differ slightly from device to device.

Android Update
Android Update

Learn about your device

Examine your device’s settings by taking a moment. Make detailed notes on where different features are located as you browse the options and nested folders. If you do this, you could ultimately save a great deal of time and possibly gain new knowledge about your device. It may not seem very comforting to configure an Android device, but relaxing and taking your time may be significant.

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How to Set Up a New Android device From an Old One

Throughout the initial Android configuration, you can copy data from your old phone, but customers have the option to start fresh with a new Android smartphone. Your applications, setting, and other info can be restored straight from your previous Android or via a cloud service if one exists. If upgrading to an iPhone, you can download an application to transfer your data from your outdated iPhone onto your more recent Android.

Irrespective of the nature of the handset you’re upgrading from, almost all of the processes for setting up a new Handset seem to be the same. However, the file transfers and configurations procedure from your old Smartphone is different.

How to Backup Android Phone Data

Users can use the previous functioning Android phone to set up their brand-new one if they already own one. If somehow the device’s battery is dead, ensure it is powered or plugged in and join your home wifi connection.

This is how to transfer settings from that of an old Android mobile to a current one:

  • The new Android can be activated by the power button being pressed. Once the phone has started, an inviting screen will pop up.
  • Choose your speech from the welcome page and touch Start to move further. Then you can insert your SIM card and configure wifi by following the on-screen instructions.
  • If you wish to copy applications and data, press Next whenever the setup process prompts. A range of options will next be presented to you.
  • Choose a backup from that device to transmit files and information from an old Android to your current one.
  • If the setup screen prompts you to copy data and applications, select Next. A menu of choices will then be displayed to you.
  • To transfer preferences and data from your old Mobile to your new device, choose recovery from your Android.
  • Assuming your old Android smartphone hasn’t already been switched on, you’ll need to grab it up right now and power it on. Your old phone needs to be connected to the exact line as the newer one.
  • To begin uploading data, launch the Google app and would either speak, “OK, Google, set up my phone,” or enter set up my device into the search bar.
  • It’s likely to be discovered by the old phone. Choose which data and settings you want to transfer after making sure the proper phone has been discovered.
  • To begin the file transfer procedure on the new Smartphone, check in using your Google account, and validate the lock screen technique employed on the old phone, after which click Restore.
  • Users can proceed with the setup procedure by following the on-screen directions when their new phone has been configured with content from their previous one.
  • A menu of Google services will be provided to you, which you can activate or deactivate. While some functions won’t perform if they are disabled, your phone will still work regardless of whether you activate these.
  • Following this, you would have the option to change your device’s screen lock mode and decide whether or not to use the vocal match function of Google Assistant.
  • You’ve completed the process once you get to the section where it asks if there’s anything additional and gives you a list of choices. If you’d rather, you can choose any available things, or you may hit No thanks to end the setup procedure.
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Does Gmail Have to Be Used on Android?

Although you require a Google login to sign in to set up your Android device, you are allowed to access an email address associated with any other source. Following setup, you may add a personal email account to the new device, and the Gmail software that comes with it will allow you to access it. If you don’t prefer to use the Gmail program, there are a lot of alternative fantastic mail applications available in the Google Play Store.

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With Google’s reliable backup system, switching to a new smartphone has become very simple, and Android has advanced to the point where it can handle the labor-intensive tasks in the backdrop. At the same time, you explore your new device with glee. We have briefly covered the entire process to set up your new Android device up to this point. Additionally, we talked about how to move data from an older Android device to a newer one.


Q1. How can I ask Google how to set up my TV?

Ans. Launch the Set up My Device application on your Smartphone, switch on the smart TV, then enter the code you receive. The code is requested by similar TV. After entering the code, configure the unit on the Display.

Q2. How do I set up my Sony Bravia 4K device?

Ans. On the remote, hit the start button to switch on the Sony Bravia 4k. Choose a setting and then a network option. Select your wifi and launch the Play Store application for Android on your phone. To set up your Sony smart TV with Voice Search, users can utilize an HDMI cable.

Q3. How can I set up my TV with OK Google?

Ans. Switch on the television initially, then open your phone. Your gadget and the cellphone should always share that very same wifi signal. Enter “set up my TV” into the Google App immediately, then wait for the code to appear before setting up the TV.

Q4. What tasks should I do after purchasing a new Android phone?

Ans. If your driver uses it, lock down your Smartphone with either a password or a PIN and install Android Smart Guard. Then, you have various customization options for your Android, including the ability to modify the theme and add applications to the main screen.

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