SW rev check fail | Why it occurs | How to fix it?

Are you facing SW rev check fail error? What exactly is happening with this notification that won’t stop flashing on my Android device? Where can I find the solution to this issue? The absence of Android devices in our daily routines would significantly alter the quality of our lives. Despite the continuous pandemic, working from home is becoming a daily practice today. Everyone, including students, instructors, professionals in the workforce, bank employees, and employees from all other fields, needs a cell phone, a laptop, and, of course, an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to be able to handle the increased workload that comes with working from home. This is true regardless of the field the employee works in.

When using it, our Android regularly and unexpectedly switches itself off, sometimes without displaying a message or odd technical or software jargon that is difficult for the average person to understand. The issue can be quickly discovered and fixed by using competent software specialists who possess the requisite expertise. On the other hand, a layperson who is entirely ignorant of these seemingly minor but alarming error signs will be unable to fix the equipment successfully. Consequently, to address challenges, he initially tries to find solutions by watching videos on YouTube or reading blogs comparable to this one; if neither of these approaches is successful, he visits the support center.

On the other hand, this is not the solution; instead, everyone needs to be aware of some principles they may follow to overcome these challenges.

SW rev check fail - Why it occurs - How to fix it
SW rev check fail – Why it occurs – How to fix it

Why does the SW rev check fail? What causes it?

This article will focus on one particular error message, “SW rev check fail,” which is displayed on Samsung mobile devices if the most recent firmware update is not flashed on the device. This is impossible because Samsung does not permit users to roll back their firmware from a higher version to a lower version. Instead, you will need to upgrade to a more recent version of Android or update the most recent firmware to get rid of this error flash.

Because Samsung devices come equipped with a secure bootloader that prevents a downgrade to an earlier version of the stock firmware, this error message appears on Samsung devices more often than any other brand.

For instance, it would be challenging for me to downgrade my system to an earlier version of firmware, “J710MNVJU1APL5”, using Odin and stock firmware on my Samsung device. I have a Samsung model called “SM-J710MN,” and I now have the firmware “J710MNVJU3AQD.”

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I got this message. “SW rev check fails device three binary 1” or, in rare cases, “SW rev check fails device two binary 1,”. But some numbers are different as a result of a variation in firmware. This is attributable to Samsung phones’ protected bootloaders, which are a hindrance when flashing the incorrect package or upgrading to an older firmware.

How can I solve a failed SW rev check?

There are several ways to fix the phone’s package/firmware difference. A layperson will typically try to fix things using some free videos on YouTube or submit them to the service center for quick recovery. You can find some of the most significant fixes for these issues if you search for “SW rev check fail” in your browser.

In this situation, these show to be more beneficial than boring YouTube lessons teaching at a 2x speed—the same as “putting a googly to an offspinner”.

The most attractive feature of these technical write-ups is that they offer real-life stories of individuals like us who confronted the same difficulty in the comments area and their helpful remedies (numerous ways of handling a single error- the plus point).

I’ll outline two of the most helpful methods for stopping the SW rev check fail error on all Samsung smartphones below:

SW rev check fails device repair three binary one error while the device is flashing.

When I flashed binary one firmware onto my Samsung device to replace the recently received binary three firmware, I received the error “SW rev check fail device three binary 1”.

The explanation is straightforward: “You can only upgrade the binary; you cannot downgrade it. If a better binary version of the software has already been there on our phone, we cannot flash a lesser binary version into it.

The fix is relatively straightforward (you can either download the correct firmware directly from your phone or use a desktop or laptop to accomplish it):

First, let’s examine the direct mobile download:

To choose the correct binary version firmware for our Samsung device, we must determine which binary version our phone is currently running on. To enter download mode, press and hold the volume up, home, and power keys at the same time.

Only Samsung smartphones with a physical home button—not the touch-screen home button seen on newer models—can enter this download mode. A-series hardware should have a physical home button underneath.

What has to be determined is which website is reliable or appropriate for downloading the necessary firmware. From either of the two websites, we may get the firmware:

  • sammobile
  • shell in z3x
  • Visit this website while using a desktop or laptop: odindownloader.com.

Check out one of the two websites that have been listed above. Start your search by going to the SamMobile website, selecting the G930P model, and clicking the Start button. Because I used this particular model, G930P, the answer is based on it; nevertheless, you may easily search for it on the site by entering the name of your device model.

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Our next step will be to examine the Country/Carrier column, the row for your country, and finally, the firmware (PDA) in that row. The model number is G930P. The device runs on binary/rev5 or S5. In other words, binary five or higher firmware won’t cause a software revision failure.

The simplest method for downloading the proper firmware for your Samsung phone and correctly flashing it is provided by this solution. A simple solution to the “SW rev check fail” problem.

Using a laptop or desktop to download is the second option:

The following method is downloading.

  • NOTE: Making a backup of your data before using the odindownloader.com/odin utility to flash the correct firmware will prevent this from happening.
  • If your system already has installed the newest Samsung USB driver, go to step b. Otherwise, download and install it.
  • Extract the firmware for your specific Samsung model after downloading it. Turn off your phone right now.
  • After turning it on, enter the download mode described in the mobile direct download section (step b). Press the volume up button once the warning notice shows after entering download mode.
  • You may skip this step if you already have the most recent Odin downloader. Hare in and click the Odin3.exe file to run it.
  • Once the system plugin has been installed, you can link your phone to your computer. A new message reading “Added!” will then appear in the Odin Tool.
  • Locate Stock Firmware on your desktop by clicking AP.
  • To start the flashing, press start.
  • A Green Pass notification will appear following successful flashing and installation, which can take 5 to 10 minutes.
  • After the phone has restarted itself automatically, shut off the Odin tool and unplug it from the computer.
  • The second approach, typically favored by software specialists for secure flashing, was used to flash the correct binary firmware.
  • Please use the first approach if you don’t feel comfortable using this one.
  • The third category of this issue will now be discussed, along with several solutions.
  • As firmware and packages differ between countries, flashing problems are sometimes referred to as “fused” rather than “firmware.”

How to resolve the error “Device Descriptor Request Failed”

When a user from Hong Kong asked how to restore his phone’s original stock after it had been in sleep mode for the previous 12 hours on his SM-N9005/sm-N9005. I recently found this weird message. He received the following error: SW rev check fail: When he WAS trying to restore his original system stock using ODIN, [aboot]fused two> binary 1.

Why did the [aboot] fuse two>binary one error cause the SW rev to check to fail?

When requested, the customer provided a comprehensive explanation of his problems, which included what he was downloading or uploading at the time that created the fuse problem. As a result of the frequency with which firmware errors flash, I was taken aback to see that the fuse fault was flashing.

He had a Samsung phone with the model number SM-N9005, and he was from Hong Kong. He began by downloading the TGY Hong Kong firmware and then attempted to flash it to the BTU UK Stock firmware. The original Samsung firmware for devices sold in the UK. However, he could not utilize it on his phone since his machine had trouble locating the United Kingdom.

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The second error he made was going from the most recent version of the sm-bootloader n9005s to an earlier one. When we accidentally try to flash the incorrect system or CSC file into the mobile device, we can fall back on this procedure as a backup plan. Therefore, even if you download the latest firmware for your phone from a trustworthy website (like odindownloader.com), you may still experience issues. There is still a possibility that your mobile device will not be compatible with an incorrectly configured or assembled kit.

How can you prevent yourself from noticing the mistake?

You must complete the following procedures to prevent receiving any flashing error, wrong package error, or SW rev check fails error:

Never, ever attempt to move your firmware to a different location or try to download firmware for a different continent or country while living in the other. Suppose you download UK stock firmware, for example. In that case, your device will undoubtedly flash an Odin compatibility error such as the one below: For instance, if you now reside in India, your smartphone will only be compatible with Indian stock firmware.

  •  The software version check failed with the following message: [aboot]fused two> binary 1. The revisions of the firmware would cause the figures to fluctuate in different ways.
  •  You should never make an effort to lower the firmware version; if you do, you will always receive a blinking red device error.
  • Device 3 binary 1 flashing error, SW rev check fail. Higher numbers indicate a higher version of the firmware. In contrast, lower numbers indicate an older version.

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As mentioned here, a few solutions exist to fix the SV Rev Check. All the methods described in this article are effective so you can try any of them. Thank you for reading this far. for more iPhone and android tips and tricks browse our site TrickyFreaky.


How can I check if the SW rev check failed with the error “fused two binary 1”?

The reason for the quotation is that many nations utilize a variety of different firmware and packaging types. As a result, the problem with flashing may manifest itself in terms of fused rather than firmware. Other countries are distinct from ours because they are situated in different parts of the world.

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