The 11 Best Procreate Alternatives for Android

Today, In this article we are going to learn the 11 Best Procreate Alternatives for Android. Along with the growth of digital art, there is a rising need for painting and sketching applications. Several programs are available for creating digital artwork, but few of them compare to Procreate. Nowadays, digital art is increasingly popular, mostly due to painting and sketching apps like Procreate.

Thanks to these tools, graphic artists now have an efficient and straightforward approach to demonstrating their talent. There are numerous programs available for making graphics and artwork, but I don’t believe that many of them can compare to Procreate. The software has a powerful set of tools to enable you to produce designs of a professional caliber in addition to having a very user-friendly layout. The capacity to create art in 64-bit color, create ultra-high-definition canvases, and have over 100 adjustable settings for each brush make it a top tool for artists.

A well-liked program for painting, sketching, and drawing is called Procreate. It’s a terrific tool for professionals or anybody who enjoys producing beautiful artwork since it has hundreds of handcrafted brushes, creative agencies, and an extensive layer system. It operates with buttery smoothness and boasts a quick Valkyrie graphics engine. You may thus create paintings or illustrations with a great deal of control.

The 11 Best Procreate Alternatives for Android
The 11 Best Procreate Alternatives for Android

So that you may make stunning designs on your Android smartphone as well, we’ve compiled the top 11 Procreate alternatives for Android.

Autodesk SketchBook

One of the most significant applications available for drawing is Autodesk SketchBook. This program is effective and has a lot of tools and functions. Originally developed by Systems Corporation as StudioPaint, Sketchbook is a raster graphics software program that Autodesk eventually purchased. It is a separate business today, though. You are given access to free drawing tools and can express your creative side.

If you’re looking for Android apps comparable to Procreate, consider Sketchbook. It aids in giving your imagination form. One can design and make incredible crafts easily with this software. SketchBook seems to be a very capable substitute for Procreate in terms of its extensive selection of creative tools and user-friendly interface. So, if you’re seeking a capable Procreate alternative for your Android device, don’t hesitate to give it a shot. Its incredibly user-friendly interface, which allows you to draw your ideas with total confidence, is one of the reasons it is so adored.

On my Android smartphone, I’ve been using SketchBook often, and I must say that its user interface is similarly outstanding. As a result, you may create sketches or drawings with the smoothness you want. Another area where SketchBook excels in my opinion is its capacity to handle even enormous canvases without losing the sense of being closely zoomed in on a traditional drawing. To produce stunning artwork with high precision, this is exactly what an expert should choose. In general, SketchBook is undoubtedly one of the greatest Procreate replacements available for free on Android.


  • Android and iOS users may get the app for free
  • Both Windows and macOS support Sketchbook Pro
  • Utilization is simple
  • Enables you to scan photos from the paper
  • Images may be imported, and layers and messages can be added.
  • The drawing tools can be altered.
  • A stellar lineup of professional equipment
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MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint can be the best choice if you’re looking for a simple Procreate substitute.MediBang is a simple alternative for Android reproduction. It has a traditional user interface and several editing features. The program also provides a huge selection of brushes and comedy fonts to spark your creativity. It works with several operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. This program is suitable for people who are just starting in the design industry. Even while its user interface may not be as striking as the others, it is still worthwhile to try. You get a streamlined user experience, which is excellent for learners. Additionally, it has an expanding collection of supplies that you can utilize to make your artwork. All of your data is also saved to the cloud.

In terms of equipment, MediBang Paint seems up to the task. Although it can’t compete with Procreate’s extensive selection of artistic tools, it has enough diversity in the form of brushes, typefaces, and a growing collection of backdrops to help you embellish your projects. Additionally, MediBang Paint is up to the task when it comes to cooperation, enabling you to work on a project with your pals. Taking everything into account, MediBang Paint is a worthy Procreate replacement for a streamlined drawing experience for both adults and children who enjoy doodling.


  • It includes a variety of artistic tools for illustrators.
  • It makes it simple for you to modify your work.
  • There are already-made backgrounds and tones included.
  • You may include speech and words in your artwork.
  • The work will automatically be stored in the cloud.


With an emphasis on accuracy and precision, Con Concept might be a fantastic replacement. The application is more aesthetically pleasing and seems more vibrant. Furthermore, you have the freedom to design works of art any way you choose if you have a good selection of brushes, pencils, and fountain pens. The program features a straightforward user interface and offers a large selection of pencils, pens, meetings, and the freedom to let you create art any way you wish. It supports many layers with a controlled structure, just as Procreate.

You also have the freedom to make art to your heart’s content if you have a good collection of brushes, pencils, and pens. Similar to Procreate, Concepts provides a solid layering system that you may utilize to create your design with the required control.

It is unquestionably among the top Procreate-like Android applications because of its attractive user interface and a respectable selection of professional tools.


  • It includes realistic pencils, pens, and brushes.
  • It has an unlimited canvas that you may draw on.
  • You may access your drawing tools via the tool wheel on it.
  • It provides adaptable sketching using vectors.
  • Your work can be duplicated.
  • You may share your work with others and save it as a JPG.
  • An effective technique of layering
  • Multitasking movements
  • May produce an endless canvas


The Procreate Android substitute called ArtRage is most suitable for seasoned artists that favor traditional artwork. The app’s emphasis on going the traditional path expertly imitates the style and brushstrokes of actual paint. It has a vintage vibe and appearance. You must have heard about ArtRage if you enjoy digital art. It is ideal for producing oil and watercolor paintings and is highly popular among users. Your craft gains a traditional aesthetic as a result. ArtRage has prioritized going the conventional approach, but ProCreate has placed more focus on the interface and a variety of tools for creating designs that seem current. And precisely because of this, it is a superior option for seasoned artists and those who favor the traditional methods of producing art. This program offers a broad variety of brushes that may be infinitely altered. 

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ArtRage gives your creation a timeless appearance and feels by skillfully simulating actual paint. Additionally, the ability to monitor crucial factors like lighting direction, thickness, and wetness ensures that you maintain total control.

Procreate beats ArtRage in terms of adaptability. It is noteworthy that it fully supports the S-Pen, allowing you to draw and doodle on the Galaxy Note’s screen. In conclusion, ArtRage might be a wonderful Procreate replacement provided you’re ready to accept the traditional drawing method.


  • It includes interchangeable brushes.
  • You get the appearance and texture of actual paintings.
  • The program works with the Styluses and S-Pen from Wacom.
  • Utilization is simple.
  • PSD, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF are just a few of the file types you may export and import artwork in.
  • It enables you to save presets of your preferred settings.

Infinite Painter

You should have a look at Infinite Painter if you’re seeking a Procreate substitute with lots of features. Infinite Painter comes with more than 160 natural brush presets. Additionally, this program allows you to modify brush parameters and create new brushes based on your preferences. Here, layers are supported for effective administration, the same as in other drawing tools.


  • The UI of the program is simple to use.
  • A picture can be made into a painting.
  • JPEG, PSD, PNG, and ZIP formats are all supported for picture output.
  • The community of painters can view your work.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Illustrator Draw is an additional product from Adobe that can compete with Procreate. If you make vector artwork, Adobe Illustrator Draw might be useful. One more Adobe product is on our list. The greatest choice for you, if you’re seeking a high-quality Procreate substitute, is Adobe Illustrator Draw. You may utilize several drawing and picture layers with vector artwork. One of the best drawing programs you’ll ever use is this one. Many seasoned illustrators, graphic designers, and artists utilize this program. Along with many other sketching tools, it has more than five different pen tips. Unlike Illustrator Draw on the desktop, this app was created for mobile devices. 

You may change the opacity, size, and color of any of the five pen tips included with Illustrator Draw. Using several photos and creating layers is another versatility you have. For your workflow, you may also individually rename, duplicate, or combine each layer. One significant benefit of utilizing Illustrator Draw is the ability to transfer an editable project from Illustrator or Photoshop to continue work where you left off on your desktop.


  • Make use of several photos and drawing layers
  • Accessibility using Photoshop, Illustrator, Capture, Photoshop Sketch

Drawing Desk

Drawing Desk, which is yet another excellent Procreate substitute, is next in line. Sketching, drawing, and doodling are all OK. Adults and children may both utilize it because of its user-friendly UI. The color scheme is among the noteworthy elements. You also receive more than 1000 colorful sheets to practice coloring, which will help you become a better colorist. Not to mention, Drawing Desk is a decent program for doodling, sketching, and drawing. Both children and adults would enjoy using this program to make beautiful graphics, largely because of the user-friendly tools and straightforward UI.

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It serves as a useful substitute for Procreate thanks to three noteworthy characteristics. Drawing Desk, first and foremost, provides more than a thousand vibrant coloring sheets. So you don’t have to worry about color pages, you may improve your coloring or make an attractive design.


  • provides more than 1000 vibrant pages
  • provides themes, a touch color picker, and a full-color palette.


The software is the ideal Procreate substitute for Android and is great for doodling and drawing. With complete control, PaperColor enables the creation of flawless drawings or artwork. It has a color library and a variety of paint techniques. Additionally, the program includes a helpful foundation map that allows learning to draw faster and simpler.

The software simulates the paintbrush to give a genuine impression. Its UI is straightforward and user-friendly. The software offers a genuine sketching experience by resembling a paintbrush. As a result, you’ll think you’re drawing on paper.


  • User-interface simplicity
  • A range of painting techniques
  • Offering a realistic sketching and doodling experience is a respectable color library

ibis Paint X

The program is ideal for producing manga and animation. Numerous typefaces, filters, brushes, blending modes, etc. are available.

With the aid of its Line rulers or Symmetry rulers, you may improve your drawings. Through the app, you can also distribute your work to the painting community. You have a smooth drafting experience including brushing options and excellent add-on customization.


  • Large collection of design resources
  • Feature for stroke stabilization
  • The tone curve filter


Consider ArtFlow very carefully if you like to sketch with a stylus. The best use of the Apple Pencil is what distinguishes Procreate from many other apps. You can sketch, draw, or create artwork with more control thanks to this app’s complete support for Apple Pencil motions.


  • You may anticipate smooth operation on your Android smartphones thanks to the GPU-accelerated paint engine.
  • It accommodates a stylus.
  • Gives plenty of brushes and filters.
  • Holds huge paintings steady.

Tayasuki Sketches

Tayasui Sketches concentrates only on a clutter-free interface with user-friendly tools, giving the impression that you are sketching on paper.

This is most likely the application’s greatest benefit. Tayasui Sketches has concentrated on supplying accurate tools that function effectively rather than offering a vast selection of tools.

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  • Easy to use brush editor.
  • Simple experience with drawing and doodling.
  • provides a useful option for mixing.
  • simple UI
  • suitable for pencils and styluses.


Who cares if Procreate isn’t accessible on Android? Download any of the top substitutes to free your imagination. The suggested applications on the list are just as excellent as Procreate. Amazing digital art may be produced with these.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Procreate have an equivalent for Mobile?

The explanation is that few applications are similar to Procreate. Concepts, Autodesk Sketch, and Photoshop Sketch are included as well. These Android phones may get those apps that are identical to Procreate.

Which affordable Procreate equivalents are there?

SketchBook and Photoshop are programs similar to Procreate. Even so, utilizing them is free.

Does Procreate just work with Apple products?

Yes, Procreate is designed only for Apple iOS gadgets. The software cannot be used on Android or Windows smartphones.

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