Where does amazon music download?

Amazon now allows users who subscribe to Amazon Prime to download movies, videos, and music. However, due to the extensive security procedures that are in place to protect digital resources, these media files can only be accessed by using Amazon apps. People start downloading their preferred media files and storing them locally or exporting them to other devices. Still, they’re unsure where Amazon media files go to Android phones.

Your Android device contains some music that was downloaded from Amazon Music. Your device’s location is unknown to you. Today, we’ll handle it. Keep reading this text to find out where does Amazon Music download to Android.

Where does amazon music download
Where does amazon music download

Where can Android users obtain music from Amazon?

Music is one of the things that brings us all together. It assists us in maintaining our composure even under trying circumstances. The power of good music can uplift our spirits while also granting us a sense of independence and strength. Streaming music is possible with several different apps that are accessible today. There are some paid applications, but the vast majority of them are free. There are specific applications that have extensive collections, while there is just a handful that does not.

Few apps have an exemplary user interface, whereas most do not. Among these is the program known as Amazon Music. This is a paid service that may be obtained via Amazon. The app has an incredible variety of songs from which you can choose. The user interface of the app is also excellent. In addition to enabling us to stream music online, it also allows us to download music directly into our own devices. There are a variety of platforms that are compatible with it. Your music can be listened to on any device, such as an iPad or computer.

The best way to use Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a subscription service that may be purchased via Amazon. It is required that you have a current subscription to Amazon Prime in order to access Amazon Music. Monthly and annual subscriptions to Amazon Prime are both available to customers to choose from. It sets you back $119 every single year. Amazon Prime members access Prime Video, a streaming video service in addition to Amazon Music. In addition, it makes it feasible for customers to receive their Amazon packages quickly and without charge. You will have access to the Kindle’s features.

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Amazon Prime

Explicitly speaking, Amazon Prime is a premium service that it offers. There are a lot of conveniences that come along with having an Amazon Prime membership. The very minimum annual cost for Amazon Prime is $119, and if you are a student, you will also get a discount of 50% off the regular price.

You will have access to Kindle, which is Amazon’s book service and where you can read an infinite number of books, and Prime Video, the company’s video streaming service, where you can view an unlimited number of movies and television shows. Additionally, you will receive quick deliveries—one or two days for goods in most cities—and pay no delivery fees. Let’s examine our major issue, Amazon Music, now.

Amazon Music

On Amazon Music, you can choose from over 80 million different songs. After paying for Amazon Prime, you will have access to Amazon Music, where you may both listen to and download songs. Downloading the Amazon Music app to your Android device is the first thing you need to do to get started.

Amazon Music was responsible for providing the audio in HD quality. The software is user-friendly. Music can be downloaded onto an Android device and played on demand whenever the user so desires.

Following our discussion of Amazon Music, let’s look at other places for Android users to download the music.

Amazon Music for Android users: where can they get it?

It cannot be easy to find downloads on your smartphone. Additionally, streaming services are too difficult to download from. They are typically encrypted due to cryptographic problems. These data are occasionally not encrypted, though, and we may access them. Let’s try to locate them.

Hidden Files

It is possible that these files could be hidden if you are lucky enough to find them. It is not difficult to locate them. Tap once, then again, and your info will appear. Let’s examine the procedure.

  • On your computer, launch file manager.
  • The app menu button or the three dots at the top of the screen should be tapped.
  • On the next screen that opens, select “display hidden files.”
  • Return to your file manager app’s home page now. You’ll see a folder named “com.amazonmusic.mp3” there.
  • Go to your storage card if you can’t find that folder; those files might be there.
  • Your Amazon music downloads can also be found in the folder Music under the path /mnt/ext sd card/Android/data/com.amazon.mp3/files.
  • Your downloaded music is available.

Continue reading if you can’t find your downloaded tunes there. Additionally, those downloads might be available elsewhere. We’ll also look at where to look for them.

Using the Amazon Music app Settings

There is a chance that the Amazon Song app will help you locate the music. The location of the download folder may occasionally be displayed in the app. Let’s look at how to use the app to determine the location below.

  • Activate the Amazon Music app.
  • Locate settings by tapping the menu button.
  • Select the setting icon. The next page will load.
  • Now move on and look for the storage area.
  • If the storage location is internal, the downloaded files will be accessible from PhoneAndroidMediacom.
  • Amazon.mp3 files, media, and music are available here.
  • The downloaded file will be located in the CardAndroidMediacom.Amazon.mp3 folder in external storage.
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Subject to the Device

The device determines where the download folder is sometimes. It typically signifies that your device has stored and organized the folder. The most common causes are the Android version and the device manufacturer’s modification. The location of the files will be shown along with a few devices.

Samsung Devices

The majority of Samsung smartphones don’t have a lot of customization. They both utilize the same Samsung user interface. Finding these devices is therefore not that challenging. You can use my files to find the Amazon music download on most Samsung devices. It is possible to download the majority of Samsung devices through this method. However, certain Samsung smartphones have music in the m4a format rather than the mo3 format. Hence, make sure they are not mixed up.

Pixel gadgets

Stock Android powers Google Pixel devices. The Samsung devices’ site for downloading music is entirely different from that of Amazon.com. The same area serves as storage for all Pixel devices for Amazon music downloads. The Amazon music download can be found at the following address: “Pixel/Android/data/com.amazon.mp3/files/Music”. Sometimes the encryption policy will prevent you from discovering this place.

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HTC Devices

If you have an HTC handset, you can find the Amazon music download information at a completely different location from the two previously stated. If you have a device other than an HTC, you might try your luck looking here since this section focuses primarily on HTC. “PCHTC SD cardAndroiddatacom.amazon.mp3filesMusicPublic” is the location for HTC smartphones. It may be located at “extSdCard/Android/data/com.amazon.mp3/files/Music” if your smartphone uses an SD card. You could try looking in these places.

Android 4.0/Kitkat

The location of these files is entirely different if you are a user still using Android 4.0, an outdated operating system. Regardless of the device or device maker, these locations can be found on every Android 4.0 device. The place for downloading Amazon music to these devices is

  • “/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.amazon.mp3/files.”
  • Alternatively, you can locate it at “/storage/emulated/0/android/data/com.amazon.mp3/files/music.”
  • The location may be “/storage/ext sd/android/data/com.amazon.mp3/files/music” if your smartphone uses an external card.

Folder for Amazon downloads

A select number of devices allow users to access the Amazon Downloads folder. If your device includes a folder labeled “Amazon Downloads,” then you will have access to all of Amazon’s downloadable content.

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On an Android device, there are a few different methods by which you can download music from Amazon. If you cannot find the files mentioned above, your device must have encoded them and stored them in another location. If you successfully locate those files in that scenario, the encryption policy will prevent you from running encrypted files.

Download music from Amazon

The third-party program is an Amazon music downloader. The Amazon Music app simplifies the process of downloading music. The program will download the piece as soon as you enter the link. Amazon is not associated with this app, so your data might be at risk. We don’t instruct using this. Please use this app at your own risk if you do so.

What matters most is that you don’t have to look for the downloads. You can use the music whenever you want if you download it offline. The Amazon Music app can be opened and used to listen to music without the need to search for it. Finding the downloads will be useless, though, because they are highly encrypted, as we mentioned before. This encryption is impenetrable. Therefore, kindly save your time and stop looking for the downloaded music.


Music enriches our lives. There is high quality in the music available on Amazon Music. On this app, you can download and play songs. You can discover the downloads using our advised methods, but it isn’t worthwhile. As a result of the encryption policy, you cannot play the piece outside of the app. You can therefore save time by listening to the music via the app instead of searching for downloads since the app is always available. I hope you enjoy the article. Enjoy Your songs.


What is the location of my Amazon Music downloads?

Step 1 Start your Android tablet or phone’s file manager. Step 2: Go to “storage/emulated/0/android/data/com. amazon. mp3/files/music” to locate the Amazon Music download location; if there is an SD card, go to “mnt/ext sd card/Android/data/com.

Where does the music go after being downloaded through Amazon Prime?

It should mean that your tunes will be in the Music folder on your Mac or the My Music directory on Windows if you downloaded them through the browser.

Where do tracks from Amazon Music that are downloaded to an iPhone go?

Tap the three-line menu icon in the app’s top-left corner and choose Recently Downloaded to find tracks you’ve downloaded to your smartphone. Like when you access your cloud-based tunes, you can play music from this screen.

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