Apps keep crashing iPhone- 100% Fixed

The iPhone is the brand name of a series of smartphones designed and sold by Apple Inc. Consumers around the globe widely use it. Even though iPhones are very powerful and reliable, they still sometimes have a problem with an app running slow or not working correctly. Often, these problems and issues can be easily fixed and resolved by a simple method of restarting the iPhone. This article will show you how to fix apps keep crashing iPhone or even freezing.

How to fix apps keep crashing iPhone?

When an app does not launch or crashes on your iPhone, this is a serious issue that can have severe consequences. All the apps you have installed on your iPhone are using your service much more than you would like, and in some cases, it can even get to the point where you may not be able to use the app for a very long time: when it crashes. If this happens to you, this write-up will help you fix apps crashing on your iPhone.

Apps keep crashing iPhone- 100% Fixed
Apps keep crashing iPhone- 100% Fixed

Sometimes apps stop working, or apps won’t download on new iPhone properly, buffer or shut down on your iPhone or iPad. You can get all the apps you need and want, but when they start crashing all of a sudden, it’s frustrating. The good news is that you can fix the situation yourself, and you don’t need to pay someone!

Have you run into the same app crashing issue and want to know how to fix it? Try these methods and tricks to get your iPhone working again. Also included are tips on fixing common iOS problems, including data loss, battery life issues, and more. Learn how to maintain good battery health, and avoid unnecessary data usage by turning off background music, downloading updates, and more!

Tip 1: Restart

When you’re using your iPhone and apps keep crashing, there are some steps you can take to get your Phone back up and running. 

restart your iPhone by pressing the power button

First, restart your iPhone by pressing the power button. If that doesn’t work, keep your phone holding and pressing the power button. See all the best alternatives to Restart iPhone.

Tip 2: up-to-date

If you are having trouble with apps crashing more often on your iPhone, here are a few things you can do to troubleshoot and see if it’s something that can be fixed. Use Automatic updates iPhone-The Best Way to Do This.

First off, make sure your iPhone is up-to-date by going to the settings menu, then General->Software Update.

Tip 3: no enough space

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, make sure you have enough space on your primary iPhone storage to avoid running out of room on your Phone. Additionally, plugin any external devices.

How to fix not enough storage space?

There could be many reasons why your apps keep crashing iPhone. One of the most common reasons is that there is not enough storage space on your device to accommodate the app. Another reason may be that your device is old and can no longer support the app.

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Here Are A Few Things You Can Do To Try And Fix The Issue:

  1. Delete some apps that you no longer use to free up some storage space.
  2. Update your device to the latest iOS version, including bug fixes to help address the crashing issue.
  3. Contact the app developer or the nearby store dealer for help troubleshooting the problem. 

Tip 4: Crashlytics

Many things can go wrong with your iPhone, but the easiest thing is to head to the App Store and download Crashlytics. It is a brilliant little app that allows you to know when your app crashes and which one it is. No more worrying about what the bugs could be. With this app, you are given every little detail you need.

Have you ever opened an iPhone app on your device only to receive a message on the screen telling you the app is not available? If so, this typically happens when there’s an issue on the server that the app relies on for its software. This means that your device thinks it can connect to the server at first, but then why does the app quit within seconds of launching?

Tip 5: Factory Reset

Does your iPhone experience apps crash and freeze? If so, your iPhone probably needs a factory reset

To-Do This: 

  1. Open Settings and go to General. 
  2. Reset.
  3. Erase All Content and Settings. 
  4. This process leads to factory resetting your device to fix it.
Apps keep crashing iPhone

Tip 6: Report to Apple

Noticing your device frequently crash, you should try and find a solution or report it to Apple to help improve their software.

Apple has released an update for iOS 14 that will allow users to control what programs run in each app store and block them from running when the user does not permit them. 

App store usage is governed by the Personal Information Centre (PIC) and the mobile carrier app store, meaning apps can’t make changes that affect people’s privacy.

For example, if someone wants to turn off all notifications and only use email, she will have to manually edit her settings file on her Phone or go to Settings > Notifications, where she can do this. Similarly, apps are also prevented from tracking people’s data and storing cookies for marketing purposes and sensitive information such as passwords, emails, etc. 

In addition, Waze, Messenger, and others require Wi-Fi network access to work. This means that apps use Wi-Fi to connect with different devices to exchange files, data, and information. These types of security issues are often caused by improper implementation of the system instead of malicious code that might be installed or even downloaded from an infected source. Hence, it is of utmost importance that these issues are detected early so that proper solutions can be implemented to ensure no more damage.

Tip 7: Install Top Antivirus

The Following List Of Apps Keep safe from Crashing iPhone:

We recommend you install the top-up anti-virus app Malicious bytes Pro available for Android phones to prevent this from happening. It helps detect and remove malware quickly and automatically without opening the app. There are three ways to get going by following these steps:

  1. Go to Google Play Store and download Malicious bytes Pro
  2. Open Malicious bytes Pro, click Scan QR codes in search, enter the URL of the application you want to scan and choose the option “Scan from Safe Mode.” Click Apply.
  3. After scanning the app, you should apply it using the same method to save your info in iCloud. 
  4. Then, head inside Malicious bytes Pro and tap the icon with two arrows on the bottom left side. Tap the gear-shaped gear icon. Select the Checkpoint.
  5. Click on the gear shape. You may now see a checkpoint, then tap the gear button twice. The mode will change to Protection Level Complete.
  6. Click on Protect. Now, select Manage System Updates. This is how you can restore all your applications automatically:
  7. Choose Security & Privacy. Find out the permissions of the device. Choose Edit permission list. Turn on the desired Allowed applications and turn them on/Off. Click OK.
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Tip 8: Background App Refresh:

  1. Apps may crash after an automatic update of iOS, usually after disabling Background App Refresh. To fix the problem without deleting and reinstalling all other subscribed apps: 
  2. Turn off Background App Refresh.
  3. Tap Settings->Tap General Tab->Tap Background App Refresh Apple TV – All apps will now stop receiving notifications and background updates.

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Tip 9: updating iCloud

Why Some Apps Freeze up from time to time Thus if you have been getting alerts through the day and find that some of your apps keep crashing iPhone, there is a problem with iCloud. This can be fixed by updating iCloud on your device and then checking the settings on your iPhone to see if there’s a setting that’s preventing it from syncing. 

You can also try logging into two different Apple IDs on your Phone and test what one works best for you before deciding which to live with. 

Apple’s iOS version 10.3 update has introduced several issues affecting iPhones across the globe. While some users have reported that their phones are crashing due to the upgrade, others claim they cannot open WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger apps.

According to TechCrunch, the latest issue affects older devices running on iOS 9.0.3. Users can download the latest iOS update from the company’s website directly. There is no official word yet on whether this bug affects other versions of iOS.

To Fix This Problem, Users Should Follow These Simple Steps:

  1. Check your Phone’s battery level. If the power indicator shows red, charging the device might help. You can also manually restart the Phone.
  2. Keep pressing the Sleep/Wake button at the top right corner of the screen till the slider appears. Release only after tapping Reboot.
  3. Restart the device using the Power button.

Other Method-

1. Reset Network Settings

When finished resetting your network settings, go back to the Apps section and reinstall any apps you deleted!

2. Delete App Cache

Open your Phone’s app store and tap on Cached Data. Tap on Clear All. You may have to delete older cache data first if you don’t want to lose anything.

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3. Restart your Phone

Restarting your Phone will clear out any outdated caches. If this fails to work, try restarting your Phone again.


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Why does my app keep stopping my iPhone?

If you observe that a selected app crashes regularly, you have to check if you are walking the modern version. On iOS, begin the App shop and your account. An icon at the pinnacle-right nook has been created to learn about the latest updates. Then scroll down and spot if the app in query is looking forward to a replacement. In that case, tap update and wait for the update to finish.

What to do if an app keeps closing?

1. Force stop the app. The easiest way to fix an app that keeps crashing on your smartphone is to force quit it and open it again simply. 
2. Restart the device
3. Reinstall the app
4. Keep your apps updated
5. Clear cache
6. Free up storage space
7. Factory reset

How do I restart an app on my iPhone?

After you swipe up away an app’s thumbnail, it’s closed and will now not appear on the App Switcher display. To restart an app, click on its icon on the home display screen. This ought to relaunch the app and seem to work well this time.

Why does an app close as soon as I open it?

Sometimes, your app may freeze or crash simply because you haven’t updated it. For this, you can go to your App Store for iPhone and then go to the apps section. If there is an update click on it.

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