Best YouTube Vanced alternatives

In this article, we are going to see some useful YouTube Vanced alternatives which we can use to watch YouTube videos ad free as the YouTube vanced is not available now. We all know about our beloved digital video platform named YouTube. We all open it at least one time a day. As a student, I can’t remember how many videos I have watched on youtube for learning my academic subjects.

We all literally go to YouTube when we have even the slightest of hardships to look for solutions. We use it for fun, some people have made their careers through it. But we all are annoyed by the YouTube ads. First, they were before starting of videos, skippable and short but now, we get multiple ads before the starting of a video, in between the video, and at the end of the video too and on top of that some of the ads are un-skippable and so long.

You all rich people can not understand these feelings because you all just purchase the subscription and enjoy your favorite videos. To get us out of our difficulty we got an app called YouTube Vanced and now, it is not available too. Bet! Some people still don’t know about this app. No need to worry I am gonna tell you the choices of the best YouTube vanced alternatives so, you all folks can go back to watch all the YouTube videos ad-free, just like you use to using the YouTube vanced.        

What was YouTube Vanced and why is it not accessible now?     

YouTube Vanced

the app was built in order to be an alternative to the original YouTube platform. If I share my personal experience with this app then according to me (and most people I know) this alternative app was actually better than the original. The feature was most famous for was that it had no advertisement on its platform. To put it in simple words it was kind of an ad-blocker but better because it had many other cool features too. Lemme describe all those features to you so, you can choose the best alternative for it.   

  1. Background play: I always thought that why YouTube is not adding this feature to it too. With the background play feature, you can play all of your videos in the background. This feature is really useful because some videos on the YouTube platforms are only limited to YouTube, especially some songs(man, why the hell are they not available on other music streaming apps.) you could play your favorite videos and use other apps at the same time.  
  2. No Advertisements: how can we forget about this feature I mean this was the reason most of us started using the vanced app. The vanced app was an ad-free platform for all of its users without asking for a single penny.  
  3. YouTube video download: vanced allowed you to download any YouTube video. I know that you can download videos on YouTube too, but not all, and the download only lasts for 30 days while Vanced’s downloaded video lasts forever (unless you delete them) and you also can download any video you want. 
  4. HQ Music and HD video: this app also supported high-quality videos and music. Videos were available in many different resolutions such as 720p, 1080p, 2k HD, and 4k. Also, you could download any video as an mp3 without using any third-party app. YouTube Vanced was able to convert videos to mp3. I used to use third-party apps, and the web to download songs from YouTube.  

YouTube vanced had additional features too. It was even available as a web and the web version also did not lack any features.   

Why are they discontinuing it:

well, they actually received a legal threat from google, they had no other choice than to discontinue it. The Vanced corporation received a cease and desist letter from google so, they have put a stop to all the further development of this app. Bad news for someone who hasn’t installed this app already because the already installed app will still work for like 2 years (or until it is outdated) and in the upcoming days, the available downloadable links on the platform will be officially taken down, according to the tweet of the brand. 

Best YouTube Vanced alternatives
Best YouTube Vanced alternatives

Alternatives for YouTube Vanced:


the app was developed in the year 2017 and providing service to its users since then. As the name suggests it is one of the free alternatives to the YouTube platform or Youtube Vanced. It is also an open-source application so, one can also modify and share it. You can enjoy your videos without getting interrupted by ads, you can also subscribe to channels without accessing your account and you can also see your subscribed channels from youtube with the help of the import feature (it will make your feed familiar.) The design is similar to our familiar app YouTube.

We all know that YouTube vanced is only for android phones but this app also runs on windows, mac, iOS, and many Linux versions. The app is also available in different languages. All of your history and Subscriptions are only stored locally. Now, the best part about this app is that it does not track any of your viewing habits. (it also does not sell your important data to someone like some other applications, if you know what I mean…) you can download the FreeTube app only from their official web page, if you find it on any other platform then it is a fake one (a cheap copy of a good copy.) their official web – is         


it is considered one of the best alternatives to YouTube Vanced in the market. According to their official web page says it was built with the sole purpose of providing you the same YouTube experience without having to go through the trouble of watching those annoying ads. Just like FreeTube, it is also an open-source application so, you make changes to it and share it. The platform not only provides you the luxury features of YouTube but it also supports services of PeerTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and and they are going to provide more services soon. It is a lightweight application. Features provided by this application are: 

  1. Downloads:  you can download all of your favorite videos and also customize them like you can change the title of the video, and choose the file format, and resolution you want. You can even download captions with it.
  2. Background Player: you can watch all the videos in the background.
  3. Popup Player: my favorite feature. People like me like to waste their time on different applications at the same time.      
  4. Subscriptions: you can subscribe to a channel with a single click and also import or export your subscribed channels from other devices.
  5. History: you can control your watch history. And you will get suggestions on your feed according to your searches.

With the help of NewPipe, one can also create a playlist of their own. You also have the ability to import your playlists from other platforms, bookmark the videos you like, and can take their data to other devices too to save some time. No need to worry about your privacy too, it is safe to use. The NewPipe app is also fast, less data-consuming, and also saves your battery. You can get the NewPipe app from their official website, click here on the link and tap on the “Get NewPipe”  button. 


the name is kinda similar to NewPipe (and yeah, the name is little sus too…) just like other apps mentioned above piped is also an open-source application and is one of the great alternatives to YouTube vanced. It is also a secured platform so, you can watch all the YouTube videos without worrying about your privacy. Similar to NewPipe it is also a lightweight application that will take up much storage space on your device.

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I really liked the interface of this app, it is easy to understand and you can easily and fastly traverse through many sections. Man, it is fast as compared to YouTube Vaned. Well, the reason behind it is so fast is that, unlike YouTube Vanced, there are not many plugins or details which usually causes lag on any app. The loading process does not take long and you can scroll as much you want there is no end to it, it just keeps recommending you. 

Until now I have mentioned the alternative apps which have an in-built ad blocker feature, this app has that too but it is next level It also has a SponserBlock feature. if you don’t know what that means then can you remember that we see paid promos in between YouTube videos? Exactly this feature skips that part of the video. The feature automatically fast-forwards a video whenever a sponsor in the video is mentioned. The Piped app is free to use and download but it is really hard to find it on the net. I mean, when you search about it on the net the search engine shows some different results (not of the app) so, to save your time I am giving you the link to the website here- This also works on iOS devices.  


this app is only built for android mobiles, it does not support any other platforms like Windows, Linux, iOS, and mac so if you are not an android user you can skip reading this paragraph (or read it if you still want to). SkyTube is another open-source application that one can modify or redistribute. Only if he/she possesses a General Public License though. The main difference between SkyTube and YouTube vanced is that you can not import your YouTube feed to this app because SkyTube does not allow you to sign up with a YouTube or a google account. There is a way to watch the same content as your YouTube feed, it is to search for that type of content. The more you watch the recommendation it will give you similar content. Or can browse youtube channels, I am not really sure (let me know).

The features that the app offers are: a video blocker, (with this you can block any unwanted video), reading the comments on a video, Bookmark (you can bookmark any video to jump back to it again), you can subscribe to channels, search for the content, it also has a trending section, and yeah, of course, the ad block feature. This app also does not rely on google apps (you don’t need to install google apps on your device to use this app). It can be one of the useful alternatives to youtube vanced.

You are also allowed to download any video to watch it without spending the data again. One more feature that you may like is that one can enhance their feed by applying a region or category filter and you can even filter your videos as per their liking, if you want to watch videos with significant dislikes or a low number of views then you can use a filter for it. The link to its official web page is  just tap on the download button in the upper-right section of the page to download the app.


The minitube platform is a little different. It is not a complete alternatives to YouTube Vanced but it does the job. The reason behind me calling it not a complete alternative is that this app is only available for desktops. No android or iPhone. YouTube Vanced’s interface was almost similar to YouTube, Minitube’s interface is different. You will feel experience like a TV when using this client. Although the interface is different it is quite simple to use and adapt. I think, that even the kids will not have any issues with the interface. Talking about kids, there is this filtering feature in this app that a parent can activate to not let their kids access any inappropriate content on the app (even by a mistake). The minitube can run on different computer systems such as windows, Debian, Ubuntu, and the macOS.

The app is also lightweight so, it will consume little of the CPU memory and less space. The minitube also supports video streaming in high quality just like YouTube Vanced and the app also has a full-screen mode. If you run it on your laptop you will surely be worried about the battery of the laptop well, no need to worry about that. The app will consume less laptop battery because the app also includes a feature named efficient energy consumer. You can download any YouTube video with just a single tap but it does not support the playlist feature so, you can’t make your desired playlist on it.

I meant, that you can’t create a playlist of your choice of videos because to make a playlist on this platform you need to select a topic or a channel and the app will create a playlist on its own. (random playlist according to your provided keyword) if we talk about its bad aspects then there are two according to me. There are some hidden features and buttons that may take you some time to learn. Some people have also complained that sometimes they faced difficulties in downloading and playbacks.  


Alright, another app on the list. sadly the Snaptube application is only available for Android devices and the Chrome OS because it is only built for them. So, obviously, it will not run on any other platform. You can watch and download any YouTube video with this application just like YouTube Vanced but the special thing about this app is that not only you can access the videos on youtube from this app but also from other social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and lots. It also lets you download videos in various video qualities including 144p, 360p, 480p, 760p, 1080p, and 4k. Also, you don’t need to go through a long procedure to download multiple pictures or videos. You can download them with just a single tap.

The interface is easy to understand and simple as it should be. The app can also work as a web browser. Now, if I actually talk about the app being one of the alternatives to YouTube Vanced then I must say it is nowhere close to other apps on the list but it can be the best platform to download videos so, that you can watch them when offline. I am dropping the link to its web page so, you can download the app from there. Here- the website also has a guide on how to download and install the app.  


No, don’t get confused by the name it is not an app limited to songs only (you can also download videos with this app). SongTube is an open-source application that is capable to run on a lot of numbers of platforms such as Android, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Windows, Mac, Online, Google Chrome, Firefox, and many more. Since it is an open-source application it is obtainable for anyone to download it, make changes to it, and even redistribute it. Now, coming back to its name. It does allow you to download any video with the actual video and without the video (only music) too. One can say it is kind of an mp4 to mp4 converter too. You have the option to select the video quality of the video. One can either download the entire playlist or a single song in the form of mp3 with just a single click.

The interface of the application is the same as YouTube. It also has an in-built ad blocker feature that will help you to enjoy the services without any disturbance. The app also does not depends on google services so, there should not be a concern of privacy in your mind. Don’t worry you are safe to use the SongTube application, you are not getting tracked. Now, talking about a unique feature of this app it is the equalizer.

Well, if you don’t know what an equalizer does then basically it lets you customize the audio settings of the song you are currently listening to. Here is the link to SongTube’s official website so, you can download the app easily open the website and tap on the “Download SongTube” button to download it. You can also donate to them if you want to, you will find the “Donate” just below the “Download SongTube” button.   

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Another free alternative on the list. This application is not for android or iOS phones. This app only works on set-top boxes, tablet devices, and android based TVs. Each user can install this application on their set-top boxes and android based TVs to use it effectively. I think you all might have guessed that this application is different from YouTube Vanced. YouTube Vanced was built with the intention of alternatives to YouTube whereas the SmartTubeNext is built with the intention of providing users a TV-like experience and enhancing it. This app supports video quality up to 4k.

SmartTubeNext also shares some similarities with YouTube Vanced which are it has an in-built ad blocker (goodbye to those annoying ads), multiple qualities of the videos are available, select the playback speed, make a playlist, and skip feature to skip through distinct videos. If we talk about the interface of this application then you will be glad to know that it is easy enough for anyone to handle it. Now the most important thing for you that is your privacy. The app does not necessarily need google services. That means you can use this application even if your device is not capable to work with the google play app. The application also has an external keyboard option which helps in making the entries from your keyboard.


LibreTube is also an open-source app. One can contribute to making modifications to the app and share it with any person they like. one can use and download this application without spending a single penny. It’s free for all.  LibreTube can be your choice as one of the alternatives to YouTube Vanced because the interface provided by the app is pretty much the same as YouTube.

You get the ad-free feature which I believe is the reason you are searching for YouTube Vanced because if you were okay with ads then you could have just used the YouTube app on your device. One of the key highlights of this app is that it is built using Material Design, also known as Material You. that is the reason behind it being very smooth to use. Since it is a lightweight application it will also not take up much space on your device. The app also has a SponsorBlock feature that lets you skip the sponsored part of the video.

You can also access your favorite feed on this app because it lets you sign up, this will give you your familiar feed on the app. If you want to watch the latest videos trending videos of your region then you can do it too, it has that filter feature. Well, not only can you sign-up for this app but also subscribe to many channels. Oh, and if you subscribe to a channel you will also get a notification whenever that channel uploads anything new.

The app also lets you make a playlist of your own so, you don’t need to always search for the next video or song. The app is also concerned about your privacy, therefore, it does not use any kind of google services support, and it does not even save your data. And there is no chance of you being tracked either. If you want to download LibreTube then you can visit their official website to download it. I am providing you the link to its web here,     


ViewTube sound similar to YouTube right? (well, at least to me.) this video streaming service is also an open-source YouTube client. This streaming service app can run on almost any device, unlike YouTube Vanced which runs on only android phones. ViewTube is not for installation on your device instead you can use it online. It is an online service platform. If we talk about its interface it is different than YouTube vanced but it is quite easy to use, you can go through different sections of videos easily. You get the search option on the interface, Sign in, Sign up, and user profile option. If you haven’t signed in then it will by default show the popular videos of many genres on your feed. You can always sign up for a familiar feed, or if you wish to stay more anonymous then don’t sign up use it as it is.

Since it is an online service platform you will save a lot of storage on your device. You can subscribe to any channel on this platform and if you have survived to a channel you are surely gonna receive a notification whenever the channels upload something new. Not only you can watch videos on it but you can also read the comments on the video. The platform also offers five themes to apply.

The themes are Dark theme, Light theme, Dark theme without background gradients, Black theme, and Dark green theme. Tap on the account option and then the Settings to select the theme of your choice. The self-hosted service also supports the SponserBlock feature. The platform also respects your privacy so, you should not worry about your activities on this platform being tracked. Just tap on the link here,  to straight go to its official page to use the service without wasting more time. 


The next alternative on the list is VueTube. The platform is still on the path of maturing. Since it is in development the users may face enormous changes but this might be the reason that it will be a very good platform because it is progressing with time. Unlike YouTube vanced this alternatives works on any device, whether it is an iPhone or an android. The platform is also free to use and download. Since it is an open-source application anyone can contribute to its development and share it. the application is lightweight, it will not take up much space on your device when you install and use it.

The app is incredibly fast with an easy-to-use interface. My favorite thing about this app is that it has a background play feature. With this feature, you can still hear the audio of the video you played while using many different apps on your phone. For example, you can go text someone and your video playback will not be interrupted. VueTube also has a special night mode option (truly great for someone who binges watches at night, like me) which will surely enhance your nighttime streaming experience. The app also got a dark theme (people prefer the dark theme more.) the app not only supports the normal AdBlock feature but also has the sponsor block option.

Great to skip those annoying sponsor section of the video which pops out of nowhere. (they really ruin the mood) you don’t need to worry about your privacy too, the app ensures that you are not getting tracked. I am leaving the link to their official web page here, either click on the “Download” option on the upper right section of the page or the “Install” option a little below the logo to download the app on your device. If to contribute to its development, you can access to their GitHub by clicking on the “GitHub” option just next to the Install option

Echoes Player

So, next on the alternatives list is the Echoes Player. Echoes player’s service is free for all, you don’t need to spend a single penny. The platform lets you sign in with your YouTube account so, you can get that familiar feed that you love to explore. Like many alternatives on the list, Echoes player is also an open-source platform that can offer a similar feature as youtube vanced. The good thing about open-source platform’s that people contribute to their development, you can too modify them or share them with anyone you want to.

There are some requirements needed to contribute to its development (the most basic thing I guess is that one should possess programming knowledge) you can check it on the net. One doesn’t necessarily need to sign in to take advantage of this platform (better if you sign in in my opinion TBH), sign in or not is your choice. Although you can watch videos on it, it lacks the feature to access the comments of the videos, I always check the comments of videos I watch, don’t know it just feels wrong without it.

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There are people out there like me and I know this is a big turn-off for them. The platform also has an additional feature, it notifies you of the weather forecast of your local area. Echoes player is also a self-hosted platform just like the VueTube, therefore one can use it on any device (a relief for iPhone users), and no need to download it too. You only require an internet connection to use it. The interface of this platform is also simple to use (different than YouTube Vanced) and also has the feature you are looking for in the alternative which is the ad blocker. Couldn’t find the official web (leave it in the comments if you find it) of this platform but managed to provide you with a link by which you can add it as a chrome extension on your desktop. Here is the link       


The next alternatives to YouTube Vanced which you can go for is Invidious. Invidious is also an open source platform and unlike the previous two mentioned platforms it is not a self-hosting platform. The invidious app’s strong side is that it is very secure. Its official webpage states that it was built with a privacy-focused intention. Since it is a privacy-focused application it is not going to track any of your activities on this app and it also does not depend on google services so you don’t need to worry about google accessing your important data.

The best thing about this app is that you don’t need to sign up for your YouTube account to do activities like subscribing to a YouTube channel and creating a playlist of your choice. You get the options like Documentation, Team, Contribute, Donate, Contact, change the theme, and access its GitHub on the upper section of its official website. The app supports many different languages (relief for someone whose first language is not English.) the website says that the app’s interface is ethically designed (a human design to put it in simple words.) so, it is easy to use.

The invidious app also has a built-in ad blocker feature and it even has the SponserBlock feature so, the ads problem is completely finished. If you are wondering whether this app will support your device or not then to answer your question yes! It will support your device. Not only does it supports android and iPhone but it is also compatible with other platforms like Mac, online streaming, and Linux. You can access the Reddit comments on this app instead of the YouTube ones. (Reddit comments are more fun to read in my opinion.) to get the invidious app I am dropping the link to their official site. Here is the link – 


The next on the YouTube Vanced alternatives list is sadly only for android and PC users. Although VidMate lets you stream videos online people like to use it as a video downloader app. With VidMate you can access the content of many social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. Not only these popular social media sites VidMate can give you access to over 1000 sites, but you also have so many choices available that the app might spoil you. The latest version of this app has also overcome the lag and crash which many users were facing when downloading multiple files. So, now you can download multiple files easily without any problem to deal with. You have got video resolution options from 480p to 1080p or even 4k if it’s supported. You can also use VidMate to download music and movies on your device.

The downloading procedure is also simple all you need to do is access the website then find the video you want to download and download it, all this while using the same app. VidMate also has an additional feature that is a built-in app store, with this you can explore countless apps and install them on your device. It also has a built-in music player so you can stream music too and you can even download your favorite music. This app also lets you download images from multiple sites.

The app also lets you subscribe to channels and the app will make sure to inform you about any updates on your subscribed channels. There is no restriction upon the downloads (you have access to unlimited downloads, the only restriction you got is your device’s storage) the app also lets you convert mp3 to mp4 and mp4 to mp3. VidMate is free to use and download. I am providing you the link to its official web page so, you can download the app without getting in any trouble. Here is the link-       

YouTube Premium

Kept this alternative option at last so you all not get mad at me from the start of the article. You are reading this article because you wanted alternatives to YouTube Vanced. Well, YouTube Vanced was itself an alternative to YouTube. This way you can have full access to all YouTube features without needing to install any extra app on your device. One of the main reasons you used YouTube Vanced was that you got to watch YouTube videos without any interruptions (I meant those annoying ads), getting a YouTube premium will solve that problem for you.

Think about it instead of using an alternative/copy app why not use the authentic one? You can surf on the familiar interface which you have known for years. Getting a YouTube premium will also get you access to an over-background play feature, meaning that you can listen to your favorite music and use other apps at the same time. The premium subscription will also let you download your favorite music and videos. You also have a disadvantage here that YouTube lets you access your download items only for 30 days. The premium will also let you create your own playlist and upload your own videos. With the premium subscription, you get access to the exclusive popular original content on YouTube. There are three premium plans available on YouTube, for an individual, for a family, and also for students. 

  1. The premium individual plan will cost you $11.99 per month
  2. The youtube premium family plan will cost you $17.99 per month
  3. The premium student plan will cost you $6.99 per month

Select the plan of your choice, I will recommend you to go for a family plan or a student plan since the individual plan is on the costlier side. You can add 5 more members (the limit is 6 members including yourself) to the family plan, you can either choose your real family or your friends and all.    


This was all on the guide. The guide on the best YouTube Vanced alternative was much needed not only because of the fact that YouTube Vanced is discontinuing but also because You/tube Vanced was only an android platform. So, iOS users would also get the benefits of this app. If you ask me about the best alternative you can get to YouTube Vanced then I will suggest you go for NewPipe (only if you are not able to purchase the YouTube premium), New pipe is arguably the best on this list. The interface is similar, you get all the features of Youtube (premium) no need to worry about being tracked. Also, one more thing for you to keep in mind is that the list is not in any particular order, it is completely random so, you don’t go deciding that the top applications are the best.

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