Beta apple profile

Before you know what is beta apple profile? First, you should learn what is a beta program. Beta from the beta version is simply used to verify or identify the software that is pre-developing and going through tests in its development cycle. Through times there are cases where the features that are newly released from the alpha testing stage are typically frozen which leads to the software being evaluated for usability. In such cases, the software will be tested by individuals except for the developer.

Whereas public data is programmed for the public to know about its feedback on the features that are released along the software. The final stage is then titled as “released candidate” or “golden master” which confirms to developers the absence of some significant bugs that were observed during manufacturing or during commercial distribution.

Beta apple profile
Beta apple profile

Different programs under beta software

Beta apple profile is a program that is developed that enables different features and takes advantage of the latest features in the Apple platform. It is also used to check the compatibility test of the apps that exist already.

Quite sometimes apple provides beta versions to the developers and the beta testers. To download these programs and use that software legally one must install them or enroll in them from the Apple developer program or Apple beta software program. There are many links and websites that provide directly to apple servers. Download links are retained for historical purposes because beta links occasionally get withdrawn from the servers.

This beta program consists of various versions in it.

  • IOS
  • iPadOS
  • macOS
  • tvOs
  • watchOS

These versions are only available for members who have the Apple Developer program on their gadgets.

Generally, the beta software in the apple platform only supports and considers the version of the software which is undergoing development and hasn’t been released into the market.

The purpose of it is to just install the develop the performance of the device which has membership under the apple software. It is against Apple’s policy to install the beta software on an unauthorized gadget. This will lead the device unusable and also causes out-of-warranty repair.

Before installing the beta software make sure one has backed up their devices. Install the software If you are prepared to erase if necessary

iOS and iPadOS Software

The Installation of iOS and iPadOS software uses a configuration profile. There are certain things to follow for the installation 

  • The download page should be used to receive the configuration profile.
  • The configuration profile has to be downloaded directly onto your device and should carefully follow the given instructions.
  • If it is to be downloaded to your Mac or PC you should save the file on your hard disk and then email it to the account which is on your phone. Then select the configuration profile in your mail and then follow the instruction for installation.
  • You should connect the power cord of your Device and then connect it to Wi-fi.
  • Tap settings > general > software update.
  • Then press the “download and install “.
  • For updating the software now press the install. Or else you can select tap later and then choose to install tonight or also remind me later. Your device will automatically update in the morning if you connect the device to the power cord at night.
  • If necessary, enter your passcode.
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Software using restore an image

One can also install the software using the restore image. For this process, you have to go through certain steps.

  • From the download link for your device, download the beta software to restore the image. Launch your Mac’s finder now.
  • Now connect both your device and the computer by the cable which is given along your device.
  • In any case, if you trust this computer or your device passcode just follow the on-screen steps. If any chance you forget the passcode, help is available.
  • Select your device from the finder sidebar when it appears.
  • Select “check for update” in the summary panel while holding down the option key.
  • To begin the installation procedure, press the beta software restoration image and then open it.

Your device is rebooted and will need a network connection in completing the activation after installing the beta program. Make sure that your device is in development mode. This will help you in granting permission if you want to run the locally installed apps on such platforms.

For example, when you carry out a build-and-run in code or install a .ipa file along with the Apple Configurator.

macOS Beta Software

Developer beta access is available for the macOS beta software, however, macOS 10.8 is required in addition to that. For its installation, there are few things required to do

  • Visit the download page to get the macOS Developer beta access utility.
  • Comply with the directions provided by the macOS Developer beta access tool.
  • When the installation is done then you can see the macOS beta appearing on the mac App store. Then select download to install the beta.
  • You will receive a notification from the software when the macOS beta will be presented. Then, in the software section, you can install beta in accordance with your system preferences.

 tvOS Beta Software

Another software available in the beta program is the tvOS beta software. This program can be installed by the configuration profile usage.

  • You should get the tvOS beta software setup profile for the apple TV 4k by navigating to the download page on your Mac.
  • You must surely run your program from the latest Xcode 12 or later on your apple device. You can also use macOS 10.13.4 or later for the program.
  • The mac or the apple Tv must be plugged in and should be definitely turned on.
  • The network connected to both your Apple Tv and Mac same.
  • Go to the Xcode select window > devices and simulators, and next select the devices that are presented on the window.
  • Select the settings on the Apple Tv then open remotes and devices > remote App and devices. The software in the apple Tv is always reaching towards paring devices that might be possible.
  • There is Apple Tv right below the discovered which is in the left column In Xcode. The apple Tv will always send you its status when connected and that appears in the detail area.
  • Type down the verification code sent on the Apple Tv and then press connect. The network icon is displayed beside the Apple Tv in the left column when the Xcode pairs connected with Apple Tv.
  • The Mac TV must have Apple Configurator with the latest version that can run the program.
  • Now select the apple configurator.
  • Press down the preparation and follow the instructions mentioned when setting up an Apple TV for the first time. Select add and then press profiles if you need to add profiles for the Apple Tv you had set up. The profile can also be added from the finder to be presented on your Apple Tv.
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There is a method that can help in installing Apple TV by using restore image (4th generation) only. For that, we can follow the mentioned instructions below

  • Downloading the tvOS beta software restoration image for Apple TV is possible via the download page of your Mac (4th generation).
  • Now select the finder.
  • Now with the USB-C charge cable connect both your Apple Tv (4th generation) and your Mac.
  • Go to the finder and there you can click your Apple Tv present.
  • Now hold the option key and then press down the restore Apple Tv button that’s appeared in the summary panel.
  • The installation will now begin if you click the tvOS beta software restoration image and then choose open.
  • The device of yours will be rebooted and then requires a network connection when installing the beta and then completes the Activation.
  • If you have any problem with your finder not recognizing your Apple Tv just keep your Apple Tv in recovery mode:
  • Your mac device must unquestionably be linked to the Apple TV.
  • Now Hold MENU + play/pause for 6 Seconds until the indicator light from your device flashes rapidly which is available in the included remote.
  •  For the restoration of your, Apple Tv proceed with step 6 again.

watchOS Beta Software 

Now coming to another beta software there is also watchOS beta software for that there are some ways to follow.

  • For this, your Apple Watch must be charged 50 percent.
  • Then connect Wi-Fi with your iPhone Device.
  • Now place the iPhone beside your Apple watch and make sure they are placed in the same range 
  • It is mandatory for your iPhone to run iOS 14 beta.
  • Now from the download page download the configuration profile.
  • You can typically download the setup profile directly to your iPhone, but make sure you pay attention to all the instructions that are provided there.
  • If it’s on your Mac or PC you must ensure to save the file to the hard disk and then e-mail it to your account on your iPhone.
  • Then go to the configuration profile displayed in the mail then make sure to follow the instructions.
  • The apple watch then Installs the location and will also be rebooted when prompted as soon as we launch the profile.
  • Now go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and then select My watch > general > software update.
  • If the passcode for your iPhone or Apple Watch is required, enter it here. Then there will be a display of the Apple logo and progress bar.
  • After the update, your apple watch will finally restart. Then keep the watch on developer mode.
  • This program will allow you to run any locally-installed apps on this system.
  • For example, when build-and-run in Xcode are performed or if you install a .ipa file which has Apple Configurator.

The feedback program 

If you face any problems while performing the program or if you suggest any frameworks of API, you can report it through feedback assistant by describing your issue and the bug title to make the process quick.

For instance, since the Apple beta software program came with the built-in feedback helper app, when you are using the tvOS public beta you can directly submit the feedback.

Sometimes when force restarting the apple watch when having issues doesn’t resolve them or if it is restarted that it’s in recovery mode or displays issues that need it to be restored with the version currently released to the market like watchOS, you might have to go send it straight to the Apple that provides the service. Since apple has established service providers but the Apple retail stores cannot perform such service. Sometimes when you have malfunctions with the device or program it might take three business days for providing the service after receiving it. You will receive the same device that you have handed. A number of countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States, already offer these services.

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Issues occurred in the beta program

There are quite a few problems that occurred while using this beta software such as are

  • Performance and stability issues: sometimes installing certain programs that are downloaded early as soon as they were released might create some instability in the device. It might cause battery drain which leads to the slowdown of the software and apps in the device. Hence early installation is not suggested.
  • Unsupported apps: sometimes when you install the software immediately there might be compatibility issues with apps. On occasion, this causes the apps to crash upon launch or have stability issues.
  • You may lose your data: although it’s not a regular sometimes while updating software there might be a risk of brick in the device which will make it lose all your data in the process.
  • Users frequently say that their iPhones get stuck on the Apple logo screen for hours while being used or updated, and this happens in some cases every year. But there is only one method to resolve this difficult circumstance, and that is to put your iPhone in recovery mode and restore it using your Mac. Your entire device’s data will be lost as a result.
  • But on the other side, this potential data loss can be avoided if you simply back up your iPhone before you update. You can quickly retrieve your data by restoring your completely deleted iPhone from a local or iCloud backup.


So this application called beta apple profile can be concluded by saying it was created to activate various capabilities and make use of the most recent additions to the Apple platform. Generally speaking, beta software on the Apple platform only supports and takes into account versions of software that are still in development and haven’t yet been made available to the public. Its main function is to merely install software and improve the functionality of Apple-certified hardware. Installing beta software on a device that hasn’t been authorized is against Apple rules. This renders the device useless and necessitates out-of-warranty repair.


Q.1 Those who may take part?

Ans- Anyone with a working Apple ID who acknowledges the terms of the Apple Beta Software Program Agreement during the registration procedure is eligible to participate in the program. We advise using your existing Apple ID, which is your iCloud account if you have one. You can make an Apple ID right away if you don’t already have one or an iCloud account.

Q.2 Is there a cost to join the program or to purchase the software?

Ans- No. The software and the program are both free.

Q.3 What sort of payment do I get for testing?

Ans- There is no payment associated with this program, and participation is entirely voluntary.

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