Can kindle read to you?

Are you stuck in traffic or Are you a homemaker and want to read out loud the favorite stories to your kid, unfortunately, you are messed up with the works and things and can’t hold the book and read them out. I know you are a book lover and have fantastic taste in storytelling, listening to stories, and novels, and probably searching for ways how to listen from kindle. Yes for the question can kindle read to you? Yes yes, kindle reads to you and I will let you know all the peripheral ways how you can make your kindle read to you. And I can assure you even if you are stuck in traffic and don’t want to miss the enthusiastic storyline of the narration you can follow the tips and tricks that I have mentioned in the article.

The tips that are mentioned are wholly experimental features that are launched by Amazon in their newest releases of the kindle versions which are kindle DX, and Kindle fire. Notable steps have to be followed for the set up of all text-to-speech features on your android phone/tablet. Audiobooks are quite helpful to people with accessibility issues. So let’s jump on to the topic of how kindle helps you to hear all the topics by reading aloud.

Can kindle read to you?
Can kindle read to you?

Accessing audio books on kindle

  1. Audiobooks are available on all kindle devices like kindle paperwhite, kindle oasis, kindle fire, etc
  2. To access the audiobooks on your kindle you need to add those to the audio library or audible library first

You can’t either access the ones which you buy from the public library or you can’t either access mp3 or some audio files you have in your file storage. All the audible files must be in the audible library to access. We can say that it is restricted to the audible library.

Kindle doesn’t have any speakers so you need to own a Bluetooth headset to listen to the audiobooks.

Kindle reads to you-(Kindle oasis)

Steps to bring up audiobooks:

  1. Click on the filter and choose the option audible from the drop-down
  2. You can see the books which are in the audible library.

So, on the book icon if the ebook option is shown that means the audio version is available. If the book is within the amazon ecosystem it can be read out else kindle can’t read it out.

Steps to do so:

  • Choose the book you want to hear 
  • Download the e-book, and be sure to turn off your network
  • Go to the settings and turn on the blue tooth to connect the headset/speakers.skip to point 6 if you have a Bluetooth speaker connected to kindle
  • Go to settings >> under wifi and Bluetooth. Click on the Bluetooth devices, you can see the paired devices there.
  • Click on pair you can check the speaker icon on the top if it is connected
  • Click on the downloaded book, it looks so similar to an app. Click on the play option
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The interface which looks has various features like increasing or decreasing the volume same as the speed of the audio too. You can go to any one of the chapters of the book and hear it.

Space and storage considerations:

Audiobooks take up more space when compared to e-books. There are 8 GB and 32 GB versions available for kindle oasis. The 8GB version can hold up to 35 audiobooks and 32 GB is up to 160 audiobooks, we don’t usually run into storage issues since you can store all the books on the amazon cloud. It will obviously fluctuate according to the number of times you listen to the book as well as the number of hours you listen also. So, I’m pretty sure buying an 8 GB is worthwhile when compared to the 32GB since it costs more.

So, activating the kindle read audio helps you with the question Can kindle read to your ebooks too? Till now we saw how kindle reads out through some audiobooks via Bluetooth speakers. Here are a few steps you need to follow to make kindle read-out-loud ebooks like audiobooks.

VoiceView reader feature for ebooks as well as external files:

Many kindle users are not an aware option. We can use this tangy Voice View reader file as the voice-to-text recognition app also. And I have a great tip too to add on here.

steps to do so:

  1. Hold your kindle and pair it with your headset
  2. Hold the power button of the device for just 9 seconds. Don’t press too much
  3. Place your fingertips with a 2 cm gap between them and tap, hold the screen for a second
  4. Wait for the automated voice which guides you the same to use the voice view Reader feature on your kindle

Let’s not drag the topic. Now we will quickly jump into the main part of how to use a voice view reader on kindle

Steps to do so:

  1. Install the external file, if your kindle version is lesser than 9 gen
  2. If you own the latest device then feel free to tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen
  3. Then be fast to tap on the accessibility option, here you will notice the app you want

This Accessibility feature assures you by reading the ebook or some external file content out loud so that people with disability can also enjoy the joy of reading or listening to books like as the tunes

The primary method included here does the same job of Voice to text conversion and hence does the same job for many android apps on the play store by the way.

Oh no! I’m crossing the point let’s stick on to the main one. Can kindle read out loud? Yes, definitely one more quick solution I want to reveal now, is the kindle app. Amazon has this exquisite app which is available on the play store for android

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Installing the kindle app on your android phone:

If you own an android phone why not give it a try by installing the kindle app? Let’s start with the Installing part of it. I’m sure you will love this app if you are a book nerd.

Steps to do so:

  1. Install kindle from the play store, you can either log in or use a different Amazon account
  2. If you are a prime member or you don’t have an active subscription also you can use it. Go ahead and click on the one you have
  3. You can choose your favorite book you want then click on add to the library or read now
  4. Choose read now.

I think pretty users might not know this feature on android. If you want to listen to any ebook or audiobook there is an excellent feature embedded in any android phone (i.e) accessibility feature.

The accessibility feature is a boon to the readers who has visibility, hearing concerns, etc. Let’s step into the detailed steps.

Accessibility settings enabling steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Search for accessibility settings
  3. Then go to the shortcut service 
  4. In the shortcut, service add the Talk Back option
  5. The Tap on it and also add it to the volume key shortcut
  6. Enable from lock screen also

Yeah! you are done and good to go. Gently press the volume+ button and volume- button on your phone for at least 3 seconds. Don’t worry you will get a tutorial on how to use the option. Later for every step you need to double-tap the options.

Steps to do so: 

  1. Click “twice” on the next option
  2. open your kindle app then double tap the book you wanted to listen to
  3. Double tap the page 
  4. You can hear the text and you can also adjust the reading speed of the automated voice

The above steps are for the android phone, in this way I, am sure that your question – Can kindle read to you is answered

Can kindle read to you on your iPhone?

Yes, yes you can hear to the book on the iPhone too. These are steps to follow:

Accessibility settings enabling steps on iPhone:

  1. Go to accessibility settings
  2. Tap on the spoken content
  3. Allow all the toggled buttons which you can see on the iPhone screen on that particular page
  4. Go to the speech controller that helps you in rewinding the page 
  5. You can choose the automated voices and select the English language with various accents 
  6. When you open the book you can the video player option with a hand which helps you to pause and proceed for the automated voice to read on

Excellent features kindle provides if you own an audible book:

Amazon kindle book must be the audible book too. For easy identification choose the book which has the headset option on the top left of the book, and download that ebook from the store

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Steps to apply the features:

  1. Download the ebook
  2. Open the screen to up you can see a tray option where you can choose the option like audible narration
  3. Tap on the play icon 
  4. The audiobook also helps you in highlighting the area it is reading, kindle unlimited has the feature of audible which helps you in listening to it
  5. You have to be sure that the book must be in both the catalog of audible and kindle 

If you are going to buy a kindle?

Now, I know if you are in a dilemma to buy a kindle or not. Well! Here is the solution I will let you know through a comparison table between book, kindle, and iPad so that you can easily choose which one you need to buy

1Durability yesyesNo

Note: Entertainment here refers to downloading music, movies, etc, Kindle fire has an option of downloading and watching movies on it but the older versions don’t have the feature hence in the above table it is given as NO

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I hope, now you can easily come to a conclusion whether to buy a KINDLE or not, also not only does the kindle talk to you but using various methods you can actually hear the text.


So, finally, I will wrap up this article by suggesting a few solutions, Can kindle read to you- The answer is obviously yes but in restricted ways, either you need to have an unlimited version of the kindle app or you need to keep the different amount to read on the kindle device which, I suggest you go forward and buy a kindle if you are a book nerd since it is handy unlike the iPad, but be sure you own a BlueTooth headset too!

A book has its own features I won’t degrade the usage of a book since if you are in a park that will be absolutely the best feeling one can feel if you own a book and read it in a pleasant environment, but it doesn’t long last and the positive note is it is handy!!


Which version of kindle is best to buy?

Based on many reviews Kindle paperwhite is best since it is durable, and Lesser in cost 

Kindle vs iPad which is better?

My suggestion is to buy an iPad since many of the kindle versions are restricted to only reading purposes if you own an iPad it is better 

What is the difference between kindle and audible?

 Kindle Unlimited is similar to audible which has a huge collection of audiobooks that you can read and listen to at the same time

What is the storage of the kindle device

  Kindle paperwhite – 8 GB/ 32GB
   Kindle fire – 16 GB internal storage

Many versions of kindle paperwhite generations vary internal storage accordingly Can I listen to music in kindle?

Yes, you can listen to music on kindleFire

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