Can You Add Someone To A Group Text Message On iPhone

People can be in touch by using the iPhone feature called group messaging. You may send a message to a group of individuals all at once, which means that everyone will see it immediately, no matter where they are or what they are doing. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to utilize this function on your iPhone; we’ll show you how. Can you add someone to a group text message on iPhone? follow these instructions, and you’ll be group texting in no time.

Group texting has become a popular method to communicate with friends and family, but it is not always as straightforward as sending a single message. For example, if you wish to add someone to a group chat on iPhone, this article will show you how. You must be a member of the same Apple ID group and have iOS 11 or later installed on your device.

Can You Add Someone To A Group Text Message On iPhone
Can You Add Someone To A Group Text Message On iPhone

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Follow these steps and methods when you’re ready:

  1. Launch and open your Messages app.
  2. On your screen at the top , tap or click on the Group Name.
  3. Select “Add Member.”
  4. Click on “Name.”
  5. In the box that would be presented on the screen or appears, type in the name of your contact whom you wish to save.

“Is there a way we can add a contact to group text messaging?” is one of the most often asked iOS questions. Texting in groups is the quickest and easiest method to communicate with your pals. Here are some easy procedures for adding someone to a group text messaging chat.

Group texting has grown in popularity over the last decade. In certain circumstances, sending a single text message to a group of individuals is more convenient than making separate phone calls. It also allows us to keep track of which of the users are replying to our messages. It’s simple to add someone to your group messaging.


  1. To start with , you’ll need the user’s phone number and Apple ID email address.
  2. Click the Plus icon in the lower right corner of the Messages App on the screen.
  3. Enter their phone number, including or excluding dashes and spaces.
  4. Enter their email address, including or excluding dashes and spaces.

Texting is good entertainment and a simple method to chat. It’s quick and handy, but if you’re on the road, it might be tough to answer in a timely manner. Group texting, on the other hand, allows you to respond at your leisure and get back to what you were doing!

Process of adding a contacts to group chat.

You can add people to a group text messaging using the iMessages tool, an Apple feature. This is applicable with people having Apple products only. To remove anyone, a group of four or more users is required, and everyone must be using an Apple device.

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You cannot add or remove people from a group of SMS communications, and you cannot add or remove someone who is using a non-Apple device.

How to add users to a group text message feature 

  1. Tap the group message to which you wish to invite someone.
  2. At the top of the messaging screen, press the group icons.
  3. To the right of the contacts, press the grey arrow symbol, then Add Contact.
  4.  Enter the contact’s information, then hit Done.

If any other user wishes to add someone who doesn’t have an Apple product can create SMS/MMS groups on other platforms as they cannot be added to the IMessages group. You may not be allowed to add someone to a chat or a discussion that you already have with one other user.

Method to remove participants from a group text message

  1. Tap the group message containing the contact you wish to delete.
  2. Click the group icons at the top of the screen of your phone.
  3. Press the arrow symbol that is next to your contacts, then tap over the name of the individual you wish to delete.
  4. Search for Remove, then completed.

It can only delete a person if there are four or more individuals in the group and everyone is using an Apple device which can be iPhone, Ipad, Ipod of the new generation, etc.

How to leave a group message

  1. Open the group message of a group from which you wish to leave .
  2. On  the top of the group chat  , check the group icons.
  3. Scroll down and at the bottom select Leave this Conversation. If you’re using iOS 14 or later , hit the Info icon , then click onto Leave this Conversation.
  4. Any user can leave a group message if there are at least more than three other users and people who may be using an Apple device, such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  5. If the leave option is not visible, it can be possible due to the fact that one or more of the users may not be using an Apple device with iMessage. If it is causing trouble for you or unable to leave a group text message, there is an option that can mute the chat to avoid alerts.

Can we mute a group text message

  1. Unsubscribe from the group text message you want to unsubscribe from.
  2. Scroll to the group icons at the top.
  3. Slide down to the bottom and click Leave this Conversation. If the user is using iOS 14 or later , press the Info button then immediately select Leave this Conversation.

If there are at least more than four other people on the group message and everyone is using an Apple device, you can leave a group text message. If the user cannot see a leave option, it may be that one or more of the chat users may not be using an Apple device having an iMessage. You can mute the conversation to prevent receiving warnings if you are unable to leave a group text message.

Hide Alerts disables alerts for a specific group text message but does not disable notifications for all messages on your smartphone. All other communications and alerts will continue to be delivered to you.

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The iPhone is one of the most useful and most popular devices in the economy today. It includes a number of fantastic features that make communication with your friends and family a breeze. Text messaging is a function of this phone that consumers frequently use. The phone also has you covered if you need to contact a group of pals to plan up a meeting, such as by using the phone’s group SMS capability.

How to send a message in a group

  1. Open the Messages app and start typing a new message.
  2. Fill in the “To” area with the recipients’ names, or press the “+” symbol to add contacts.

Type your required message, then click the Send button.

  1. So, once you’ve set up your group messaging, there are a few things to keep in mind.
  2. If someone in the group does not have an iPhone, the message will be sent as a conventional SMS and the send button will be green.

Add someone to a group SMS on your iPhone

If you wish to add someone to a group SMS on your iPhone, simply follow the procedures outlined below.

  1. Open the Messages app, then move to the group conversation where you want to add a people.
  2. Click the Add Contact Icon.
  3. Start typing in the Add: area and either pick autocomplete recommendations or enter in a full phone number or Apple ID.
  4. Done should be selected.

Name the group

In case you would like to name the group conversation just follow the steps listed below.

  1. Scroll to the Messages app then move to the chat you wish to change.
  2. Press the icon in the upper right area.
  3. Tap the Enter a Group Name option to enter a group name.
  4. Enter a name, then click the Done button.

How to add someone to a group text who switched from iPhone to Android

If you want to know how to add someone to a group text who switched from iPhone to Android, or if he/she is having trouble joining your group chat, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Navigate to Message settings, then to More settings.
  3. Multimedia messages should be tapped.
  4. Make sure the group discussion is turned on.

Can you add someone to a group text that is already in progress?

  1. Tap the group message to which you wish to add someone. 
  2. Tap the group icons at the top.
  3. Then Add Contact. 
  4. Enter the contact’s information, then hit Done.

On an iPhone, how do you modify a group message?

  1. On your Apple device whichever , name a group text message.
  2. Open the iMessage group. Tap the group icons at the top.
  3. Change the name and photo by tapping the Change Name and Photo button.
  4. Give the group a name and a photo.

Trouble in sending and receiving text messages

If he or she is still having trouble sending and receiving text messages, the number may need to be deregistered from iMessage.

Recommend that he or she replace the SIM card in the iPhone and go to Settings > Messages > Turn iMessage off. Alternatively, go to to remove the number from iMessage.

You may wish to involve more individuals as your message matures. It’s vital to note the distinction between Group iMessage and Group Messages. This allows you to add and remove members from your text group.

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Because active users utilize a combination of iPhones and Android smartphones, group communications are really transmitted utilizing the SMS features of the cellular network. If this is the issue then the user must need to start a new text with or without the contacts.

Troubleshooting for iMessages

Some iPhone users have stated that they are unable to add more than a few contacts to their text messages. This may come as a surprise, but some carriers have put similar limitations in place to protect customers from spam SMS.

If you need to network with huge groups of individuals, you should use another messaging software. Apps such as Google Hangouts, Slack, and others are accessible on the App Store. Many of these third-party programmes are more adaptable and user-friendly when it comes to interacting between platforms and operating systems.

If you’re experiencing trouble adding additional members, it might be due to carrier restrictions. It might also be due to inappropriate connections. Whenever we add or save contacts into our phone or sync their email addresses are also synced. Verify that the contact you’re attempting to add is the correct one.

Another difficulty you could have when adding a contact to a group iMessage is attempting to add someone who has Screen Time constraints. With the inbuilt feature of Apple’s Screen Time, users will be able to disable their Apple devices, including iMessage. Whether you’re having problems adding a contact, ask them if they have these restrictions enabled.

Texting is used for a large percentage of our discussions with friends, family, and even coworkers these days.Keeping in contact has never been simpler with the iPhone’s Messages software – and, by extension, its iMessage function.

It is possible to build an iPhone group chat with numerous participants if you want to communicate to more than one person at a time, whether to organize a get-together with your pals or to ask your coworkers if someone can cover your shift.

If one or more of the group message members do not have an iPhone, you cannot add them to the group message. You can’t additionally add people who don’t have an iPhone to an existing iMessage group chat since one of the people in the group chat doesn’t have an iPhone. (This is obvious since there is no FaceTime option next to the call and message buttons.)


Can someone read prior texts on the iPhone if they are added to a group text?

It has remained unchanged. They will only view information that has been added to the message thread since they were added.

Adding users to an iMessage group?

When you send a new message to the group, the new member may not be able to see the conversations that happened before but can be a part of the conversation afterward.

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