Can You Hide Apps On iPhone?

In Apple iPhone, it is not possible to hide an application, but you can arrange them according to your convenience. You can store apps such that they are hard to find. The following are multiple ways of hiding applications on your iPhone’s home screen, Siri ideas, and your App Store buys history or you can directly delete an app. Let’s get your query of “Can You Hide Apps On iPhone” in-depth.

Can You Hide Apps On iPhone?
Can You Hide Apps On iPhone?

Can icons be hidden on iPhone?

Apple iPhones don’t have any such facility for the user to hide any app, the user can’t hide an app in an iPhone but there are ways to make the work easy. You can put the app in such a place that a person cannot directly approach it.

These are some of the ways to make your apps trickier to find.

Use Folders to hide Apps on iPhone

The most straightforward method for stowing away an application on your iPhone is to go to your Home Screen and make another organizer. Click on the application you want to hide and hold the icon, from the home screen choose to edit and drag it onto another application. At last, open the folder and drag that application into another organizer window. Must see our tutorial Add folder to iPhone.

  1. Unlock your iPhone and click on the Home icon.
  2. Then, at that point, tap and hold any application. You can give up when you see the application begin to shake or the spring-up menu shows up.
  3. Then, select Edit Home Screen.
  4. Then, at that point, tap and drag one application on top of another application. If you want to hide two apps then do the following instruction. Another folder will be created on the home icon, which will have two applications in it. You can add more applications by hauling them on top of the organizer. Just tap and long press on the folder to rename it according to your wish.
  5. Then, open the folder and drag the application into another window of the organizer. This will make another organizer window, where you can drop your application to hide it.
  6. While this strategy is great for stowing away applications on your Home Screen, you can likewise eliminate them from your Home Screen.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone Using App Library

You can also use library applications to hide your apps. Tap on Home Screen and hold onto the application to hide. Then, at that point, select Remove App from the spring-up menu. At last, tap Remove from Home Screen to stow away the application in your App Library.

Note: To know how to refresh your iPhone, look at our bit-by-bit guide here. These steps are only for the users having iOS 14 or later versions. 

  1. Open the lock screen of your iPhone, to reach the home tab
  1. Gently, Click and hold onto the App you don’t want to see or to hide.
  2. You’ll see an option “Remove app” click on it.
  3. At last, tap Remove from Home Screen. It will hide your application from your menu icon, you can find it in the app library. You can find it by swiping left on your menu. Then, at that point, you can observe any covered-up applications utilizing the inquiry bar at the highest point of the App Library screen.
  4. If you want to add the applications again then, click on the app and long press it, you’ll get the option to add it to the menu or home screen. To add again tap the application, hold it, an option will appear to add on the home screen.
  5. Hiding it from your iPhone’s query items. This is how it’s done: Hiding the app in the App library is one of the best options, it will make the application harder to find it.
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How to Hide Apps from iPhone’s Search Results

The most effective method to Hide Apps from iPhone’s Search Results:

How to Hide Apps from iPhone's Search Results

To stow away applications from your iPhone’s indexed lists, go to Settings > Siri, Search and look for it. Then, at that point, tap the application’s name and mood killer Show App in Search. You can switch off the wide range of various settings to prevent the application from appearing anyplace on your iPhone.

On the off chance that you are stowing away an application from your indexed lists, you could likewise need to switch off warnings for the application. This is how it’s done:

Turn Off Notifications For an iPhone App

To switch off notices for an application on your iPhone, open the Settings application and tap Notifications. Then, at that point, look down and choose the and tap the slider close to Allow Notifications. You will realize it is Switched Off when the slider is dim. Read more on how to Silence Notification on iPhone.

The most effective method to Hide Apps from your iPhone’s App Store History

  1. If you want to delete your app history, then go to the history of App Store and Tap on the tab “Today”.
  1. In your Home Screen, open App Store, there will be an option in blue Color. “A” will be its logo.
  2. Then, at that point, tap the Today tab. It is located on the left side of the touch screen.
  3. Go to your profile (situated on the upper left side) and tap it.
  4. Then, at that point, tap Purchased.
  5. Then, swipe left on an application and select Hide.
  6. After completing these steps click on the done option, which is situated above the right side of the touch screen.

Instructions to utilize iOS 14’s App Library to coordinate your applications

The App Library doesn’t just add some programmed association to your iPhone’s home pages, however, it permits you to tidy up your home screen by stowing away as many applications as you need. You can keep your top choices upfront, and move the more utilitarian or less-utilized applications. (Truth be told, one method for keeping a perfect screen is to have all your recently introduced applications show up in your App Library just – we offer headings on the best way to do that here.)

You can put together your current applications by hiding them, there are multiple ways of getting it done. You can eliminate individual applications from the home screen, you can hide a whole screen of applications, or you can put together a few applications by placing them into an organizer.

Stow away applications in iPhone

Step by step instructions to stow away applications with the new iOS 14 update:

Apple’s most recent programming makes stowing away applications a stride further and permits you to hide whole application pages for an easier and cleaner iPhone interface.

  1. Tap and hold down (or long-push) on a clear region of your screen.
  2. Whenever the gadgets begin to squirm, tap the application page spot symbols at the lower part of the screen. All of your application pages will then, at that point, show up on your screen.
  3. Click the circle with the mark of approval under the application page you need to stow away so it is unrestrained.
  4. Tap Done in the upper right-hand corner to save your changes.
  5. Presently, the application page will not seem when you swipe through the pages on your home screen. You can turn around this element whenever by rehashing the means above and marking off the application page that was covered up. Incidentally, did you realize you can likewise hide instant messages on your iPhone? This is the way to hide messages on an iPhone so your discussions stay private.
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Also very much appreciate that your home screen is perfect, and no nosey individuals gazing behind you will want to see the applications you would rather not concede having. If you adjust your perspective anytime you can move the applications out of the organizer or improve their request any way you like. You can figure out how to lock applications on an iPhone to keep your activity hidden. 


To hide individual applications:

Push on your chosen application until a menu shows up. The menu will incorporate various choices, contingent upon the application’s highlights (for instance, assuming that I push in an application for Microsoft Teams, the menu will allow me to settle on another decision or begin a talk). Be that as it may, you will constantly get a choice (in red) to eliminate the application. Tap on that.

You will presently have the decision of erasing the application from the iPhone or, eliminating it from the home screen. Select the last option. You’ll in any case find the application in the App Library.

If the application isn’t as of now in the App Library, after you tap “Eliminate App,” you will rather be given the decision of either erasing the application or moving it to the App Library.

You can likewise hide a whole page of applications – and dispose of that page – at one blow assuming you need. What’s more, since it’s truly simple to likewise, reestablish that equivalent page, it’s an incredible method for hiding gatherings of applications that you use sporadically.

Tap and hang on a vacant piece of your screen until the applications start to wiggle

Tap on the dabs at the lower part of the screen

You’ll presently have the option to see little forms of every one of your screens (aside from the App Library and Today View). Underneath each apparent screen is a mark of approval; uncheck any screen you need to stow away and tap “Done” in the upper right corner.

To “unhide” any of the screens, follow these equivalent headings and supplant the mark of approval of your desired screen to see once more.


If you want to hide apps then you can also use folders. Create folders on your home screen and hide apps in them. You will not stow away the applications – they’ll be there. In any case, they’ll be solidified in a solitary space.

It’s extremely easy to make a folder:

Long-push on an application on the home screen until the symbols shake

Move the application onto one of the other applications you need to bunch it with

You’ll currently have a dim symbol that contains the symbols for the applications in the organizer. Tap on the symbol to open the organizer and, access the applications in it.

iOS will allocate a name to the organizer relying upon what applications you’ve placed in it. To change the name, hold on to the icon on the folder. and click the option “Rename” from the options in the menu. Then, at that point, type in the new name.

To eliminate an application from an organizer, essentially open the folder, long-press the application until it wiggles, and move it out of the organizer and to one more space on your home screen. On the off chance that you eliminate all the applications from a folder, the organizer will vanish.

To dispose of an organizer, you can likewise press on it and select “Eliminate Folder.”

Where is the Shortcuts application on my iPhone?

There are some shortcuts to hide apps on iPhone which provide a new path towards your Gallery.

Tap on the Gallery Icon. You’ll get shortcuts to options in your apps, you just have to click see all activities in the various applications on your iPhone.

How to modify your iPhone Applications

  1. On your iPhone, the Shortcuts Application option will be there- Click on it.
  2. Click on the IN-ADDITION icon, it is located in the top right corner of your iPhone.
  3. Click on the “Action-Add”.
  4. Look for the Open Application in your icons list and tap and open the “Open Application”.
  5. The app which you need to alter can be altered by clicking on the “Choose application”.

Would I be able to change the symbol measure on my iPhone?

This capacity isn’t accessible on the iPhone 11 Pro.

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There is no option for the change in the sizes of the Applications. You can change the size of the Application by going into the Settings->Display-> Zoom/Minimize. 

Note: These steps are not applicable for iPhone 11 Pro.

How would I make custom symbols?

Go to the envelope or record you need another symbol for, go to Properties, go to Customize (or then again on the off chance that it is as of now on the main choice, it should say “Change symbol”) and change the symbol. How would I unhide applications on my iPhone 12?

Tap your profile picture on the upper right part of the application. Tap your Apple ID and key in your Apple ID password. Look down and choose “Stowed away Purchases”, then, at that point, search for the application that you wish to unhide and tap the cloud bolt symbol to re-download it.

For what reason are my applications undetectable on my iPhone?

On the off chance that the new update naturally supersedes your iPhone settings and empowered limitations, these pre-stacked applications probably vanished from your Home screen due to this setup. If the limitation is empowered for different applications, try to switch off the limitation on each application.

For what reason is a portion of my applications undetectable?

Your gadget might have a launcher that can set applications to be covered up. Typically, you raise the application launcher, then, at that point, select “Menu” ( or ). From that point, you could unhide applications. The choices will shift contingent upon your gadget or launcher application.

How would I conceal an envelope on my iPhone?

Move the applications you need to stow away into that organizer. Tap and hang on any symbol until they all start to wiggle. Get an application in the envelope and drag it to one side past the last tab in the organizer. Press the home button while holding the application symbol and the organizer will vanish.

How would I conceal an envelope on my iPhone


In conclusion of “Can You Hide Apps On iPhone?” You cannot hide an application directly in your iPhone but there are so many other ways to make your work easy, you can use folders or libraries to hide your apps. You can also switch off notifications of an app that you want to hide. If you are unable to hide the app on your iPhone then simply delete or uninstall the app.

Can You Hide Apps On iPhone?
Can You Hide Apps On iPhone?
Can You Hide Apps On iPhone? The user can't hide an app in an iPhone but there are modes to make the work easy. You can put the app in such a place that a person cannot instantly approach it.
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How would you find stowed-away applications on your iPhone?

Go to the Settings application on your iPhone to see a list of your hidden application. Then, at that point, tap View Account, select your Apple ID, and afterward tap Media and Purchases. Look down and tap Hidden Purchases that will show up on the following screen.

Is there a secret mode on the iPhone?

To check the secret mode on your iPhone. open the web browser “Safari” on your iPhone, click on the Num. Tab, you’ll get a Group list. Tap Private, then, at that point, tap Done.

What does *# 31 do on iPhone?

Entering *#31# allows you to hinder your number for every cordial call. Need to be more specific? Essentially enter #31# straightforwardly before your ideal number and your iPhone will hide your digits just for that call.

Could you stow away an application on your iPhone?

It is impossible to hide an application on your Apple iPhone, iPad. Mac has never been given the capacity to stow away an application on iOS or iPadOS. The best way to eliminate an application from your iPhone or iPad is to erase it. To erase an application, tap and hold its symbol until a spring-up menu shows up.

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Can You Hide Apps On iPhone?