Clipboard History iPhone-How to use?

Clipboard history iPhone – Do you want to access multiple copies of data? This is how we will show you how to do it. To access the step-by-step instructions for using the clipboard data on your iPhone, click here.

We don’t want to spend our time typing the same entries over and over in this fast-paced world. Many people use the copy-paste feature on their phones to quickly get results instead of spending hours typing them every day. This is an extremely useful tool that you should have. Our iPhones allow us to copy any text and images we like. We can now copy text from images with updates!

Is this the same text that is copied to our iPhone? Is this data even saved by iPhone? Can I access my data that was previously saved? These are the mind-boggling queries that every person has. Yes, iPhones can save data we have copied before. This place is known as the clipboard. Any data that we copy is saved to our phone’s internal clipboard. When we paste, it goes to the correct place. How to use Clipboard History iPhone?

Clipboard History iPhone-How to use
Clipboard History iPhone-How to use?

This data can be used to copy and paste data from your iPhones anywhere you like with just one click. What if you need to retrieve data that you have previously copied, copied another or restarted the phone with? Is it possible to get this data? Let’s take a look.

How to do a quick copy-paste on iPhone?

Before we can learn about clipboards, it is important to know how to copy and paste data from our iPhones. This article will show you how to quickly copy text from any place and then paste it in any app on your iPhone. To copy and paste text from your iPhone, follow the steps below.

Fast Method:


  1. To copy: Keep your fingers closed on the text that you wish to copy.
  2. To cut: Hold the three fingers closed on the text to be cut.
  3. To paste: Hold your three fingers together on the text that you wish to paste.

Slower Method:


  1. You can use the following to select the text from any location:
  • Double-tap your finger with one finger to select a word.
  • Triple-tap with one finger to select a paragraph.
  • To select a block, press one finger on the text. Hold the first word and drag it to the end.
  • Once you have selected the text you wish to copy, you will be presented with a list of choices. 
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You can edit the block however you wish, with the following options:

  • To cut text from the selected selection, simply tap and drag it.
  • Tap on the icon to copy the selected text.
  • Tap on the icon to copy the selected text to another location.
  • To replace, tap on the icon to select another text.
  • B/I/U, tap it to format the text further.
  • To see more formatting options, please visit the following links:
  • Tap on any text option to insert it. To magnify the point where you want to insert text, hold the button down.

What’s Clipboard?

Clipboards are a place to store copied data until you transfer it to the location where the data was pasted. Clipboards store the copied data until they are replaced with any new data or the iPhone is turned off. These data can’t be altered or edited unless they are posted. It can store text and images as well as links and phone numbers.

Where can I find my iPhone’s clipboard?

The clipboard is an internal function on the iPhone. Any data that we copy is saved to our phone’s internal clipboard. When we paste it, it goes to the location where it was pasted to. It stores the copied data in its internal memory and then transfers it to the place where it was pasted.

It means that there is no place or app where you can store your copied data. The entire data is stored in the iPhone’s memory. If you are asked where the clipboard is, it is located in the iPhone’s memory. It is located in the virtual memory of your iPhone, and cannot be physically manipulated.

What’s Clipboard History iPhone?

Clipboard History refers to all data you have previously copied on your iPhone. Any data you copy is saved to your clipboard. However, if you copy another data it will be overwritten by the older data. Clipboard history, which is available on the latest Android devices, allows you to select previously copied text and reuse it multiple times.

Unfortunately, the iPhones don’t have clipboard history or allow us to use multiple copied text simultaneously. It also doesn’t have the ability to directly access the iPhones internal clipboard. We have the solution! You can access your iPhone’s clipboard history and get the tips and tricks you need to make your life easier.

How do you use the Universal clipboard?

We are sure you won’t believe it, but we have a feature that lets us copy and paste from one device to another. This feature can be used with Apple’s Universal Clipboard technique. This feature allows you to seamlessly transfer data between multiple iPhones.

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You can also share images and text. This method can be used between iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. These conditions must be met in order to use this feature.

  1. Both devices must have used the same Apple ID to sign in to iCloud.
  2. Both devices must have Bluetooth enabled.
  3. Both devices must have Wi-Fi turned on.
  4. Both devices must have the Handoff feature enabled. To do this, go to Settings > General > Handoff and then turn the Handoff button on.

Copy-paste with Universal clipboard:

You should ensure that you select the text from the following place:

  • Double-tap your finger with one finger to select a word.
  • Triple tap your finger with one finger to select a paragraph.
  • To select a block, press one finger on it and hold the first word. Drag to the end of the block.

After you have selected the text you wish to copy, you’ll see a list with options to edit the block. These options include:

  • To cut, tap it.
  • Tap on the Copy button to copy the selected text.
  • Tap on the icon to copy the selected text to another location.
  • Tap on the button to replace the selected text with a replacement text.
  • Tap on the B/I/U button to format your text further.
  • For more formatting options, click here.
  • You can copy the text that you like and it will be automatically saved to the universal clipboard on both devices. You can use it to transfer data between iPhones.

You can copy the text by simply long-pressing the paste button and clicking on it.

How do you use the clipboard history in your iPhone?

As we have already stated, it is impossible to view the clipboard history of your iPhone. iPhone doesn’t save copies of copied data for long periods. How can you retrieve the text you copied before? We have the answer. These are just a few ways you can use iPhones clipboard History:

Using Notes on iPhone:

To save your data, you can use the default note application on your iPhone. You can save the data in one note file or multiple files. These steps will allow you to use the notes application for saving clipboard history:


  1. From the Home Screen, open the Notes app.
  2. Take a note.
  3. Tap and hold the note’s body until a pop up appears.
  4. To paste the copied text to the notes file, click the Paste button in the pop-up. This note can be used as a medium for data transfer to save your clipboard history.
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This place can hold a variety of content, including images, text, numbers and links. This can be used as an alternative to the iPhone’s clipboard. Siri Shortcuts can be used to create a shortcut to automatically save copied data to your notes.

Clipboard++ App for your iPhone

Clipboard++ app developer understood the issue of multiple data not being saved. It was created to preserve clipboard history. This app can be downloaded from the Appstore on your iPhone. This app saves you the time and effort of manually saving your data. Follow these steps to use the app:


  1. Install the App from the Appstore.
  2. Start the App and configure it. It will ask you for permissions to install the app on your iPhone. Accept them and then proceed.
  3. You can now copy any item from any location and return to the app. The app will automatically store everything you’ve copied. The app’s history function allows you to view all text copied.
  4. Copy the text that you select and click “Paste”.

Apps like these make it easy to work. You don’t need to save your data manually and don’t have the worry of losing them. There are many other apps like these available.

  • Any buffer clipboard.
  • The Copy clipboard
  • Clipboard for Snip Notes
  • The Paste clipboard.
  • The Clipboard Manager.

The Clipboard++ app is our favorite because it does all of the work seamlessly.


This article should assist you with the topic of how to use Clipboard history iPhone. These steps should be followed. If you have any questions about clipboard history, please let us know. You can find more frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.


Is it possible to use my iPhone to copy data to an iOS device or another iPhone?

You can transfer data using the universal clipboard feature. To transfer copied data between devices, they must be connected to the same Apple Id.

How can I paste images from the clipboard?

Yes, you can copy and paste links, text, contacts, or even images using the iPhone’s clipboard.

Can I paste into any application?

After copying the application, you can paste it in by pressing and tapping on the paste button. Some examples include Messenger, WhatsApp, Safari and Instagram.

How do I delete my iPhone’s clipboard history?

Clear your iPhone’s clipboard history. Third-party apps could use it to steal your data without you consenting

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