Edit my people card – Complete Guide

Welcome to you all. If you want to know how to edit my people card then you come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing what my people card is, how to edit it, delete it, manage it, and do other related activities. We will be diving deep into the people card topic so that you can understand each and every aspect of it. We will also be covering up some other app that provides more features than google people cards. Google launched my people card on august 11 in the year 2020 and ever since people are using it to its fullest. Let’s dive into my people card without much ado so you can use it to the fullest too. 

What is my people card?

Before moving to how to edit my people card let’s first discuss what it is. Because some people may not know about it at all. My people card was launched by google. We are familiar with visiting cards, business cards, and all. This card is a virtual version of them. Your own digital identity card that can anyone access through google search. You can create your own digital identity and you also don’t need any third-party app for it. Everything you need is already on your phone.

One can use the google chrome browser or just the google app.  One can also add their social links and websites to their profile. People like freelancers, entrepreneurs, and officers can take great advantage of it. You don’t really need a high designation to use my people card. Anyone who has a Gmail account can access my people account. Umm… but what’s so special about it? If people search your name you will be top of the list. The Google search engine will give you that online presence that many people need. Also, you gotta keep up with the world whether you like it or not. You will have to create my people card right now or later especially if you are someone who needs exposure.

Edit my people card - Complete Guide
Edit my people card – Complete Guide

How to create my people card       

For creating my people card. You will need a google account, a phone number, and a browser of your choice. Use the active mobile phone numbers and google account because they will be verified. If you create your card then people will be able to search you on the web with just your name. Go through these instructions to know how to create my people card. Here:

  1. Head to the Google search app on your phone. Or you can use the website on any browser. Just type google.com on the search bar.
  2. Now, there are three ways you could search for yourself on google, or search for add me to search or edit my people card. 
  3. If you haven’t registered yourself then you will get the option to add yourself to google search. You have to click on Get started.
  4. Press on the Okay got it option
  5. Enter all the information that you want to share with others. 

You should add an image of yourself or your business company. Link of websites you own, be sure to include the links of your social media handles too, and your contact numbers and email address. 

  1. Some of the above fields were not required. You could skip them however you need to add a summary and your profession.  
  2. Once you are done with all the information click on the Preview option at the bottom to take a look at what your card will look like. Edit it if you are not satisfied. Otherwise, click on the Save option.
  3. And at the last tap on the View Search card option to take a look at the finalized card.       

How to edit 

If you want to edit or change any information you added on your people card. You are free to do it any time. Managing these pieces of information is easy. To edit your people card you go to your google search contribution page or just search edit my people card. Before doing this log into your Google account. Go through these steps to edit your people card:

  1. Open the Google search app or google chrome browser and log into your account (if you haven’t already)
  2. Search edit my people card (or just your name) and the result will show your card at the top. And click on it. You could also do these through the Google search contribution page. 
  3. On the upper right section of the screen, there will an Edit option. Click on it and you now will be able to make changes.
  4. Now, tap on the sections you want to edit. Do the necessary edits. 
  5. If you are done with edits and want to take a look at what your card will look like. You can check the preview for it
  6. Now if everything is all right save the changes and you are done.
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How to edit or remove contact info on people’s card

If you want to add any contact information on the people card you can. But be aware that the contact information you are putting will be shown publicly. So, provide the contact info you are okay to be revealed to the world. This is also the reason that many people remove their contact info from their people cards. Leaving your personal contact numbers to the people is not a high-security move. But they are also necessary. You could always use your email and not your contact number to be more secure. You can make the changes anytime. To edit or remove your contact info do these:

  1. Go to the google search app. Or if you are using any other browser besides google chrome then go to google.com first and log into your account. 
  2. Now, search for your name or edit my people card. 
  3. At the top right corner of the screen there is an Edit option, click on it.
  4. Now if you want to add contact info then fill in your contact details. And if you want to remove any of your contact details. Erase that particular contact details and leave the space blank and it will remove your contact info. 
  5. If you are done changing and want a preview of your card then click on the Preview option at the bottom. Click on the Save option to save the changes you made.

How to delete my people card

If you no longer wish your people card to be shown on the search results. Then you need to go through the steps mentioned below. Here:

  1. Head to the google search app or to the google chrome browser. If you are using any other browser first go to google.com and log into your Google account. 
  2. Now you need to search edit my people card and click on your card. The card will show up at the top of the search page. You can also search for delete my people card instead of edit my people card.
  3. Now, scroll downwards until you reach the Edit part.   
  4. Then tap on the Remove my search card from google option 
  5. Now click on the DELETE option
  6. The message will show up on the screen that Your card has been removed and you are no longer on google search.

How to report a people card

If you find a scamming profile or a profile that is abusive then you can report it (and you should). Google will take action against that profile. So if you want to know how to report a people card go through these steps:

  1. Search for that specific card or the person’s name and tap on it.   
  2. Now go to the feedback session to proceed further. 
  3. Here choose the report abuse option and at last click on the yes option. 

What are the guidelines for my people card?

  • The first basic guideline is that one can create only one card from one google account. So, that there are not many fake people’s cards.
  • The individual need to verify his/her phone number, (the number won’t be displayed publicly until you set it to.)
  • All the information you put on your card should be legit. Google can remove your card from search if it finds out the information provided by you is fake. 
  • You need to update your card frequently so that your card doesn’t get automatically removed from search by google. 
  • Only use a picture of yourself for your avatar. Do not use pictures of someone else or 3d/cartoon.
  • Control your language (this is not Twitter or Reddit). Google won’t tolerate the use of abusive, humiliating, or insulting language. Your card may get removed if you use this type of language. Also do not use words that seem like you are promoting some stuff. Avoid words like “affordable,” “best,” “world-class,” “top-quality,” and similar. 

What problems are you likely to face with my people card?  

You won’t face many problems if you are a famous individual. Probably you won’t face any problems at all. Because the google search engine puts famous individuals on top or gives them the limelight. Problems will arrive if you are not famous and your name is also not something extra unique. Let’s say you share a name with a famous celebrity. If people try to search you on google it is obvious that the celebrities name is going to show up first. Also, sometimes it is hard to find people.

So be sure to create a good identical profile that is noticeable in an instant. Also only put real information on the card. One more thing you need to edit or update your people card from time to time. Because it is in the guidelines of google. That it will stop showing your people card if there is no update or verification done in a long time. And google does not guarantee that your card will be displayed on the search. Usually, it shows up a couple of hours after creating a card. If it doesn’t show up then edit it in the best manner. If you want to increase your chances of getting on search then you should provide information as much as possible.      

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My people cards are for

Google’s cards are for people such as business professionals, influencers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and job hunters. If you are not one of these you can still try creating your people card. But it is not guaranteed that it will actually show up on the search.

Alternatives of google people cards  

Let’s discuss some third-party apps that provide the same services as google’s my people cards with extra features. These apps are: 


This alternative is superior to the google people card. The card receiver doesn’t need to install the haystack app to view your card. And even one doesn’t have to install the app for creating their virtual card. You have the option to build your card on their web too. Here is the link: https://thehaystackapp.com/ not only it is a card builder app but it is your digital marketer too. The haystack helps you in getting your reach to the websites, social media, and company links. The stand-out point of this service is that the app will show you how many people visited your web. How many times did they visit? There is also a feature of finding the company’s logo.

One more difference between these is that contact details shared by an individual are hidden. The email and phone numbers are not published publicly until the user wants to reveal them to the public. One can share their card as a snap photo or could use emails. If you share them through email and they will be directed to a webpage that has your card. (if they don’t use the app). Unlike the google card, you don’t need to update the haystack card from time to time. It will update automatically. Haystack is also available (google people card is not) in countries like the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK 


Switchit is a mobile-based business card platform like google cards. Unlike the google people card here you are free to promote stuff. Switchit also has an option to share videos on a person’s card to help them market things. This app supports extra features too such as Microsoft Outlook, iCloud Calendar, and Google calendar. All these features help user to schedule meetings. Building your business card is also easy. And you can share your business card through your social media, emails, QR code, and SMS. one of its specials feature is a smart contact manager.

This feature is great for checking your reach as it saves the info (contact details) of those who see your people card. Because of the smart contact manager, you can call contacts that visited your card or even text them. You get all the features that you get in a system phone app. Like calling and texting, exporting contacts, editing current contacts, and adding new contacts. Also, the video that you can attach to your card can be of 90 seconds, enough time to promote something. There is also an OCR business card scanner and CRM integration in this app.  


Don’t confuse inigo business cards with indigo Mastercard. The main difference between these cards and others is that one can personalize them for a single person’s requirements. You can create an inigo card on your android, apple, or using the website too. It supports all those platforms. Just like switchit, one can also you the inigo app as a contact manager. The Inigo app is also capable of tracking activity like the switchit app. You would be able to see who visited your profile or card. It does not support video including like the switchit but here you have the option of customizable templates.

That will help you create your card with ease. It also supports CRM integration. As it is a business card app there is also features of sales report and sales forecasting. You can get real-time reporting or reporting and statistics of any time period. Promotions are allowed on this app so you also get features that will help you with it. Like social media promotions, email marketing, lead capture, lead distribution, and lead management. The app is free to use but if you want the extra benefits. Then you can either pay $7 per month or $5.49. There is also this feature called “back office.” it’s the best feature that Inigo has according to me. This feature lets you create cards for all of your employees.

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L-Card Pro

L card pro is an electronic business card. You can create amazing business cards with L cards pro as it has varieties of customization options in it. Also, you have the option to from many popular fonts, colors, and themes. You also have multiple formats that you can use to create your card. New themes, fonts, colors, formats, designs, and templates are also added frequently in the L-card pro app. And if you don’t like anything on this app and you have the things you want. You can import them into the app and use them to create the card. L-card also supports promotions. And you can promote with the help of videos. It even has a feature that notifies all your contacts that you have put in a new video.

And it will also show that video at the top of their feed. If you want you can also share (upload) videos from third-party apps such as youtube and other streaming platforms. It also has a card-sharing feature. The two best features that L-card pro has are the maps and E-mail signatures. You can use the maps feature to reach the direction of someone’s business place. And the email signature basically adds the L-card to your email signature. So, whenever you will send a mail it will also include your L-card in it. One can also make custom QR cards for their L-card. You also get the basic feature to text, email, or call someone through their card with the help of the quick connect button. Features like card listing and tracking are also provided by L-card pro.


The last one on the list is about.me card. As the name suggests it helps you create cards according to your profiles. So, it is not only a business card. In about.me cards at the front there is only a photo of yours. And at the back of the card, there is the rest of the information such as your name, email address, link to your about.me profile, and the QR code. The only drawback it has is it has a logo of the company on the card. About.me company’s logo (Moo logo). So, it may feel a little inferior to the other cards.

If you want to add more information to your card then you are free to customize it. You can add your contact number, a headline, or any particular information. If you want the hard copy of your digital card then you can pay $5.50 to them. And they will send you 50 cards without any cost ($5.50 are for shipping). For creating a card on about.me you need to first sign in to your webpage. The most important thing here in About.me instead of about there will be your name.

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Final words

So, this was all in the article. We showed you how to create, delete, report, and edit your people card. Make a great online presence with the google card. If you have any other queries related to google people card. Then reach out to us and we will provide you with the necessary answers. Stay connected with gossipfunda.com to get more technical updates and solutions. If you liked the article do consider sharing it with the ones in need. Do read out the FAQs to get answers to related queries. 


How to create my people card if the service is not available in your country?

Google’s people card service is available only in Kenya, South Africa, India, and Nigeria. Google has given no updates about whether people’s cards will be available in other countries. It might come and might not, only google nows. But if you want to create your google card and the service is not available in your country. Then there is a way. You could use a VPN and try creating the google card. The method worked for many people and there are users who didn’t find it useful. You can try creating the card it may show up on a search or may not. Dependsdepends if you are lucky enough or not. If you don’t know how to create my people card then scroll up. We have discussed it above in the article.

Can I see how many times somebody has googled my name?

The feature to see how many times somebody has visited your google card is not provided by Google. If you wish to know how many times you are searched for. You could use other card apps that provide the same services with some extra features too. We have discussed those third-party apps above in the article. 


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