Find my friends not working- 100% Fixed!

If you are concerned about the safety of family members and friends, then you’re at the right spot here, where you’ll be able to find the most recent solution to Finding my friend that aren’t working. Its Find My Friend application, which is available for Android and iPhone, or the application to discover an unresponsive iPhone will be discussed in this article. In addition, we will discuss the advantages of using this app as well as a few of its features.

We’ll also look at alternatives of this Find My Friend application. This application lets you keep in contact with your family and friends in all times and be attentive to the messages they send you. This is a position-sharing application that assists users to use a variety of apps. Google Play Store is where you can purchase the program. Google Play Store program is where users can access the application.

Find my friends not working
Find my friends not working

“Use Find My Member to keep track of our travel buddies vacationing according in the byline. Also, you can verify if your children are at home after school. You could also look for the friends you’ll see for dinner’. This is an Transport & GPS application.

The most effective features are available through this application

These are just a few of them:

  • If you want to talk with their loved ones, but their current location doesn’t allow them to exchange or receive information This software allows users to make use of this software to communicate with their pals.
  • You can find your acquaintances or find out the activities they’re engaged in right now and at any time.
  • When you and your coworker are separated at a particular location it is possible to make use of this app to get directions to their companion.
  • You can find the details and more, including information generally about the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) and the physical address of the person you are chatting with, making use of this program.

If you’re not with your partner and you are moving around between different locations. You come across interesting things when you are there. For instance If one finds out that a new restaurant is opening in a specific area or that a specific retailer is offering a special and one wishes to discuss the news with acquaintances using this app.

If visitors would like to inform their friends the exact location they’re at any moment in time or at any specific location There appears to be an option on this application for sharing their actual location with them.

The advantages of finding my My Friend Application

The software makes the process of finding relatives and friends easy and fun. All you need to do is request people to sign up as a user to the app when they have done so it, you’ll be able to find them anywhere they’re.

It also offers several privacy features which are very useful. In the event that you do not want specific individuals to know where you’ve been (for instance, you’re hosting an unexpected birthday celebration or don’t want to be pestered) You can block those friends using the muted function so that they cannot monitor your current location. This software can also be beneficial by helping you to keep your friends protected.

If you’re worried about the safety of a loved one and haven’t received an updates from them for quite some time, then you can track their status through the app.

The Drawbacks of Find My Friends

One of the drawbacks of the app is that it’s not available for free. There are instances of Find My Friends not functioning correctly. It’s a one-time charge of 99 cents per month for Find My Friends. Because of this some people might be reluctant to download the app, leading to less users than other mobile apps like Twitter or Facebook. Another drawback that comes with Find My Friends is that you may receive invitations from people aren’t familiar with or aren’t likely to find out where you are. This isn’t a big amount of times, but it can be annoying to constantly deny other users access to.

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In addition, the program is a major flaw in that attackers could gain access to it, obtain any personal information and locate you. Hackers may have access to your location, while they are able to access your geolocation. If you install this application take note of the benefits and drawbacks.

How do I solve the problem of Find my Friends that isn’t functioning?

The issue of the Find My Friends’s Location not being available for contacts could result from several reasons, such as:

It’s possible that your smartphone is set to an incorrect date. The phone has been turned off or it isn’t connected to the internet using wireless or cellular. It has turned off hiding My Location. Location Services was turned off. There are some minor issues that affect the iPhone.

Method 1: Force Restart Find My Friends

for iPhone X and after,

  • The device is able to slide to the top of the device and keep it at the center in the centre of the main screen.
  • Find Find My Friends by swiping left or right.
  • To leave from the Find My Friends preview, move upwards.

For previous models,

  • Double-tap the Home button at the top of your keyboard.
  • Find Find My Friends by swiping either left or right.
  • To close to exit the Find My Friends window, move upwards.
  • Try restarting Locate my iPhone to see whether the issue is fixed. If not, move on through the steps.

Method 2: Refresh Location Services

Users could experience Find My Friends no location detected error or other issues in the event that the GPS function on the other friend’s or your own device is not working. Make sure you’ve turned on the location-based service for both users. It’s quite possible that the users turned off the service to save battery energy.

Go to Settings Switch to Location Services by going to Privacy > Location Services. You can turn it off and enable it after 10-20 seconds when it’s turned on. This will resolve issues with the Find My Friends not working problem.

Method 3: Set the Date and Time correctly

Find My Friends will not function properly when the date and the time are not correct. Users may have to alter the time and date immediately when both of you as well as your friends manually decide to change the time. The program will obtain the time of the day from the networks in this way and operate properly.

Go to settings > General > select Date and Times from the menu. Automatically is turned on. If it has it, turn off for 10-20 secs and then turn it back on.

Method 4: Switch on Share My Location in iCloud

The Share My Location feature in iCloud must be enabled to allow Find My Friends to operate. This is essential to the performance for Find My Friends. A lot of people do not realize this, which causes finding that Find My Friends not functioning issue. Switch onto Share My Location through clicking Settings > Share My Location. The iCloud account then click Find My and from there, toggle onto Share My Location.

Method 5. Ensure that you disable Hide my Location feature

To safeguard their privacy, customers can opt to disable the sharing of their location. It is possible that your friend has enabled this Hide My Location setting, which could result in being notified “location not found.” To enable Share My Location, have your friend open an application called Find My Friends application.

Method 6: Hard reset your device

Restarting forcefully the iPhone can clear the phone of all programs running and refresh the memory, which will fix small issues which can lead to problems with Find My Friends not working glitch.

Alternatives to Find my friend’s apps

  1. Own Tracks functions as a personalized GPS-based assistant that allows users to maintain control over their current location. Users can make their tracker’s location journal private, or share it with family members and friends.
  2. Glympse Glympse provides a simple and secure method to share your current location live in time. There’s no requirement to sign-up. There’s no requirement to create an on-line community. Send an individual an Glympse via email, text. The geolocation information is only available for the period you choose, after which it’s turned off.
  3. Life360 the app Life360 lets users observe the chaos of daily family life by telling you the truth: worried about details that all members of the family have to know – What safety hazards and security areas are. A free bridge family is also available.
  4. Mapple- Simply by using an iPhone in your purse, Mapple. I cross the line between available and time-bound contacts, which allows you to make social connections within your daily life. However, with people you may have lost contact with or with whom you’ve lost contact.
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Locate my Friends and Family a program that allows you to find your friends and relatives. It is possible to use GPS to locate a route to the destination and then estimate of the time it will take for the person to reach the destination. In the event that you or any of your coworkers gets separated from you, all you have to do is click the icon in the app and it will connect you with your colleague.

So one could think that if you have to create a travel plan using to use the Find My Friend application. If you’re equipped with this application, all you need do is to organize and get ready for your next trip.

Create an HTML0 Find My Friends Account

Finding My Friends is factory downloaded on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod when you’re running iOS 9 or higher. Log into in the event that you’re using iOS 8 or earlier. Find My is available on iOS 8 and later. This application is available on iOS 13 and up and also macOS Catalina, and later. Find My Friends is immediately registered only after you sign in using your Apple ID.

Go to your Apple Watch application on the iPhone to enable Find My Friends alerts on the Apple Watch. Move into My Watch, press Notifications then slide down to Find Friends, then click for the option to turn on Mirror iPhone notifications. If the user is running the watchOS version 4 or 5 they can also turn on alerts via within the Notification Center. In order to access Location Services, move to Settings then move to General then select Location Services. Select Share My Location from the drop-down menu.

One can also broadcast the current location to family members using Find My Friends via the Family Share option that is available on the site.

How to add a friend to Find My Friends

If you’re planning to use Find My Friends, make sure that your friends have it installed on their devices, too. For devices like an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, users can only make friends via Find My Friends.

  • Step1: Run the app Finds My Friends.
  • Step 2: Click on add.
  • Step 3: To submit the request, choose a friend or enter an email address, and then click Send or Do.
  • Step 4: Users can see their friend’s location in a menu or maps in the Find My Friends application once they choose to accept their position.

You can share your location with Other Users

You may also begin sharing your position with specific persons and people in one’s Apple Family.

  • Step 1: Click on Settings then go to Privacy.
  • Step 2. Then click Location Services to enable this feature.
  • Step 3. Turn the toggle for Location Tracking on.
  • Step 4: Select Share My Location.
  • Step 5: Select the Sharing My Location option.

This area is visible to all members from Your Apple Family. Click on the name of a member of your family to confirm that you’re sharing your position to them. Your position is currently being disclosed if the option says Stop Sharing My Location.

Share Location With Phone Contacts

  • Step 1: Click on the tab People within the Find My application on the iPhone to reveal your relationship with someone who is not part of the Apple Family.
  • Step 2: Just select the name of the person to whom you’d prefer to share your current location, by clicking on the Share My Location feature. Alternately, you can add the contact details of that person.
  • Step 3: Select whether you feel the need to communicate your current position with this person for a period of time that is not over the day or for as long as after you tap Send.
  • Step 4: Individuals will be asked to share their location to the person at the other side of the phone.
  • Step 5: People can contact you instantly, find routes towards your present location and get notifications about your location, the same as you do.
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How you can stop sharing the location

To prevent the location from sharing visit the Me page and uncheck Share My Location (it will not remove other location-based services). If you do not want to share an active location with a specific person go to the People page and select that individual. Users can choose to keep their identity from their view by clicking to stop sharing my Location or remove them by clicking Remove Friend.

How to locate the lost iOS device using Find my Friends application

It is possible to use the Find My app could also assist you in finding a lost Apple device, like one of the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Smartwatch, AirPods, and other AirTag-enabled devices. To view a list of Apple products that are linked via an Apple ID and Apple Family navigate to the Devices section in the app.

To find the exact location of the missing device on the map by clicking the link. Then, one can make a device ring or get turn-by-turn directions, leave a message to the device that is missing, shut it down, or erase everything it’s stored.

Group Communicator

You could also form an organization to debate a number issues in a more efficient manner. It can also serve as a way to organize your thoughts and aid in the preparation of some of your assignments. Consider your fellow friends’ ideas and opinions into consideration, too. You can also discuss the upcoming group trips or vacations. Other preparations for the trip like what supplies will be required and what to purchase them, could be done.

You can certainly discuss the exciting things you plan to do during your trip. You and your friends can decide on the best way to go hiking, and which attractions you want to explore with your friends and also when you should go. Once you’ve completed your planning you can begin preparations for the trip by putting away personal items.

The most enjoyable aspect of your vacation, regardless of whether it was a discussion which you’re conducting the most effective preparations with your colleagues, and you don’t even be able to use any additional apps, which could create some issues and a lot of stress, is the ability to make better preparations with your guests. The users also don’t have to book a trip, and you wouldn’t need to endure the burden of looking through the guidebook when you travel. When you use a program which has offered the security to everyone, could be the best travel or trip with friends.


That’s all there is to it in terms of what to do about My friends that are not functioning or not working correctly. Examine if you and your companions are always using the required settings turned on.

Search My Friends is a generally safe application to track other’s location. It is possible to protect your privacy online by using a secure account passcode. You can, however, decide to remove someone from the list if you do not want locate the place. It is also possible to use fake location apps in the event of an emergency. It’s reasonable to experiment.


How do I fix the problem of finding my friend, if it is working only on WiFi ?

Start by double-checking the date and time on your iPhone before connecting to Wi-Fi. Check your mobile data connection to check if you’ve got sufficient current internet connections in case that still does not answer. If you want to inquire about your status of your membership use your USSD code or call the contact center of your service provider.
If the state of the subscription is correct but the problem persists, you can upgrade your iPhone to resolve the issues. Just go to System then go to Settings and click Software Updates. Then, select to check for updates. If an upgrade is found you can install it, and attempt a fresh.

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