How do you make a song your ringtone on iPhone

You’re unable to find the possibility of setting your most downloaded songs to be your phone’s ringtone? Do you want your iPhone to play the best music when you receive a phone call? Learn how to create a song to be your ringtone iPhone?

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to their favorite tunes? Music is the primary force that can free us of all hardships. If you’re sad or happy, frustrated, or simply plain bored, there’s music to suit your moods. One thing that every new Android to iPhone does not get is the ability to set their preferred music or song as their phone’s ringtone. In Android it is easy to press a song for a long time and select the “Set as Ringtone” button. Unfortunately, there was no option to accomplish this prior to iOS 12 on iPhones and iPads.How can you create a song to be your ringtone iPhone

How do you make a song your ringtone on iPhone
How do you make a song your ringtone on iPhone

iPhone Ringtones are famous! It’s not a question about that. It is easy to tell if an individual is using or owns an iPhone simply by hearing their ringtone. The iPhone ringstone is the top choice on the top ringsong charts. Sometimes, you want to hear your favourite tracks or make a custom one as your phone’s ringtone. If it’s a humorous-sounding child crying or cat scratching at the wall you can make all of it in your iPhone. You can! Let’s see what we can do to set the music you love to be your iPhone call-tone.

What is an Ringtone?

A ringtone is a sound your phone produces when you receive an incoming call to your mobile phone. You can choose your preferred music and sounds to be the ringtone. On iPhones, ringtones are available with various options to pair them with haptics such as vibrations, or flashing lights when you make calls on your iPhone.

By default, iPhones have the ringtone known as “Opening” that will be played when you receive an incoming phone call. Remember that ringtones differ from caller tunes. They cannot be recognized by the caller but by the person who is the recipient of the call made. If a device is set to silent, only a few haptics and vibrations can be felt. However, the ringtone won’t be heard. If you’re not happy hearing the default “Opening” ringtone on your iPhone you can alter your ringtone by changing the settings. Let’s look at the specifics of how you can alter the ringtone that comes with your iPhone.

How do you change the ringtones of you iPhone?

Apple offers us a variety of pre-installed ringtones that are available on the device. The iPhones come with a selection of prepared and loaded ringtones that can be customized according to the wishes of the user. On iPhones the ringtones are referred to by the term Tones short, meaning when the word Tones is used , it’s in order to replace the ringtone’s name.

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Change the ringtone to a different preset ringtone.

By default, whenever you get a call from the iPhone the ringtone dubbed “Opening” plays and is with an acoustic. If you want to alter the default ringtone, to a different one that is offered by Apple and you’re worried about it, you can do this quickly. Let’s look at how to change the default ringtone of your iPhone to another ringtone that Apple provides:


  1. Navigate to home Screen on your iPhone and then open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to”Sounds and Haptics” from the “Sounds and Haptics” tab within the list of settings , and start it.
  3. Under the “Sounds and Vibration Patterns” section, choose the tab titled “Ringtone”.
  4. In”Ringtones,” or the “Ringtones” section You will find the list of ringtones pre-loaded available to download for your iPhone. By default it will select the “Opening” tone will be chosen.
  5. You can tap the other tone you like to listen to the sound of the ringtone like. Then, pick the one you like the most. The most well-known ones include Sencha, Circuit, and Stargaze.

So you can easily alter the ringtone to suit your preferences and choose from the various pre-defined ringtones provided to you.

Change ringtones from iTunes Store.

If you’re not content with the collection of preloaded ringtones provided by Apple and want an alternative ringtone or song that you can use with your iPhone. Don’t fret, you’ll have numerous choices to download through iTunes Store. iTunes Store. You can download your most loved songs on this page and then purchase the songs to set them to your iPhone. There are a variety of free tones to pick from and set to use as your phone’s ringtone. Let’s see how you can switch your ringtone into an iTunes tone. iTunes Tone Store:


  1. From the Home screen, search for the Settings App and launch it.
  2. Click on your “Sounds and Haptics” tab that is located in the settings list.
  3. Look for your way to the “Sounds and Vibration Patterns” section and click on”Ringtone” tab “Ringtone” tab.
  4. Within the “Store” section Click and then open”Tone Store” by clicking on “Tone Store” tab.
  5. A store called iTunes Tone Store is going to open to show you various famous ringtones as well as songs.
  6. Click on a song in the list, and the information about the song will be displayed.
  7. Click on the song, to listen to the 30-second ringtone, and then look it up. If you like the track, you can click the price of the song that is written next to it, to purchase it.
  8. Once you have purchased this song you are able to then set the song for your default tone or texts tone, or assigning this song to certain person you like. In order that whenever these contacts, the song will play.

If you follow this guide, you can quickly alter the ringtone on your iPhone to your preferred song or tones via iTunes Tone Store. iTunes Tone Store.

How do I create unique ringtones for certain contacts:

All calls are not equal like some individuals you receive these calls from. You might want be aware of when certain person calls you. It could be your familymember, friend or family members. It is possible to set ringtones with special meanings for them. But don’t be concerned that you can accomplish it effortlessly? You can create a specific phone ringtone that will only play when the contact contacts you. This ringtone can be used to track their calls effortlessly. We will go over how to set an individual ringtone for the specific person you want to call:

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  1. Go to the Contacts app by opening on the main screen of your iPhone.
  2. Choose”Contacts”. This is the “Contacts” tab on the Quick Access bar within the application.
  3. Find the Contact that you would like to set the ringtone of by either using the search bar or using the A-Z slider on the right.
  4. Click on the contact you would like to assign an ringtone for, and select the Edit button that is above.
  5. Go to the option for ringtones and then click it.
  6. You can alter the ringtone, and change the ringtone using the existing ringtones, or purchase one the ringtone from the Tones store and then set it there.
  7. Click”Done” to save the changes “Done” option to save your modifications.

This way you can quickly set up the ringtone of the contact you want to set to your iPhone.

How can you create a song to be your ringtone for iPhone?

This is where things start to get interesting. It’s obvious that you do not want to spend cash on purchasing tracks from iTunes Tone Store or any other site. If you’re looking to save your most loved songs and music to be your iPhone phone’s ringtone then this is the right app for you. It is very easy to use this method to convert your most loved music or audio files to custom-designed ringtones directly in your iPhone. There are two ways for doing this, and both work well.

The most common method is to utilize the iTunes application to convert the music or audio file downloaded to your device into the ringtone format and then transfer the ringtone to your device. This is a lengthy process and may require a PC to execute. It’s also difficult to perform.

The 2nd Method is to make application of a third-party program accessible through the app store, dubbed the GarageBand application. It’s an easy substitute for the iTunes app that also converts the audio or song which you downloaded to your device to an ringtone, and then save the file onto your mobile.

The article we’ll show you how to accomplish this using GarageBand, which is simpler and does not require the need for computers. This can be done using the iPhone as well. We have divided the procedure to split it in two steps. Let’s look at the steps of making an ringtone song for your iPhone

Part I: Downloading a song from Safari:

To covert a song , or audio file, you will need to download the song from the internet. You can then save the song to your iPhone. You will need the browser Safari as well as any browser with a download feature in order to perform this step. Let’s see how to download music from Safari:

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  1. Open Safari by clicking on your homescreen.
  2. Find the name of your song , and then find the right website and download link.
  3. Click Download and the small arrow is displayed in the bar of search.
  4. Click on the small arrow, and you will access the download list.
  5. Click on the song you downloaded and then press the share button below.
  6. Choose”Save” or “Save to Files” option and save the file to your iPhone.

After this, you’ll already have saved your track to your iPhone. The song will then be converted to the ringtone format and stored on your iPhone by using iTunes. GarageBand App.

Part 2 using the GarageBand application to create the ringtone

After you’ve downloaded the song , you’ll have to convert the audio file to a ringtone in order to do this you will require to download the GarageBand file. Visit your app Store and install the GarageBand application and follow the steps listed below.


  1. Launch the GarageBand app on the home screen.
  2. If you’re opening it for the first time, keep going until you arrive at the “GarageBand Recents” page.
  3. Select the “microphone with an additional” option that is located on the top right of the application.
  4. The Dashboard will be opened, and where you can modify the audio file to your preference.
  5. In the Dashboard Click at the View icon (brick Wall icon). This will start your editing panel.
  6. Press the Omega button (loop symbol) to create an additional song. In the Apple Loops or Files menu, click on the Files tab.
  7. Select the “Browse items using the Files application” button.
  8. Find the location of the song file you downloaded and choose the file.
  9. The file can be dropped on the Dashboard to modify it.
  10. Make adjustments to the song in order to create an appropriate ringtone, such as cutting it, or setting time limits.
  11. Click on the arrow icon located on the left aspect of the application and Save your music file to my music.
  12. Long hold on my songs, then click Share button.
  13. You can now save the file and then rename it to Ringtone.
  14. Select the Ringtones option in the setting and select the ringtone you want to use.

We also discussed how to create a song as your Ringtone on iPhone.


I’m hoping that you will be able set your favourite songs to use as your Ringtone. It is possible to go through the FAQs below to help answer your questions.


What is the length does a ringtone have to be?

A ringtone may be of 30 seconds or less. iPhone can automatically assign a tone according to this feature.v

Does my ringtone be compatible in calls made by third-party apps like WhatsApp call?

Yes your ringtones work exactly the same way for all apps from third-party sources. If you receive a call from WhatsApp you’ll be able to hear the ringtone you set.

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