How to change screen timeout on iPhone

Want to set your screen timeout to a longer time duration? Do not want your screen to shut down every 30 seconds or so? Want to increase or decrease the display time of your iPhone? Want to save your iPhone’s battery life by decreasing your total display duration? Click here to find out the easy steps on how to change screen timeout on iPhone.

Our iPhones are solely powered by their batteries. We must learn how to preserve our battery life to its ultimate limit. Apple makes iPhone batteries in such a way that they could suffice almost 500 charge cycles before it degrades into a service mode of 80 percent of its original capacity. This means that an iPhone battery can be charged in a charge cycle of 500 times, without having any issues.

How to change screen timeout on iPhone
How to change screen timeout on iPhone

This might look a lot but take heed this is not a very absolute amount. If you are someone who even charges his or her smartphone even when it is above 80 percent of charge, then you need to understand that it counts as one charge cycle too. At this rate, if you charge your phone approximately 3 times per day, you will reach the service date in about a year!

You can increase your battery health drastically by taking some preventive measures which will let you not drain through your battery life so fast. This doesn’t mean you should refrain from using your iPhone or anything. This is to keep a good measure of your iPhone’s battery health and not to degrade it so early than its expected date. One of those major steps you can do in preserving your battery life is to decrease the amount of screen time your iPhone suffers from. This will be helpful if you have the habit of leaving your phone vacant.

As this is made to be preset of change along with a duration of time. This is done to preserve your battery life as the longer the screen is on, it will cause the longer the battery drains and degradation of overall battery health. If you still want to change the screen timeout of your iPhone to a longer duration because you are annoyed by constantly unlocking your phone every 30 seconds. In this article, we will show you the step-by-step process of how you can change the screen timeout of your iPhone to a longer or shorter interval. Let us now check out the details.

What is Screen Time?

As the name Screen time suggests, it is the amount of time you spend looking at or using a device with a smart screen. The screen time calculates the amount you are using an application and reports if it is at a healthy level or not. Our iPhones give us the features to limit the screen time of using our apps and other features of our phones. This helps us keep our health in control by not making our eyes suffer through the constant use of our phones.

What is Screen Time?

It is also very popularly used by parents, to limit the use of their children using their phones to a time frame. They can set how much they can access their screens and for how long. They also get a detailed report of their usage on the phones. A good screen time is considered to be less than two hours per day, but in this current day and age, it is highly unlikely to see this kind of screen time.

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What is Screen Timeout on iPhone?

A screen time out is the general overall feature that was introduced to iPhones in which the screen of the phone will automatically be turned off after a certain time of inactivity. This means for example if an iPhone screen is not interacted with let us say for 30 seconds, it will automatically be shut down. Not only does this act as a security feature preventing anyone able to accessing our phones in case of us being non-attentive of our unlocked iPhone, but it is also a very good battery preservation technique.

The overall battery life of the iPhone will be drastically improved and not degrade at a high pace because of the use of this feature. With less screen timeout the more often an iPhone is not attended to it will cause to shut off and preserve the battery power. In general, increasing overall battery health. The default iPhone’s screen time out is of 30 seconds but it can be increased from the settings. You can even set the screen time out option to be off, which will leave the iPhone be open at all times unless you manually close it through the power button.

When should you increase Screen Time out?

If you want to preserve your battery life and not want an excess of your battery life to be spent on random discharge then you should let the screen time be on its default settings of 30 seconds. But if you are bothered with the screen time-out feature of your iPhone and want to change it anyway or maybe want to increase it slightly, then you can do it free from the settings. However, these are some of the reasons why you should consider increasing the Screen Timeout of your iPhone:


  1. You very often use other devices with your iPhone. There is a high possibility if you are bothered by the screen time out of your iPhone because you use multiple devices at once. You would have been using devices like your iPad or Mac with your iPhone and maybe not be looking at your iPhone for long enough.
  2. You are annoyed by the Screen Timeout. It is also possible that you are constantly annoyed by the screen time out because you have a habit of keeping your screen active while you do other tasks.
  3. You are looking at photos or drawing something. It may be possible that you are just some images or photos that you took and they suddenly collapse as the screen times out. Maybe you were drawing by looking at a picture from your phone and the screen times out.
  4. You are reading documents. Screen timeout becomes a special problem when you read documents, you cannot read documents and not have time out. This is one of the most annoying times to have your screen time out.
  5. You have paused a video. Playing a video is not considered a stale screen and the Screen Timeout will not happen to you while you are playing a video on your iPhone. But if you pause your screen, your iPhone will consider it as inactivity and shut your phone down. This is problematic when you are taking notes while watching videos or studying online.
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As in any of the above-given cases you might want to increase the overall screen time out of your iPhone to increase the functionality instead of thinking about battery life. Battery life is important but it cannot be a point and a device have to be adaptive to a situation it has to be put in. Therefore, in these cases, you might want to increase the overall screen timeout in exchange for your battery health.

How to change screen timeout on iPhone?

Now that you know why Screen Time out plays a major role in the safety of your mobile and prevention of battery health degradation. Also, you know in what situations and for what reasons it is preferable to change your screen time out to a higher time frame than the default 30 seconds of iPhone. Let us see how you can change the screen timeout of your iPhone:

How to change screen timeout on iPhone?
How to change screen timeout on iPhone?


  1. Go to the Settings app from the home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Swipe down to the “Display and Brightness” tab in the list of the settings and click on it. This is given below the “Control Centre” tab with a blue color “aA” icon.
  3. In the “Display and Brightness” menu, go to the “Auto-Lock” tab and press on it.
  4. By Default, the Auto-lock should be set at 30 seconds. Changing the auto-lock to higher time frame.
How to change screen timeout on iPhone?

By following these simple steps, you would very easily be able to increase the screen timeout time frame. We would advise you to increase the time out time to a shorter and concise time frame only until you need it. For example, if you think a 2-minute time frame of screen time out is more than enough for you, then you should only select that only. We would recommend you to set it at a 5 minutes time frame of screen timeout as it will give you the benefit of having a large time frame and will even preserve your battery life from draining unnecessarily.

How to disable Screen Timeout permanently?

Now that you know how you can change the screen timeout of your iPhones. You should be able to do pretty much every task you want from the above reason list with very ease. Not only your screen will time out according to you, but your battery will also be preserved vastly.

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But the most useful part is when you use the screen timeout you can just touch the screen once and the screen will be reset to your selected time frame of screen time out. What? You are not happy and want to disable this feature completely? Don’t worry you can do that too. While it will cause a significant battery drain and may even lower your security standard, if you truly want to do it then you can do it. These are the steps of how you can permanently disable your screen time out.

How to disable Screen Timeout permanently on iPhone?
How to disable Screen Timeout permanently on iPhone?


  1. Find the Settings app from the home screen of your iPhone and click on it.
  2. Scroll and select the “Display and Brightness” tab. It is given with a blue color button with an “aA” icon and is presented below the “Control Centre” tab.
  3. Inside the “Display and Brightness” menu, find the “Auto-Lock” tab and click on it.
  4. Select the “Never” button and click on it. A blue check will be assigned to it. This will permanently stop or disable the screen timeout function from your iPhone.

With this, you can permanently disable or remove the screen time out the problem from your problem. But we would suggest you reselect the 5-minute time frame of screen time out once your work is complete, because the annoyance of screen timeout may have been removed, but losing your battery health overall is something you should think about. Also keeping your iPhone’s screen at an always open state is not wise.

Can no screen timeout harm my iPhone?

Yes, the OLED screen of the newer generation of iPhones can suffer from screen burnout. OLED technology is relatively new and has not yet been thoroughly researched. Also, one of the most annoying things is they are not covered in the warranty of the iPhone. This means if your iPhone’s screen suffers through a screen burnout due to overusing the screen of your phone, then it will not even be claimable and you will have to change the whole iPhone’s screen and replace it with a new one.


I hope with this article you will have complete and detailed knowledge about the topic of how to change screen timeout on iPhone. You can check the FAQs given below for further questions.


Q.01) Is screen time good?

A.01) Yes, screen time is a good feature with regards to our health and benefits.

Q.02) Can we use screen time on other apps?

A.02) Yes, we can limit the usage of other apps with the help of screen time in Apple.

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