How to do a split screen on iPad

Learn how to multitask on your iPad using split-screen. Shorten work time and improve productivity with this feature. It allows you to load different apps simultaneously and complete tasks faster. The split-screen feature is specifically designed for work environments and helps you refresh your mind while working. With split-screen, you can use official apps and watch videos or play games simultaneously. Want to learn how to do it? Check out our step-by-step guide!

How to do a split screen on iPad
How to do a split screen on iPad

What are Multitasking and Split Screen?

Multitasking is the art of doing multiple tasks simultaneously. With iPhones and iPads, multitasking shortens your work time. One way to do this is by using the Split Screen feature. This allows you to partition the screen and perform different tasks at once. For example, you can read articles and watch YouTube videos or draw and listen to music. Split Screen is available on both iPads and iPhones, although it is not as developed on iPhones yet.

Types of Split Screen you can perform on iPads:

There are several ways to use Split Screen on iPads for multitasking. You can adjust the size of each app or task on the screen. The type of Split Screen technique used affects the multitasking time. Let’s explore the various types of Split Screen Techniques on iPads:

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Split View Technique:

The Split View technique partitions the iPad screen in the middle, allowing you to run two apps at once. You can resize the partitions by dragging them to fit your needs. The apps running in the partitions will adjust automatically.

Sliding Over Technique:

The Slide Over technique uses a floating window to partition a section of the iPad screen for multitasking. You can drag the window to where you want it, but apps in the background cannot be resized or relocated.

Center Window Showing Technique:

With this technique, the iPad’s screen is divided into two parts, and the center of the screen shows a focused app. This technique is perfect for taking notes or drawing while watching videos or attending lectures, but you cannot resize the center window.

How to do a split screen on iPad

Now that you understand the importance of multitasking and the various techniques for split screens on iPads, let’s explore how to actually perform split screens on an iPad. Split screens can be done easily with several ways to adjust the app partitions. Below are the different methods for split screens on an iPad:

Method 1. By using Multitasking Menu to perform Split screen:

To access a split screen quickly and easily, use the Multitasking Menu on top of any app. Here are the steps to perform a split screen using the Multitasking menu:

  1. Open any app from your home screen.
  2. At the top of the app, click the Multitasking button with the icon of “three dots.”
  3. Choose the Split screen technique you want to apply.
  4. The screen will be divided and the app will be shown in one partition, while the other partition will have the home screen.
  5. On the home screen, select the other app you want to Multitask with.
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By following these simple steps, you can perform a split screen on your iPad with ease.

Method 2. By using the Dock to perform Split screen:

The dock at the bottom of the iPad can be used to perform easy split screens. Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the app you want to multitask is in the dock.
  2. Open an app from the home screen.
  3. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the dock.
  4. Drag the app you want to multitask out of the dock.
  5. Where you place the app will determine the split screen technique used.
  • Placing the app at the center will use the sliding over technique.
  • Placing it to the left or right will use the split view technique.

Method 3. By using the App Library to perform Split screen:

The App Library is a well-organized place where you can find all the apps on your iPad. You can easily use them to perform a Split Screen. Let’s see how to do it:


  • Open the App Library from the right-most part of your home screen or dock.
  • Select the app you want to multitask and drag it out of the library.
  • Place the app at the center of the home screen to use the Sliding over technique.
  • Place it on either side to use the Split view technique.
  • Repeat the same steps for the second app on the other side of the screen.

Using these simple steps, you can quickly and efficiently perform a Split Screen using your iPad’s App Library.

Method 4. By using the Spotlight to perform Split screen:

The Spotlight menu on your iPad allows you to access apps quickly by searching for them. Here are the steps to use Spotlight for split-screen:

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  • Open any app on your iPad.
  • Press “Command + Spacebar” on your external or floating keyboard to open the Spotlight menu.
  • Search for the app you want to multitask with, and open it.
  • Drag the app out of the Spotlight menu and onto the home screen. Where you place the app will determine the split-screen technique used.

For example, placing the app in the center of the screen will use the Sliding Over technique, while placing it on the left or right side will use Split View.


I hope this guide has made it easy for you to perform split screen on your iPad. If you have any further questions or issues, check out the FAQs below for answers.


Can you perform split-screen on iPhones?

Yes, you can perform split screens on iPhones but they can be done by using some of the third-party apps available in the market. You can however use players to play videos and use them on the split screen of your iPhones.

How can I multitask with YouTube on my iPhone?

If you own a YouTube premium subscription you can use that to play the video in a mini player. It will be played on a hovering screen, similar to the slide screen technique, and can be resized according to your needs.

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