How to find hidden cameras using mobile phones

In this article you will learn How to find hidden cameras using mobile phones. Do you know? In the hotel room, the apartments you are living in right now. There can be a hidden camera installed secretly. Have you found out these hidden cameras anywhere in the corner, on the painting. Have you ever felt something suspicious around you like someone is watching you? Well if you feel so take an immediate action. Try to find out what is happening around you. Try to look at every thing you found suspicious.

It can include the painting on the wall, the toy in your room, inside the bookshelf and many more things. Well, we have some ideas and some secrets to share with you. So that you can save yourself. Someone is watching you, Sounds very scary, Right? You are in your private space spending time with someone you love. Okay, let’s assume even better, You are spending a happy time with your parents. Then you realize that someone is noticing your movements.

Every single movement you do, every single thing you do. And you can feel that something is weird something suspicious. But you don’t know what is that. You are even trying to find out what is making you feel uncomfortable. But you are unable to find this. Even talking about this strange thing makes us feel very agonizing. But do you know? Someone somewhere is suffering from this.  People do this for their own benefit. They hide the cameras in your hotel rooms, and apartments.

You do your private things there. They capture all of your movement. Then they use you for their benefit. Some people dare to face it. They don’t allow someone to use them. But on the other hand, some people get scared. They don’t have the guts to face the problem. They let people use them. In the end, they end their lives. Who suffers? Their family members which include their parents, and their loved ones.

People use these cameras to capture their wow moments. Parents use this to capture their children’s all-firsts. Be it their first step, first time saying Mummy daddy. People use these cameras to capture their happy wedding moments. But not every click is happy some are scary to. You should be aware of all these things. Don’t trust everyone. Do everything carefully. Go anywhere, enjoy but you should observe what people around you are doing. Help yourself as well as others 

But what if this becomes scary, Yes, nowadays there are people who use these gadgets in the wrong way or to blackmail someone by taking their unwanted pictures. We have seen many cases of harassment and blackmailing.  People used to hide the cameras in the hotel rooms even inside the bathroom where they spend their private time. people who are unaware of this thing those innocent people get into their trap. And that person has no idea how wrong they are. They don’t care about anyone’s feelings. 

But you can prevent yourself from these things. Yes, there are many ways from which we can find out these hidden cameras with the help of the same camera which you have. You guessed it right your own phone. But for this, you should how to use your phone to find out hidden cameras anywhere. Here, I will tell you some ways to see where these cameras are hidden by your phone. That camera can make things loved and scary at the same time. We should know how to use it in a good way. 

How to find hidden cameras using mobile phones
How to find hidden cameras using mobile phones.

Ways to find hidden cameras using a mobile phones

First of all, you should be an observable person. One should know what is going on around them. Because we don’t know what is going to happen in the next 5 sec. Those 5 secs can make your day happy or worst. So you should observe the things and the people also.

Do a physical check

 Whenever you go to a hotel and book a room. If you feel you’re surrounding suspicious, observe, Do a physical check. How are you feeling? Do you feel anything suspicious? Do check the clock, the wardrobe, the windows, the curtains, and the decor things very carefully like you check your partner’s phone. Okay, that was for fun, but in your life be  careful. Check your room’s mirror also. Okay, so that’s all about with your own physical check. 

Use your mobile phones to find hidden cameras

Now if you don’t have that much observable skills. If you are not able to find out on your own then take a break, we are here for you Do you know? You can find the hidden cameras using your mobile phones as well. Do you know how? Don’t worry!! We’ll always be there for you. So there are some ways to find out the hidden cameras using your phones.

1- Use your phone’s flashlight – 

Exactly just when there is a power cut then your phone’s flashlight lightens ups your room it can lighten up your life also. So, the first and foremost thing is that switch off all the lights in your room, and ensure it is pitch black. Now, turn on the flashlight of your phone and point it to the point where you are feeling that this is a little bit suspicious or weird. hidden cameras have a lens that reflects light at a certain angle. Now look if there is any reflection or not keep moving your

camera at different angles. Noticed any reflection? Do a physical check and make an immediate move. So that’s it for the first way. I hope it will help you in any way. Now, talking about the next way which is also using your phones. 

2- Use your mobile phones camera to find hidden cameras

First and foremost thing is to switch off all the lights in your room. Even switch off the TV, laptop, etc. Now, point your mobile phone’s camera where you feel suspicious like boxes, mirrors, or clocks. Look carefully if there are any flashes of light on your phone screen because hidden cameras emanated Infrared light. If you find this kind of activity be alert. 

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These ways work for android users as well as I-phone users. You should check for hidden cameras in your room as well as bathrooms using the same tricks. Please don’t be careless, it’s your life, not a joke. There are many cases where people are careless and then face consequences and end up ending their lives for this thing. Then their parents, and children the ones who genuinely love them suffer their whole life. 

Where to find the hidden cameras with mobile phones

Unfortunately, these hidden cameras are very small in size. Anyone can hide them anywhere like inside clocks, plants, bookshelves, laptops, desktops, toys, inside any scenery, photo frames anywhere literally. You should be careful about all of these things. You should also make everyone aware of this thing. So that everyone will be aware of this kind of shameless activity. 

You can always look for the cameras by looking at their lenses. Cameras can be hidden but the lens is the main thing. The lens must be visible.  Look, from where you can look at the room clearly, look at all the angles top, bottom, left, and right everywhere. Mostly corners of the room are the best place to hide such cameras look ate every corner of the room. And watch carefully is there any weird thing? Is there something that is looking suspicious? 

In hotel rooms, you can see many decoration things which make the room look nice. These decor things like painting mainly. You can see mirrors. If the mirror is two ways to confirm where there is a hidden camera or not.  You can use your mobile phones. First of all call someone put it on speakerphone mode and walk around the room to see if there is any cracking, clicking, or buzzing from your phone. If so then immediately take an action.  

In built features in your Phone

So, you can also use your mobile phone’s front camera. On I-phone you can find this app on the home screen but for the android user, you have to search for this. Then the next step is to open your phone’s front camera if the camera can’t detect your face rotate it. You may not be able to perform this process using the rear camera. Why? Because the most rear camera has infrared filters. Which will prevent the camera from detecting the infrared light.

Now see if your mobile phone’s camera can detect infrared light. For this use a TV remote place the remote in front of the phone’s camera press any key now look for a flashlight. Now turn off the lights in your room then move your phone’s camera to look for a flashlight. If you detect one then it’s not safe for you immediately inform someone. 

Well, the phone which you have has many features which anyone can use in a good way and even in a bad way. It totally depends on you. How you are using it. We use many apps on our phones nowadays even the apps can also detect your face and location and many more things. Be aware of these things, you should know when you should be careful and when to enjoy the moment

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Apps to find hidden cameras using your mobile phones

Now let’s talk about the apps, using them you can find hidden cameras. This is for both android users as well as iPhone users. Don’t worry we will take care of you both.

App names and how to use them-

1- DeviceOwl – 

All you need to do is open the app, point the phone at the suspected device and let the app check for the hidden cameras. 

2- DontSpy2- 

Install it once and it works with the magnetic sensor in your phone. For better results take your phone closer to the suspicious device. 

3- Hidden Spy camera finder – 

It is most useful to detect the hidden camera in meeting rooms, and hotel rooms. Just tap on the start detection button and the app will automatically detect the camera. 

4- Electromagnetic Detector – 

It will automatically detect phones, microwaves, and cameras. Although it is not specifically designed to find spy cameras. And if you are buying an already made house and want to find out whether there is a hidden camera installed or not. What you can do is you can hire an expert. There are many professionals who can find hidden cameras in your house or anywhere. But yes the price they take can be expensive but not more than your life. 

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Some extra information for you

Well, we have discussed many ways how to find out if there is any hidden cameras installed in your room or house or anywhere secretly using mobile phones. It is better to be careful about some things in our life. We should take care of ourselves as well as our family members also. Not only this you should pay attention to about everything. It is better to stay alert rather than feeling sorry later. 

If you love to travel and you travel very often then these apps should be there on your phone. Well, instead of this you should always take an extra battery with you. Take a power bank to charge your phone. Stay connected with your family members from time to time. One more thing don’t use public computers to login into your account.

Your personal information can be saved on that computer and someone may use your information in the wrong way. Download the apps, and stay connected with your family members or with someone you trust. Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about. Enjoy your life to the fullest but be alert. Your life is important, We hope you find this article helpful and that it will help you in the future.

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