How to make Siri say what you want

Apple has an amazing feature that was introduced at the time when A. I Assistants was a hoax. Apple introduced Siri in the iOS 5 over 10 years ago. It was revolutionary in its design and functionalities. It opened a brand-new market of personal assistants in the smartphone genre. With the inception of Siri, the market for the best personal assistant market apps opened up. Android and Computers both were very swift to capture it. But you might be wondering How to make Siri say what you want?

Siri was developed vastly to utilize speech recognition on iPhones to the next level. Apple want to adapt to the market that was swiftly changing and evolving. They wanted to have an A. That was available for every iPhone that could carry out a simple task. They wanted to create a futuristic design of Artificial Intelligence that was appealing to the customer base. This was indeed very successful as with the inception of Siri. The Apple stocks flourished and iPhone sales boomed. Siri was able to do what many other designs and models failed. Commercialize the Artificial Intelligence and Pocket Assistant market.

Siri can carry out simple day-to-day tasks when given the right commands. It has evolved with time to be able to program with complex tasks and functions. You can make Siri Shortcuts that allow the user to program Siri to do anything. Many people want to make Siri read out their messages. Others want Siri to say specific lines when spoken to or given a command. In this article, we will learn How to make Siri say what you want. Excited? Let us see the details of how it can be done.

How to make Siri say what you want
How to make Siri say what you want?

What is Siri?

Siri is the private virtual assistant that is given by the Apple devices to make it easy for the user to navigate their iPhones. This can make Siri both a very useful integrated piece of software and also a work type. This will make the iPhone a very useful tool. You can use Siri to make quick actions and follow straight-up commands. This will cause the user to be enveloped by the User’s belief interface.

Once you get how Siri functions, you can make it do anything. You can program Siri to make small changes in iPhone compatibility. This makes the Siri Suggestions a very big thing in the present market. Customization and utilization of Siri as a very powerful tool. You can pair this unique interface with many of the other Apple devices like Air pods or Mac. This will make your user flow a lot more interactive and enjoyable. This will help you in looking and using your iPhone in a completely new way. This also allows Siri to make customized commands and follow-ups to previous commands.

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How to make Siri say what you want on your iPhone?

Siri is a virtual assistant capable of doing simple tasks on your iPhone. To make her say anything you want you will be needed to follow some simple steps. There are different methods you can use to make Siri say anything you want. This entirely depends on the scenario that you are in and where you want her to say something.

For example, if you want her to hear something written in messages or your notes. Or if you want her to say something when you command her to do something. The situations are different and so is the context. However, before you know How to make Siri say what you want. You will have to learn how you can activate Siri on your iPhone. Also, you will be needed to start active listening. This is important as due to this she can respond to you with the command “Hey Siri”.

How to enable Siri on your iPhone?

Before you start giving Siri its commands, you will have to enable it on your iPhone. When you set your device up then, you may have set Siri up. If that is the case then you can skip this step and go on to the next one. Siri is not dedicated to one or more devices it can be used on multiple Apple devices. You should make sure that the Siri is activated on your iPhone. If your iPhone does not have Siri activated and is not responding to the command “Hey Siri”. Make sure you enable Siri on your iPhone and start active listening. Let us see how you can activate Siri on your iPhone.

How to make Siri say what you want - How to enable Siri on your iPhone


  1. Open the Settings of your iPhone from the home screen and open it.
  2. Scroll down to find the “Siri and Search” tab given in the list of settings in the settings app. Click on the “Siri and Search” tab to open it.
  3. In the “Siri and Search” menu, you will find a toggle named “Listen for Hey Siri” with a toggle switch off. Enable the switch and push the toggle on.
  4. You will also find a toggle in the same menu named “Press Home for Siri”. Activate the switch and push the toggle on.
  5. Another toggle named “Allow Siri When Locked” will be present which will be the default switched off. On this switch too.
  6. Go back to the home screen of your iPhone.
  7. Make sure you have your internet connection active on your iPhone. Call the command “Hey Siri” and check if it is responding.
  8. Alternatively, you can long-press on your touch ID if you have to activate it.

This way you can easily know How to make Siri say what you want. This way you can enable it on your iPhone to give any command you want. Siri will always be listening to your command of “Hey Siri”.

Methods of making Siri say anything on iPhone:

Siri can say anything and also respond to any command. You can make Siri respond to certain commands and answer your wishes. But there are different scenarios where you might use Siri to say something. Let us see the different methods of how you can make Siri something on the iPhone.

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Method 1: How to make Siri say something by reading a text.

Firstly, the gravest scenario is when you want Siri to read out any text on your iPhone. You may be someone who is not able to see the text properly. Thus, are not able to read the text given properly. This can be any text from messages to websites or even your notes. This is a dire situation where you need Siri to read out the text given on the screen of your iPhone. In this case, you can use Siri to read the text and say it to you by using narration. Let us see the steps of how you make Siri read a text on your iPhone.


  1. Open any text that you want. You can open the notes app on your iPhone and type in what you want Siri to say on a note. Alternatively, search anything on the Safari app or whatever that you want Siri to say.
  2. Long press on the text that you want to be said by Siri.
  3. A blue marker will appear which will indicate a selector. Select the text you want from the article or note.
  4. Drag the pointers to select the text that you want to select.
  5. In the list of options given above the selection. Press the speak option. This will make Siri the text that is selected out loud.

By doing this you will learn How to make Siri say what you want. This will help you in making Siri say whatever you want by reading a text. This is the most simple and effective way of doing this. You can use this method to make Siri read out the text that you have selected.

Method 2: Using Speak Screen on iPhone.

Speak screen is another one of the best ways you can make Siri say what is on your screen. It is a feature that allows Siri to speak out whatever content is present on your screen currently. This can be used by Siri to say whatever that you want it to say. You can use this feature and write down some notes on your notes app. Siri will say that note and say what you want it to say. But before you use speak screen you will have to activate it on your iPhone. Let us see the steps of how you can activate Speak Screen on your iPhone.

Using Speak Screen on iPhone


  1. Go to the settings app of your Apple iPhone.
  2. Find the “Accessibility” tab and click on it.
  3. Inside the “Accessibility” menu, you will find the “Spoken content” tab under the Vision section.
  4. Click on the “Spoken content” tab.
  5. In the “Spoken content” menu, you can see the “Speak Screen” toggle. By default, this toggle will be turned off.
Using Speak Screen on iPhone.
  1. Turn the “Speak Screen” toggle on and go back to the home screen.
  2. Open any text that you want to be said by Siri.
  3. Slide your two fingers down from above the screen. This will make Siri say the contents of the screen out loud.
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You will be able to answer the question How to make Siri say what you want with this. It will make your work easier. This is because you will not have to select everything manually for Siri to say. You can use this to make Siri say anything on your iPhone.

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Method 3: By using the Commands of Siri on your iPhone.

Siri is a virtual assistant that is capable of answering any question you throw at it. Therefore, it is equipped with multiple commands that function as guidance of it. You can use these commands to make Siri do simple tasks on iPhone. Some of the simplest things to make Siri say anything you want is by commanding it. Let us take for an example you wanted to make Siri say out the latest messages you received. You can give out the commands for it by using the “Hey Siri” keyword. Let us show you the steps of how you can do this.


  1. Open the home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Say “Hey Siri” followed by your goal. For example, “Readout my messages”.
  3. This will be responded to by Siri as it reads out all the recent messages on your iPhone.

You can use this method to read anything. From text messages to entire screens of your iPhone. This is a very powerful and effective tool. You should use it to make sure you are using Siri to the fullest potential.


Siri is no doubt one of the most powerful and well-designed virtual assistants on the market. But it still needs a lot of development to reach its fullest potential. Apple tries to make sure Siri is constantly updated and functional. This makes it easy to go. This was the answer to the question of How to make Siri say what you want?

If you have any more issues check out the Frequently asked questions that are provided below to find some more unique insights into them.

Hope you have a good day.

How to make Siri say what you want?


Q.01) Can I use Siri to say my reminders?

A.01) Yes, you can command Siri to say anything. You can use it to say out the current reminders you have active on your iPhone. All your daily reminders will be narrated line by line by Siri. It is very easy to do as it’s simple commands.

Q.02) Can I use Siri shortcuts?

A.02) Yes, you can use Siri shortcuts to make responses or shortcuts for Siri. This will help Siri to be more interactive and easier to use than the prior. Siri is capable of making shortcuts. This can be done by using simple lines of codes and if-else statements.

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