How to refresh iPhone by different methods for different models

As we all know, iPhone users are enjoying more than Android ones because of the extra features of the iPhone which make it special from others. Due to this, we have heard iPhone users flexing too much. If we talk about the iPhone then it has iOS which is a closed system whereas Android is an open system. Android users install their applications from Google Play Store whereas on the other hand iPhone users install their applications from the Apple store which makes it unique. But, do you know how to refresh the iPhone by different methods for different models?

Suppose you are in your urgent webinar or meeting and your device got frozen! Have you felt like anything like this? Is your iPhone being unresponsive? iPhone crashes? I’ll give you the best solution for curing this problem. The best solution for curing this problem is to refresh or reboot your iPhone.

Remember one thing,  there are two types of refreshing your iPhone (a) soft reset and (b) hard reset. Soft reset doesn’t mean misplacing your data. It only clears the active memory or caches of your devices which are used to run apps and the operating system. Refreshing only empties your memory, not the data. So, if anyhow your screen gets struck then just try refreshing it. Hard resetting your phone can erase all your important and personal information saved on your phone. Are you not sure which method you have to perform on your device? Now, through this content, I’ll tell you How to refresh an iPhone by different methods for different models by using a simple combination of buttons. Till today, no such physical button is available in any iPhone for refreshing or resetting it. I’ll also tell you how to create backups, what to do in a situation when the Apple logo gets hung on the screen, and What to do in a situation when your device will not restart. Let’s have a glimpse at each point.

Refreshing an iPhone 6, 6s plus, or iPhone SE (1st generation)

  • 1.The right topmost edge, there is a button available on the iPhone which we call the Sleep/Wake button. A button provided in the middle of the home screen is called the home button. You only have to hold both the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen and release both the buttons. The device will get off.
  • 2. For turning the phone on, again press both the buttons (Sleep/Wake and Home ) simultaneously. It will refresh your phone without misplacing the data. This comes under soft reset.
How to refresh iPhone by different methods
How to refresh iPhone by different methods?


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Refreshing an iPhone 7 or 7 plus

  • On the left side of the iPhone, there is a volume button. The sleep/Wake button is available on the right topmost edge. We have to hold these two buttons simultaneously together until the Apple logo is visible on the screen and release the buttons.
  • After releasing the buttons, the phone will normally refresh. This comes under soft reset.

Refreshing an iPhone  8, 8 Plus, XR, XS, XS MAX, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd generation), 12 series, and 13 series

There are three ways of refreshing:-

First method

You have to quickly press the volume up button which is on the left side of the phone and release it. Secondly, you have to quickly press the volume down button which is also on the left side, and release it. At last, you have to hold the side button which is available on the right side, and release it until the Apple logo appears on the screen, release your fingers. This will help in refreshing your phone.

Second method

You can just simply press and hold the volume up button on the left side and the power button on the right side simultaneously until the message “ SLIDE TO POWER OFF” appears on the screen. Toggle the Power icon to the right side. The phone will turn off. Now keep pressing and holding the side button again until the Apple logo appears and releases it. The logo will appear on-the screen maximum after 10 seconds.

Slide to power OFF

Third method

You can simply go to the setting of the device then click general and then reset. You have to click on Shut down to simply restart or reboot your iPhone without losing any of your data instead of unsaved files.

reset iPhone

Other features

  1. Erasing all content and settings, this option allows you to delete all of your data and settings of your phone’s keyboard, calendar, etc. This comes under hard resetting of your device and can clear all your saved data and files. You then have to input your passcode, Face ID, or fingerprint. Then click on Erase iPhone and enter your Apple ID password. Then your phone will start restarting.
  2. Reset all settings, this option allows you to just reset all of the settings of your phone.
  3. Reset home screen layout, this option will change your home screen to the default layout.
  4. Reset location and privacy, this option will reset all your location history and privacy, passcodes, etc.
  5. Reset network settings, this option allows you to reset all your network settings to default

Refreshing an iPhone SE (3RD ) Generation

Preferred method: –

  1. On the top edge of the iPhone side button is available. Just gently hold the button until the message “Slide to power off” is visible.
  2. Toggle the “POWER ICON” to the right side for refreshing or soft restarting your iPhone.
  3. When the device gets switched off keep pressing and holding the side button ( top side edge) until the Apple logo is shown.
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Alternative method: –

  1. On the left side, the top corner Volume up and Volume down button is available. You have to quickly do this action, press, and release the Upward button of the Volume and then gently press, and release the Downward button of the volume
  2. Now, to end the process press the side button (top side edge of the screen) and wait until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

I hope now you must have got the idea about refreshing an iPhone.

What to do in a situation when the apple logo gets hung on the screen?

  1. With the help of the charging cable of your device connect your iPhone with the PC or Mac. If anyhow you are working on PC then open iTunes but, if you are using Mac then open Finder. . But if you are using a PC then open iTunes from the Start menu or by going through the application folder.
  2. Now, the next step is locating your phone. While using FINDER in the left panel under locations write your iPhone’s name. But, while using iTunes click the icon of the iPhone available on the top left corner and put your iPhone on recovery mode by pressing the refreshing buttons as per the model.
  3. Last, but not least a message will appear on the screen which asks you to CANCEL, RESTORE and UPDATE. By clicking on update your phone will start rebooting or refreshing by clearing all your caches. By choosing RESTART your phone will misplace all your data.

What to do if the iPhone still does not get restarted?

Don’t wait too much. Don’t take the risk. Go and contact the Apple support team as soon as possible. Visit select the model of your phone and must read the instructions carefully.

How to create backups?

For creating backups, you have to continuously sync your iPhones with iTunes (if using PC) or with FINDER (if using Mac). The second method for backing up your data is to go to Settings app > iCloud > Storage and Backup and switch the backup “ON”.  After switching on this option your phone will automatically set to back up when you connect your phone to power.

How to reset the passcode?

You can reset your passcode by going to the settings of the app, then opening Face ID and Passcode, and entering your existing password. Then, click on the option Change passcode and enter your new passcode. While resetting the passcode make sure to enter the right buttons.


Yes, the iPhone gives you passcode options. There are four types of passcode options which you can apply –

  • Custom alphanumeric code
  • 4- digit numeric code
  • ·   6- digit numeric code
  • Custom numeric code: It allows you to input digits as much as you can.
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If you want to use the number as well as alphabets as your passcode then go with a custom alphanumeric code.

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By this, I hope through my content you now got how to refresh your iPhone or how to create backups. What do you have to do in a situation when your iPhone gets stuck or doesn’t restart itself? If now onwards any application stops working then just simply hold and press the required buttons gently and softly to reboot or soft restart without any fear of losing data. These are not complicated steps, they are simple and easy. I recommend that if you refresh your iPhone twice or once a week for 4-5 minutes it will help you to clear issues on your device. Also, refreshing smooths your device. But, if your device is too old then try to refresh it constantly, it will help better.

Regular restarting of the phone is not a good option because while hard resetting the power is cut from the logic board and this process does this shortly, which can cause damage to your device.

Other problems which are related to the iPhone are setting up the device, not ringing an iPhone, and recording the calls on the iPhone. Finally, you know “How to refresh an iPhone through different methods for different models”. Now I hope that by this article your all doubts about restarting your iPhone are clear. There is every option available for every model of an iPhone. 

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Q1. What is the best way to clean the screen of the iPhone?

You should never use cleaning reagents or any type of chemical agents. Instead of this try to take some water and a scratch-resistance cloth and simply slide it over the screen gently and softly.

Q2. Can I use face ID with glasses?

Yes, you can use your face ID with glasses. The iPhone allows you to unlock your face ID with hats, sunglasses, scarves, glasses, and contact lenses. iPhone 12 has a feature in which you can unlock your face ID by wearing a mask only if the mask option is enabled.

Q3. How to sync google contacts to iOS?


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