How to skip songs with AirPods

We will let you know How to skip songs with AirPods. The melody you need to hear right now might not typically be on your playlist. When listening to music using AirPods, Apple offers a straightforward option to skip tracks. When you double one among your AirPods, the music will switch to the next compatible track.

Double pressing one of your AirPods will cause the music to stop playing by default for both AirPods and AirPods Pro. This will cause your music to advance to the next song in the line, playlist, or collection.

With AirPods Pro, the two-tap motion may be modified in favor of the press-and-hold motion. You will only have the ability to change the two-finger tap settings if you are using the necessary first or second-generation AirPods. Regardless of the model, if you’ve been looking for information on how to skip songs with AirPods, we have the answers you need. We should begin right now!

Instructions on How to Skip Songs with AirPods (Third Generation)

There seem to be a variety of ways on how to skip songs with AirPods depending on the brand you have. You should double-tap the AirPods, whether they are the first or second generation. You should double press the stem on third-generation AirPods and AirPods Pro. Songs can be skipped by double-clicking the Digital Crown on the AirPods Max.

Each new AirPods device has different equipment than the one before, which might sometimes mean that the way you control them also changes. The typical user has no idea how to skip songs with AirPods and the new gadget while transitioning from the original AirPods to the AirPods Pro.

How to skip songs with AirPods
How to skip songs with AirPods

While wearing your AirPods, it is simple and quick to skip songs, play an interruption sound, move ahead, and adjust the volume (third era). These AirPods models have a power sensor that the company apple built-in these AirPods.

  • Take note of the underlying power sensor while wearing your AirPods (third generation). Both AirPods contain a power sensor.
  • To skip a melody, double-click the power sensor. This will then take you to the next song on your playlist.
  • Press the power sensor once to play a tune or halt a melody. Press the power sensor again to continue once you’ve stopped the sound.
  • Press the power sensor once to play a tune or halt a melody. Press the power sensor once again to continue once you’ve stopped the sound.
  • Press the power sensor three times to skip back and repeat a song.
  • Press and hold the power sensor on the AirPods Pro to alternate between Transparency Mode and Active Noise Cancellation.
  • Use the volume slider in the program you’re using or ask Siri to turn up or down the volume on your AirPods Pro or AirPods (third generation) to adjust the volume.
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How to skip songs with AirPods (first and second-gen)

With AirPods (first generation or second generation), double-tap the right or left AirPod to skip songs. If, for some reason, two-finger tapping to skip tracks isn’t the default setting for your AirPods, designate this activity as your default in the settings of the connected iPhone.

  • Go to Settings on the iPhone that is linked and choose Bluetooth.
  • Select your AirPods by tapping the I icon.
  • To alter the default settings for AirPod’s double-tap feature, choose either the right or left option under Double-Tap on AirPod.
  • To set skipping a song as the default two-finger touch action for that AirPod, choose Next Track.
  • On the other hand, selecting Siri will alert Siri, selecting Play/Pause will play or delay sound, and selecting Previous Track will change the twice-tap activity’s default behavior of skipping a song.

The most efficient way to modify AirPods Pro settings is to skip songs

The most efficient way to modify AirPods Pro settings is to skip the songs is mentioned below:

The AirPod Pro offers several improvements and enhancements over the original and second-generation AirPods, including the way we switch between songs.

  1. The Skip Back option on AirPod expert controls enables you to return to your favorite songs without changing your default settings.
  2. A professional volume control option for AirPods is also available.
  3. The built-in power sensor turns on and instructs the AirPod Pro when and in which direction to skip when you press the stem. A double tap in the past becomes a triple tap to skirt backward.

Using your AirPod Pros, perform the following steps to skip the songs while you’re listening:

  1. Start your Apple iPhone’s Settings app.
  2. From the list of options, choose Bluetooth.
  3. Tap the I icon to select your AirPods from a list of Bluetooth devices that are in range.
  4. Press and hold AirPods to access the menu, then choose the Left or Right Airpod.
  5. The drop-down menu will appear and then choose Next Track.

You may leave as long as you follow these rules.

How to skip songs with AirPods Max:

The main over-the-ear headphones from Apple are the AirPods Max. Twofold tapping is not a factor with this significant new shift in strategy, thus you need to use something else totally to skip tracks.

Find the Digital Crown on the highest point of the right earcup on your AirPods Max to advance tracks. With barely a gap in between, click it again to advance.

Actually, you’ll want to swiftly press the Digital Crown a few times to return to the previous tune you were hearing.

How to skip songs with AirPods on Spotify

On the off chance that you pay attention to Spotify consistently, you’ll very much adore discovering that linking your AirPods, whether the first or second adaptation or the fresher AirPods Pro, to your record, is all around as basic as pie. Simply enable Bluetooth on the two devices, then link them.

The Spotify app can then be closed, and you can listen to music with your AirPods while navigating tracks using the skip feature. Additionally, you may use Siri’s assistance with AirPods Pro to make music playing much more hands-free.

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Where on the AirPods Do You Tap to Skip?

Knowing just where to place your AirPods is crucial since, unlike their wired counterparts, these touch controls are the most practical way to manage your music.

  1. On the first- and second-generation versions, you should aim for the gold tap area of the device, which is located between the barbeque at the top and the little mouthpiece opening near the stem’s commencement.
  2. There are two somewhat leveled surfaces that are exactly inverse of one another on the stem of the third-age and the AirPods Pro. You should coordinate your twin press actions exactly where you are now.
  3. The Apple AirPods Max has a button and a dial on top of the right earcup. You should be double- or triple-tapping the Digital Crown dial to skip songs. The Noise Control button on the other button is used for something else different.

Do These Audio Control Features Work on All Audio Content?

You shouldn’t experience any problems using a double tap, the Force Sensor, or the Digital Crown to control your music if you are using any of the major music services available on your iOS devices, such as Apple Music or the Spotify app.

As long as you set them from your Settings program on an iOS device in advance, traditional two-finger tapping or other skipping activities should work well regardless of whether you are using an Android phone.

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Why am I unable to skip songs with AirPods?

Is it that you are not able to skip the songs while listening to music? If you discover that the skipping activity isn’t related to your AirPods or is caused by something else entirely, there are a few common reasons.

  • It is likely that you have some inappropriate activity configured for the double tap if you experience this with the first or second AirPod ages. Change this by going to Settings, selecting “Bluetooth,” and then selecting the “I” icon next to your AirPods in the list of compatible Bluetooth devices. Change the “Twofold Tap on AirPod” settings to the “Following Track” or “Past Track” as necessary.
  • A sensor on the stem of the newer AirPods collects inputs. In any event, even if pressing and holding is important information, neither AirPods Pro nor the third-generation headphones skip tunes when doing so. Make sure you’re using a two-finger press and not just a tap.
  • The area of the headphones that are used to handle inputs is a specific area. Almost probably, the information won’t register if you tap an inappropriate location on the AirPod.
  • You won’t have the choice to make it work if the application you’re listening to the sound on doesn’t support skipping after performing these beneficial actions. If you are convinced that the application works, the problem can be a product malfunction. Holding your finger in the center, swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone until the open apps appear. Open the offending program once more by swiping it up and off the screen.


One of the most practical features of AirPods—assuming you own any Apple products from the AirPods line—is the ability to skip tunes. For the earlier models, just a double tap will do. This is replaced in newer headphones by a double push on the neck. Simply click down on the Digital Crown twice if you end up getting the AirPods Max!

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Make sure to concentrate on your actual contributions to the appropriate part of the single AirPod and that they are the appropriate contributions. Change the controls in your Bluetooth settings if you have a device from the first or second generation of Bluetooth.

It won’t be useful to learn how to master Airpods skip follows if you prefer to change the music on your iPhone. To get things going, adhere to the straightforward instructions listed above. They claim that the best things come in tiny packages. One of the smallest and most well-known products produced by Apple has received praise from the public as well as the media.


Could You Ever Skip Tracks on Android With AirPods?

Features of the Android-compatible AirPods When you double-touch one of the AirPods, the audio will start or stop. If you customised your AirPods with an iOS smartphone, the next and previous track signals will function. However, Siri and “Hello Siri” won’t function with AirPods 2 because they need an Apple device.
What stops me from using my AirPod Pros to skip songs?
1) Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to enable Bluetooth. To learn more, click the More Info icon next to your AirPods.
2) You may choose which AirPod to double-tap or push for Siri, playing or pausing audio material, or pausing music, depending on whether you select the left or right AirPod.
3) If you select the central AirPod, you can use all functionalities by double-tapping or by pushing.

Could I ever change the AirPods’ double-tap settings?

Without a doubt, you can. There may be a few different actions that are related to double-tapping on the AirPods. On your iPhone, choose Bluetooth from the “Settings” menu to accomplish this. From the list of devices that are present at that time, choose your AirPods.
Select the two-tap configuration next, and after that choose the tasks you want to control with each. The two-finger tap can also be used to skip tracks, activate Siri, and play/pause music.
If twofold tapping is something you could live without, you can completely disable it.

Can you use your AirPods or AirPods Pro to answer calls?

When you are wearing either AirPod and a call comes in, Siri can report the call. How to respond to or reject calls is as follows:
1) To reply with AirPods Pro or AirPods, press the power sensor (third generation).
2) Tap an AirPod twice to respond with an AirPod (first or second generation).
3) To reject an incoming call and send it straight to voicemail, double-press the power sensor.

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