How to stop iPhone from dimming

In today’s fast-paced workplace, it is commonplace to take our work to the outdoors. We often have to complete work in the car. If you’re one of those people, then you must be aware of how bright sunlight can get. Most likely, you will find your screen reflecting light at an angle that is off. Most likely, you’ll boost the brightness of your iPhone to combat this. Perhaps you’re studying an article. Or maybe you’re playing your game. You might notice that your iPhone’s brightness has been set to reduced by default. You might be thinking about the reason for this and what you can do to stop your iPhone from decreasing its brightness.

Do you want to know why your iPhone screen decrease in brightness in a synchronized manner? What is the reason that after increasing the brightness of your iPhone is still appears dim? If you’re reading a book, the light of your iPhone decreases constantly? If you are in the sun, your iPhone begins to dim? Click here to get the entire guide to how you can prevent the iPhone to stop dimming. How can I stop iPhone from dimming?

How to stop iPhone from dimming
How to stop iPhone from dimming

Auto-brightness is frequently believed to be the reason for this issue. It is a fact that the iPhone’s brightness can’t be reduced automatically without existence of an Auto-brightness function. Where does this auto brightness feature come from? Why is it present in the first place? What else is it that can cause your iPhone to become dim while you’re reading or performing another activity? Here, we’ll provide you with all the information and more. In this article, you will find a comprehensive description of the reason why the screen on your iPhone keeps dimming, and the best way to get it fixed. Excited? Let’s get the particulars.

The Auto-Brightness concept is what it does? what is the reason for it?

Auto brightness was a feature initially introduced on android devices, then ported to iOS because of its value. Auto brightness makes your screen’s brightness adjust to the surrounding of your iPhone. If there’s a lot of light in the area or you’re outside on a sunny day. The light receptors in your iPhone will detect this and alter the brightness of your screen in accordance with it. This could be a bother for the user, since if they remain in a dark area or in a location with less light and it turns back into a brighter hue quickly in the presence of bright light. This is a concern when you’re reading an article or typing.

As you may have guessed, auto-brightness can have its benefits. One of the most prominent is that it prolongs the life of batteries. If auto-brightness is enabled in the iPhone device, you’ll see an increase in battery life for your iPhone is significantly reduced. Since the screen draws much of the power on the iPhone. If your screen isn’t so accustomed to the brightness levels that the screen automatically produces feature, after it has been shut off, you’ll experience a drastic decrease in your battery’s life.

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Another advantage that lets your iPhone’s screen safe with auto brightness is the fact that the app allows you to have the brightness level adjusted in accordance with your visual. This can be great to your eyes. If you’re someone who is prone to keeping your brightness high every day this feature can assist in keeping your ocular vision under control. In the next article, we will discover how to prevent your iPhone to stop dimming.

How do you disable the Auto brightness feature on the settings of your iPhone?

Auto brightness is automatically in effect when you create your device to a new. If you do not like the capabilities or how they work, then you can turn off the features. Apple is not a force for auto-brightness to its users. If you’d like to disable auto-brightness, then you’re allowed to do it. We will walk you through the steps on how you can disable auto-brightness on your iPhone.


  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone on the home screen.
  2. Go down the page until you see the tab titled “Accessibility” and then click it. If you’re having trouble getting the tab to appear, you can locate it using the search bar located in the middle of the settings application. You can search for “Accessibility” within the search bar and then click it.
  3. Within the accessibility menu you will see an array of choices. Move down until the close and you will see an auto brightness toggle. It is time to turn off the toggle.
  4. Once your Auto brightness has been turned off Your brightness will not change or shift. To alter it, you’ll need open the control center. Therefore, you must go to the control center and open it.
  5. In the control center there is a sun-shaped slider. Move your finger upwards on the slider to boost your brightness. Slide your fingers down to lower the brightness according to your preference.
  6. You can adjust the brightness level of your phone until you have found the optimal for your needs.

This will cause your auto-brightness to turn off on your iPhone. Keep in mind that this could harm your battery and life span and make you lose some battery health , compared to when it was active. It is possible to activate it whenever you leave for work or create it happen when you use your iPhone at any time. Keep in mind that after that you’ll need to alter your brightness on your own every time.

Keep the brightness of your phone in accordance with your needs and resolve the problem of how to stop your iPhone from becoming dim.

Why is my iPhone still dim when Auto brightness is turned off?

You have disabled the auto-brightness feature in your iPhone. However, you’re still experiencing the same issue of your screen becoming dim and dimming. What should you do? What is the reason for this? There are a few different functions in your iPhone that could be the cause.

Automatic brightness will be the feature that usually causes the changes, however there’s many other reasons that this could occur to your iPhone. We will provide the solution for all of them . We will also inform you the reason why they could happen in your phone. Let’s look at ways to prevent from preventing the iPhone from dimming when auto-brightness is off:

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Reason 1. Dimming of the screen as a result of the true tone

The true tone feature is an option that is available in the latest generations of smartphones (iPhone 8 and above) which allows your screen to reduce your brightness, luminosity and color in order to better match the surrounding environment. This function could be helpful for you if the use of features such as brightness control or are a voracious reader. If you’re using apps like Amazon’s Kindle or you read other PDFs or other publications, this feature is perfect ideal for you.

The real tone reduces eye strain by reducing ” Blue light” that is released by the iPhone’s screen. While it’s there to maintain the health of your eyes. It can be irritating and sometimes not function properly. If you’re unhappy with it and don’t wish to cause disruption or change the intensity of your display, then you can switch off the tone very quickly. Let’s look at how to turn off the real tone off on your iPhone:

The fastest method:

  1. Start Control Center. Open Control Center from the home screen of your iPhone. You can swipe up from the bottom to open the Control Center if you own an Touch ID-capable iPhone or swipe up from the upper right side if you own an Apple ID-compatible iPhone for opening it.
  2. Find the sun-shaped brightness slider and press long on it.
  3. There is a button that has ” True tone” written in blue. You can click on it to disable true tone.

A slower method

  1. Launch the Settings app on your home screen on iPhone.
  2. Click below within the Settings menu until you locate the tab called “Display and Brightness” and then click it. You can also locate the tab searching using the bar in the upper right corner of the menu for settings. In the search bar, enter the word “Display along with Brightness” and then click it.
  3. Within the Display and Brightness menu, there is a switch that is referred to as “True Tone”. By default the true tone will be always on when you set up an entirely new device. Switch off the toggle.
  4. The tone will then go off. You can switch it back on again after a few minutes after this point if you want to return to it. Turn the toggle once more.

These methods can help you get rid of the real tone by turning off the device on your device. These methods can be used to get rid of the actual tone and constant dimming of the iPhone. Both of these options work with any version iOS.

Reason 2: Dimming of screen due to Night Shift

Night shift is a feature of iOS which is designed to ensure the health of your eyes. If you’re one of those who use their iPhones all night long and in dark rooms the Night Shift feature is ideal for you. It is possible to use Night Shift as it changes the hue of your screen . It also reduces the eye strain by dimming your iPhone’s screen. If you don’t find it helpful and irritating, then you can disable it. Night shift isn’t required of the user and can be disabled on the iPhone quite quickly. Here are the steps on how you can turn off Night Shift off for your iPhone:

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A faster method

  1. On the main screen of your iPhone opens the Control Center. Scroll upwards from the bottom part of your screen, if it’s an iPhone with Touch ID compatible iPhone or scroll to the top right-hand corner if you own an Apple ID-compatible iPhone in order to access it.
  2. long press down on the sun-shaped long press on the sun-shaped.
  3. A pop-up window will open and you’ll notice an icon that says “Night Shift” on it that can be activated. Click it to disable the true tone.

Method that is slower:

  1. Locate the Settings app on the Home screen on your iPhone and then open it.
  2. Within the Settings menu, scroll down until you come across the tab called “Display as well as Brightness” and click on it.
  3. In the menu that is Display and Brightness You will find an option called “Night shift”.
  4. Click it and click on it and the Nightshift menu will open. Within you will be able to make various settings, such as schedule it for tomorrow, or turn it off permanently.

By doing this, your night shift will be permanently removed and you won’t be affected by it. It is, however, better to create a schedule to your night shift. This means that it turns its lights on at night. It is your decision to choose.

Reason 3. Your low power mode is turned on

It could be that this could be the reason your iPhone will automatically turn dark and is not getting enough power. Low power mode is automatically activated whenever your iPhone is at or below 20 percent battery health, to ensure battery longevity. If you don’t wish for your iPhone to automatically turned off you can switch on this function. You can disable it by turning its button off from your control Centre.


I hope that you are able to be able to understand why the iPhone’s screen dims when you use it and the best way to combat it by switching off the dimming feature in the settings. I hope that this article has provided you with all the answers to how to prevent the iPhone to stop dimming.


You may also refer to the frequently inquired questions (FAQs) provided below for more knowledge about the topic.

Do I have to utilize the night shift schedule?

Yes, you can. This allows you to turn off the night shift during the daytime , and then only work at night.

What happens if my phone remains dim even after I switched off all the settings?

It is normal for this to not take place. However, if you’re experiencing this issue , you should reboot your iPhone and test it again.

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