How to text someone who blocked you?

When someone blocks you from contacting them, you are unlikely to gain any messages or notifications on most Android and iPhone apps, and most of these apps do not enable you to resume chatting once one person has been blocked. In any case, on Android, iPhone, and virtual entertainment programs, there are ways to message someone who has hampered you. Before you get started, double-check to see whether you were unable to communicate something specific. In this article, you will learn How to text someone who blocked you.

Your phone number may have been blocked if you continue receiving “Message Not Delivered” or no sign that your text was delivered. If you make an attempt to contact the individual but are unsuccessful, that is a red flag.

You have been obstructed via web-based entertainment if you notice that all of your messages have gone unanswered and you can no longer see the individual’s profile. Now that you’ve confirmed that you were obstructed, let’s look at how you can go around messaging someone who obstructed you on Android and iPhone applications.

How to text a Blocked Number
How to text someone who blocked you?

How do you tell if someone has blocked you on Android?

If you can’t reach a buddy, it’s conceivable that they have blocked your phone number or instant messaging. There will be no notification if your mobile number is blocked on another person’s phone. If you call that specific individual, you will only hear one phone ring. It may occur for a variety of reasons in various circumstances, but the most well-known explanation is the moment at which that individual blocked you.

Before Learning How to text someone who blocked you we should first know how to check if someone has blocked you on Android.

So, basically, sending a message to the person who blocked you will not notify you that the person has blocked you until the message is not delivered, even after a long period. The notes “conveyed” and “sent” are not visible. Nothing will be observed on the beneficiary’s end.

Another approach to check whether you are obstructed or not is-

  1. Open the Contacts program on your device.
  2. Determine whether the person you approve has hampered your phone number.
  3. Choose one of the options out of three given to the right of the window.
  4. Tap Remove (make a backup of your favorite contact’s info before deleting their entry from the Contacts software, in case you need to re-add them but your device fails).
  5. To exit Contacts, tap and hold the home button/swipe up from the bottom of the showcase until all active programs are displayed, then slide Contacts up and off the screen.
  6. Contacts should be re-opened.
  7. Search for the eliminated contact in the upper hunt box. If the number you recently removed appears as a suggested reach, likely, they have not hampered your phone. If nothing relevant appears, they’ve most likely done so.

Steps on How to text someone who blocked you

Use these methods to message anyone who has prevented you from messaging them.

  • Search on Google Play Store for the SpoofCard App.
  • Once downloaded, install the software on your Android device.
  • Then, open the application and choose SpoofText from the route page.
  • Select New Spoof Text.
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Here, Enter the phone number of the person you’ve wished to call, and the place the call. You might give the program access to your phone’s contact list to help you choose a phone number. Try sending the same message to the person who has blocked you.

You can, on the other hand, message the individual using any unknown messaging service that allows you to communicate with anyone over the internet. Some typical cryptic messaging regimes are as follows:

  • SendAnonymousSMS
  • Textem
  • TextForFree
  • TxtDropAnonTxt

Simply go to the website, enter the phone number you want to message, type your message, and click the send button.

Want to know How to text someone who blocked you? Use these apps:

What’s the story behind your Android phone number? You should go exploring to locate it. Boycotting your contact information may prohibit the receiver from getting messages from you. After erasure, the disallowed contact may still be a choice, so double-check. You can use these applications to contact someone who has lately prevented you from notifying them.

Google Voice:

Use Google Voice tools to communicate with someone who has hampered you If you’re looking for the best app to contact someone who has blocked you on an iPhone or Android device, We suggest Google Voice.

So because the message appears to be a normal total message, the collector cannot tell if it is from a Google voice application.


Download this free application from the google play store and message the person who has blocked you. To SMS someone who has blocked you, consider using the TextFree app, which is free to download from the Google Play store.

After you’ve downloaded and installed the TextFree app on your phone, launch it and select the sign-up option. If you want to use the application, you’ll need your real email address and secret key, so if it’s not too much work, go over those when you sign.

When you enter your desired postal district, a drop-down list of numbers will appear for you to browse. By proceeding, you should confirm that the number you specified for nothing messaging is the one you want to use. After inputting a secret word and selecting your gender, such as male or female, tap the sign-up button. After this, verify your email address. Using the supplied number, you can utilize the projects to send an instant message to someone who has blocked you on their phone.

Text Me:

Alternative Contact Phone number can be used to contact someone that has blocked your contact. To get things started, simply download and execute the developer. Once the download is complete proceed  the process by signing it with a working email address. Text Me’s enrolment process is straightforward. Following your registration, you will receive 10 free SMS credits to spend for your first few texts. Unblocking a blocker is as simple as calling the (+) on the beneficiaries or contact list.

Simply select the message and tap the send button on your cell phone to send an alert SMS. If everything goes as planned, the message will be sent to the recipient in less than two seconds.

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The one important flaw is that you are not encouraged to assume that the recipient of your message received it while using this tool.

How many messages can you transmit at once? This is dependent on whether the recipient received the message, and keep in mind that you should purchase more attributes if you want to send many messages. How to Reach out to Someone Who Has Blocked You on WhatsApp

There are two possible approaches to this.

  • Follow these procedures to delete and activate your WhatsApp account again: You should first deactivate your profile in order to communicate with somebody who has blocked you on your WhatsApp. Because it will wipe the majority of your specific settings, be sure you remember the details of your record. Delete the account under the Settings Tab. Click on settings, open the record tab and then delete the account.  Launch WhatsApp and set up it as usual.
  • You ought to be able to notify anyone right now because you removed your record.
  • Request that a mutual friend organizes a group and include the individual: A shared buddy can create a WhatsApp group and invite both you and the person who prevented you from texting them. You can send a message along these lines to that member of the group. Earlier courses of action may have resulted in the creator of the group, leaving the group so that only the two of you can send and receive messages.

How to text someone on Instagram who has blocked you.

If anybody blocks you on Instagram, you will be unable to communicate with them at any time using your Instagram profile. Try creating a new Instagram account and try messaging through this account to see whether the person has actually blocked you or not. From this method you can actually see if the person has blocked you or not, If the message is delivered from the other device then that means the person has actually blocked you.

You may gain access to a friend’s Instagram profile and contact the person who blocked you from there. If there is no enmity between you and the individual, contact them using their phone number to request that your record be unblocked.

Step-by-step instructions for texting someone on Snapchat who has blocked you.

If you are blocked on Snapchat, you would not be able to text them directly via your Snapchat account, as you would on any other virtual entertainment site. You could, however, pull off two deceptions.

To communicate with the individual, make another Snapchat record or use a subsequent record (if you have one) to add them as a companion. You can ask that they unblock you in this manner. If you both have a shared partner, request that the companion notify him of the problem and request that he unblock your record. You can also contact the individual through other virtual entertainment accounts.

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Three of the finest unknown iPhone texting apps

When users have to privately message on iPhone they have plenty of options with them. In this essay, I’ll talk about the top three undiscovered iPhone instructive apps.

Smiley Texting Private:

Smiley Texting Private is a 100% free app. It does, however, only work for contact information in the United States and Canada. Smiley Private Texting is an excellent app for iPhone users that require the ability to send secret texts in private.

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Text Burner:

Text Burner is unquestionably just one of the best-known iOS programs for delivering cryptic messages. This application gives you multiple phone numbers through which you can text the person whom you wanted to keep an eye on and see if the person has actually blocked you or not.


Gliph isn’t only an unknown chat application; it’s also a marketplace where you can trade items and conduct Bitcoin exchanges. Regardless, Gliph is a secure tool that you can use to communicate with others in private.


On Android, iPhone, and person-to-person communication apps, you can send an SMS to someone you’ve blocked. You might use any unknown messaging service to collaborate with the individual over the internet. Boycotting your contact information may prohibit the recipient from getting messages from you. Use Google Voice tools to communicate with someone who has obstructed you. You can even go for the TextFree application which is completely free and can download from Google Play Store.

I hope that the above content may have helped you to learn How to text someone who blocked you. and you may have contacted the person who has blocked you.


What happens if your phone number is blocked on Android?

After you’ve learned how to tell whether someone has obstructed your phone number by checking the items listed above, you should be able to tell whether or not someone has obstructed you. If you’re encountering difficulties, you ought to be aware of what is happening to the messages you send. When you create an impression on someone and they block you, the message will not be received. There will be no warning or anything different on the collector’s phone.
You won’t be able to make further phone calls or send messages to the one who blocked you. If you make any calls, they will be immediately disconnected. Furthermore, there will be no call brief on the collector’s phone, similar to messages. However, the beneficiary’s phone might give them a heads-up that you tried phoning, and the call will be dropped.

What happens if you send text messages to someone you’ve blocked?

When you block someone, all of their instant messages are removed. The person whom you have blocked will not receive any notification from your side that you have already sent a message to them. Hence, you will only know the secret behind this. Their text will appear to be communicated but will not be communicated.

Are they aware that you have blocked instant messages?

When someone writes you and you have blocked their contact, they will be able to send you messages but you will not get any of them. They will not be informed that they have been obstructed, and their communications will appear to have been delivered.

Could you ever prevent someone from calling but not messaging?

Impeding a phone number prevents you from receiving texts or calls from that person. You must unlock the number in order to receive messages and calls again.

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