What is one main purpose of science fiction movies?

Every one of us watches movies based on our interests. Few likes fiction movies and few like nonfiction movies. Movies are also a kind of way of communication where a story or idea is shared with the viewers. Few of us may think why are movies categorized into fiction and nonfiction movies? To answer this, fiction is any kind of work where the major role is imagination which can be a story, event, a piece of art. In movies, the movie narrates a fictionalized story or event to the viewer. When it comes to nonfictional movies, it is based on some document or grounded information and facts. You might think what is the main purpose of science fiction movies.

Science fiction movies are based on or related to science fiction books. They narrate stories of the future, planets, aliens, and some strange concepts we haven’t heard. Science fiction movies are completely dependent on the imagination power of the author. These are also called sci-fi films. This genre of movies uses some special effects on sound, miniatures, painting, and prosthetic makeup. It is above the concept of casual thinking.

What is one main purpose of science fiction movies

Science fiction movies are visionary movies that may seem to be scientific or imaginative, it is just the perspective of the viewer. If the viewer believes in the existence of such distinct creatures as aliens, extraterrestrial lifeforms, or phenomenons like outer space, teleportation, space travel, etc. then it is a science based one. If they believe in it, then it is an imagination based movie. Most of us have seen Avatar, but few may think of it as the imagination of the author or director. But few think that there are chances of having such creatures.

Why Science Fiction movies?

In the 17th century, it was used as a tool for social commentary, which leads to exploring unique ideas. But today it has gained popularity in terms of movies, shows, and documentaries in this society. As it has an attractive concept, fascinating technologies, and daring heroes and villains. We can’t predict or say the purpose of the movie and for a few viewers, it only thing that matter is to get entertainment. Few are fascinated to know about its importance, and why it exists, and educate themselves on that topic.

Purpose of science fiction movies

When we are fascinated or interested in something the first question that comes to our mind is what is the purpose of that. In terms of entertainment, it is a delightful treat to watch for a few of us. In terms of education, sci-fi movies help you to know about a few things that are away from our natural thoughts. And In terms of future perspective, it could be a prediction done which is not realized in real life. Science has given a particular shape to our life and thinking.

The things that happen in our life will be a reason for something or the result of something, these are related to one another. Similar way, everything is done based on some purpose. On reading this previous sentence also some of you think it is spiritual and start thinking about it. Some think it is a scientific concept. Others may not even consider and understand the sentence. In this way, the movie watchers may think from a different perspective as mentioned below. We will narrow it down to a few as Entertainment, Prediction, Education, Technology, Which make us think and ask questions and Looks ahead to the future.

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As said, Science fiction has a large scope of imagination of new concepts like magic or fantastic entities. This matters a lot in the Entertainment field, where there is no boundary to showcase your idea to movie lovers. The scope of the story can be limited to individual characters to large universal concepts also. Few concepts are delightful for viewers and few might frighten the audience. There are several books and novels in these genres. This science fiction contains the most action packed adventures, serious scenes, etc. For this reason, most books and novels are adapted into films and shows on television.

It holds the excitement for the full length of the movie from children to elders, as it is done by using some new technology which would be spectacular to watch. Let us throw some light on books. The books, comics, and novels have some limited images or pictures that describe the scene but it boosts the thinking and imagination power of the reader. Now a days very few read books and novels. Back in the day, novels, books, and comics have a huge fan base and everyone was fascinated by them. In this generation also, there are readers who love to read books and novels. 

Sci-fi Movies have an entertainment factor, some messages to pass on, and unnumerable new and interesting things. It is a time when everyone feels that they are in another world of life. 


Some science fiction movies are taken from books, which might be the prediction for the future. It is possible that a story has solid evidence that made the author make movies on them. Considering an example teleportation, which is a machine that is capable of traveling as fast as light. Based on the assumption that it is possible to evade the speed of light. This is an accepted theory, so the movie concepts based on this have a good chance of being believed by readers. Which may or may not be done in the future, although it is believed.

It makes you think about what if it happens, the pros and cons, etc. It is the initiator of topics that will blow our minds and describes the capabilities of the human mind and intention. If suppose the evidence you provide to readers or movie watchers is not acceptable, then it is not considered Science fiction anymore, it is just a weird fantasy thing.


Why do we consider the purpose of science fiction movies as Education? Because the movie may teach some interesting concepts or may sow a seed of innovation in your mind. Not only children have to consider it as education. It is education for all of the viewers without any age boundary. There are some instances where the author or movie maker establishes notions on how the world functions, how we interact with nature not only on earth but also in outer space, the kind of technologies that exist, etc. If we go on listing, the lists will go on and on. 

The fiction will have some serious concepts like societies, militaries and etc, this will provide an insight into how these entities work in the real world which is also educating. It is good for children to build an interest in science concepts which helps them to increase their knowledge base. Learning will have a fruitful outcome in everyone’s life. There is no limit to what science fiction can teach us. It is up to us how open minded we are to learn new things.

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Nowadays movies are made using a lot of technical elements, and along with that, they propose so many technologies that may come out as products in the future. Let us go deep into it by considering a few examples, back in time phones, video calls, and holograms were thought to be fantasy things in science fiction movies. But now we are using all of them in our daily life. High weaponized spaceships and medical tools were thought of as imaginary, but at this time they all exist. Movies may show them as ideas, but technology has developed at a blooming level.

The movies show some mind-blowing tools and technologies that we may not even think of it. In the end, it is also picturized using some other technologies. The positive note of sci-fi movies is that they will also show what might be the results if we misuse Science and Technology.

Makes us think and ask questions

When we come to casual movies we get a few doubts, and questions regarding the scene or concept. Science fiction assumes some concepts on which the movie is made. It is normal to get questions about them. Let us take an instance in which the movie is based on aliens. The questions that may arise are mentioned below.

  • Where do aliens live? 
  • Why can’t we see aliens? 
  • How do scientists get to know that there is a possibility of aliens living on other planets? 
  • Are aliens superior to humans?
  • Are they any proof that they visit Earth?
  • Do aliens know that we exist?
  • If so how do Aliens get to know about us?

These above mentioned are a few of the questions that may suddenly tickle your mind. The ongoing study says there is a possibility that Aliens live on some planets. They are smarter than Humans. They visit Earth using UFOs. For a few these answers are silly or few these are eye openers also. Still, these questions don’t have actual proof answers. We just considered a single concept Aliens, which gives rise to some questions. If we gather all the sci-fi concepts and list all the questions then might lead to new technologies, theories, assumptions, etc. which not only provides space to think but also enriches your knowledge.

Looks ahead to the future

It is different from prediction, where prediction is saying it will happen. But looking ahead to the future what if it happens? There are plenty of movies that show the possible future of struggles in social, and agricultural disasters, the end of energy resources, the effect of bio-engineered or man-made viruses, and the results of all these issues on humankind. It might seem like a time waste to think about the occurrence of some incident in the future. What if they happen actually, if we have found some solutions or workarounds then we can survive it. If we ignore it, then we will not spare our neglecting behavior.

So it is better to look for some prevention methods like using limited resources, promoting agricultural practices, avoiding the culturing and use of bio-engineered viruses, etc, which will not only save our lives but also the Earth. If it is not in our control to prevent it, then the only way is to find the solutions and save ourselves.

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As of now, we have explained how different fields are impacted by Science fiction movies. From all these, the main purpose of the science fiction movie is Entertainment, everybody is interested in watching sci-fi movies. The reason behind this is, it takes us to another world that is unique from our casual life. Everyone is interested to feel and experience alternative realities.

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Upcoming Science Fiction movies

Movie NameRelease dateTechnology ProposedConcept
DistantJanuary 27, 2023SpaceshipSpacecraft crash lands on a strange alien world that he must traverse to find the only other survivor.
ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: QUANTUMANIAFebruary 17, 2023,Pym Particles: they can grow or shrink an object in size and increase the density and strength of the subjectInteracting with strange new creatures.
M3GANJanuary 6, 2023Model 3 Generative Android, AI experiment.what happens when smart technology gets too self-aware?
The Pod GenerationJanuary 19, 2023detachable artificial wombs and pods.Sci-fi romcom, set in the future where nature is fading into obscurity as AI is all the craze.
The Wandering Earth 2January 22, 2023change the Earth’s orbitPutting thrusters on planet Earth and moving it into a new star system for a chance at survival is one of the epic proportions.
65March 10, 2023AstronautSci-fi film that will center on an astronaut who quickly learns that he is not alone after crash landing on a foreign planet,
Transformers: Rise of the BeastsJune 9, 2023Cybertronian technologySci-fi action film based on the Transformers.
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3May 5, 2023War at UniverseMission to defend the universe and protect it.
The MarvelsJuly 28, 2023,NanotechnologyPower and responsibility.
Dune: Part TwoNovember 3, 2023mythic journeyBoy nomads on a desert planet that has giant worms


In this article, we have explained what Science fiction is, and what are the purposes of Science fiction movies. The impact of Sci-Fi movies on different fields. Movies are popular in the Entertainment field, these Science fiction movies have built a large fan base. Back in time, very few were interested in sci-fi movies, but now most of us are sci-fi movie lovers. And in my opinion, there are plenty of purposes of Science fiction movies. What do you think is the purpose of these sci-fi movies, if you think anything is missed or have any comments feel free to comment on them.


Why should one watch Science fiction movies?

The purpose can be entertainment, technology, education, or even speculation. What we suggest is that you watch them because you may get some ideas, solutions, and overviews about most of the happenings. It could build your thinking power, improve your knowledge base and understand other perspectives of life. For kids, it will build interest in Science concepts, thinking out of the box, etc.

What are the benefits of sci-fi movies?

There can be numerous benefits from Science fiction movies where it brings some interesting thoughts, and ideas and even creates new ideologies also. They have a great impact on your mind which stimulates imagination, problem solving, and creativity. Even though you may suddenly feel it, eventually it will definitely improve your thinking power.

How do Science fiction movies influence society?

When we hear about Sci-fi movies we come to the conclusion that it is based on the imagination of the maker. But in reality, these fictions are drawn as inspiration for solving real-world problems like having smartphones to smart homes, and from holograms to virtual reality. This influences society to think and come up with the best product in terms of technology and take preventative measures for any upcoming disaster in terms of prediction.

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