What exactly is a peel remote, how does it function

An Android app called Peel Smart Remote gives you the ability to control appliances directly from your Android smartphone, exactly like a traditional remote control. However, an Android handset with an IR transmitter is required. It can be helpful to have an IR transmitter on your Android smartphone because it allows you a means to operate items without a traditional remote. However, due to its advertisements, the Peel Remote application has grown extremely irksome, which is why most users search for a solution to get rid of it. Since it came pre-installed, getting rid of it can be challenging. Thankfully, I can show you how to do this by following a few basic steps.

As time has gone on, the Peel Remote application has declined from being one of the best infrared remote apps to one of the most evil Android apps. However, some makers of electronic devices have the arrogance to pre-load it as an app.

The Peel Smart Remote software quickly became quite popular among tech enthusiasts back in the early days when the idea of a “universal remote in an Android phone” was still novel.

What exactly is a peel remote, how does it function

The Android app, which was first released in 2009, quickly racked up 25 million users. It also quickly grew into one of the most installed smart remote applications, with a customer base of 70 million, thanks to partnerships with phone makers like Samsung and HTC.

However, there are a lot of possibilities for why the application has drawn such a negative response. The Galaxy TV remote software bombarded users using lock screen advertising and overlays in addition to adopting cunning tricks to keep it operating in the background. Despite the business including a switch to turn it off in the settings menu, the Peel Remote App still had a number of issues that the half-hearted move didn’t fix.

What exactly is the universal controller: peel smart controller?

Peel Smart Controller is a free controller app that enables you to operate items like Televisions and home theater systems with any enabled device including an IR blaster. Peel Smart Controller is an infrared remote application as it has the capability to operate a wide variety of devices and is installed on a wide variety of devices. The Peel application can take the place of every conventional remote, saving you from having to have extras on hand. Similar programs which could be used to operate other gadgets include Kies as well as PS4 Controller Play.

An app called Peel Global Smart Television Remote Controller allows you to control a variety of electronic gadgets from a distance, including your Television, DVD as well as Blu-ray player, and any other smart home appliance. One further exceptional characteristic of the Peel Global Smart TV Remote Controller’s ui is its capacity to recommend customized program lists. The app uses the content you consume to automatically organize your choices. You can also create reminders with the Peel Global Smart Television Remote Control to ensure that you never miss any of the shows you watch.

Even recommendations from numerous channels like Netflix or Showtime are possible with this app. With the Peel Global Smart Television remote Controller, you can use your phone as a remote to operate any device. Prepare a list of the preferred channels so you can easily and conveniently access all kinds of material in a personalized way. 

What the Peel Smart Controller Application has to offer:

The Rich Interface

The graphical user interface makes it simple to move through the application’s various areas. It is very simple to change between channels and guides.

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Broad-based TV Guide

You can choose from a variety of genre-based shows and episodes using the TV guide. “What’s trending” and “recently viewed” searches are options. The brochure includes details about the upcoming programs and even provides you with recommendations that are unique to you.

Realistic Remote Replica

The app’s remotes have all the buttons, much like a conventional remote, making it simple to quickly switch channels. Additionally, you can add your personal channels to a personalized remote.

Live on YouTube

For live streaming gadgets like Roku and Chromecast, the software also enables direct casting of YouTube content.

Vocal command

By saying things like “Turn on TV” or “raise volume by 10,” the voice assistant included in the app can assist you in controlling the fundamental features of your television. Only a few televisions support this, though.

Configuring the Peel Smart Remote

Similar to other apps, the Peel remote application for iOS and Android may be downloaded and installed. You can download Peel remote by performing a simple search for it on the Play Store or perhaps the App Store. Open the app after it’s finished. Setup of your devices is now necessary.

Add Devices Using IR to Peel remote controller

It relies on your phone and how you add various devices to the Peel app. Several internets connected as well as non-internet-connected devices can be added to your phone if it has an IR blaster. You can only use internet gadgets with phones that lack IR, though. The software presented a notice on my outdated Samsung Galaxy S4 inquiring about what TV I have. You can incorporate a projector or pick from a choice of manufacturers. Then We kept scrolling to Insignia after clicking More. When you do this, the phone will prompt you to hit the power button while pointing it at a TV. Your device ought to switch on if everything went as planned. If your device is asked if it is on there in the Peel remote application, you can select Yes or No by clicking the prompt.

Upon initial attempt, my TV turned on. In the event that not, Peel offers a variety of smart power switches to experiment with. The very next phase is to choose a TV provider. The available options change depending on where you are, and you are able to even add some streaming services like Sling TV and free broadcasts. I missed this step since I don’t have cable, broadband, or a suitable streaming provider. You may add connections once you’ve finished the initial setting.

Navigate to the main window and click the Plus icon. A list of gadgets divided into several categories will be displayed to you. You’ll see alternatives like Set-top Box and Projector, for instance, under the category of “Video.” Using a non smart Television, DVD or VCR combined, Denon surround audio receivers, and Roku 2 XS, I was able to utilize the Peel remote successfully using an IR-capable phone. But it couldn’t locate my WeTek Play 2, ZTE Spro 2, or MeCool BB2 Pro.

The way for Devices Adding to Peel Utilizing WiFi

A different sensation arises while using a phone devoid of IR. You must scan utilizing Wi-Fi instead of surfing the app to look for gadgets. The Samsung S4 could operate my Denon transmitter, Insignia LED Television, and Toshiba DVD or VCR combined, but a smartphone lacking IR is rather limited in what it can do.

Just a Roku 2 XS was able to run my Moto Z. Oddly, despite having an internet connection, the Nvidia Shield Television could not be found using the Peel control on my Moto Z. A manual device addition via category searches is not a possibility either.

How can I disable the Peel Remote app?

When it comes preinstalled, there is frequently no simple method for removing the Peel Smart Remote application. Luckily, the Peel Remote setting in the app gives you the choice to turn it off. You would not encounter any of the intrusive lock screen displays or advertisements once it is disabled.

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Take the following actions to remove the Peel Smart Remote app:

  • Launch the “Settings” application by going to the App Drawer on your phone.
  • Click “App Manager” as an alternative to “Apps.”
  • On the phone, this section allows you to view any App on android. Look for the entry again for Peel Smart Controller as you scroll down the list.
  • Select Peel Remote by tapping it.
  • To shut off the program, choose “Force Stop.”
  • “Disable” should be selected.

You need to stop the program from displaying the overlays on the lock screen now that you have disabled it. Luckily, an Android smartphone’s Settings section makes it simple to accomplish this.

  • Open “Settings” by selecting it in the App Drawer.
  • To access the App Manager, choose “Apps.”
  • To access more options, click or tap the 3 little dots in the upper right edge of the screen.
  • Choose “Special Access.”
  • Find and tap on the “Draw Over All the other Applications” entry.
  • Locate the Peel Controller entry then turn it off.
  • Replicate actions 5 as well as 6, but modify the “Appear at Top” as well as “Adjust System Settings” entries.

The procedures listed above are specific to Samsung devices. However, the procedures might be a little different on other OEM devices.

Why has the Peel Smart Remote Application received criticism?

Ads for Peel Remote

Actually, Peel Manager has been under heavy scrutiny for more than a year as a result of the firm’s relentless efforts to boost revenue. 2017 marked the beginning of the app’s use of illegal overlays and screen lock advertisements. It was poor marketing to use this method. Without asking for permission, the application started displaying adverts on the lock screen. People became annoyed as a result of seeing advertisements every time they unlocked their phones. Surprisingly, there was no way to disable it in the app.

The Peel Remote App: How Do I Remove it?

Bloatware is another factor that makes many dislike the Galaxy a – series remote application. Because their devices already have always had the Peel Remote malware installed, users cannot use regular methods to delete the Application for Android via their cell phones. The only option is to disable it, however, customers have expressed frustration that the application keeps reactivating.

Let’s work to change it. The following technique can be used to get rid of the Peel Smart Remote Platform:

  • On your Android smartphone, go to the App Settings menu.
  • Look for the “Peel Remote app” in the Application Manager.
  • If the Peel remote application is present on your device, select the “Uninstall” button to get rid of it.
  • To make the software inactive, select “Disable” if the Uninstall button isn’t present.
  • The program will be deleted from the app drawer when the disable function is used.

However, several users claim that the application keeps resurfacing. Therefore, take the following measures if it keeps coming back:

  • Visit the Peel Controller Application page on the Google Play Store.
  • In the upper right-hand corner, there is a button with three little dots arranged vertically. Tap it.
  • By not checking the “Enable auto update” button, you can prevent the app from receiving updates automatically.

Alternative Apps for Peel Smart Remote

Despite the fact that there are few Universal remote apps available for Android that are as awful as the Peel Remote, there are several that employ the same irritating tactics, like overwhelming users with adverts and wasting a lot of memory.

These are therefore my top picks for Universal Smart Remote Apps, in my opinion, following some study.

  • AnyMote
  • SURE
  • Remote control for the Galaxy

Words of Wisdom

 Peel Controller is an App for android that assists in converting your phone into a remote controller. However, this software has changed from being a useful TV remote or a way to control other electronic gadgets into bloatware that annoys users with its continuous displays and lock display advertisements. Peel Remote may be disabled in a device’s settings. By doing so, you’ll be able to use your smartphone without difficulty while keeping it out of the way. But to remove it, you need ADB, to know what the Peel Control system package name is, and to be able to turn on USB debugging. It is not an easy task. Peel Remote should only be uninstalled when absolutely necessary.

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Frequently asked questions

How Do I Use a Peel Smart Controller?

So, why should someone choose to use the Peel Smart Controller application instead of a universal remote? A Logitech Harmony global remote control is already on my side table alongside the ridiculously vast array of media device remotes. Even if it’s a good option for managing a variety of devices, it’s not ideal. The Harmony remote needs to be searched for, loaded with the default settings, and then hotkeys must be set up rather than perfectly simulating remote controls. Numerous choices from the native remote are lost if the last step of creating customized hotkeys is skipped. Comparatively speaking, the Peel Smart Controller offers a precise duplicate of each device’s remote.
These continue to be orderly organized in sections at the above of the application’s home screen. You may also navigate through and open individual apps from the home menu on some set-top boxes, such as Roku models, which display a list of applications at the upper edge of Peel. The process of browsing the web for an app is eliminated because of this. In comparison to using the Roku controller or an imitation Peel remote d-pad, utilizing a touchscreen is significantly simpler.

Why Is a Peel Remote is Not a Good Idea?

Peel Remote’s usability without IR is, regrettably, very restricted. I could only use Wi-Fi to sync one of my numerous devices. If you have a smart Television and a receiver with Wi-Fi capabilities, this can be different. Nevertheless, it is essentially worthless for anyone without smart technology if they don’t have an IR blaster. Since you can only operate several internet-enabled gadgets with the Peel Smart Remote, I can only suggest using it if you have a lot of those devices. The control of a smart home is therefore more effective with a universal remote than with a phone. A significant number of advertisements are present in Peel, which could be annoying.

What Functions Do the Peel Smart Remotes Have?

Home appliances can be controlled by the Peel Smart controller application exactly like they would be using a traditional remote. Peel Remote works with a variety of products, including a TV, ac unit, home theater system, and more. It must have an IR blaster in order to use the Peel Controller app with any Android device. The global blaster in a typical remote behaves exactly the same way with this. Typically, older Samsung handsets have Peel Remote installed.

What to Look for in a Smartphone with an IR Blaster?

By physically inspecting the top edge, you can usually determine whether Android smartphones have IR blasters. It usually appears as a shiny black ring. However, there’s a significant chance that your smartphone can serve as a global remote controller if it’s made by Oppo, Samsung, or Xiaomi.

How to Remove the Peel Remote Application?

There isn’t really an easy way to remove the Peel Remote app from your Android device if it was pre-installed when you purchased the device. It might be risky and time-consuming if you don’t properly understand what you’re doing. Peel Remote can be removed from your Samsung device, nevertheless, by utilizing its package name “tv.peel.app” as well as an instruction to use ADB. In case anything goes wrong, make sure to create a backup of your Smartphone before you do this.

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