What is DocumentsUI

Today we’ll discuss the topic of documentsUI. We are all aware of the fact that data is crucial to us in every aspect of our lives. In the case of computers, data can be located within your system applications with a specific name, known as the name of the package i.e. ‘com.android.overlay.modules.documentsUI’. There are many ways available in the market with regards with the storage as well as the collection of information. The different methods and techniques that you can use to keep and retrieve the data you have are getting better each day. You may have noticed your data is usually stored in audio, text videos, documents, files and more.

The memory on your phone is by far the main location where data can be stored. In this post we will concentrate upon smartphones, and also the reality that nearly every single file your Android device can store is stored on your phone or memory card. In simple terms. Simply storing information and understanding its functions is not enough . You must also be able to know all the methods of retrieving the data at any time.

If you’ve ever noticed you’ve seen the “File Manager app on your smartphone. The file manager is where you can browse through the entire folders on your phone and browse them. Each folder is accessible within the file manager, including documents, media music, documents, etc. Let’s take an example of having to attach some files when sending an email using Gmail. You might have noticed an icon that reads ‘Attachments When you click on it, the icon will open an entirely new window which allows you to select the folder you want to use using your mobile device. It is clear that it’s nothing more than an instrument for browsing documents.DocumentsUI


Let’s take an example when we would like to transfer a few files using Whatsapp to someone. In this scenario, as well, you’ll see that the same or similar processes are used in the process. In this case, documentsUI comes into picture because it’s what plays an extremely vital function as a background. Here, we will be discussing all about documentsUI and how to fix com.android.documentsui error. We’ll begin now!

What is DocumentsUI?

We must first understand the precise and detailed definition of the term ‘documentsUI’. DocumentsUI is a well-known modular component in Android. It’s a beneficial tool because it allows users access specific documents. It handles the components which are essential when it comes to document permissions. It doesn’t matter whether you are using the standard Android update cycle, or not DocumentsUI will get modified regardless of.

You should know that when we talk about com.android.documentsui, then you should be aware that it automatically assembles the permissions and access to storage of various applications. It also ensures you have full ability to alter the functions on the device. For instance, if you want to completely alter the look of the application, one can utilize RRO’s Runtime resource overlays. It is important to ensure that all devices are equipped with the same experience for documents otherwise, this could cause issues in the future. The format of the module is a crucial factor since it ensures that all devices come equipped with the exact documentsUI experience. You may be asking yourself why this is so crucial? The only reason behind this is to allow numerous developers to know the end-users’ experiences through the APIs they use.

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Another thing you should be aware of is that “UI” stands for “User Interface DocumentsUI is essentially a type of interface, which is claimed as user-friendly. It aids users to organize and manage their data as well as other important documents. UI is referred to as a software that causes the screen of your device execute certain mandatory actions.

Displaying the File Manager Icon in the App Drawer

If you are running Android 10 (Q), then the documentsUI package that it is using is known as is_launcher_enabled. This is to ensure that the icon of the file manager appears in the application drawer, or not. It is important to know that the icon for the file manager appears in Android 11 or higher versions when the module uses the component-overdrive program, which ensures it is that the manager can be visible in the drawer for applications. In default, you’ll be able to see the icon visible to you at the same place.

If you want to eliminate the icon for file manager from your drawer of applications, then you must follow an easy procedure. The procedure isn’t difficult but it’s very easy to follow. It is necessary to include the following XML code to /etc/sysconfi>

 Encoding is "utf-8"?>    package = "com.google.android.documentsui">     

What is com.android.documentsui?

If we come straight to the point, then com.android.documentsui is basically a package which comes along with the particular device that you own. It’s a part of it’s Android OS your device has. You may be wondering what exactly is it? Don’t worry as we’ll talk details about these in the post. Its primary purpose is to act as a “file picker” for your Android device you own. It allows you to manage different applications and files in this manner. Additionally, from Android 7.0 from then onwards, it’s considered to be the file manager that comes with default for each device.

The documentsUI package performs the task to implement the GET_CONTENT operation which allows applications to request access to information from the user’s end. This package comes as the APK file. Devices running Android 10 (Q) or with a higher Android OS, support this package and are compatible. A crucial point to keep in mind is that documentsUI isn’t an autonomous tool. It relies on permission MANAGE_DOCUMENTS which grants the signature permission required to protect all documents and information. This permission is obtained by using an additional permission class.

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Android N Dev Preview 2 in 2016 added the Downloads as well as File Manager combined

If you look at an Android N Dev Preview 1 The Downloads application already is its name. The package name is labeled as ‘com.android.providers.downloads.ui’. Also, the ‘File Manager’ app already consists of the package name within it, as com.android.documentsui.

It is also important to be aware the fact that, In Android N Dev Preview 2 in 2016, both apps had the identical packages with the same name. This was quite shocking to all of us at the time. The package name was ‘com.android.documentsui’ for both apps. What can we draw from this? This could be a sign that they are identical to each other or very similar. They are almost identical. could cause some issues and also offer some benefits. Let’s now look at some pros and cons of each below.

The benefits

One major advantages that emerged when the two apps were discovered to be similar, was that the APKs were able to be downloaded from The file Manager only. At the time, downloads were described as a semi-capable files explorer’. But over time, the merging of applications turned into a completely different scenario when the downloads section was able to incorporate a number of modern and innovative features over time. If we want to give one example, then look at the multi-windows feature which was recently introduced to downloads. The feature allows users to work in multiple windows simultaneously without trouble. A menu on the side was created to allow users to navigate through different tools while working on a particular window or windows.

The drawbacks

There were certainly some drawbacks also, as each coin has two sides. If we look at one of these issues, then it is the fact that when a user tried to press a file’s icon to copy or move it it using the File Explorer app on N2, the user would only see the Recents option that was visible in the menu on the side. There were instances where the download menu appeared, however there were no files available for the user. The Recents section was not created to be a way in which it would list the latest folders the user had visited in the recent in the past. There was not a loophole in any way when we discussed exploring the information.

The outcome was the fact that users was unable to transfer or copy any file outside of in the folder for downloads. This isn’t as bad since it actually was. It was always necessary to use the file manager application for the occasion that you wanted to copy or move any file stored on your device.

How to fix com.android.documentsui?

This issue is experienced by virtually every user here and we will discuss the root of the issue. We will also go over the various methods you can resolve this issue. There are instances when you could encounter this issue, which is believed to be the result of possible bugs in some questionable applications. You would generally see a pop-up saying ‘Files has stopped’ or ‘com.android.documentsui’. Let’s look at ways to resolve these issues more thoroughly.

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Utilizing a third-party app

You could use an application from a third-party to solve this problem. There are numerous third-party apps of File Explorer on the market. It is possible to download any application based on the compatibility as well as compatibility with your gadget. After you have downloaded the app, check whether it is working and, if not, you must either hold off until the update is available or do an initial factory reset. One suggestion is not to attempt an unintentional reset because it is a high risk of deleting all of the data stored on your device in one go.

Do an factory reset

If the solution above didn’t work for you, then you could try the factory reset, but pay an intense amount of care. The factory reset process is a procedure which removes all useless apps and files from your device, but prior to making a factory reset it is recommended to make an entire backup on different device of all your images, files videos, as well as other sensitive documents. If you don’t do this, then you could lose all your important files for ever.


In this article, we discussed all about documentsUI and com.android.documentsui. We also discussed different ways to resolve this issue as well as the potential drawbacks and advantages. We’ve tried our best to provide the most useful information to you in order to assist you in understanding everything you need to know about documentsUI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘UI” mean?

UI is a contraction of “User Interface’. It is a type of interface that is extremely user-friendly and is able to be used with numerous conveniences and no problems. It is possible to learn further about the concept of documentsUI within the post that follows. We’ve discussed the advantages and disadvantages of this software.

What exactly is the error “Files has stopped?

The “files has stopped” error is a common one, and it is experienced by a large number of users who are out there. When you encounter an error message that says “Files has stopped,” it signifies that your device is difficulties accessing the file manager. You can look up the solutions we explained in this article to resolve this issue easily.

Does performing the factory reset secure?

A factory reset could turn out to be a nightmare in the event that you do not create a backup of all your important files prior to. If you’ve completed this, you are able to do a factory reset with no hassle.

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