game pigeon for android

Game Pigeon is one of several games available for Android-based devices. On your phone, you can play the intriguing game pigeon. To score many more scores as you can while flying as high as you possibly can is the game’s goal. You may play the game at many levels, so you can decide which level you would like to begin at to see how difficult it is.

Pigeon is among the most well-liked mobile game genres out there. Users can use any Android device or smartphone to play this simple game. The primary concept would be to move the pigeon left, right, upward, or downwards through a succession of obstacles. A graphical indicator indicating how much longer the pigeon has until it encounters the next hurdle is given after these movements instructions.

What is GamePigeon?

You can now get GamePigeon, and iMessage add-on, out through the app store. After installation, a collection of video games will be available to users. Choose a name as well as add a new iMessage contact. With the help of the entertaining software Game Pigeon, users may enjoy playing interactive video games with their loved ones. If you use Android, go here. Users of iPhones are the only ones who can access the software. How then can I enjoy Game Pigeon on my Android smartphone? We’ll explain how to download and use Game Pigeon on such an Android smartphone in today’s article.

Although there isn’t an appropriate way to get Game Pigeon for android smartphones, you can use a trick that will allow users to utilize the application on any Android smartphone. Android users may use the weMessage software to send iMessages just like they would on an iPhone. Users can accept the Game Pigeon invitation as well as enjoy the multiplayer tournaments with their buddies through WeMessage.

Game Pigeon for Android
Game Pigeon for Android

How Can A Game Pigeon Operate?

As is common knowledge, Android mobile devices and tablets could use iMessage. To activate it in the Android smartphone operating system, there isn’t a straightforward technique or method. Due to the fact that initially, you had at first to generate an iMessage for just a buddy before clicking the Application Store icon.

Four gray dots will appear after it. Selecting these dots will now reveal a menu choice where you may view all of the installed apps on your Android smartphone. After that, just choose the Game Pigeon from the list of applications.

How Can Game Pigeon Be Downloaded?

It takes some effort to install GamePigeon on such an Android smartphone. To connect your iMessage profile to such an Application on the device, you should first establish an iMessage account on such a Mac laptop.

But keep in mind that certain conditions must be fulfilled through both the Mac as well as the Android smartphone you’ll have to use:

  • MacOS 10.10 or a later variant
  • Android 5.0 or later as the os

How to upgrade your Mac OS is as follows:

  • Activate System Preferences.
  • Software Update
  • Select “Update Now” (if there is a firmware file available)
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To upgrade the Android Operating system, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Settings app and select About Phone.
  • Choose “Software update”
  • Click the latest firmware file.

So now everything is out of the way, here seems to be part one of what you’ll be doing (use the Apple computer to complete these steps):

  • Start creating an Apple ID account by visiting the Apple ID website.
  • Connect your mobile number to such an account.
  • Activate the iMessages app.
  • Put your Apple ID information in.

Here is part 2 (which is still on your computer):

  • Download the program by visiting the Java Dev Kit webpage first (should be Java version 7 or higher)
  • then start the software.
  • Add the terminal application to an Accessibility tab after you’ve located it. Just you need to do is select Accessibility from the list of options under Security & Privacy, now click on the + symbol
  • Launch a WeMessage software on your system (can only be done after Java is installed)
  • Start it
  • Just on the startup screen, insert your iMessage password and your email address.

Part 3:

  • Install the WeMessage application on a smartphone device.
  • Utilize the same credentials you were using to sign into WeMessage from the desktop to do this on your smartphone.
  • Watch till the syncing on the Android smartphone is completed.

You will be allowed to use apple devices to enjoy iMessage games after this process has been completed.

Does Game Pigeon Have an Android Version?

It will be impossible to get Game Pigeon out from Play Store. There are, however, a variety of substitute choices for Android cell phones. It’s good that most of these are free of charge.

I’ve covered 4 famous alternatives below.

Plato – Games & Group Chats

A messaging app called Plato has games created right in. Users can interact with teams and send invitations to specific players. There are already enough games included for this to compete against GamePigeon. Ludo, chess is also one of them

Telegram X

The Play Store as well as the Appstore both offers Telegram X for downloading.  Enjoy playing games as well as sending texts with friends with it. It also had the most games available out of all the alternatives in the listing. Users will need to download a title out of its collection once they locate what you like. It will also need to be downloaded by the opposing player. After that, send him an invitation.


Among the most often used alternatives to GamePigeon is Hago. Connecting other users from around the world will be possible. The presence of a voice chat feature is fantastic. You may entertain your pals by hosting voice conferences. Users are receiving a huge library. There are more than 80 books from various genres. You may search for local users on Hago using a unique function. Simply open the Location option under Settings.


All people had Facebook accounts at some point. Almost everyone uses it to stay in touch with their loved ones. These games are also available on it. Facebook has an incredible selection of games. You can enjoy playing alone or with others. The ability to play with players who own iOS or Android devices is another perk.


Whether you use your computer, phone, or smart devices, users could make global calls using the Localphone application and utility. Although its program isn’t really free, all of this enables inexpensive calling. These platform’s features cause its charges to be upwards to 87.99% higher than some other prices. Therefore, the applications are available for download on every device, including Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android.

Google Allo

In summary, Google Allo seems to be a messaging mobile application powered by Google LLC that is available for download & installation on both iOS and Android devices. Users had to use their contact information to sign in with this program. Users could also trade iMessages, voice notes, images, and videos using this app. There is also no privacy concern because Google LLC built this program. The program gives the chance of such a virtual assistant even though it is a Google product. Within this application, users may set alarms, enable a timer, and share locations with their buddies.

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Kik Messenger

Free chat software for smartphone phones called Kik Messenger is accessible on both Android and ios platforms. As a result, such an app depends upon its mobile internet and Wi-Fi connectivity of smartphone to communicate iMessages. Additionally, it may be audio notes, videos, or photographs.

Games That Both Android and iPhone Owners Can Play

Mostly on basis of cross-platform smartphone advancement, a large number of video games have already been created by programmers. This ensures that even these videogames can be supported by operating systems and that users can play these via smart devices like smartphones and iPads, among others. One of the cleverest technology advancements ever made allows developers to reach smartphone users all over the globe using a range of operating platforms. There are multiplayer games both for iOS and Android.

A few of the best games for Android and ios devices users to enjoy together are listed below:

  • Minecraft Pocket Edition
  • Pokémon GO
  • Real Racing
  • Draw Something
  • Modern Combat 6
  • Muffin Knight
  • Super Stickman Golf 2
  • Spaceteam

How secure is Android Game Pigeon?

Even though users can’t exchange the delightful pleasure of playing gaming pigeon for anything else, users should be aware as downloading it carries certain hazards. Well first of all, since it wasn’t made for this specific platform, users run a high risk of their Android smartphone lagging. Data loss becomes another big worry. Since users must perform a factory reset just on smartphones before beginning the mentioned processes, users run the risk of losing a big amount of information when installing game pigeon on their smartphones. As just a result, users must back up data just so, if their smartphone crashes, users always have a backup.

Why Isn’t GamePigeon Working On iOS devices or iPad?

The GamePigeon platform may not be functioning on your iMessage device for one of three explicable causes:

Issues & Bugs

There is a potential that certain loading issues or application-related flaws will prohibit your GamePigeon app as well from functioning correctly or possibly from becoming launched at all. These issues may have originated from a poorly designed script for the software.

Unsupported IOS

There seems to be a potential that some apps won’t operate on all your Apple iPhones or iPad if indeed the iOS version is outdated.GamePigeon could serve as an illustration of such an application or platform. If you are hoping to escape this circumstance, upgrade your device to the latest recent iPhone version.

IMessage feature no longer exists

It’s possible that some ios mobile owners are unaware of the fact that they must first activate their iMessage messenger in order to begin texting other friends. This misunderstanding can be caused by the fact that the GamePigeon platform and the iMessage tool could be combined even before authorization. If the function is not turned on on the person’s device, they will not be allowed to interact with other pals.

Resolving The GamePigeon Problem

Turn on iMessage

Before you may send iiiMessages or start playing among other pals using GamePigeon, users must activate the iMessage capability, as was already described. The steps below will help users enable iMessage on their Apple portable device if they haven’t previously done so.

  • Open the Settings screen just on the device’s main screen.
  • Find “iMessages” by scrolling through the list of classified options and then tap it.
  • The iMessage option must be found in the screen’s upper right corner.
  • To turn on iMessage, flip the switch. To show that it is activated, it must turn green.
  • Users can send and receive iMessages using their iPhones.
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Some issues might be preventing this functionality from working. In this instance, you must confirm the accessibility and efficiency of both Apple servers. You cannot activate your app until the web servers are operational.

Logout of The Apple Account And Re-Login

Signing out of Apple ID, which controls both iPhone as well as iCloud from your computer, is your first solution for this problem. All activity as well as programs that were controlled by the Apple Account could be refreshed simply by logging in again using your same Account. all your other iPhone or iPad’s short-term flaws and troubles can also be resolved with the patch.

Update The Network Lease Of The Device

Your DHCP-assigned IP address must have expired, as well as the user should renew their IP lease in order to reconnect, in accordance with the iPhone’s Renew of Network Lease message. Your DHCP-assigned IP address should be renewed via the computer system or your device since it is only good for one day.

Users have listed the necessary steps below if consumers get the option of renewing the network lease again for devices through to the gadget on its own:

  • Open the Settings program.
  • Enter the WiFi setup menu.
  • Directly beneath the WiFi switch on the homepage, tap on the Info icon. Users may have to hit the network in certain versions to access the settings.
  • Double-click the Renew Lease option.

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Gamepigeon is not yet compatible with Android and was created exclusively for iOS and macOS. Meanwhile, many users, as well as those using android phones, really do want it due to such an app’s popularity and its capability to let gamers play several games on such a multi-player basis. Fortunately, users can download this application on their smartphones, but users should be aware that doing so carries hazards, such as the possibility of their smartphone being damaged. The site has outlined the straightforward procedures users must take, however before performing a factory reset, make a backup of the data to prevent losing everything. However, rather than taking a chance with such a game pigeon on non-iOS as well as macOS devices, users can choose another platform.


Q1. How could the Game Pigeon application be made to work with android users?

Ans. yes, of course, there really is a solution; users really have to install the WeMessage software as well for android smartphone, which functions like iMessage for Android devices. Users can accept the Game Pigeon offer to enjoy games alongside their buddies to use the weMessage application.

Q2. However is Game Pigeon a legitimate Android app?

Ans. Unfortunately, Game Pigeon was originally created for Iphones and is simply compatible with both iOS as well as macOS due to its being connected with iMessage, an Apple program.

Q3. Can I run the Game Pigeon among iPhone users using my Android mobile?

Ans.  In contrast to apple devices, Android Devices utilize Game Centres for downloading and running applications. As a result, it is currently unable for gamers using iPhone and Android to battle against each other.

Q4. Is there a fee to play GamePigeon?

Ans. GamePigeon has developed into a fantastic method to communicate with pals from such a distance, particularly during epidemics. Although the program is completely free, people purchase extra features like “skins,” new characters, no advertisements, as well as other cosmetic goods.

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