How to find Minecraft seed

This is the guide on How to find Minecraft seed so read till the end and you will eventually figure out different methods to find Minecraft seed. Minecraft is really an evergreen game. I mean many games come every year but they fail to last for long. And Minecraft is one of those games from which users get never enough. The game’s popularity never dies and its quality is still good as it was before. Many games get boring with unnecessary or necessary changes and thus end up failing but that’s not the case with Minecraft. I am not even a hard gamer but I am still aware of Minecraft forget about me people who don’t even play games also know of it.

Speaks a lot about its craze I think one of the main reasons behind Minecraft’s success is that it brings out the creativity of players. You can build anything in this open-world game and that’s the exact reason Minecraft has been termed an online lego. The game is available for tablets, consoles, computers, and phones. Minecraft is also available in many of the local malls. And in this article, I am going to cover how to find Minecraft seeds along with their coordinates, what are Minecraft seeds, and also how to use them. So, make sure to read thoroughly to know everything about Minecraft seeds.

before we learn how to find, let’s learn What are Minecraft seed?

Through Minecraft world seeds one can cultivate a world of their own. In simple words, you can create a completely new world by using the world’s seeds. And the seeds are basically codes that you have to enter when creating a world or entering an existing one. Basically, Minecraft world seeds are gateways. The seed codes can be integers or alphabets. The integers can be negative or positive. The codes can also be a combination of both integers and alphabets. The codes are generated randomly so they can be in any order.

You can use seeds to explore new worlds and find some amazing stuff that is not available normally. A player is also free to share these codes with their friends or anyone in the game. So that they can also enjoy the same world. If the seeds are only characters that means excluding the integers. Then they can be up to 20 characters in length or even greater than that. Whenever you create a world seed is generated on its own. The same goes for when the world is created by the game itself. And enter into an existing world one need to enter the exact seed (code). 

How to find Minecraft seed
How to find Minecraft seed

How to find and use Minecraft seed?

Those who are pro have a great sense of using the Minecraft seeds. But if you are a rookie it may be a little tough for you. The process to use the world seeds differ for computers, consoles, and Minecraft PE. I am going to share methods for each one of them. One can use seeds for various purposes. Such as:

  • Spawning: one can use it to spawn in those places where they are able to find all the essential stuff like Minecraft seed. You know all the essential stuff that a player needs to survive in the Minecraft open world. You could say that spawning on your desired location is kind of a speedrun.  
  • Specific things: by specific things here I meant any specific structure or mansions. Or it could be anything for your inventory (like ore) too. You can just go to those places where other people have found those things. It is much easier this way. 

Method 1: way to use world seed on Minecraft for PC  

If you are having trouble using the world seeds on your then you need to through these steps, here:

  1. Open Minecraft on your PC and then go to the Single Player menu. There you will get the option of Create New World. Click on it. Note- you can also do it in multiplayer mode. The method will vary a little. 
  2. Then at the bottom of your pc screen, there will be an option of More World Options. Click on it and you will get a black blank box. On that box type any string. The string can be of numbers, alphabets, characters, or a combination of them. The string can be negative too. The string you type will end up as a seed. 
  3. Once you are done with the string that is the seed. Click on the Create New World and the game will start and you will spawn on your generated world.   

Method 2: way to use world seed on Minecraft PE

Go through these steps to use world seed on Minecraft PE:

  1. Open the Minecraft game and then click on the Play option. Then on the upper right section of the screen, there is a New option. Click on it. 
  2. Going through the first step will get you to the standard world creation screen. Now, you need to decide the game mode you wish to play. Select from Survival and Creative.  Then there is an option named Advanced at the top right section of the screen. Click on it and you will have the place (box) to enter the seed/code. Enter the string of your choice.
  3. You can also choose the world type on the same screen. There are three options for that, Old, Infinite, and Flat. 
  4. Once you are done with the above steps. Click on the Create World option to start your game.  

Method 3: way to use world seed on Minecraft for consoles

There are many consoles out there but here I am sharing the guide for Minecraft via the Playstation Vita version. Pretty sure, the method does not vary much for other consoles. Alright, follow these instructions to use Minecraft seed on your console:

  1. The basic step, open the Minecraft game on your console. And then press the Play Game button. 
  2. Now, you have to click on the Create New World option. 
  3. A new menu will appear in front of you, it is more of a set-up menu. Here you can name your world, and select the texture, game mode, and difficulty. You need to enter a string on the second option which is Seed for the World Generator. The string can be completely random too, you don’t need to be creative (if you don’t want to).    
  4. In order to start the game tap on the Create New World. Or if you want to customize a little more then click on the More options before starting the game.
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So, this was how to use Minecraft seeds. It was important to share before because now I am going to discuss how to find a Minecraft seed.

Top Minecraft seeds to find and explore

Finally the part of the article for which you probably opened this article. I am gonna share every seed I know of with a little info about them along with their code. The list of seeds is not in any particular order, I am just placing them randomly. So don’t go deciding that this seed is top of the list therefore it would be one of the best. Alright here is the list:

Seed 1: you can find Minecraft seed in Exposed Seaside Lush Cave

Although I said that the list is not in any particular order. But ironically the list starts from this seed that is Exposed Seaside Lush Cave. These caves are so beautiful that they are considered at the top of the beautiful caves list. I am going to share the coordinates and seeds for the lush cave. But if you come across an azalea tree then you should know that lush caves are near. Not actually even near, just dig beneath the tree and you will find the lush caves. A little tip the cave could be deep, make sure you don’t die from falling while digging.

Also if you want to find axolotls then lush caves are the only way for it. You can stuff like Azalea Bushes, Dropleaf, Rooted Dirt, Moss Block, Cave Vines, Hanging Roots, Spore Blossoms, Moss Carpet, and Glow Berries. And if you are lucky you can also end up getting Bats, Tropical Fish, Axolotl, and Glow Squid. The code/seed that I am sharing will lead you to the largest cave biomes. This Exposed Seaside Lush cave is just under a hollow mountain. The mountain is open from one side and next to the lush cave there is also an ocean. 

  • Code/Seed: the code for the exposed seaside lush cave is -1058557249.
  • Coordinates: the coordinates are 123, 72 -393            
  • Spawn Biome: the spawn biome of this code is Forest    

Seed 2: Floating Ship

Shipwrecks that you will usually find near the water. The shipwrecks most of the time are floating, staying true to their name. But sometimes the ship may be underwater or close to the water. There are many shipwrecks found in Minecraft but the one I am discussing is different. Because this ship is always floating and the whole ship. I said the whole ship because unlike the other ships this one is not broken. So, it is not a shipwreck actually, it is a completely fine-structured ship. It is a rare one, doubt that anyone will find another like this (tell us if you do). You won’t have to put much effort into finding it because you are doing to spawn close to this ship. And you sure can find great loot on this ship. 

  • Code/Seed: the code for the Floating ship is -8496735434209012290.
  • Coordinates: the coordinates are 598, 78, 145           
  • Spawn Biome: the spawn biome of this code is Swamp

Talking about ships, have you ever built a ship on your own in Minecraft? 

Seed 3: Village inside a ravine

Village inside ravine or just call it the ravine village. Exploring this place is completely worth it. Because here you are not spoon-fed, you have to travel a little (maybe more) to get here (this is what exploring means I guess…). You don’t spawn at the village. The village is surrounded by many waterfalls. The waterfalls are perfect if you don’t wanna spend your time traveling to get there. You could just use the waterfalls to glide down to the village and it will become an easy way. You can find the villagers, farms, mobs, and also the iron golem in the village.  Have a great time exploring this place. The details of this village are as follows:

  • Code/Seed: the code for this ravine village is -2411962888717872099.
  • Coordinates: the coordinates of this village are 1001654, 15, 1001117  
  • Spawn Biome: the spawn biome of this code is Snowy Slopes

Seed 4: find Minecraft seed Round lake

Finally something round right? Probably the only round thing that you will find in the Minecraft world. This lake is generated in the center of the forest. And you should not only look up to the round lack but also to the lush cave. Yes, the round lack is also there but only at the top. Below you have an exposed lush cave. You can use this place as a hideout as it is surrounded by a forest. You will also get most of the essentials in the lush cave. Overall it is a great place to spend time. The details of the round lake are, here:

  • Code/Seed: the code for this ravine village is 3854341
  • Coordinates: the coordinates of this round lack are 1271, 100, 333
  • Spawn Biome: the spawn biome of this code is Plains  

Seed 5: 6 exposed diamonds

Couldn’t come up with a proper name for this place, can explain it though. Reading the title you must have gotten happy that yes 6 diamonds. But getting these diamonds won’t be an easy task. Because this place is kind of a suicide spot, so maybe call it a suicide spawn? Let me explain when you enter the seed, you will be spawned inside of a giant hole. And unfortunately, the spawning place is in the way of flowing water. It becomes a ride-or-die/do-or-die situation. Because if you don’t make any moment the flow of water will take you to the lava lack. The lava lack is at the bottom of this hole BTW.

And the best/worst part is that you should allow the water flow to take you to the bottom of this hole. Because near the lava you can get the fossil which has 6 diamond ore blocks in it. Now, the real deal after you successfully got your hands on the diamonds. How will you get back from there? The steep spots and hostile mobs will give you a hard time. Also, you will have all the resources but to collect them you must have wood, and too bad you won’t find any wood there. So, make sure to take the woods with you when you visit. The details to get 6 diamonds is:

  • Code/Seed: the code for this 6 diamond place is 1870652620
  • Coordinates: the coordinates are -145, -48, – 58
  • Spawn Biome: the spawn biome of this code is desert
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Seed 6: A jail – a place where you can find Minecraft seed

The only jail on the list. These types of structures are always interesting to visit. If you go to this jail you could get your hands on Allays or even horns. One can surely find great loot on this pillager outpost. What makes this jail at spawn different is that its cages. The seed will generate nine cages at a time. Unlike the three cages that we usually find. The details of this seed are:   

  • Code/Seed: the code for this spawn jail is 5126246313952828283
  • Coordinates: the coordinates for this are 1001654, 15, 1001117
  • Spawn Biome: the spawn biome of this code is plains

Seed 7: a war spawn

If you are looking for action, this could be a great spot for you. Because in this spawn you spawn close to a witch’s hut. Also, there are a lot of ice spikes near that area. And you may not get much time to prepare too because the witch will probably start hunting you down the moment you spawn there. And this battle is challenging because you not only have to deal with the witch. But also with the witch’s neighbors, who are pillagers from the outpost near the witch’s hut.

So, let’s say if you succeed in killing the witch or even avoiding it, how will you deal with her gang (neighbors)? You will also have a hard time looking for food so that you could fall back. So, how are you gonna fight this war? Luckily, there is a ruined portal at the back of the outpost. So, if you manage to get there, you can find some weapons which you will need to fight this war. Well, good luck with your battle. Here are the details for this warzone:

  • Code/Seed: the code for this warzone is 1191078912
  • Coordinates: couldn’t find the coordinates. 
  • Spawn Biome: the spawn biome of this code is a swamp

Seed 8: A Flowering mountain

As the name suggests a mountain surrounded by lots of flowers. How beautiful is that? All the anthophilous are surely going to love this place. Not only you will find lots of flowers here, but also of many varieties. These types of places are referred to as Meadows in the Minecraft game. Also, the mountain is not vacant, there is a village in the center. In this big flower field, there are plants like poppies, tulips, cornflowers, dandelions, and lots more. You can spend some of your time hunting the flowers or playing with them. But once you are done with that you can explore some more. There are not only flowers to be found here. You can explore a really big dripstone that is just further down the village. There are many cave openings for that, use any of them to go there.       

  • Code/Seed: the code for this beautiful flowering mountain is -9041095622391834929
  • Coordinates: the coordinates of the central village are 3550, 124, -1005
  • Spawn Biome: the spawn biome of this code is Plains

Seed 9: Another round lake

I find it more beautiful TBH than the previous one I mentioned above. Also, this one has an extra advantage if you thinking about which one you should visit. Here you will get the beauty of the crater but also of the exposed lush cave. Yes at the surface level you will have a beautiful lake. But at the ground level will lead you to an exposed lush cave. You can create your hideout here. It would be a good place since it is surrounded by a round lake. Also if you want that the crater lasts, be sure to make a sphere in Minecraft. This will help the crater stay in its round shape. There will also be the essentials you need in the lush cave. The details of this seed are as follows:

  • Code/Seed: the code for this round lake is 3854341
  • Coordinates: the coordinates of this place are 1271, 100, 333
  • Spawn Biome: the spawn biome of this code is Plains

Seed 10: Exposed Dripstone cave

This seed will take you to a world where is undoubtedly one of the biggest dripstone caves is located. Exploring dripstone caves will always be worth it because they are so big that you are sure to find great loot. And not normal loot, there are high chances to find the rare ores here. You can also bait other players here, this is the perfect spot for that. Dripstone caves are perfect to set a trap for other players. Or you could just simply use it to get unlimited lava supplies.

The caves are popular though, so beware of traps that could have been set by other players. And you also can’t find out whether there are players inside or not because the entrance is wide open. Oh and this exposed dripstone cave can also make your trip to the deep dark biome. The details for this exposed dripstone cave are mentioned below here:

  • Code/Seed: the code for this dripstone cave is -1895276179
  • Coordinates: the coordinates for the cave are -31, 73, 749
  • Spawn Biome: the spawn biome of this code is Forest

Seed 11: Find Minecraft seed-Empty space (spawn)

An empty spawn how beneficial is that? It holds more value than you could think of. Back in the time, there were lots of empty spaces for players to do literally anything but unfortunately, the players took them for granted. Now, there are hardly any empty spaces, and the ones there are also vanishing with each new update. So, now players are having time for looking for a good place to convert it into a base. But here I am guiding you to a place that you could use to make your base.

Or do literally anything with an empty spawn. The best thing is that the place is wide open so you are not actually surrounded by anything. (Besides the mountains and an ocean.) There is stuff like trees and flowers here though. But they are not blocking any way for you to see far out there. And if you wondering if there are not even enough supplies to make a base. Then to ensure you there are. There are plenty of cave openings nearby where you can find the building blocks. Not only the building blocks you can also find various essential stuff too. Here is all the essential info for this place:         

  • Code/Seed: the code for this empty spawn is 873506786
  • Spawn Biome: the spawn biome of this code is Plains
  • Test all of your creativity at this spawn point okay?

Seed 12: Swamp Village

I know what you all must be thinking that a swamp village does not exist. But until Minecraft officially adds them, there are some other ways to go into a swamp village too. Officially there are only five types of villages: the Snowy, plains, desert, acacia, and taiga.  And the villagers also dress according to their respective villages. But not so long ago (it has been long actually) Minecraft added swamp villagers. Not sure when it will also provide the village.

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But the Minecraft seed which you will find might give you all an idea. An idea that if a swamp village really comes in the near future, it must be something like this. This seed is from Minecraft 1.19 that is going to provide you with the experience of the sixth village (swamp). Obviously, the villagers are not going to be swamp villagers that are generated from this seed. It will provide plains villagers and mixed into swamp biome. But you know you could always take the help of breeding and get the swamp villagers. The details of this village are mentioned below. 

  • Code/Seed: the code for this unannounced village is 1835704
  • Coordinates: the coordinates for this village are 2522, 75, -1562
  • Spawn Biome: the spawn biome of this code is Snowy plains

Seed 13: Volcano

This is something different that you should definitely check out. Umm… but there are no volcanoes in the Minecraft game. Yes, there are none (sadly!). But the one I am talking about is not actually a volcano. It is just something very similar. It’s a nether portal, a broken portal. And due to it being at the top of the mountain it kinda looks like a volcano. I meant the looks are pretty similar too, it really looks like some lava is coming out of it. The land of the surrounding is pretty nice too. Overall an excellent place to explore. Can’t miss this beautiful spot. And besides, don’t know how long will you have to wait for an actual volcano in the game. So let’s just be happy with this one right now. The details for this seed are as follows:   

  • Code/Seed: the seed code for this fake volcano (lol) is 289558371926666958
  • Coordinates: the coordinates for the volcano are 70, 199, -460 

Seed 14: Waterlogged ancient city

Perfect place if you want to go through some trouble. I meant if you like the game of tag. Because entering any ancient city is not a piece of cake. There is always a warden waiting to welcome you.  However, sneaking into this city may be a little easier. Due to the many small waterfalls and water pools in this city. You can just swim really away from the warden. But make sure you are prepared for the battle, the warden is not easy to defeat.

You can look at many videos on many platforms to know how to defeat the warden. Or you could somehow manage to throw the warden in the lava pond. The lava pond idea is more thrilling, you will surely enjoy that. And going through all this trouble is really necessary for the loot that you can find in the city. Alright, the details for this ancient city are, here: 

  • Code/Seed: the code for this ancient city is -6918689756545845259
  • Coordinates: the coordinates for this city are 200, -40, 168 
  • Spawn Biome: the spawn biome of this code is Plains

Seed 15: Exposed igloo basement

You must explore here. After all, igloos are truly one of the rarest structures in Minecraft. Don’t you wanna find out why they are so rare? Explore there to find it yourself. If you visit here, you will be given an igloo. And you are lucky enough to witness that igloo because if we go by the rules then the igloo shouldn’t be provided at all. Not to mention the view is breathtaking. And there are many tunnels that you could explore too. Just visit this place for its beauty, don’t set your hopes too high. All the necessary details for this igloo basement are written below, here:

  • Code/Seed: the code for this ancient city is 9044663440596244341
  • Coordinates: the coordinates for this igloo basement are 339, 130, -284
  • Spawn Biome: the spawn biome of this code is Plains

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Final words

So, these were some of the Minecraft seeds that you may want to explore. I have added world seeds for every seed that I covered because if I didn’t. You might have to google how to find Minecraft seed. And believe me, the search results won’t be in your favor. If you don’t know how to use Minecraft seeds then do read the how to use Minecraft seeds section. It will clear all of your doubts on how to find and use Minecraft seed. Do share with others if you know of any amazing Minecraft seeds that will drop the jaws of people. Let me know if you wanna know anything else. If you liked the article do consider sharing it with the people who need it. Also, have a great time playing Minecraft. The game is really awesome and deserves all the craze.  

Frequently asked questions 

What are coordinates in Minecraft?

Before understanding the coordinates you should know that the Minecraft map is divided into three parts. And those parts are referred to as X, Y, and Z.  And the coordinates sum up as X, Y, and Z. Where X, Y, and Z are some values that represent the location. Such as the X represents the East/West location on the map. If the value is positive it will expand the positions towards the east. And if it is negative it will expand the position towards the west.
Y represents the location but of Upside or downwards. If the value is positive it will expand your position up and if it is negative it will expand its position downwards. And the Z shows the location of North/South. If the value is positive it will expand its position to the south. And if the value is negative it will expand the value to the north.  Let’s take a coordinate as an example. The coordinates 200, -40, and 168 is a legit locations on the map. And it is a location of a waterlogged ancient city. 

Who is the creator of Minecraft?

Many of you know him as Notch. But the real name of the creator of Minecraft is Markus Alexej Person. Video game programmer and designer by occupation. He also owns a video game company of his own named Mojang besides Minecraft. 

How do I restore my health in Minecraft?

There are plenty of ways to restore your health in Minecraft. You could set the game’s difficulty to peaceful and your health will restore on its own over time. Or the easiest of all is to make your player eat food. Much better if the food is cooked. Cooked food means more food units, the more units the faster health restoration. And there are golden apples and certain potions that also help restore your health. 

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